New SCOTT PILGRIM Teaser Poster Strikes a Chord

Boom! The first poster for Edgar Wright's upcoming Scott Pilgrim adaptation has been spotted in the wild by at ShoWest 2010. Michael Cera woos his bass and spawns some cockeyed stars and a wicked white logo. Not sure if this is the official logo or just one of many, but it certainly fits the tone of the series. If it's not an original Bryan Lee O'Malley design, it's damn near close. It'd be neat to see a full range of these things showcasing the whole band, including some 8-bit typography, maybe even some game sprites or, hell, some O'Malley character art. Maybe we'll see Mary Elizabeth Winstead rollerblading into her own flowery teaser poster as Ramona.

Either way, can't go wrong with a tagline like:

"An epic of epic epicness." 


Is it August 13th yet? 


  1. HELL YES!

  2. this is going to be fucking epic

  3. The release of this movie is one of those things that you hear about for so long, you start to think on some level that it isn’t ever actually going to happen.

  4. I Approve.

  5. It’s based off the first books title page

    beyond stoked for this

  6. I still have no idea what Scott Pilgrim actually is, not do i have any real desire to find out. Athough that is a pretty great poster, i must admit.

  7. I still cannot understand why is don’t like Scott Pilgrim.  I like most of the elements of the story, but the first two volumes bored me to tears.  I still haven’t decided if I’m going to see the movie.

  8. Sorry, that should be "I still cannot understand why I don’t like Scott Pilgrim."

  9. i have VERY high hopes for this flick!

  10. so pumped. 

  11. Maybe I should start reading Scott Pilgrim.  I love manga but still haven’t read it yet. Perhaps I should just add it to my stack.

  12. so epic

  13. PURE AWESOME. Can’t wait to read it.

  14. Such a great poster.

  15. Now I’m no Audiofile…but that looks like a Bass to me.  Only Lemmy (of Motorhead) should play bass with a pick.

  16. now i want the trailer!


  17. I can’t wait for this. Edgar Wright is nothing less than a genius, and the only one im my eyes who could do justice to the amazing source material. 

  18. A Rickenbacher bass. Nice. Is that what he plays in the book?

  19. this is the bomb-omb!!!!

  20. This is more awkward than I had imagined. Interesting…

  21. @ CAM – Are you sure he’s using a pick? I’m not sure if he is…


    @JJ – I’m pretty sure he uses a Rickenbacher at least once in the books. 

  22. Crash and the boys…I mean the Boys and Crash are better. There was a hostile takeover.

  23. Epically awesome!

  24. I want a trailer!

    I think the reason I like SP so much is that it’s dramedy mixed with those over the top qualities that make no logical sense but once you accept that it’s a lot of fun. I think the thing I’m most excited about is seeing kieran culkin, brandon routh and chris evans in the same movie!

    That said I’m still flying to the Cera’s house and kicking him in the balls if he @#%s this up.

  25. That’s cool but it always seems like there’s not enough music in the books.  I hope there will be more in the movies.

  26. Awesomely awesome.

  27. A-Mazing.

  28. That is badass.

  29. Uh…is the last issue going to make it out before the movie does?

  30. @kmob181: That’s the plan.