New Comics List Delayed Due to SNOWPOCALYPSE

Many of you may be wondering just where the hell the list of new comic books are.

Well, it's buried under lots of snow in Baltimore at the moment.

As you may (or may not) know, the Mid-Atlantic area of the United States got nailed with a giant snow storm over the weekend and Diamond Comics'  headquarters, which is located in Baltimore, MD, was not spared.

Why is this relevant to my interests, you might be asking right now. Well, we get our final comic book list confirmation directly from Diamond Comics; that's how we know we are giving you the most accurate list as possible. The snow storm knocked the power out in the Diamond Comics' building and everyone was sent home today. With no power and no one to run their computers, we can't confirm and update the shipping list.

As soon as Diamond is back up and running and we can link back up with them, we will have the new comics list updated for you. Hopefully that will happen on Tuesday.

And in case you were wondering, the actual comic shipments themselves are not delayed (unless something else happens), this is purely a problem with their office being without power.


  1. Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

  2. Even though its not Diamond, Midtown does provide a accurate comic list if any one needs the current list.

  3. Is shipment delayed?

  4. you know youre a card carrying geek when Diamond can throw of your whole week. I need to seek help

  5. For the price of several snow days for my law school in the district in a row (almost a full week now), I think not knowing what books to buy this week is perfectly fine. Hopefully books will ship on time.

  6. Geekapocalypse is more like it.

  7. ive been checking every half hour like a crack fiend! Bummer.

  8. ME TOO!!!!

  9. Same here.


  11. I can’t imagine I’ll be able to get to the shop because of the snow anyway. Boo.

  12. phew!

  13. @Megnolia: There’s another big storm coming on Wednesday, too.

  14. we still haven’t recieved last week’s comics in canberra. gosh darn it

  15. First a truck crash, now a power outage.  Hmmm….

  16. Unless they get it back up by noon, they probably won’t for a few days. They haven’t even gotten things cleared up down here from the last snowdump, and the next one’s supposed to start tomorrow at noon (10-20" on top of already 3′ on the ground). Even if they get shipped, I’m not gonna see these comics for at least a week.

    Plan on spending the day tomorrow making pancakes and praying a snow plow doesn’t slide into my car.

  17. @voodoomama, I’m right there with you. I was at work checking twitter all day for the new comics tweet, however my geekness was confirm over the weekend when my wife pointed out to me that I don’t actually have an Indigo Ring and a Blue ring, but two Indigo rings. I was truely pissed at myself for the oversight and if not for the two feet of snow would have driven the 10 miles to the LCS for the ring.

  18. I’m thinking I won’t get comics this week until Friday because we’re supposed to get slammed with about a foot of snow on Wednesday.

  19. well this New Englander finds all of it sad and hilarious

  20. Thats why it’s good to live in the middle of California, where there is just about 2 inches of year per year.

  21. Sorry meant to say 2 inches of rain per year.

  22. I’m glad I’m among friends who also are OCD about checking their iFanboy pull list every ten minutes… 😉

  23. Time’s like these I’m glad I got me some Marvel Essentials to read. Working my through Tomb of Dracula. Gene Colan’s art looks great in black & white!

  24. SNOWPACOLYPS indeed.

  25. Let’s all take a moment to pray for their safety and well being and they get safely to their loved ones. Sometimes in these crazy busy times we forget how fragile they can be. How just a drop of moisture can ruin them forever. I mean all that snow and no one’s thinking about how all those comics can be messed up? My God.

  26. Damn, and the power outage even prevents me from making a comment about how this problem wouldn’t happen with digital comics.

  27. @cormano: Actually, it would happen with digital comics since it’s a problem of computers being down.

  28. Well, I’m glad to see I wasn’t the only one checking in on Ifanboy every half hour!  Wow, what did that do to your page count (or do you track by unique hits?)

  29. This is gonna be a shitty week. Cause with the next storm coming in late Tues/early Wed I am so not getting books any time soon. The only good thing is that it was a very light week for me, so I can afford to miss it this time.

  30. Thanks fellas.

    I commend taking the time to provide an accurate, dependable list.

  31. Well, if the Marvel shipping list is any kind of accurate, there’s only two books on my list: Vengeance of Moon Knight #5 and X-Men Forever #17. I’m gonna hafta pick up some trades.


  32. Sounds like the snow out east should head over here to Vancouver, as one of our local mountains needs it for the Olympics.  Actually, I wonder how that will affect delivery of comics downtown for those two weeks, as stores are being told they cannot accept deliveries during the day until midnight or so to keep traffic and congestion down.  Good thing I live in the burbs now and just found a decent burbs LCS the other week, because man do most of the burbs’ stores suck out here.

  33. I think it’s crept under a lot of people’s radar that Diamond actually release their new release list on a Thursday now.

     Whereas on a Monday they post an "Expected list" under their "upcoming comics" link, they update this on a Thursday at 5pm to the "actual" releases.

     easily findable on google cache


  34. If feel for that part of the country. Last year we received 97 inches of snow for the winter here in the great state of Washington. But this season only a few inches…..

  35. In the interests of solidarity I should point out we had what you might call a light sprinkling of snow this morning in our corner of the UK…truly snowbound Americans, we feel your pain…


  36. And things were going so well for Diamond. 

  37. I feel empty inside

  38. I feel fine.

  39. Damn you Mother Nature !!!!

  40. Gotta love the south!! Around 50 today and Wednesday. Clear sailing to the comic shop!!!

  41. I take the subway to my LCS, so as long as the delivery gets there on time, and the store staff can get there to open the store, I’m looking forward to picking up books on Wednesday. I’m sure a lot of other readers in major cities are expecting the same thing.

  42. We’re expecting another 12-24″ in Philly today into tomorrow. I’ll be getting books on thursday.

  43. Doesn’t really matter to me as I haven’t been to the store in three weeks. I have a list of 20 books to get when I do get there…only that number so so high as to make me not want to go. Still I feel a need to know what’s coming out this week. 

  44. Maybe i’ll be able to save a little cash up to finally afford comics….   I’m not going to lie, I will laugh if i see a news cast about a Truck tipping over and piles of batman comics are laid all over the highway.

  45. I live in Canada. Suck it up princesses, it happens.

  46. Damn you, Weather Wizard!

  47. Who knew Diamond had leprechauns on hamster wheels running their computers? Learn something new every day.

  48. We’ve had two such snowstorms here in northern New England and they’ve passed without comment.  I even drove back from Ohio in one of them.

    Up here we lose our minds only when the temp goes above 90 or the humidity level gets past 75%, so to each their own.

  49. Good thing Punisher MAX Hardcover Vol. 5, Hulk Vol. 3, and The Goon Vol. 8 were just delivered to my desk.

  50. IS BACK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  24 hours has not seemed so long in a very long time…  I am such an Geek.  Like a junkie needing a fix.

  51. In upper michigan where I live we get something like 300 inches of snow a year and big storms like this just about every month of winter and they rarely ever cancel schools (price we pay for living in the middle of lake superior.)  Since we’ve lived here it’s snowed every month except July. I find this whole situation very entertaining.

  52. I’m glad I’m not alone here.  I’ve been checking on and off just about every 30 minutes.  This sucks balls.  What’s so pathetic is it’s a fucking pull list.  It’s not like I’m out the actual comics.

  53. @vadamowens  yeah but its part of my weekly routine

    Monday – make the pull list

    Tuesday- check itunes and for new music and dvd’s, just to see whats new

    wednsday – comics

    thursday – nbc tv 

    friday – date night with the misses

    if anything disturbs this routine i will lose it

  54. "And in case you were wondering, the actual comic shipments themselves are not delayed"

    Thank fucking god.

  55. While it doesn’t provide the list-checking, button-clicking, OCD-satisfying fix that our New Comics page does, Diamond does have a "best we can do right now" list on their own site. Consider it your nicotine patch until you can get the good stuff.

  56. @Conor If the digital comics that everyone would like to see here were a reality, would Diamond servers in Baltimore be providing them?

  57. @hbkhumanity: Nope.

  58. Maybe Diamond could ship some of that snow to here in Vancouver… cause we got nuthin’ and the Olympics are 3 days away : /

  59. Does anyone know why there aren’t any Vertigo titles on Diamond’s site?  I was looking forward to The Unwritten and Daytripper this week…

  60. @cornflakes: Diamond is not back up and running, they are still having problems with their computers.

  61. so then are comics still on wed or not??

  62. @rayclark: The answer to that is in what I wrote.

  63. @conor ok sorry thanks missed that part…thanks for all your help with the pull lists man you guys are the best!!