New Comics for 08/19/09 used to have a tan

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, Josh and Gordon the Intern.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, and Sonia.

Kind of a light week this week, with the big 500th issue of Daredevil and Batgirl #1 as the two biggest standouts in my mind.

This week Ron has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: Why are vampires so moody?


  1. aw xmen forever is not out this week

  2. It’s all the sleeping during the day. They miss a lot of good reruns in syndication.

  3. Very psyched for the Vertigo Crime GNs. BQ: Lack of sunshine – it’s like year-round seasonal disorder.

  4. BQ: I assume it’s Seasonal Affective Disorder.

    Invincible, this is it for you. Show me what you got.

  5. Wow small week for me! Amazing Spiderman #603 and Wednesday Comics #7. Getting off this week with the price of a Vente Latte sweet.

    BS lack of vitamin D 

  6. Looking forward to Ex Machina and Daredevil.

    BQ: Funny you should ask since I’ve been rewatching Buffy. I’m thinking they don’t get enough sleep. Or maybe cuz they’re so old. A combination of both, maybe.

  7. Holy crap. I’m a DC guy now. Every book I pulled was DC or Image. Not one Marvel book.

  8. This is a small week. I’m trepidatious about wanting to pick up Batgirl. I love Batgirl as a character, but I really hate the way DC’s handled her for the past while. And now we have Batwoman so why do we need a Batgirl and guh. It’s just… I don’t know.

    Ex Machina, though. And Supergirl. Bring those on. I’ve been loving Codename Patriot.

    BQ: Because they sparkle in the sunlight? Or is it glitter? or is it both?

  9. Just Amazing Spider-Man, Supergirl, and Wednesday Comics. A nice quiet week for me.

    BQ: Because vampires haven’t been cool since Ann Rice. That’s enough to bum anyone out.

  10. Batgirl #1
    Batman Streets Of Gotham #3
    Blackest Night Superman #1 (OF 3)
    Invincible #65
    Power Girl #4
    Superman Annual #14


    BQ:  Dark colored clothing are not seasonal.

  11. No Spider-Woman #1 from Itunes?  The first actual motion comic to have new significance?

    iFanboy craps on Marvel again!  (I knew this was coming.  If it was a new DC motion comic, it would be hyped up to Mt. Everest!)

  12. Too much stuff for me this week.  The two Vertigo Crime OGNs and then they moved up the Unknown Soldier trade up a week!  I’m a little surprised though that neither Conor nor Josh haven’t pulled either of the Vertigo Crime OGNs, seeing as they both like their noir, plus, Josh is a John Constantine fan and he’s in one of them.  I really hope this line sticks around, I just wish they weren’t in hardcover, but that’s a mild nitpick.


    BQ: Vampires are moody because people writing them have associated them with the Goth culture.  And as South Park has taught us, vampires AREN’T Goth! 

  13. Pretty light week for me too. Gonna check out Blackest Night: Superman, Amazing Spider-Man, Streets of Gotham. Wolverine Weapon X #4 (preview for this one looks cool), and Mighty Avengers. I’m still on the fence about Batgirl.

  14. deadpool sucide kings #5

    ASM #603

    Daredevil # 500

    ed brubaker…..must finish the show with DD!!!

  15. I don’t think we have the power to determine what is or isn’t on the list. I’ve never updated the weekly pull list personally, but I’m pretty sure we get it right from Diamond. So, there’s your… Marvel-crappers. Sic ’em!

  16. Only 2 books this week(Trade is coming from DCBS at the end of the month).

    Ya, this week is so going to be a good week. 🙂

    have no idea why vampires are so moody.

  17. @KickAss: The list comes from Diamond. A motion comic on iTunes isn’t being shipped to comic book stores. The Watchmen motion comic wasn’t on the list either.

  18. BQ:  Well, they are technically dead.  That’s gotta be a bummer.  And also, they don’t have any blood.  You need blood in your body to….I can’t think of a polite way to say it, so I’m going to leave it alone. 

     VERY light week for me. only Power Girl X-Factor, & X-Men Legacy.  Might pick up the Teen Titans trade, but that title has been lacking for me lately.  We’ll see.

  19. cause they can’t get a tan.

  20. 8 books, moderate week for me.  Looking forward to DD 500, Mighty Avengers, Hood, and both Punisher books.

  21. Daredevil 500, Power Girl, Super Girl, Batwoman.  I was interested in Might Avengers for a while, but I wasn’t a big fan of where it has been going.

  22. @Conor you beat me to it, damn

  23. Amazing Spider-Man might be most anticipated book this week.  When did that happen?  Also curious as to how the Young Avengers appearance in Mighty Avengers is handled, and always happy to see a new Ex Machina.  This is the last chance for Streets of Gotham to wow me (because I am biased against DC!  And also I don’t really need 3 batman books unless this is amazing, and it’s just been mildly enjoyable so far.)

    BQ: They’re embarrassed by the existence of so many crappy teen novels about vampires.

  24. Amazing Spider-Man #603

    Mighty Avengers #28

    Punisher #8

    X-Factor #47

    X-Men Legacy #227

    And how could guys forget to mention that Archie #600 come out this week. A milestone indeed.

  25. Finally dd 500. Hope its good. 

  26. Light week, which is good considering I haven’t finished last week’s stack.

    BQ: A huge part of the Vampire mythos is that they draw people to them by their sexuality, and moody is sexy. Blithely happy-go-lucky may be cute, but not so much sexy. 

  27. It’s a Punisher kind of week.

    Punisher: Frank Castle MAX #73 with special appearences by: Punisher Dark Reign HC and Punisher MAX: Six Hours to Kill HC.

    Oh and Wednesday Comics #7, a Punisher comic strip might be a good idea…

    BQ: Cause their undead and have to eat blood.

  28. 3 books on the chopping this week. GI Joe Origins, Wolverine Weapon X and Batman Streets of Gotham. I want to love more of Paul Dini but there seems to be something missing, seems to be unable to recapture the magic of his Detective run.

    BQ Not sure if they are. I can’t cast judgement. Brains!

  29. nothing much coming out this week that I’m interested in, but I will be interested to see how the Punisher: Noir series is. As always, I’ll be picking up the new Punisher MAX issue, and, I will check out Daredevil 500 (even though this is the first I’ll have read of it since Bendis left the title).

  30. Batgirl #1, Blackest Night Superman #1, Farscape and Doctor who #2 for me this week

  31. Looking forward to a lot this week.  Can’t wait for new Atomic Robo, Daredevil, and the continuation of Codename: Patriot in Supergirl (which I’ve been looking to jump onto).  I’m dropping Remender’s Punisher.  The story is fine, but I can’t stand the art.  I miss Opena.

    BQ: Because "happy" was so last century. 

  32. Nice light week, I’m looking forward to Invincible and hoping that Ex Machina will be epic.

    Can anyone explain why Spider woman is coming out on itunes on wed and i saw on CBR that the physical copy comes out September 23rd????  

  33. BQ: You’d be moody too if "Twilight" was based off of you.

  34. Finally, less than 20 comics to read Tuesday night.  I may actually get some sleep this week.  I’m excited for Invincible, and Atomic Robo.  I’m hoping to love Batgirl, but all of the bat books have been so good since Reborn that, stastically, one of them’s got to be disappointing.  Then again, if the big reveal is that Jason Todd is the new Batgirl, I’m sold.


    BQ: Garlic is a mood stabalizer.

  35. Doesn’t Archie 600 come out this week?

  36. Yes.

  37. Hey Conor, I see you pulled The Stand.  Haven’t heard you guys discuss that or The Dark Tower comics on the show recently (I’m guessing you’re the only one on the panel reading them).  I missed out on the beginning of the recent arcs of both these series.  What do you think about them?

  38. @akamuu: Didn’t read THE DARK TOWER. I’ve been reading THE STAND mostly because I’m a big fan of the book (and the mini-series). It’s fun. It’s a solid adaptation of the novel. If you’re familiar with the story then there won’t be anything new, really.

  39. Connor goes on vacation and comes back to a light week of comics? Hes got it too easy! kidding(^_^)

  40. @Conor: I love both DT and The Stand.  And solid is good to get me to read it.  I love when authors/artists reinterpret others’ work.

  41. A light week for me as well. Just Wednesday Comics and Genext #4 this week. I enjoyed the first Genext series, but this current one reads brutally. Reminds me of comics from back in the 80’s. I thought it had such good potential, but now it looks like I won’t be picking up Claermont’s next crack at the series…

  42. BQ: Its due to all the sparkle.

  43. The comics i’m most looking forward to are Superman/Batman, Supergirl, Daredevil(my last issue), Batman: Streets of Gotham, Blackest Night: Superman, Wolf-Man, Superman Annual, Wednesdays Comics, Ex Machina, F.C.A. Dance and I might give Batgirl a try.

    BQ: Conor, thats just a negative stereotype. You really shouldn’t listen to what the Fellowship of the Sun says. they’re just religious bigots.     

  44. BQ: if the only time of a day you had to go outside and do grocery shopping was within 6-12 hours of darkness (depending on where you live) you’d be pissed too. (most grocery stores always have huge lines after 9 pm)

  45. Vampires are also sick of being too dreamy for their own good and frolicking all the time.

  46. c’mon Ron, this is a perfect opportunity to pick X-Factor!

  47. Heavy week for me. I don’t know how did I manage tu pull 10 books and 4 trades. I’m a sucker for Marvel trades, because I don’t really know Marvel that much. Well, we’ll see if it pays off.

  48. There’s more DC comics at the top of the list than Marvel! I can’t believe how much you guys hate Marvel! Gosh!

  49. A year ago, everybody was hyping Marvel up to the stars and bashing all the heck over my beloved DC.  I’m so glad the tables have turned and people have finally realized that DC’s characters are just so much more thought provoking and make for better storytelling.  I mean Wolverine, Punisher, Spidey, and some Dark Avengers aren’t bad books, but if I can barely afford to pull all the DC books I want, then Marvel books come last.

  50. Ooh, just two books this week: Amazing Spidey and Daredevil. I’m slipping. 

    BQ: too much iron, not enough sunshine. 

  51. Like KickAss, I too am wondering why Spider-Woman #1 isn’t listed.  It’s a comic from Bendis and Maleev (gorgeous art, by the way), it’s being released today.  What, it only "counts" if it has staples?

  52. Well, the pull list is the list of books Diamond is distributing, making things sold exclusively on iTunes somewhat out of consideration. Again: we don’t make the list, we get the list.