New Comics for 11/11/09 likes coffee and cherry pie

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, Josh and Gordon the Intern.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, and Sonia.

Lots of stuff coming out this week and lots to be excited about. I’m most excited about the next issue of Phonogram: The Singles Club! But there’s also Joe Kelly and Eric Canete on Amazing Spider-Man #611, Jason Aaron and Steve Dillon on Punisher MAX #1. And if you like Batman, this is the week for you: Batgirl #4, Batman #693, Batman & Robin #6, Batman/Doc Savage Special #1, and Red Robin #6!

This week Josh has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: When was the last time you bought yourself a present just because. And what was it?


  1.  oooooh steve dillon punisher

    BQ: I did it today. Well I pre-ordered it. Spider-Man The Clone Sage The complete epic TPB

     it felt good

  2. I’m sad that this is the last issue of JSA v Kobra.

    Last week I bought myself a Coach bag because it was on sale and it didn’t look like the typical Coach bag.. Now to look for shoes to match.. 😉

  3. BQ: Got myself a wallet a few weeks ago

  4. My list:

    Action Comics #883

    Batman #693

    Batman And Robin #6

    Daredevil #502

    Dark X-Men #1 (OF 5)

    Green Lantern Corps #42

    Unwritten #7

    Walking Dead #67 


    Adding Spider-Man starting with 612 and the start of the new arc. This week’s Deadpool one seems like an interlude, throw away issue, and I can’t stand Deadpool.


  5. My comics this week are: Batman & Robin, Phonogram(Finally!!!), Batman/Doc Savage, Action Comics, DMZ, JSA Vs Kobra, Muppet Show, Walking Dead and Unwritten.

    BQ: I don’t know?…. About two months ago i bought myself a couple of albums. does that count? But soon I’m gonna get a capo for my acoustic. and possibly buy a cheap banjo or electric guitar soon. 

  6. Nice managable week with some very high potential – Aaron and Dillon on Punisher, Deadpool in Amazing Spider-man, really nice Batman week, Comic Book Comics (a comic that amuses me to no end with every issue), Walking Dead (ALWAYS an awesome read), GLC, Echo, Fables – some really quality books this week.

    May or may not drop Doctor Who and Locke and Key – the former because I’m just not digging it that much, the latter because I think it will read much better as a trade. We’ll see.

    May or may not pick up the Blackest Night tie-ins to get the rings (yeah, I know I’m what’s wrong with comics fandom – f’ you).  Lucked out last week with my shop selling the rings independantly for 50 cents, but I don’t know how long he’ll keep that up. Did pick up Doom Patrol last week anyway and actually dug the issue. Probably wait on the Metal Men collection, though, instead of continuing with issues.

    BQ: Just this past Saturday. My uncle passed and I was feeling depressed, so the wife and I did some retail therapy. Found this Limited Collectors’ Edition #39: Secret Origins of Super Villains for about $12 in very nice shape. It just made me feel better.

  7. Huge! Huge! Huge week!

    Amazing Spider-Man #611 (Kelly back with Deadpool!)

    Batman and Robin #6

    Deadpool #17

    Green Lantern Corps #42

    Hellboy the Wild Hunt #8

    Punisher MAX #1 (Aaron and Dillon FTW!)

    Special Guests: Absolute Justice, ASM JMS vol. 2, Green Lantern: Agent Orange HC, and Superman Red Son HC

    BQ: I’m looking at getting some more Jason books for me. I got hooked after finally getting I KILLED ADOLF HITLER last month.

  8. Batgirl, Cable, Phonogram, and the first issue of SWORD all look tasty. 

    BQ: I had ice cream with lunch.

  9. bq: I bought a large order from  Lot’s of shit I couldn’t find anywhere else.

  10. Phonogram *and* so much Batman?! I think I’m in love with this Wednesday.

    BQ: A few weeks ago…A great pair of pointy black heels.

  11. Now this is a great week, with Batman/Doc Savage, BPRD, Unwritten and some other really interesting looking books.  Might pick up Sword # 1 if it’s on the shelf as it could be a bit different.  Also getting Luna Park as I love Zezelj’s artwork

    BQ: Just ordered volume 2 of the Gotham Central HC’s – I’ve got all the issues which makes it somewhat decadent in my opinion, but those are comics that deserve to be on a bookshelf

  12. My Pull list:

    Amazing Spider-man


    Batman & Robin

    Batman/Doc Savage

    Booster Gold

    Green Arrow/Black Canary



    Strange and REBELS are new titles on my pull list-trying something new

    BQ: New pair of Converse All-stars in Black.

  13. Most excited for Amazing Spider-Man and Echo.

     BQ: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Blu-Ray a week ago because it was only $19.96

  14. Batman And Robin #6
    Batman Doc Savage Special #1
    Booster Gold #26
    Bprd 1947 #5 (OF 5)
    Fables #90
    Green Lantern Corps #42
    Hellboy Wild Hunt #8 (OF 8)
    Red Robin #6
    Star Wars Purge Seconds To Die One Shot (Osw)
    Unwritten #7

    BQ: I have no idea and that makes me sad.

  15. Its not Punisher MAX. Its PunisherMAX!*think japanese game show host*

    BQ: It costs 3 arms and a leg everytime I want a real comic. I ordered Watchmen, Batman: Year One and The Dark Knight Returns a few years ago. Some of my first comics and I have not looked back.

  16. Amazing Spider-Man #611 – waching away the las arc

    Batman #693 – I think I still like this book…

    Batman & Robin #6 – Awesome, awesome book.  What else can I say?

    Booster Gold #26 – I’m only buying this for the ring, is that bad?

    Star Wars: Purge – Seconds to Die – First Star Wars book for me in a long time, we’ll see how it goes.


    BQ – Couple weeks ago I had some extra money and went to the LCS to pick up issues and trades that I couldn’t afford in the previous weeks.  It felt good.

  17. Much better week than last.  Nothing I’m dying for, but last week was all the books I was thinking of dropping…and The Mighty.  This week I’ve got Batman, Batman and Robin, Red Robin, Batgirl, Vengeance of the Moon Knight, Daredevil, ASM, and GLC.  Considering Strange, Batman/Doc Savage Special and Punisher Max.

  18. Amazing Spider-Man #611 (The clone saga arc wasn’t good but, the book has otherwise been consistently good.)

    Batman #693

    Batman And Robin #6

    Booster Gold #26 (Only for the ring)

    Daredevil #502 (Diggle has done a great job on his first two issues.)

    Deadpool #17 (Deadpool + Xmen = win)

    Green Lantern Corps #42 (Blackest Night)

    Punisher Max #1 (B/C it’s Aaron. I have never been a punisher fan but the character seems like a perfect fit for Aaron)

    Rebels #10 (Just for the ring. I have no idea who or what the rebels are)

    Unwritten #7 (Phenomenal writing)

    Vengeance Of Moon Knight #3 ( I haven’t been blown away and I am a Moon Knight fan. I read the whole run Huston/Benson run)


    BQ: Picked up Dragon Age last week, and getting Modern Warfare 2 tomorrow.)

  19. Amazing Spider-Man, Batman and Robin, The Incredibles, and Unwritten. I might pick up Phonogram. Those are supposed to be pretty self-contained, right?

    BQ: I buy a lot of things for myself. I’m selfish like that.

  20. Amazing Spider-Man #611

    Batman and Robin #6

    Batman Doc Savage Special #1

    Strange #1

    BQ: I bought myself a scarf this week. Half off. Hardly a gift.

  21. A more normal week after the last two mammoth ones. 

    Batman And Robin #6

    Black Panther 2 #10
    Phonogram Singles Club #5 (OF 7)
    Realm Of Kings Imperial Guard #1 (OF 5)
    Strange #1 (OF 4)
    Unwritten #7

    BQ: A few months ago, a telecaster and it is a thing of beauty.You can see it in my zombie photo

  22. BQ: About to buy Modern Warfare 2 for myself very very soon

  23. Not all that much, but I can deal with that, since all of mine from a month come in one big box (here we go dcbs, hoorah!). Really excited about Batman and Robin and GLC, though.

    BQ: For every semester I finish at school I buy myself an autographed baseball of a relief pitcher I like. I think my last one was Carlos Marmol from the Cubs… 

  24. Phonogram!  Yay!

    But more exciting…Locke & Key: Crown of Shadows #1 comes out!  Damn fine week when I get those two.  Plus, more corps. rings.

    BQ: Every Wednesday I buy myself comics.  I think that counts.

  25. A HUGE week for me this week.  I pulled 14 books, decided to skip 2 of them, and then saw the Jason Aaron Punisher and Eric Canete on Spider-Man.  Curses!!  On the plus side, it should be a great week with lots of great awesomeness.

    BQ: Just yesterday, I dropped dough on Criminal: Ultimate Edition, even though I have all the issues. One of the rare times I double dip, but damn, do I love that book. 

  26. Apparently the Phonogram: The Singles Club trade is suppose to be out by Christmas. I will be very very impressed if such a thing occurs.


    The evidence —>

  27. Wasn’t Irredeemable supposed to come out this week?!  DAMMIT!!!  WHY?? WHY!??

    Not so excited about Red Robin but I can’t wait to read everything else on my list.  I’m almost more excited about Batman then Batman & Robin

  28. Action Comics #883

    Amazing Spider-Man #611

    Batgirl #4

    Batman #693

    Batman And Robin #6

    Booster Gold #26

    Cable #20

    Daredevil #502

    Dark X-Men #1 (OF 5)

    Deadpool #17

    Green Arrow Black Canary #26

    Green Lantern Corps #42

    Punisher Max #1

    Red Robin #6

    S.W.O.R.D. #1

    Unwritten #7

    X-Force #21


    BQ: If buying comics every week wasn’t a present enough…I just preordered Switchfoot and Dashboard Confessional’s new album.

  29. Balls. Another 40 dollar week for me.

  30. Huge week for me. Moon Knight, Walking Dead, Unwritten, GLC, Batman and Robin, Daredevil, and obviously, the new Punisher MAX series.

     BQ: Tonight, when I go buy Modern Warfare 2 as soon as it’s released.

  31. Holy Crap I have a lot this week.  Too many to list.

     BQ:  I guess a couple months ago when I got the Bone: One Volume Edition, Locke and Key: Vol 1, and volume 4 of Queen and Country.  They were all 50% off though so it was quite the steal.

  32. Looks’ like a good week for me. Most excited for Batman & Robin and, strangely, the unwritten.


    BQ: I just brought a 1988 Honda CB 250 Spada. That’s a motorbike, kiddies. It’s just one step closer to my eventually goal of being Batman

  33. Only gonna but batman & robin #6. and that is all.

    BQ: I finished paying off my pre-order of assassins creed 2 – Black Edition. Can’t remember last time i got myself a special edition.

  34. Wow, lots of Batman this week. Probably picking up all 5 of those and Unwritten, although I might not get the Doc Savage one. We’ll see. Loving all the other Batman books though (although still trying to warm up to Batgirl.) Also considering jumping on to Phonogram. These issues are fairly self contained, right?


    BQ: I always try and get myself 1 book and 2 CDs every paycheck if I can afford it. Most recently I got Scott 4 by Scott Walker and Histoire de Melody Nelson by Serge Gainsbourg and the book Life of Pi by Yann Martel. I also splurged a little more and picked up the new DS game Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story.Wow. Seeing this written out, I think I may have spent too much money.

    But I’m worth it.


  35. Pretty big week:

    Amazing Spider-man #611           Batman #693

    Batman & Robin #6                        Daredevil #502

    Deadpool #17                                   Ghoul #1

    Green Lantern Corps #42              Locke & Key Crown of Shadows #1

    Punisher Max #1                              Realm of Kings Imperial Guard #1

    Red Robin #6                                     Walking Dead #67

    X-Force #21


    BQ:  Bought the complete Spider-Man Brand New Day (3 Hardcovers)



  36. looking forward to Batman & Robin.


    hoping GLC settles in a little more this time.

    BQ: "Revenge of the Fallen" on DVD.

  37. Red Robin, Batman, BatMan and Robin, BatGirl and JSA  Vs  Kobra (and maybe Doc Savage).

    BQ I got the Legion of 3 worlds hardcover and Transmet. vol 4 in the same week, that was over 35 dollars before my regular weekly titles. 

    A few months ago I got Allstar Batman hardcover, False Face ( Brian K. V!) hardcover and Robin flying solo from amazon. 

    I got a Spiderman, an action comics a DC herero and a Joker  T -shirt at the end of the summer.


    the last gift non comic related?                                                                                               

    I have know Idea.

  38. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I dunno. I’m buying some comics I guess. Whatever. 

  39. A week ago, I bought the Ultimate James Bond 20 DVD set w/ 20 bonus discs from Sean Connery to Pierce Brosnan.


  40. I Bought me a brand new Surly Crosscheck.  Caaaaaan’t wait for it to arrive.

  41. @FACE: sorry about that, mate

  42. Huge week!

    Action Comics #883
    Batgirl #04
    Batman #693
    Batman & Robin #06
    Batman/Doc Savage Special #01
    DMZ #47
    Fables #90
    GLC #42
    JSA vs. Kobra #06
    Red Robin #06
    Shield #03
    Unwritten #07
    Walking Dead #67
    Amazing Spider-Man #611
    Daredevil #502
    Punisher MAX #01
    Vengeance of the Moon Knight #03
    Cars: Radiator Springs #03
    Incredibles #03
    Locke & Key: Crown of Shadows #01
    Strange #01
    BPRD 1947 #05


    Few notes:

    – Eric Trautmann has 3 books coming out this week, ACTION COMICS, SHIELD, & JSA VS KOBRA. It’s the Trautpocalypse! Buy copious amounts of all 3, please!

    – New LOCKE & KEY woohooo!







  43. No books this week.

    BQ: A couple months ago, ipod touch.

  44. Action Comics #883

    Authority The Lost Year Reader

    Batman And Robin #6

    Batman Doc Savage Special #1

    Bprd 1947 #5 (OF 5)

    Dmz #47

    Enders Game Command School #3 (OF 5)

    Green Lantern Corps #42

    Hellboy Wild Hunt #8 (OF 8)


    My last purchase, a

    Vinturi: Essential Wine Aerator so i can get my drink on.

  45. Light week this week. Definitely weird when the comics I’m most excited for are Echo and Moon Knight!

    BQ: Criminal Deluxe Edition. 🙂

  46. Three books this week, Amazing Spider-Man, Batman and Robin and Daredevil.

     BQ: Got a subsciption to The Hockey News a little while ago. Waiting to get paid so I can get Battlestar Galactica season 4.5. And I want The Book of Basketball. 

  47. North by Northwest on bluray.  Because it will bring me happiness.  

  48. Batman & Robin, Amazing Spider-Man, Green Lantern Corps, Daredevil & JSA vs Kobra. Cool beans.

    BQ: some trades and manga at Borders which had a 70% sale on. 

  49. Batman #693
    Batman And Robin #6
    Booster Gold #26
    Cable #20
    Deadpool #17
    Green Lantern Corps #42
    Locke & Key Crown Of Shadows #1
    Punisher Max #1
    Realm Of Kings Imperial Guard #1 (OF 5)
    Rebels #10
    Red Robin #6
    X-Force #21

    BQ:  I don’t remember probably my grill.  The next thing I’m going to get is a huge flat panel TV to mount to my wall..  Thanks to my 1st time home buyers tax credit. Merry Christmas to me!!!

  50. Amazing Spider-man, Batman, Batman & Robin, X-Force, and Star Wars: Purge Seconds to Die.

    BQ: I got myself  Spider-man, Iron Man, and Captain America action figures to put on my desk at work, next to my many Star Wars figures, Ninja Turtles, Superman and Batman.  People at my work think I’m a nerd.

  51. Man this is a great week for me:

    Amazing Spider-Man #611

    Batman and Robin #6

    BPRD 1947 #5(of 5)

    Daredevil #502

    Deadpool #17

    Jersey Gods #9

    Strange #1

    Unwritten #7

    BQ: Maybe a six months ago, it was all of the currently available Starman Omnibus’s and Queen and Country softcovers. I was going on a long road trip so I decided grab some stuff for when I wasnt driving or sleeping.



  52. Sounds like someone has been watching Twin Peaks lately…

    Medium-sized week for me. Looking forward to Batman and Robin, and the Doc Savage thing. Also getting ASM, Daredevil, GLC, and Unwritten. 

    BQ: I just bought myself a new pair of glasses even though my perscription hasn’t changed in years.

  53. Amazing Spiderman 611 Batman and Robin 6 Hellboy the Wildhunt #8 Red Robin 6 Skydolls #1


    BQ the last time I bought mysef a treat was last week and it was a plate of my favorite sushi all to myself 🙂 

  54. Excellent week for me

    Batman and Robin



    Walking Dead

    I’m considering Batman Doc Savage Special and maybe the Punisher although that will be a big step as I’ve never bought a Punisher book before but loving Jason Aaron too much to let it slide without due consideration. 

  55. The books I get pulled every month are Batman,Batman and Robin, and Red Robin! Iam a Batman addict just like you are Connor! The last time I bought myself a treat was My pull books plus Superman Red Son! Superman Red Son was one of my favorite Superman stories of all time! I thank you guys for getting me to pick up Superman Red Son! 🙂 S.R.S. is one of all time favorite Superman stories along with Superman Secret Identity! I watch Smallville with my mom and we love it!