New Comics for 09/04/08 claim they’re worth the wait!

Get to pulling this Thursday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here: Conor, Ron, Josh, and Gordon the Intern.

Kind of an odd week this week. I am probably most looking forward to Jonah Hex #33 (with art from J.H. Williams III!), with Nightwing #148, Green Lantern #34, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer #18 as close seconds. I’m intrigued by the first issue of Stephen King’s The Stand, as I loved both the book and the mini-series and I quite like Michael Perkins. I also think that I’m going to start up with Supergirl again this month. Seems like as good a time as any.

And despite my preference to read non-DC and Marvel books in trade, I will be checking out The Roberts #1, because that’s a concept too good to miss.

This week Ron has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: What did you do with your Monday?



  1. Wow Josh you were right, this is a pretty weak week.

    Still looking forward to Green Lantern, Detective Comics, and a sleeper: Sub-Marnier The Depths #1. If Esad shown me anything, he can draw some of the best stuff in the biz…Almost as great as Alex Ross….So yeah really slow week for me.

    BQ: I ate a ton of wings, pizza, chips, and hot dogs…Then worked for the remainder of the night. -_-;

  2. Alright, I’m still reeling from the past couple of heavy, heavy weeks, but I’ll pick up Jonah Hex and see what happens. I haven’t read it since the beginning… So….

    Other than that, Buffy and Green Lantern and Nightwing and a new artist on Angel. Heck la. Good week.

    BQ: I kinda sat around. Tried catching up on podcasts and the like… 

  3. Oddly enough, last week wasn’t that big for me, and this week isn’t too light.  "Invincible Iron Man" & "Green Lantern" probably have my two favorite ongoing arcs right now, I’m enjoying the Buffy-Fray crossover, and "Manhunter" has been intriguing.  I’ll also check out "X-men: Manifest Destiny" because I’d love to see a good Iceman story.

    BQ: My LCS has a big sale every holiday, and things are cheaper if you go earlier.  So I went in the morning and got a bunch of trades (Echo & Proof — both awesome books I learned about from ifanboy — along with the first collections of Manhunter and Hellboy).  I also bought some short boxes for all the loose comics I’ve accumulated.  Then I went home and read a lot of comics and spent an embarrassing amount of time not being able to figure out how to put short boxes together.  But I got it in the end, and it was a good day.

  4. I liked last week selections far more than this week’s.  That said, I’m still getting a boat load of comics.  Among the titles I’m getting, some of those I’m looking most forward to include:

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer #18
    Detective Comics #848
    Fables #75
    Nightwing #148
    Secret Six #1
    ASM #570
    Dead of Night Devil Slayer #1
    Kick Ass Must Have
    Marvel Apes #1
    X-Men Manifest Destiny #1

    Lots of #1s coming out this week.

  5. Aw man I’ve got almost nothing to buy!  I will pick up Authority 2 (remember Abnett and Landing) and I might give End League another try even though it’s so unfocused to the point of frustration.  I’ll probably back up and pick up Rogues’ Revenge.

  6. BQ: I sat around a lot.  Took 2 naps (how’s that for indulgent).  Listened to podcasts.  Watched some politics on MSNBC.  Had a cookout with steak for dinner.

  7. This week is really light. Only 3 books. I’m looking forward to the Twelve 1/2 (I think this is a repritn of old stories) and Jonah Hex.

    BQ: Exchanged some birthday presents:

    A shirt that was too big. 

    Ex Machina HC (A friend gave it to me already) for Inhumans and Silverfish at my old LCS.

    I then swam in my parents pool, and took an awesome nap.

  8. I have a question: has Ultimates 3 #4 come out yet?  It was on the weekly list two weeks ago, but my comic store insists that it hasn’t come out.

  9. My comic budget went through the roof in August (Damn you Daredevil Omnibus!!), so its nice to see a light week where I can enjoy catching up on some trades.  Only three for me this week so I’ll probably skip the shop altogether, but if my store still has it next week I’ll probably pick up The Roberts, they talked about it on Around Comics last week and it does sound pretty interesting.

    Detective Comics #848 – So this is twice that I’ve jumped onto Detective during cross-overs, the first time being the ‘Blahs’ Al Ghul Resurrection, and I’m still not sure why I’m reading this.  Tell me it gets better, tell me!!

    Invincible Iron Man #5 – Still steadily entertaining.

    The Boys #22 – Probably looking forward to this the most this week.

    BQ: Nursed a long weekend’s worth of hangovers by eating leftover cookout food, watching Crumb and Unforgiven, and listening to some slow music (Beth Gibbons, JAMC’s Stoned and Dethroned, Galaxie 500, There Will Be Blood OST).  Not all at once of course. 

  10. Just Detective Comics, Green Lantern, and Invincible Iron Man

  11. @iSteve I’m really, really sure it’s come out. I’ll be damned if I could remember what’s happened in it last, though….

  12. Should I get Death of the New Gods HC?  

    Lots of non superhero stuff for me this week.  Buffy, the Stephen King books, El Diablo, The Roberts… 

  13. Four books for me…Green Lantern, The Boys, Amazing Spider-Man and Secret Six.  Ah well, that just means more time with Castle Crashers.

    BQ: Driving home from Atlanta and recovering from a crazy Dragon*Con.

  14. @Paul – No, you shouldn’t get the HC.  But then, that’s only because I wouldn’t.  But I know that Final Crisis also makes it a bit moot.

    @iSteve – Ultimates 3 #4 came out in June.  This site is a great resource for check what’s come out.

    @ultimatehoratio – I wasn’t going to buy End League anymore, but Eric Canete starts with the next issue, and I WANT to believe, so I’m going to make it through this one.

    On my Monday, I finished up my Book of the Month review, as seen above, and watched the entire first season of Californication, and we ate lots of junk food, because starting today, it’s no more junkfood time.

  15. @Josh – Not even as a Starlin fan?  I’m conflicted.  

  16. I have ten books this week, somehow. Most looking forward to Buffy, The Stand, and Fringe, while Amazing Spider-Man and House of Mystery should be good solid comics.


    BQ: I worked. Blargh. 

  17. Excited for Amazing Spider-Man #570, Detective Comics #848, Green Lantern #34, Jonah Hex #35, Ms Marvel Annual #1, Nightwing #148, Secret Six #1, Spider-Man Loves Mary Jean Season 2 #2 (of 5), Sub-Mariner Depths #1 (OF 5), X-Men Manifest Destiny #1 (OF 4)

    BQ: Worked a 12 hour day…ugh but made mad overtime $$.

  18. @ iSteve – I think you mean Ultimates 3 #5, it hasn’t come out, and the whole run (five issues?  Really?) was dreadful, IMHO.  

    Light week, though.  Even not counting the books I’ve dramatically cut back on whilst I sit between jobs.  (Don’t cry for me, Argentina, I’ll be fine.)  I may go back and get one or two books I skipped last week.

    BQ: Mall!  (I have no money, but my wife does.) 

  19. Small week for me…


    Adam Strange Special #1

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer #18

    Death Of The New Gods Hc

    Detective Comics #848

    Fringe #1 (OF 6)

    Green Lantern #34

    Love & Rockets New Stories #1

    Manhunter #34

    Nightwing #148

    Secret Six #1

    Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane Season 2 #2 (OF 5)

    Supergirl #33


    BQ: Worked a 10 hour shift.  

  20. I’ll be picking up the always great Jonah Hex.

    My graphic novel The Martian Confederacy ships this week. I’m pysched it was delayed on a thin week. Give it a few flips of the page, you might enjoy it.

    I spent Monday watching Lars Von Triers The Kingdom. You haven’t celebrated a holiday until you watch graphic footage of a woman giving birth to a grown man…and then breast feeding him. God bless the Dutch.

  21. Pretty middle-ish week for me. Not a ton of books, and not too few, but all stuff I’m looking forward to.

    Angel #12, Buffy #18, Detective #848, GL #34, Nightwing #148 and Noble Causes #36 (only 11 pulls for Noble? Come on, guys, that book’s really good!). It’s definitely between Nightwing and GL for the book I’m most looking forward to, but either way I win as they’re my 2 favourite books being put out right now and I get both in the same week. Yay me!… mind you, Buffy’s pretty awesome too…

    BQ: I worked because I live in the stinking UK. I’m not gonna moan too much though as last time I did that Josh called me on the whole Bank Holiday thing. And he’s right. Hope everyone had a good Labour Day!!!

  22. nice these are the weeks I can afford, 5 books total and Rags back on Nightwing, life is good.

    BQ: Studying for my TOEFL exam to teach English overseas and sounding like a moron trying to learn Japanese with that Rosetta Stone program.  It works awesome by the way, I have to plug it.  I sound like a redneck trying to imitate a Godzilla movie but I’m starting to understand the language at least.  


  23. Can’t wait for Buffy.

    Bonus question: One Word: Alcohol

  24. Normally Iron Man would be the most highly-anticipated book on my list, but Fables #75 looks like it’s going to be killer.  I’m pretty hopeful for X-Men: Manifest Destiny, too – I need someone to convince me of why I should care about my least favorite of the original 5 X-Men.

    BQ: I spent as much time lounging around and being lazy as possible, because I knew my new teaching job would be starting today.  (The first day, for the record, went quite well.)

  25. I wish more people would give Manhunter a shot. It’s a very well crafter book!

    @Kimbo: I have TESOL certificates also. Had a good teaching (not overseas though). I still teach occasionally but not language. I taught photoshop the other day. So the teaching certificate has definitely paid off!

    BQ: I worked on and conducted a play test session for a strategy/rpg board game I’m designing. Was satisfied with the results!

  26. @isteve  I think your comic shop owners may be protecting you.

    @JumpingJupiter  I’m loving Manhunter; I haven’t said much about it b/c I’m not sure I understand it all, but I’m backing up to read the earlier trades and I hope it takes this time out.

  27. @JumpingJupiter-  Awesome, good to hear!  So far this course has been super intense, glad to hear it’s all worth it.

  28. @JasonMcNamara – I’ll look up some info online and pick it up if my shop gets it.  If not, I’ll look it up on Amazon.

  29. All I’m getting this week is Spawn. How sad is that?

    BQ: Hours of Rock Band followed by Damages Season 1. Good times. 

  30. Buffy, Iron Man, and Marvel Apes depending on what the art looks like.

    BQ: Laundry and reading the latest Captain America hard backs.

  31. I also watched the first Disc of Mad Men yesterday. FANTASTIC.

  32. I don’t think its THAT slow of a week.  I am picking up 4 this week, which isn’t really too bad for me.



    -Green Lanter

    -Fables (That alone is good enough to label this an awesome week for me)

    -nvincible Iron Man

     Judging by some of the other list on here, I might need to start buying more comics 🙁

  33. Detective

    Green Lantern



    BQ- Signed up for a Netflix subscription and did some psychology HW. 

  34. Most lookin’ forward to –


    Green Lantern


    Secret Six

    Most not lookin’ forward to –

    All these Steven King books sending me broke. Why do they ALL have to be $3.99?


    BQ – I was sick in bed all day (not so awesome), watching series 4 of Peep Show (awesome), & it’s a hilarious show.

  35. I’m not excited about a whole lot this week. Buffy, Spider-Man, maybe Ms. Marvel… to be honest, a lot of my "pulls" are really maybes.

    BQ: Did a lot of baby-playing, a lot of convalescing, and quite a bit of Netflix watching. Does hearing this story make you feel like you were there?

  36. GL

    BQ: eventful weekend led to labor down day.

    watched movies:

    Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow – noone was appropriately cast for this film aside from Jolie, and too much CG. blecch

    The Golden Compass – i’m sure the book was better

    Tombstone – best western IMO 

  37. looking forward to Secret Six (picking up Buffy, Green Lantern, Spider-Man and Titans).

    BQ: saw the Superheroes: Fashion & Fantasy exhibit at the Met and messed around in Manhattan.

  38. @Ohcaroline: Which parts of Manhunter are you worried you don’t understand. To me the current re-launch seems accessible enough but maybe my knowledge of the backstory is obscuring my point of view…

    Just curious.

  39. Really light week for me.  Just Invincible Iron Man and Manifest Destiny.

    BQ: I worked in the medical ICU overnight.  It sucked.

  40. Looking forward to Secret Six and The Stand.

     Just watched the Cubs lose and the Dodgers win. 

  41. @JumpingJupiter   The three or four pages of exposition in the first ‘new’ issue were pretty daunting.  They’re actually very well laid out, considering, and the new story is clear on its own terms.  It’s still a lot to absorb, though (but well worth it).

  42. Ah I see.

  43. @ Conor – I’m jumping on supergirl next month, it looks like this is the last issue of this past arc.

    this is the info on Supergirl #34 out in october

    Written by Sterling Gates Art by Jamal Igle & Keith Champagne Cover by Josh Middleton Variant cover by Fernando Pasarin Beginning the new direction for SUPERGIRL, which will tie the book and character firmly into the Superman franchise!

  44. "I’m jumping on supergirl next month"

    Lots of jokes here…

  45. 13 books?  Not exactly a light week for me.  I’m looking forward to Secret Six, ASM, GL, IIM, and anything else I can initialize.

    BQ:  Steak, potatoes, corn, sweet rolls.  Good day. 

  46. ultimatehoratio, thanks for giving the Martian Confederacy a look!


  48. A light week for me, which is great after the flood that was last week.  I’m most looking foward to The Boys and Manhunter.

    BQ: Snoozed on the couch until I woke up in a pile of sweat as the air conditioner for my apartment complex died.  Gotta love those STL summer days.

  49. Probably looking forward to Green Lantern and The Boys, although I’m intrigued by The Roberts enough to give it a shot.

    BQ: Spent all day outside with my son, sipping on iced tea, grilling up some steaks, and reading the 3rd and 4th Powers trades.  Labor Day bliss.

  50. @Wade – Peep Show is indeed awesome!

  51. Looking forward to Invincible Iron Man #5 and Roberts #1.

    BQ: Went to "The Great Minnesota Get Together" – The MN State Fair. Ate cheese curds, big fat bacon on a stick, mini donuts, buffalo jerky and smoked salmon with raspberry chipotle sauce. Also saw a really lame freak show/sideshow. 

  52. Most excited about Detective Comics, Nightwing, Jonah Hex and Secret Six.  Don’t know if I should pick up El Diablo.

    BQ- Watched movies all day.  Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, Batman 1989, Batman Begins, Blazing Saddles, Spaceballs and some South Park episodes.  It was a good day.

  53. Angel After The Fall #12
    Buffy The Vampire Slayer #18
    Invincible Iron Man #5
    Ms Marvel Annual #1
    Secret Invasion Front Line #3 (OF 5)
    Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane Season 2 #2 (OF 5)
    X-Men Manifest Destiny #1 (OF 4)

    All solid offerings, I must say, and I’m looking forward to all of them. The messed up thing is that I didn’t buy last week’s books ’cause I went to Burning Man and I didn’t buy books two weeks ago because I blew all my money on prepping for Burning Man. So this is gonna be a whopper of a week. I’m tempted to go in today so I can stretch the reading (and my dollar) out further, but that’s not a wise idea when driving and gasoline are involved. 

    BQ: I drove all morning and then slept all afternoon into the night. In many ways, Monday didn’t exist for me.


  54. Light weeks turn out bad for me. I go into experiment mode and buy stuff that might catch my eye. Then I would like them and of course they get added to the list and the following month I’m 2-3 books heavier.

  55. HA HA! I already read my comics! *sigh* Thank goodness for Canada.

  56. BTW, why is the rating option not currently available?

  57. i know this is going to sound like bullshitt but i took a girl out on monday night, dinner and a movie. and, you know, one thing lead to another. Can anyone top that?

  58. @edward – I’m calling bullshitt unless you have the flikr to prove it.

    Me, I was in the throes of an awful, awful hangover.

  59. @JumpingJupiter – "Thank goodness for Canada."  I think you’re the first person in the history of the world to say that!

  60. @Jupiter: Now here’s another thing for my ‘Why we need to invade Canada’ list. 😛 lol

  61. @ ultimatehoratio dude, why would i lie? i don’t even know what flickr is, i’m too busy doin other stuff.

    anyway , Persepilos is a great date flick and it’s even based on a comic. what else do you need?

  62. I’m joking.  High fives on the score.


  63. this could be the lamest thing i have ever been involved with

  64. Aw, I’m sure she’s a fine girl.  ‘Thing’ is such a harsh word.

  65. no mate, this thread

  66. It works better with a sense of humor.  Anyway, much ado about nothing.  Congratulations.

  67. thanks brian


  68. Don’t mention it, E-dub.  ‘Night.

  69. @Edward You guys played Scrabble?? Lucky….

  70. @GungaDin – Not so lucky.  His mom ended up winning!

  71. Fun week, Iron Man and Marvel Apes, and The The Stand, if comes out, which will hoppefully finally bring my Girlfriend into reading comics, cause its her fav book



  72. I think it’s noteworthy anytime a single comics fan gets laid. And arguably, first date sex tops eight month relationship sex, so I can’t beat that.

    Congrats, Ed. 🙂