New Comics for 11/03/2010 got cleaned out in under an hour

Get to pulling this Wednesday's books, and then let us know what you're looking forward to most, what you're dropping, what others should be buying and anything you're thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check their pull lists out here: Conor, Ron, and Josh.

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This week Conor has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: How was your Halloween? Tell us a story.


  1. Avengers Academy this week should have my picture in the letters column!  So that’s bloody cool.

    Also, Red Hood Lost Days, Invincible, and Irredeemable make me very very happy, plus a new Chaos War.

    And my Halloween weekend rocked…I dressed as Venus from Agents of Atlas, and I got picked up by Tony Stark!  (A Tony Stark so hot he obviously chose the costume based on his resemblance to Robert Downey Jr.)  Apparently I forgive him for Civil War after all.

  2. damnit 40 bux this week… most expensive week ever..but two mark waid books so thats always good.

    my halloween was fine..saw two chicks make out…then watched as the boyfriend of on of the girls got pissed dumped her and left her at a strangers house…..HA

  3. Just Amazing Spider-man and Batman and Robin this week.

    Didn’t do much on Halloween except watch the Dolphins game and The Walking Dead at night, however, I did have an awesome costume party for my birthday last weekend and went to an awesome costume party this weekend; dressed as Green Lantern.

  4. Saying goodbye to two books as key runs come to an end: Batman and Robin, Amazing Spider-Man …

    Starting on Superboy #1 — not sure how impressed I am with the preview …

    Boys #48 — woah … a DKR homage cover … they better bring it this week!

    Shrapnel Hubris #3 (of 3) — long wait, but looking forward to see how Sagan wraps this convoluted plot …



  5. Big stack this week. Most excited to see how a few of my favorite books wrap up. Final issues of Unknown Soldier, Grant Morrison’s run on Batman and Robin and thrice-monthly Amazing Spider-Man all in one week!

    BQ: Most low-key halloween in years. Handed out candy to neighborhood kids and watched the Walking Dead premiere on AMC with some friends.

  6. Superboy #1 is what I’ll be grippin on, and Alaskan Amber Ale is what I’ll be sippin on!

     BQ: Family and friends over to hand out candy and watch the first episode of The Walking Dead. Good stuff!! 

  7. Is the selling out a reference to the Comic Con internets collapsing as a thousand fanboys (and girls) descend upon registration for four-day passes?  Tune in next Monday to see history repeat itself.

     Halloween was great.  I dressed up as Santa Claus.  I had to stay in character a few times when encountering some of my friends’ kids.  The holiday cross-over confused them a bit.

  8. Nice sized stack after a monster 17 book week. Looking forward to Batman & Robin, Superboy, and Generation Hope. Warriors three will be a game time decision, but the $3.99 price point has me leaning towards no.

    Also, looking forward to Freedom Fighters 3. The first 2 issues have been real good, and I have no problem continuing to pull a $2.99 book. Also, thinking about blindly jumping into House of Mystery. I’ve heard good things, and I really wanna just dive into new books.

  9. BQ: Went to Halloween party on Friday night and my daughter fell asleep in my arms before 8:00 (Had some wonderful Bloody Mary Tomatoes, though).  Saturday the girls got to go to a Halloween party at the campus bookstore and had all kinds of fun.  Sunday my wife made a killer Halloween themed meal and we had all kinds of fun Trick-or-Treating (we have a great neighborhood for it).  Then I watched Walking Dead with my wife.  Pretty solid weekend for this old man.

  10. This week is short and sweet for me. Like a fun-sized pull list. Lookin forward to B&R #16, Brightest Day #13, and Wolverine #3 equally.

    BQ: Great Halloween for me. Favorite holiday by far. We had our bash two weeks ago. I looked awesome as Green Lantern (look for it when Conor posts the email pics). You’ve never seen Hal Jordan so drunk. Shouting the oath as I slammed green jello shots. Then Saturday night we hit our usual dive and I attended as Indiana Jones. We’ve seen Indy that drunk, but it was still more entertaining than Crystal Skull. Every time I wanted a shot i leaned way over the bar and whispered "whiskey" to our bartender. Did I mention I love Halloween?

  11. Nice week of stuff – end of Brand New Day, Waid back on Captain America, The Boys (really good – come back if you jumped off), Chaykin doing Batman/Catwoman, Invincible reaches 75, Scarlet, end of the Red Hood mini, Superboy (!!!), and new Strange Tales.

    For a little bit of an early "Light Week" bit – I highly recommend the Chase book from DC. Amazing early J.H. Williams art around an intrigue-type story set in the DCU. Highly underrated stuff and really should be collected in a trade.

    BQ: Went to the John Stewart thing Saturday, then ended up in Georgetown. Know what was filmed in Georgetown? The Exorcist. And know what part of the movie was filmed on the main drag in G’town? Where the priest fell down the stairs at the end. Those really long stairs – I climbed them. Just after sunset, when it was just getting dark, and a shiver did crawl up my spine, even though I know it’s a movie. Pretty creepy. So, yeah, it was a better-than-usual Halloween (weekend). 

    Actual Halloween day – nuthin. Watched some TV, took a nap, handed out candy, watched TWD.

  12. Light week: Amazing Spider-Man, Brightest Day and Superboy. 

  13. The Walking Dead, Batman & Robin, Serenity: The Shepard’s Tale.

    BQ: Dressed as the Riddler, went to Aberdeen to see a friend who just moved there, and attend his Halloween party. We partied hard, broke a bed, danced like lunatics, went to a second party, bobbed for apples, met a charming Irishman, and in the morning we all went to the beach. Was honestly one of the best nights of my life.

  14. Secret Six adn the last Red Hood book for me

    BQ: I literally watched paint dry for three hours Halloween evening… thanks dad.

  15. looking forward the most to batman n robin, generation hope, irredeemable and buffy

  16. Light week. Considering one is a huge collection of short stories, it’ll make up for it.

    Batman and Robin #16, Chaos War #3, Strange Tales II #2, and Sweet Tooth.

    BQ: Sadly I had work so the highlight of my Halloween was watching Walking Dead. 

  17. I have only have Amazing Spider-Man and Batman and Robin, and that alone makes it a good week

  18. Light week but Scarlet #3 that’s nice!


    I worked as the Props Master for a Live Horror Comedy Show at an Improv theatre. Lots of hosing and fake blood and the such. I then went to a party immediatly after dressed as a Fly and my Girlfriend as a Venus Flytrap. FUN FUN FUN!

  19. Looking forward to Batman and Robin, Scarlett, Brightest Day… decent week. Not stellar, but decent. I can’t decide if I should drop Authority or see it through to the end. :-/

  20. House of Mystery + Unknown Soldier (rip) + Dv8? Small but solid week.

    BQ: For the second year in a row, my family and I were not at home for the day (out t+t-ing with some of my son’s friends). But we DID leave out candy in a bowl for the children who came by.

    For the second year in a row, not only did someone take ALL of the candy, but someone took the actual bowl itself. I want to know what a bunch of teenagers are doing with one of my wife’s mixing bowls right now. 

  21. fairly light week for me, maybe I’ll try something new…

    And my story was from this morning actually, on my way to work I saw police  questioning a guy while a girl in a sexy robin costume (whom I assume was his girlfriend) kept yelling at the guy asking him what was going on 

  22. Very very excited for Invincible this week. It really is an awesome violent book 

    BQ: Here in Canberra, i went running on sunday afternoon. I came down from some dirt tracks in the mountains/hiils near town. I saw two kids dressed in capes and masks on the way home. that was it. 

  23. um lets see….Amazing Spider-Man, Batman and Robin(My last one), Hawkeye and Mockingbird(last untill the end of that widowmaker mini), and Sweet Tooth.

    Fairly low key halloween for me with a noon to midnight(ish) horror movie marathon with a bunch of freinds. Films Screened: Halloween, Slither, Zombieland, Fright Night, The Fly, and Trick R Treat.

  24. I think this is funny. I’m out with my son trick-or-treating when we hit a house where he sees they have the candy NERDs. He tells the lady, " i want the NERDs." she promptly tells him, " you’ll get whatever I give you. " He looks her in the eye, indignant, and tells her, " then i don’t want anything. later. " and walks away. The child is FOUR! Where does he get this stuff?! In the end he got his NERDs. We had a great time.


                        Books I’m getting Hawkeye & Mockingbird, Avengers Academy, Batman & Robin, Amazing, that Chase book ( JH Williams, ya’ll! ) and Serenity : Shepard’s Tale ( Whedon & Samnee ya’ll!!!! )

                        OH! and of coarse i ended the night watching the Walking Dead and sorting the kiddos candy ( by applying the snicker tax! Snickers ya’ll!!!!!! )

  25. Batman and Robin,Generation Hope, Brightest Day, Wolverine, Baltimore:The Plague Ship, Cowboy Ninja Viking and Red Hood: Lost Days.

    -Nothing much just watched a movie and ate candy with a friend nothing big oh and of course watched The Walking Dead. 

  26. Most looking forward to mini-series conclusion, DV8:Gods & Monsters #8Superboy #1 & Irredeemable #19 are strong contenders.

    Interest starting to wane on Hawkweye & Mockingbird.

    BQ; My brother got married this weekend & the reception was is in a neighborhood w/ a lot of bars.  Interesting being a wedding party in a crowd of pirates & naughty nurses.

  27. 15 titles with some reall treats among them.  However, I got my Absolute ASS two weeks ago when my LCS received their copies, which was bizarre but cool.  Think I’ll wait to get the next Batman and Robin HC cheap on Amazon as I have the issues but want it on the shelf.  From the comics themselves, there’s the last Unknown Soldier, iZombie which I’m growing to really like, the last Spidey by the current regime, Scarlet, Punisher and loads of others.  I also get Berlin, but it’s been so long between issues it just goes with the rest to be read when it finishes in 2030.

    BQ: We do Halloween very poorly here in the UK, and since we moved house last year it’s even worse.  We used to live in a street where several families at least participated in trick or treat for the kids.  In our village now the church kind of outlawed the whole thing a couple of years back (ignoring Christianity’s pagan origins), so my Halloween was a triple bill of It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown (with my 8 yr old), The Exorcist and Halloween (not with my 8 yr old)

  28. Super light week for me which means I snag a trade as well. BQ: we consider Halloween to be the entire month of October and as such it ruled. Pumpkin carving, ghost tours, urban exploration, and on Saturday Mrs. Pyynk and I hit the bar and didn’t leave until closing time. Good stuff!

  29. Batman and Robin, Sec6, Brightest DAY  and Superboy#1 for me.

    BQ:  I just finished 3, 60 hour work weeks in a row and Halloween was the 3rd of 4, 12 hour days in a row so I feel like one of the walking dead.

  30. Looks like Batman & Robin is the predictable pick this week since Conor is picking.  It has been predicted!!!