New Comics for 11/18/09 will be at Manhattan Center on Tuesday

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, Josh and Gordon the Intern.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, and Sonia.

Well, it’s been three months so it looks like it’s time for a new issue of The Flash: Rebirth! Along with Phonogram The Singles Club, it’s my most anticipated book of the we– holy crap, they are reprinting The ‘Nam trades! Fantastic!

This week I have the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: Is there anything you wouldn’t eat with bacon?


  1. I only have 6 books which is awesome.

    BQ: NO! Bacon is awesome. 

  2. BQ: There’s quite a bit of things I wouldn’t eat with bacon.  But it is awesome.

  3. Just Flsh this week. I will mot likely bet a trade of something

    BQ: my judaism

  4. Whoo!!! New Flash Rebirth issue! I suppose I wouldn’t be so upset with this series being so late if it wasn’t so amazing. Seriously, the first issue or so didnt really wow me, but the last one shot my expectations through the roof, and now I’m on the edge of my seat for the continuation!


    And speaking of late series, it looks like Grant Morrison’s Authority story is finally being continued. About damn time, I say. I liked the first 2 issues and thought it had an interesting premise, so here’s hoping that Keith Giffen can carry the torch.


    Other books of interest this week include Adventure Comics #4 (Always interested in the bratty Superboy-Prime, for some reason), Streets of Gotham #6 (Huntress! Fuck yeah!), Dark Avengers #11 (my favorite Dark Avengers story yet), and others.


    BQ: I won’t eat eggplant with bacon, but only because I won’t eat eggplant at all. Bacon makes anything great, but not even that can make that vile weed known as eggplant taste good.

  5. My comics this week are: Phonogram(for real this time), Batman/Superman, Dr. Horrible(yay!!!), Batman: Streets of Gotham, Spider-Woman, Adventure Comics, Supergirl, Flash, Brave and The Bold and maybe the JSA 80 page giant.

    BQ: I don’t know. I’m a recovering vegetarian. For about four years i didn’t eat any meat at all. Within the past two years i’ve rediscovered the tastiness of animal flesh.  

  6.  interesting week this week, dark avengers and flash, ooooooh, plus some other stuff


    BQ: nothing i can think of

  7. BQ:  I made chocolate covered BACON with almonds sprinkled on top about a month ago… It was F’n heaven!


    the Tiki 

  8. 5 or so books this week, really looking foward to Superman/Batman (or should I say Bizzaro/Man-Bat) and Adventure Comics has me sold up to issue #6.

    Bq: Bacon is a wonerful food and I found something it did not go with I’d toss it out and just eat the bacon.

  9. Wooooo, Adventure Comics.  Is there a better supporting character in comics at the moment than Krypto?  

    No there is not.

    BQ:  I wouldn’t eat smoked salmon with bacon; I’m scared I’d like it too much and then where would I be?


  10.  Flash Rebirth, Azrael, Adventure Comics, ASM, maybe ASM The List (still deciding) and the book I’ve been looking most forward to for months: Dr. Horrible.

    BQ: On Chopped they made bacon wrapped banana once and everyone loved it.  I tried it once… simply put I won’t eat banana and bacon.

  11. BQ: I wouldn’t eat chocolate with Bacon 😉

  12. Slow week after a good, strong month. Hopefully soild titles….

    Azrael #2

    Brave and the Bold #29

    Special Guests: Green Lantern Corps HC (Emerald Eclipse), Battle for the Cowl HC

    BQ: Maybe if it’s on top of dog shit…..but that’s a big maybe.

  13. I’m getting Flash and the Dr.Horrible one-shot.

    BQ: I work at an ice cream store and I’ve been wanting an ice cream that was some sort of breakfast flavored kind with bits of pancake, maple syrup and bacon bits. I don’t think bacon can be ruined by any other food.

  14. BenBugenig, in the UK there’s a restaurant that does bacon and egg icecream and it’s so much better than you can even imagine…

  15. Looking forward to Adventure Comics and seeing what Geoff Johns has in store for Superboy-Prime and am happy to see Flash Rebirth is one step closer to being done, I hate drawn out minis & the delays have only hurt it in my eyes.

  16. The only thing I wouldn’t eat with bacon is poison. I’ll probably put bacon in the Thanksgiving stuffing, and the Thanksgiving turkey.

  17. Relatively small week. 7 books. Invincible being my most anticipated.


  18. Excited for Frankencastle to start up.  Haven’t been reading Remender’s work, but its Tony Moore art, so I’m all over it.  Also, Brave and the Bold and Phonogram have me giddy with glee. ^__^

    BQ:  Bacon and chocolate chip cookies never sounded particularly appealing to me, but I’m not against trying it.

  19. Most looking forward to:

    Flash:Rebirth; Kollins pulling double-duty on Superman/Batman in a Blackest Night tie-in; a new Spider-Man storyline; Spider-Man The List one-shot (Norman vs. Peter); Dr. Horrible; Powers Encyclopedia (FINALLY); Invincible and Irredeemable (the IBooks!); Frankencastle!!!; Spider-Woman in print form; The Stand; and the JSA one-shot looks to have quite a list of top-notch creators on it.

    BQ: I don’t dine on swine! A pig is a dirty animal.

  20. Adventure Comics #4
    Flash Rebirth #5 (OF 6)
    Tiny Titans #22 (My kids are loving this. Aw Yeah!)
    Transformers Ongoing #1 (Gonna give it a flip through and buy it if it looks interesting. I’m hoping for a G.I. Joe type renaissance.)

    BQ: Box (too far?)

  21. Amazing Spider-Man, Dr. Horrible, Irredeemable, and Supergirl. This looks to be a good week for me.

    BQ: Undercooked pork. Everyone else was eating half-cooked pork sausage wrapped in mostly-cooked bacon, but I resisted peer pressure.

  22. Flash, Amazing, Dark Avengers and Astonishing Wolf-man

    BQ – mmmm Bacon…  What was the question?

  23. nevermind, Wolf-Man got pushed back.  I’ll get something in its place, but what?

  24. Only Invincible and Cowboy Ninja Viking this week? Huh. Maybe I’ll see if I can find the Locke and Key trade.

    Nevermind superpowers, or curing cancer for that matter, I want scientists to develop vegan bacon and hotdogs that tate as good as the real thing. Damn tasty pigs, how I miss thee!

  25. YEAH a small week!

    BQ:  A lot of things.  I haven’t really understood this whole bacon craze thing.  Some of the things actually make me sick to look at.

  26. An under 10 comics week for me, which is awesome. Definitely looking forward to Viking, Underground, Phonogram, Flash: Rebirth, and Realm of Kings stuff.

    BQ: Tofu.  Bleh. 

  27. Three books this week, and a great three books! Amazing Spider-Man, Flash: rebirth and Irredeemable. Does it get any better than that?

    BQ: Onll things that aren’t technically food 

  28. High hopes for Mighty Avengers and JSA Giant Sized.  And who can resist a Dr. Horrible comic

  29. Flash and Irredeemable!

    BQ: Bacon shouldn’t be in a dessert like pie or cake. 

  30. Adventure Comics #04
    Streets of Gotham #06
    Flash: Rebirth #05
    Tiny Titans #22
    G-Man Cape Crisis #04
    Invincible #68
    Underground #03
    ASM #612
    Dark Avengers #11
    Dark Reign The List: ASM
    Punisher #11
    Spider-Woman #03
    Stand: Soul Survivors #02
    Irredeemable #08

    BQ: I…I really don’t think so.


  31. Spider-Woman is such a gorgeous book…looking forward to it.

    BQ: …umm…I don’t really like bacon. Sorry.

  32. Amazing Spider-man #612

    Dr. Horrible One Shot

    Flash: Rebirth #5

    Invincible #68

    Irredeemable #8

    Spider-Woman #3

    BQ: Yeah mustard



    any recommendations?

    I couldn’t jump on Irredeemable because it’s 3.99 and my LCS ran out of back issues and when I got there some books were sold out and they have no electricity so I sufficed using a flashlight and my eyes still hurt.


    OOh.. Got carried away. Sorry.

    *sniff *sniff

  34. I really wish the Chew trade and 6 came out this week.

    I can save up, though.

  35. Great week. Stoked on Frankencastle(seriously how good is The Punisher right now? You rule Remender!)


    BQ: I’m vegan so nothing.

  36. small week. nothing too excited for. next week will be amazing though.

    Adventure Comics #4 (blackest night? cool)
    Viking #4 (love the artwork)
    Cowboy ninja viking #2 (one more chance)
    Punisher #11 (love tony moore’s art)
    Spider Woman #3 (its better than the motion comic)

    BQ: bacon with ice cream would make me vomit

  37. Not getting hugely excited for any particular book this week, although I am looking forward to the new Amazing Spider-man and Punisher.  Flash Rebirth just feels like it’s dropped right off my radar.

     BQ: Um…well…no you’ve got me there…

  38. Flash Rebirth, Amazing Spider-Man + List, Adventure comics, Spider-Woman, Tiny Titans, JSA giant sized.

    BQ: I don’t eat no animals! Not even schmacon.

  39. BQ: No.

  40. I’m excited, I’m finally jumping on board with irredemable in issues, been reading my friends to get caught up.

     BQ: I can’t think of anything no… funny story about bacon though about a month ago went to a local sandwich place and they have veggie burgers called grillers, we didn’t know what it was at the time and a friend of mine order it with bacon, the look on the cook’s face was priceless

  41. @stuc I don’t think anybody caught that.  You’re fucking nasty, lol:)

  42. Thank God for a smaller week! Bq: only things I wouldn’t eat normally. I’ve eating chocalte with bacon…and it wasn’t that terrible

  43. @vadamowens I caught it and it was awesome. 🙂


    Really light week over here; three books! Dark Avengers, Mighty Avengers, and War Machine. I *might* pick up Realm of Kings, but that’s it. Of course, I have a pull list, so I may end up stuck with Thunderbolts and X-Men Legacy even though I dropped ’em, but that’s fine. 

    BQ: I wouldn’t eat bacon with any other sweet food. Hell, if I have pancakes or fruit, I segregate them away from the meat/savory stuff on my plate. My meals are a flavor apartheid and I like it that way. 

    (Flavor Apartheid will be playing The Viper Room in West Hollywood, btw. 😉


  44. BQ: Yeah, my people don’t eat pork!

  45. I already picked up my books this past week and I loved most of them except for Red Robin has been getting on my nerves because of the constant flashbacking every other page! I wouldn’t eat steamed Veggies or Fecal Matter with bacon! Bacon is awesome I love it the most on a BLT or Bacon Burger Ohmmmmmmmmmmmmm Bacon Burger! Delicious! My Dad makes the best Bacon Burgers ever! 🙂

  46. ASM #612: Gauntlet begins and I hope it’s a hell of a lot better than the last FOUR issues.  That Deadpool issue was virtually unreadable!!

    Batman Confidential #37: I can’t believe this is only getting 50-something pulls!!  I haven’t read a bad issue of Confidential YET!!  Damn…

    Streets Of Gotham #6:  After all, I am a Bat-whore!!

    ASM The List:  I never bought a The List book before so I don’t know what to really expect.

    Irredeemable #8:  Most likely my POTW, I fucking love this series!!

    Supergirl #47: I skipped the Action tie in issue from last month but I’m jumping back on now.  Only Superbook I’m still reading but I might jump back on WONK towards the end.

    BQ: Peanut M&Ms

  47. Awwww, Conor got sweepy reading his comics tonight.

  48. Adventure Comics #4

    Amazing Spider-man #612

    Cowboy Ninja Viking #2

    Invincible #68

    Punisher #11

    Realm of Kings Inhumans #1

    Transformers #1

    War Machine #11

    Thunderbolts #138