New Superhero Museum opens in… Indianapolis? (UPDATE)

Today is the GRAND OPENING of a superhero museum in downtown Indianapolis (my hometown). It seems that it is mostly the private collection of a local Superman fan.

At only 3,300 square feet the museum will feel small — but at least admission is cheap… and it is open everyday!!!

I intend on checking this out next week. I was hoping to go today, but the bosses are sending me on vacation. I will be sure to update once I have seen the place.

UPDATE! The local news just reported that the museum plans to build a Batcave which will house a Batmobile and a Batboat.


  1. A Batcave?!?!?! ooOoo!

  2. It won’t be complete without a giant penny and/or dinosaur. What’s next, Titan Tower?

    No Marvel love? Where’s the Baxter Building? Or the X-mansion?

  3. i’m originally from Indy and will be home during the Easter holiday. Me thinks I shall make a trip…sounds not too shabby.