After being surprised by how much I enjoyed the first trailer, I have to say that I am digging this second, more Kato-centric trailer even more!



Green Hornet hits theaters on January 14, 2011.


  1. This looks pretty cool.

    So, this has probably been covered already, but what’s the history of the Green Hornet? I heard it was a radio show originally? Is this movie based on the Kevin Smith comics, and would anyone recommend reading them?


  2. Looks great! My dad’s a big GH fan, so I’m glad this looks so promising. 

  3. I didn’t know that Christophe Waltz is in this. I’m might want to see this now.

  4. @Godfrey – It started as a radio show in the 30s then went on to be become a television series in the 60s with Bruce Lee as Kato. I don’t think there’s any direct connection between Smith’s comics and this film. 

  5. Haven’t read any Green Hornet, but this looks like it could be pretty cool. What do the big Green Hornet fans think?

  6. That does look really fun, actually. 😀


  7. That looks like a blast!

  8. Kevin Smith was originally supposed to write and direct the Green Hornet. His Green Hornet series is based on his scripts. The story for this movie seems to follow along the same lines as Kevin’s, so in a way there is a connection.

  9. This looks excellent. Super excited for it. 

    …I’ve very glad Kevin Smith did not write or direct this.


  10. i love the logic of "you have a gun because you suck"

  11. I want to see a trailer featuring more Christophe Waltz. The first trailer had me sold, but this one even more so now. 

  12. Liked this trailer better than the Green Lantern trailer … is it possible that more obscure characters have greater potential as material for film because they carry less baggage in the form of continuity/history and fan expectations?
    Found a library of old radio episodes here (53 in all) …
  13. this still looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun.

    to add a bit more to the history…

    the green hornet was created in Jan 1936 to be a modern version of the lone ranger, which had already debuted in Jan 1933 as a popular radio show at the same detroit radio station WXYZ (part of the mutual radio network).

    The Green Hornet is the great grand nephew of The Lone Ranger, but the IPs were eventually sold to different companies, so they only ellude to the Ranger Histor.

    If you’ve only seen the 2 part batman guest shot, you really haven’t seen much.

    NOW comics did a decent job with the franchise in the early 90’s for awhile. 

  14. BTW, the GH radio show doesn’t hold up as well as The Shadow does.

  15. This looks so much better than I expected.  I watched the tv show as a kid and liked it and I wanna try some of the GH comics once they are in trades, the one telling the history of GH sounded really interesting.

  16. I was a big fan of the NOW Comics series (which in hindsight, isn’t all that great – some fantastic cover art though), and the first trailer was a big disappointment for me. I enjoyed this one though. I think GH will make a good bit of brain candy.

  17. Not a huge fan of the music in this trailer, but this movie looks like it’s going to be a ton of fun.  I’m definitely checking this one out in the theaters.

  18. Much better from first trailer, might actually see this flick now.

  19. Why didn’t they attach this trailer to Harry Potter? We got the first trailer in my neck of the woods.

  20. This looks like it’s going to be a really fun movie.

    It’s like Batman Forever (let me finish before you freak out…) You can have a great, comic book film, but also have it fun and action packed as well. Kato looks like he is going to be the big highlight of the whole film. The fact that he seems to fight in fast motion, while the victims go in slow motion, seems to be pure Michel Gondry directing right there. I can see why he said that the 3D used in the film will ‘enhance’ the Kato fight scenes. 

  21. that beer bottle cap thing kills the film for me

  22. Damn, well look at how this trailer has turned people back to this movie’s side! Some comments around the net were "wah wah wah, comedy, wah wah wah, Seth Rogan" Glad some people aren’t sour on it.


    A nitpick (that isn’t actually a nitpick) Cameron Diaz is the love interest? A bit older than the usual damsel in distress, right? You mean a hero actually wants to be involved with someone close to his own age? 😉

  23. Diaz is actually a decade older then Rogen. That would be a pretty cool turn-around if it was anyone other then Diaz.

  24. Looks Mask like. Especially with Cameron Diez.  Looks Dope

  25. Michel Gondry really directed this? Looks pretty lame. 

  26. It looks decent, but I think the filmmakers got mixed up with the title of the film. Judging by the trailer, this film should be called Kato instead of the Green Hornet. Most of the action scenes involve Kato and Green Hornet is portrayed as a complete moron.

    I’m gonna wait for the DVD on this.

  27. He’s going to start out as a goofball and then eventually settle into the role of a hero.

  28. After the lacklustre first trailer this one has sold me – I’m in.

  29. I say be dubious of any comic book type film released in dec/jan/feb. History has shown that’s when the major studios put out their stinkers. If they really had something on their hands, it would have been put out in the American summertime. This reeks of the same pungent smell as Ghost Rider & Daredevil.

  30. This movie had quite a share of troubles, so it’s better to not get too excited about this.

  31. Gotta say I’m looking forward to this, looks like fun.

    We have Green Hornet and Green Lantern movies hitting this year, now we need some Green Arrow oh yes!

  32. @TheGoose  Kato has always been insane at the hand to hand combat, whereas GH generally relies on his specialized guns.  Exaggerated in the film?  Perhaps, for comedic effect.  But it does have basis in reality.  (er…. that is to say. The reality in that fictional world.)

  33. i am of two minds about this, they seem a very likeable couple of actors though so that’s good. what i never understood is why doesn’t Kato have a secret name too? have they ever been caught out that way?, it seems like an elementary mistake

  34. makes me want to read the books now

  35. Why do you need a secret identity when you can slo-mo kick 3 dudes in less than 5 seconds?