New Comics for 11/19/08 thought that Thanksgiving was this week. Whoops.

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here: Conor, Ron, Josh, and Gordon the Intern. And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, and Sonia.

This is very much a meat and potatoes kind of week. Lots of good, solid reads. Not a lot to get overly excited about except Scalped and Pax Romana and The Amazing Spider-Man.

Maybe this will be one of those weeks that surprises.

This week I have the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: Take your first, middle, and last names and add up the letters. How many you got? I got 19.



  1. wow another week with unexpected Scalped. im happy. another mediocre week so its all good here.

    bq: 19 too 

  2. New ‘Ex Machina’ is always good; excited for ‘Uncanny x-men,’ and for Diggle on Thunderbolts.  Curious about ‘Supergirl.

    BQ: 20.  Conor’s middle name must be short.

  3. Karl Eric William Castaneda. 24. Yikes.

    I’m pretty sure I’m gonna drop Trinity this week. A lot of people have been liking it, I know, but it’s really lost a lot of steam in the last month. I was really patient in the beginning, but I think I’m done. Might be picking up Thunderbolts in its place, however.  

  4. Light week but I am very exicited for everything coming out.  I get Diggle’s final Hellblazer issue and his first issue of Thunderbolts! Plus Scalped is coming out which is always a good thing.

    BQ: 20.

  5. (Umm, my correct answer is also 19.  Spelling and math combined at 5 on a Monday is a lot to ask).

  6. I forgot it wasn’t this week, too.

    Looks like I’ll just be getting Amazing, Uncanny, and Super-Girl.

    BQ: Only 15. Meh.

  7. Scalped and Uncanny are definately 2 of my top 5 ongoings.  Also excited to see if Jason Aaron can keep up the momentum in Ghost Rider

  8. Looking forward to some Invincible and the end of the current FF arc.  I switched to trades for Ex Machina, but its too tempting to pick up this last issue first, so I can see how the arc ends.  Also picking up my first ever copy of Supergirl!!  I’m hoping for a pretty good week.

    BQ: a pathetic 16.  My wife would pwn this one.  Lets just say, she has two hyphens in her full name 🙂

  9. Geez thought this would be a bigger week…I mean only 3 books? BUT THOSE THREE BOOKS WILL KNOCK MY SOCKS OFF!….well maybe 2:

    Deadpool (Other then Wolverine, this is the best X-Title out right now. Great mix of humor and cartoony art. It’s not perfect, but it’s close to it)

    Punisher: Max (Last issue was no question the POTW. This issue will most likely be a bloodbath, considering what the villains did to Castle. I expect this to be a load of fun)

    Supergirl (This is the meh of the group, I mean so far I have been underhelmed with New Krypton so far. If this doesnt hold my interest then all 3 Sups titles will be dropped until this arc is over. Even then it’ll only be AC cause Superman is medicore as hell and Supergirl is a title in general I have no interest picking up outside this event)

    BQ: 18 baby! Better than you Drake lol

  10. I’m excited for Pax Romana! This past weekend I bought issues 1-3 on a whim to read on a car trip, and even though it took me dang near the entire weekend to read them, I enjoyed the hell outta them. How exciting that issue 4 comes out this week. Also looking forward to Hellblazer, The Goon, Supergirl and JSA. Also excited that X-Factor and Uncanny X-Men will have new artists on them. 


    BQ: 17  

  11. Cool little week.  I will be racing Barack Obama to the Conan the Cimmerian stack.  Supergirl, JSA Magog special, Scalped, and my personal favorite, Hellblazer!  

    May or may not jump on Amazing Spider-Man for the Marcos Martin art.  

    BQ: 21  Ought to get at least two more for the Jr. at the end.   

  12. Epic BQ answer: 25! I have two middle names due to parents with a conflict of opinion…

  13. If we count confirmation names I’m at 28.  

  14. I just have Iron Man this week.

     BQ: 24.

  15. Huge pull week for me, due to a slew of X-related stuff.  I’m excited for Andy Diggle on Thunderbolts, and excited for the next arc in Uncanny.


    BQ:  14 

  16. Ths is going to be a light week for me Supergirl and JSA Gog special.

    BQ: 21

  17. Walking Dead hardcover….yes.


    BQ:  A shitload.

  18. Man.  This week’s releases manke me realize I’ve dropped a ton of books.  or, in the case of Deadpool, threw down in disqust. 🙂


    Also 19 letters here if I use my full first name, which I never do.

  19. @Templer: ‘Threw down in disgust’.

    You….did not….just say that…..*breathes hard* 🙂

  20. Excited for more Ghost Rider action and Diggle on Thunderbolts.

    BQ: 18

  21. Looking worward to Amazing Spider-Man as usual as well as World of Warcraft. Also interested to see how Deadpool will be now that the SI stuff is over.

    BQ: 21

  22. 18 for Joshua Adam Flanagan

    I got a bit short changed on the middle there.

  23. Hmm, slim week for me with just Spidey, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Supergirl and Robin. It’s like I’m twelve all over again with that list.  :o)

    BQ: 19


  24. This will be a good week.  Not one Marvel book, but a bunch of great ones with Scapled, Hellblazer, and Atomic Robo.  

    I also may be making an order for that Punisher Omni and Walking Dead HC…we shall see…

    BQ: 20 

  25. 23 woop woop

  26. Finally a week I can get behind!  Air, Ex-Machina, Goon, Scalped, Pax Romana and Invincible.

    BQ:  In Vietnam I was nineteen.  Nuh, nuh, nuh, nineteen.

  27. Looking forward to the Kingdom Come special and Ex Machina. Giving Supergirl a shot, but it will have to wow me to keep me around post-New Krypton.

    A lean 16 letters for me!

  28. Slim week for me … will walk into the LCS with a tenner & leave with enough for a tea or coffee; that said, am very excited for both Amazing Spider-man (Marcos Martin returns, yay!) & Ghost Rider.

    BQ: 18, 6 in the first, 7 in the middle, 5 for the final & Irish through & through.

  29. Stoked On: Scapled, Ghost Rider, Fantastic Four, Amazing Spider-Man

    Kinda Excited For: Uncanny X-Men, Supergirl, JSA Kingdom Come Special: Magog

    Suspect: Ultimate Fantastic Four, Avengers/Invaders, Terra

    B.Q.  Tio Dimitri Lavranos = 18

  30. One book?  That can’t be right…

  31. Looking forward to Atomic Robo and Uncanny.

    BQ: 17, for some reason I thought it would be less.

  32. not a lot to excite me this week. fabels trade which is awesome but i have to wait as im getting it as an xmas present and walking dead hc volume 4. with the floppys i think i will enjoy terra, robin or supergirl the most – damn arent they all teen books? im a gorwn man 🙁


    B.Q. a nice round 20!

  33. B.Q. weird, also 19.

  34. For some reason, I thought that this would be a more exciting week.  Not entirely meh.  I’m looking forward to: JSA Kingdom Come Special Magog, Supergirl (I’m digging the cross-over), Dynamo 5, Invincible, ASM, and The Fantastic Four (loved the last issue and can’t wait to see what happens next).

    B.Q. 19

  35. @PaulMontgomery Confirmation names?  I wish I had thought of that.  I have the coolest one ever: Lazarus! He and JC were BFF.

  36. man I read way too many books.  I can never get myself to drop any. 

    bonus: 17

  37. New Fables trade! Also sticking with Uncanny X-Men and Avengers Invaders.

    BQ: 16 

  38. There will be Scalped!


    BQ: 23

  39. Top 3

    Amazing spider man

    Unanny X Men

    Batman and the Outsider


    BQ: 15

  40. @TheNextChampion-Long names do not a man make.  Plus, everyone knows only bitches have 18 letters in their names 😛

  41. So Tiocore, dandoody, HerrStarr, and even Josh are bitches? You got some explaining to do…

  42. Small week on this one: Amazing Spider-man, Spawn, and The X-files #1…woott

    BQ: 21

  43. @TheNextChampion-Let me further narrow the requirements…

    1. Only people with 18 letters in their names

    2. Only those who look through a whole list of replies in order to get the names of OTHERS with 16 letters in their names

    3. Only those that are picking up Deadpool

    Those, and only those, who fit all these requirements may be catagorized as bitches. 

    Check and mate…

  44. @drake: You mean 18 right? Cause you said 16 here…

    Check and Mate…

  45. AHHH!!! DAMN IT!  and it was such a good burn too.  I am shame-faced… 🙁

  46. I’ll get the hose.  


    Calm down, kids.  Put the lotion in the basket and calm down.   

  47. Some solid picks this week, but like Conor said, nothing stand out. Ex Machina, Dynamo 5, Waid on Amazing, Fantastic Four, Diggle’s last Hellblazer, Scalped, Invincible – decent books, but again, nothing bombastic.

    BQ: 17, so I guess that makes me one of the bitches. I’ll wear my bitch badge proud!

  48. Lookin forward to ASM

    BQ: 23. Only that high because i used my full name (Cornelius) instead of Cory.

  49. @Paul-It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets Paul Montgomery?  🙁  T’was only good natured ribbing, but we will behave.  Promise promise

    @cman12- Cornelius is an awesome name!  Technically my name is Michaelangelo, just in spanish.  You can guess which ninja turtle was my favorite as a child

  50. scalped!!!! fuck yea!

  51. i have never read any of the eisner spirit so i am really looking forward to the special.

     bq: 20 and also the most misheard name in history

  52. Lotta good this week. New Angel. More New Krypton, Scalped, Ghost Rider…. Pax Romana? Who what?

    BQ: 18. Huh. I thought I’d be lower.

  53. Brubaker is off of X-Men now? I guess I’m a glutton for punishment because I think I’m picking up Sentry #3. 

    BQ: 22 or 23 if you count the apostrophe 

  54. My wallet says thanks for another light week – Only FF, Hellblazer and Thunderbolts!

    BQ -24

  55. Most lookin’ forward to —

    Scalped, Batgirl (I think I’m the only one lol) & hopefully the Magog one-shot is all comic & not half "behind the scenes" crap like Superman was last week.

    BQ: 17. Does anyone actually care? lol.

  56. BQ: Also 19. 8 for the first, 5 for the second, and 6 for the third.

    Most excited for War Machine, Moon Knight, and Punisher. Also going to pick up last weeks Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane that’s waiting for me at the shop. 


  57. 10 – no middle name. Don’t need it.

    Next week I predict it’s "what is your mothers maiden name"

  58. 13 in the English spelling

  59. One Book, unless I find something at the store–Young X-Men.  Did Marvel go out of business?  Where are all there titles lately?


    BQ: 49 (SPM) 

  60. One book again this week. Tempted to splurge on a GN but should really save the money

    BQ 23

  61. Pretty good week. Probably most excited (and bittersweet) for Robin.

    BQ: I got 15. Boy, a 3-letter first name really screws you in a game like this.

  62. Ambush Bug FTW!


    BQ: 23 

  63. Mark Waid and Marcos Martin on Spider-Man!  Dodson finally replacing Land on Uncanny!  I only have five books this week, but they all look good.

     BQ: 20

  64. Pretty excited for a new Fables trade, but MOST excited for the PAx Romana Conclusion.

    BQ: 21, my wife? 29.  We’re the namiest.

  65. I just realized I only have 4 singles…thank god for a Walking Dead hardcover.

  66. BQ: 16

    Kind of a smaller week for me.

  67. Lots of decent books but nothing really jumping out at me.

     BQ: A mere 11 – I have only a middle initial (Kinda like Harry S Truman)

  68. bq: edward george bernard doherty – 26 

  69. My comics of interest are: Ex Machia(about fucking time!!!), Age of Sentry(probably the most fun I’ve had reading a marvel book in a long time), Supergirl(I know, I cant believe its this great either) and I might pick up the Waid Amazing Spider-man. His back-up story’s were the best part of the "New Ways  to Die" arc.

    BQ: A Measly Eighteen.