New Comics for 12/24/08 are definitely NOT dreaming of a rainy Christmas

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here: Conor, Ron, Josh, and Gordon the Intern. And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, and Sonia.

A relatively light week this week — especially from the DC Comics side of things — which is nice, because as much as I love comics I don’t especially want to spend all night Christmas Eve reading them. I’m most looking forward to another flashback adventure featuring Steve Rogers in Captain America: Theater of War – America First, the next chapter of the post-“Batman R.I.P.” storyline in Batman, and Ultimatum #2. And I think I’m going to use Secret Invasion: Requiem as a gauge to decide if I’m going to stay on The Mighty Avengers now that Bendis is not writing it.

This week Ron has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: What will you be doing Wednesday night?



  1. I don’t know about Mighty, the only characters that are a draw for me are Herc and Tony so we’ll see


    BQ: seeing the Spirit after dinner with cousins

  2. Really slow week for me.  Batman, Invincible, and Iron Fist.  Thats good though, I’ll be with family and don’t want to have to shut myself up in a room for too long. 

    BQ: My mexican family is weird, we get together for Christmas eve, not so much Christmas day.  So tamales, punch, and hilarious mexican Christmas songs for me!

  3. Thought it was gonna be a light week but it’s not for me. The kiddies love the Marvel Adventures and First Class books. Books I need to drop but just can’t seem to: Trinity & Wolverine: Origins.


    BQ: Driving 5 hours to Mississippi.

  4. Yay, Gigantic!  Yay, possibly trying out Mister X, which sounds vaguely compelling!   


    BQ:  I will be on my roof. Waiting.  

  5. Um, just five for me this week: Bats; Spidey; Thor; Nova; Daredevil. I would’ve picked Iron Fist too, but I don’t fancy quantum leaping to 3099.

    BQ: drinking Snowball cocktails. 

  6. Jesus, the end of the month always kills me. I am very exicited for Umbrella Academ and for the first time in  long awhile New Avengers.

    BQ: My brother and I will be rewatching Oz. We are celebrating Christmas with Schillinger.

  7. This week I’ll be grabbing Nova, Umbrella Academy, Daredevil. I’ll give New Avengers an issue or two to test it out, though seeing Yu is off pencils puts a smile on my face. Also, apparently Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Gods is still coming out. I had forgotten about it.

    BQ: Celebrating Life Day, Wookie-style.

  8. Conor, I wouldn’t use Secret Invasion Requiem as the gauge.

    I was going to buy it, but it only contains an 8 page Dan Slott story and two reprints about the Wasp.

    Slott is a good writer. Give him a full issue of Mighty.

  9. Nice, light week, and that’s saying something. It’ll get me used to fewer comics come the great bloodletting of 2009. Looking forward to Invincible/Wolf-Man crossover (not often you get all parts of a crossover in one week), Batman, a Chaykin Captain America, New Avengers, Hulk, Punisher War Zone (which I love), the Ultimate books. Solid stuff coming out.

    I put Requiem on the list, but for Santa sake, that’s a lot of green for 8 new pages. If I’m generous, then maybe, but that’s a lot for so little.

    BQ: It won’t be reading this week’s books because of travel issues, I won’t get to the shop until Friday. Probably going through nicotine withdrawal because my in-laws frown so much on smoking. I miss the good old days where I got to spend the holidays at my own home. 

  10. Looking forward to Batman, Thor and Green Lantern (when it comes out).

    BQ: Fatalities on behalf of Bats, Supes and GL! Mortal Kombat vs. DCU!!

  11. BQ: Same. I don’t celebrate christmas.

  12. Thank goodness for a small week.  Nova, New Avengers, She-Hulk and Thor are the only things on my list.  And will you look at that…all $2.99 books. 

    BQ:  Not sure yet…probably doing something at my parent’s house.  

  13. Its Christmas in Heaven

    There’s great things to read

    Like Batman #682 and Nova #20

    and even Vigilante #1 (gonna try and see if this is any good)

    BQ: Work til 6pm and then watching the annual Christmas eve film my parents get for me and my sis.

    It’s Christmas in Heaven, Hip Hip, Hip Hip, Hooray!

  14. Wait, Bendis is not writing Mighty anymore? Well fuck. Drop. I could barely be bothered with Bendis writing, yet alone what ever hack they put on this book. 

    Batman is at the top of my stack this week. Atomic Robo will be ebtter than most of shit people buy, natch. Other than that, pretty solid week but not terribly exciting. 

     BQ: Sleeping.

  15. On my Christmas Eve comics pull list: Batman, Brave & Bold, Invincible/Astounding Wolf-Man cross-over, Captain America Theater of War, Daredevil, Hulk, Immortal Iron Fist, New Avengers, Secret Invasion Requiem, Thor, Ultimate Spider-Man, and Ultimatum.

    B.Q,  I’ll be reading comics until the jolly ol’ elf tumbles down my chimney.

  16. Daredevil, Iron Fist, Wolverine First Class, Ms. Marvel, Top Ten — a pretty solid week.  I’m shying away from Avengers stuff for now, will see how long I stick to that.

    BQ: I’m off work Wednesday, so I can get my comics during the day.  Depending on the geographical reach of my mother’s guilt powers, I’ll either be going to see "It’s a Wonderful Life" in the theater, then sleeping in my own bed; seeing the movie and then driving to my parents’ house late at night; or driving there during the day.  My brother’s laziness versus his desire for Christmas candy will also factor in this, as we’ll be making the trip together.

  17. Dropping Spawn and Batman.   This week all I’m reading is Invincible and Savage Dragon.  I’m thinking of jumping on New Avengers.

  18. Excited about:


    Batman #683

    Daredevil #114

    Invincible #57

    Thor #12

    Umbrella Academy Dallas #2


    BQ: my wife.



  19. Stoaked On: Billy Batson & the Magic of Shazam!, Gigantic, Runaways

    Kinda Excited For: Captain America: Theatre of War, Brace & the Bold,Umbrella Academy

    Suspect: Uknown Soldier, Thor, Hulk

    B.Q. Taking it easy before flying out to Corpus Christi, TX. Probably kickin’ it w/ Katie Graves!

  20. Holy Light Week! Just Batman for me, so I’m gonna get the Young Liars TPB too. I’m actually glad there’s practically no books for me this week, Christmas kinda wiped me out.

    BQ: Gotta work until 10pm, then probably head to the pub with friends for prezzie swapping. Hope everyone has a good one 🙂

  21. How much longer will the Avengers be split into 2 books? Will they finally merge them into one book? I miss The Avengers. 

  22. There are like 4 Avengers books right now. Answer to your question; awhile longer.

  23. YEAH. This is a good week. Gigantic! Guerillas! Umbrella Academy!

    I thought Scalped was coming out this week. Pity it isn’t, that would have been my perfect week.

  24. Most excited for Batman, Thor, Nova and Invincible.  Sure one of them will be my pick.  Probably Batman.


    BQ:  Working, reading comics.

  25. Any week with Umbrella Academy coming out is a good week.

  26. No Powers TPB… there is no santa clause!

  27. Oh man it got pushed to February 4th, i’m out of it.

  28. Graaaarh Invincible is part 1 of a goddamn 2-part crossover that is continued in a goddamn book I don’t goddamn buy or enjoy! It’s a f***ing epidemic. It is so hard to type with both of my middle fingers raised to the sky.


  29. f***ing Wolf-Man. godDAMMIT

  30. @jimski: I’m sure Kirkman is crying right now, way to go 🙂

  31. New Avengers #48

    Punisher War Zone #3 (OF 6)

    Ultimate Spider-Man #129

    Ultimatum #2 (OF 5)

    Vigilante #1

    Mostly Marvel for me.  I’m getting Vigilante to try it out.

    BQ: getting drunk and no I don’t know where.  All I know is that someone will be the lucky winner of me lying naked on their front lawn coverd in my own excrements.  Best Christmas gift ever!

  32. man, dardevil and Ultimate Spider-Man are my favorite superhero books.

    and i look foreward to NOT buying SI Reqium, as it would be the first issue (kinda) of mighty avengers that i wont be buying

  33. Top 3


    ultimate spider man

    New Avengers


    BQ: at mt ganmmys house doing stuff. 

  34. Atomic Robo, Guerillas, Invincible, and Ultimatum are what I’m most looking forward to.


    BQ: alcohol, movies, and friends

    strike that, reverse it

  35. Gigantic, Captain America Theater of War (thanks for recommending the last one Conor) and suprisingly Spawn. i dropped Spawn years ago and picked up the new arc. It’s been really good, and I strongly recommend picking it up. Much better than the Youngblood reboot.

    Watching my brother open his Hess Truck. He’s 28 and my dad gets it for him ever year, and I’m not sure why. 

  36. Very light week: New Avengers (exciting – who know’s what’s coming?) and Nova (dependably great).

    BQ: Probably spending Christmas Eve with my wife’s Christian relatives (we’re Jewish). It’s generally fun, since that side of the family has a ton of kids of all ages. Of course, my wife is pregnant, so one never knows when she’ll feel sick or tired or achy (it’s a great excuse when we’re feeling a little less sociable).

    And on Christmas Day – we’ll do Jewish Christmas (Chinese food delivery and tons of movies).

  37. Very light week: New Avengers (exciting – who know’s what’s coming?) and Nova (dependably great).

    BQ: Probably spending Christmas Eve with my wife’s Christian relatives (we’re Jewish). It’s generally fun, since that side of the family has a ton of kids of all ages. Of course, my wife is pregnant, so one never knows when she’ll feel sick or tired or achy (it’s a great excuse when we’re feeling a little less sociable).

    And on Christmas Day – we’ll do Jewish Christmas (Chinese food delivery

  38. BQ: going to my moms parent first and then off to my dads parents until about 2 or 3, then home and sleep.  probably my favorite day of the year.  like that lewis black joke, there is nothing better than anticipation…now i have to get myself into the christas spirit in a little more than 24 hours and not kill my parents…crap!

  39. I’m most looking forward to New Avengers #48

    Sad to say that I’m *not* looking forward to Runaways #5, Secret Invasion Requiem #1, or Captain America Theater Of War America First, but I’ll probably buy them all anyway. Damn pull list.


  40. Pretty light week for me — Merry Christmas to my wallet! Lookin’ forward to Daredevil, Guerillas & my new favourite book that’s surprised me with it’s pure awesomeness — Unknown Soldier!!

    BQ — Beer & Playstation 3.

    My own Bonus Question for anyone who knows — When is Incognito coming out? Marvel has it listed for release 2 weeks ago.

    Merry Christmas to all the iFanboys & iFanbase who celebrate it!

  41. Since I’m out of alcohol, I’ll be eating donuts and drinking tea with mentha.

    Since we can’t stand each other, the prayrs and singing are very short nowadays, so lighting will take a minute or two.

    This kind of donuts: since it’s a tradition for bakeries to put half a tea spoon of jam in the regular donuts and normal ones are hard to find. And this:

    This are also good but we usually eat them in passover:

    They’re vegetable burgers – sort of. It’s more based on than on burgers.

    Food is what brings us together. 

  42. *lighting the candles

  43. Five books for me this week, which is pretty moderate. I’m actually looking forward to all five (Batman, Trinity, Nova, Immortal IF, Invincible) with an equal measure of anticipation, as they’ve all been pretty good lately.

    BQ: Watching "A Christmas Story" with my wife and hoping that she doesn’t get bored.

  44. Almost 15 books this week but nothing that I’m all that excited for.  I really want to see if Gigantic #2 continues the momentum of #1 (Does anybody else hear the Pixie’s Gigantic over and over in their head).

     BQ: My family has a tradition (stems from when we were kids and could only afford one small gift) of giving out one small present to everybody in our family on Christmas Eve.  It really does take the edge off of Christmas Eve and gives everybody a more intimate gift giving experience.

  45. I’m working on wednesday till 6 and my LCS closes at you guessed it 6!!! ERRR i won’t be able to get my comics till saturday morning. 🙁

    The comics I’m most looking forward to are: Invincible/Wolf-man, Batman. Usagi Yojimbo, Shazam and Ult.Spider-man.

    BQ: going over to my uncles and aunts for their christmas party and then spending most of the night with my amazing girlfriend.  

  46. @Win: I feel your pain buddy. LCS closes at 4pm, work til 6pm….Merry Christmas indeed. Oh well, Friday will be a nice day to spend some dough anyways.

  47. 13 books….no wait, make that 12….not gonna get sucked into the emptiness that paying $.50 a page for a new story will get ya…they already got me on Astonishing X-Men.  Most excited for New Avengers….always been a fan of Bendis’s Luke Cage and family.  In fact, Alias helped get me back into Marvel books. 

    BQ:  I have Christmas with my family on Christmas Eve.

     @Wade Wilson – I believe Incognito is shipping in Feburary.

  48. Alright, new Batman this week!!  That’s what I am talking about!!  No Amazing Spiderman this week?!  Oh well, I guess I’ll have to deal with Ultimate Spiderman instead.

  49. The three I’m looking forward to are in order:

    New Avengers



    BQ: Eating Prime Rib with friends of the family. Yum.

  50. Big week for me. Just ended up with a ton of reading matter. On top of the ‘orders’ I have in from family and friends. Happy Holidays all.

  51. I either have 10 or 11 this week (can’t remember if Remnant is something I ordered)  Not huge or small for me.  Pretty average.

    Most looking forward to Batman.  Finally I feel Batman has an interesting future to look forward to and I’m excited to see it continue to unfold.

    Also excited about Avengers, Daredevil, City of Dust (check out Radical people, I really think its an up and coming publisher to keep an eye on), and Star Wars.

    Darkness, Necronomicon, Red Sonja, Requiem, and Thor finish off my pull list.

    BQ:  trying to use self discipline to not open Rock Band until morning and play it.  White knuckle time for me. 

  52. Blah my LCS closed early 1/2 hour before I got there so now I gotta wait until Friday to get any comics!

  53. New Avengers rocked my socks. that was awesome. cut back immensely cuz of xmas presents but will go to usual routine after xmas with extra xmas moneys and such