New Sandman Comics Are a Big Deal

Sandman is and was a big deal. Back when it started, right up to when it ended, there was nothing like it and there hasn’t been since. That is until Vertigo released The Sandman: Endless Nights last week. It’s a collection of seven all new Sandman stories which marks the first time Neil Gaiman has returned to the characters in quite a while.

CNN thought it was worth a mention.

I can’t express how good this was. I read the trades long after the real series ended, and they’re about as good as anything I’ve ever read in comics. With a wide range of artists from Sam Keith to Mark Buckingham to P. Craig Russell contributing to the storytelling, it’s pleasing to all types of comics fans.

Has anyone read the new book? I haven’t been able to scrape up the extra $25 for the swanky hardcover, but I’m willing to bet Gaiman didn’t disappoint.


  1. There’s a nice NPR interveiw with Neil online at

    I also like his comments about Frank Quietly, “I always knew he was good. I never knew he was this good.” The painted look to the Destiny story is amazing. From the detail in the it Frank Quietly must have started the eight pages as soon as he was done with Flex Mentallo


    (oh, the fanboy humor, whew).

  2. Art, have you read it? Is it good? Is it really good?

  3. And now Salon is in the game.

    Gaiman’s making a big stink, and outside of Stan Lee, could become the biggest success to come out of comics to mainstream media.

  4. I liked it. The only ones I didn’t like were the Despair and Delirium stories. The Destiny story is barely a story but it is very beautifully drawn.

    It’s not the the same as the Sandman comic. There’s not 8 issues to flesh something out but I still like it.

    I think Gaiman is a bigger “success to come out of comics to mainstream media.” There are people out there that only know him as a novelist. I just found out my dad and his wife hava read all his stuff. My girlfriends nephew has read his stuff. And these are people who don’t read comics and didn’t come to him through comics. I’m gonna say he’s the best cross over success comics has EVER had.

  5. I think that’s what I was getting at. His success didn’t depend on him being from comics, but it’s undeniable that comics were where he got his start and cut his teeth. He’s like a guy who you went to high school with who became big and famous.

    And Good Omens is one of the funniest books I’ve ever read.

  6. Endless Nights just hit the New York Times best seller list. I really liked the Dream story the most, with the Desire one a close second.