New Comics for 08/11/10 would punch your life in the face, if it had one

Get to pulling this Wednesday's books, and then let us know what you're looking forward to most, what you're dropping, what others should be buying and anything you're thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check their pull lists out here: Conor, Ron, and Josh.

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This week Conor has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: Which Scott Pilgrim character are you?


  1. Morning Glories #1
    Thanos Imperative #3
    Ultimate Comics Avengers 3 #1
    Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #13
    Walking Dead #76
    X-Men #2

    I’m Stephen Stills, minus the reveal (to Scott) at the end of the series.

  2. BQ: Wow, good question. I suppose I identify with Scott the most, being a twenty-something, video-game obsessed jackass who’d rather fight a legion of Vegans than put in an honest day’s work… but gun to my head I’m gonna say… Wallace, but slightly less gay.

    Only slightly.

  3. DMZ #56

    Project Superpowers Chapter Two #11


    Who is Scott Pilgrim?

  4. Brave and the Bold trade, Daredevil: Devil’s Hand.

    BQ: I’m one of the six or seven people who don’t read Scott Pilgrim, m’fraid.

  5. Wow, really light week only

    Invincible Iron Man #29 and Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #1

    BQ:  Probably Scott 

  6. whoops, and the Locke and Key hardcover!

  7. BQ: Ramona Flowers. Now will someone please defeat my evil exes?

  8. Should be in an interesting week.
    Bprd Hell On Earth New World #1 (OF 5)
    Gi Joe #21
    Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #1
    Transformers Ongoing #10
    Unwritten #16
    BQ: I’m the guy who’s either too old or too lame to "get" Scott Pilgrim. I read the first two and knew I’d never read another one.  I might give the movie a shot, because I love Edgar Wright.
  9. Can’t wait for Generation Lost, if they keep moving from the last issue this one should be great.

    BQ: I also have not read any Scott Pilgrim.  I kinda want to but I can’t bring myself to be that guy who runs out and buys the book right when the movie is coming out.  I know it’s stupid, but I’d just feel like a tool… 

  10. light week, which is nice. i’ve debated getting Emeral Warrior, but the preview didn’t sell me, and two Green Lantern books is enough for now.

    BQ: gonna go with Lucas Lee. just because.

  11. BQ: Stephen Stills. He’s awesome!

  12. bq: hmm this is a tough one. Maybe like young neil. 😀

  13. Only things that matter this week is Thanos Imperative and Tomasi’s return to Green Lantern via Emerald Warriors.  I might try Generation Lost now after the reveal of where Maxwell Lord is heading in BD #7.

  14. Only Superman for me this week. So I’ll get it next week.

  15. Nice varied week for me with Northlanders and The Unwritten. But also gonna be picking up Emerald Warriors because ever since dropping Green Lantern I need my power ring fix and Morning Glories because it sounds pretty cool.

    BQ: I’d say I’m a Scott with Kim’s Brain.

  16. will be catching up on some trades. Is the 2nd arc of Unwritten (2nd trade) worth getting?

  17. Big, varied week. Batgirl, Daytripper, Green Lantern Emerald Warriors, Hack Slash My First Maniac, Invincible Iron mna, Morning Glories, Northlanders, Unwritten, and Zatanna


    BQ: Errr…no idea, have to read it (doh!) 

  18. Another light week for me. Only really excited for Emerald Warriors.

    BQ: I’ve never read the series either. But judging from what I know of the books and what I’ve seen of the movie, I feel confident that I’m a Scott.

  19. No huge titles from either house this week. Really excited to continue Walking Dead and BPRD, and I have high hopes for Emerald Warriors. Generation Lost has been intriguing as well

  20. I love how I’m happiest when both Gen lost and Booster Gold are on my pull list. I’ve been told I’m most like Wallace Wells. Believe it or not, I’m flattered to be compared with the gay room mate since we both provide sage like advice with a side order of sass.

  21. @ everyone: I’m picking up Superman #702 because I’m interested as to where Straczynski is going to take the Man of Steel next. This is a unique tale for the title and I loved the dialogue between Superman and the old man in the second to last page!

  22. Is anyone else dissapointed that it looks like Fables #97 was delayed? I certainly am, at least I have X-Men #2 & Morning Glories #1 to tide me over.

    BQ: Mostly Young Neil with a little bit of Kim Pine

  23. 21 comics this week, most excited for Emerald Warriors. Prophecies be damned, Guy Gardner is the greatest Green Lantern!

    BQ: A male Roxie Richter. A half-ninja artist. Heck ya.

  24. A big 2 books this week for me, Invincible Iron man and Daredevil.


    BQ: I have no idea as I have never read the comic.  

  25. Generally a light week, but heavy on Vertigo.  Unwritten & Daytripper are usually my POTWs, but they’re head to head this week.  Interested to see what the shrooming pagans are up to in NorthlandersThor: Mighty Avenger has been great.

    Seeing what’s the deal w/ Morning Glories.  Giving Emerald Warriors a shot.

    I stuck it out all through New Krypton w/ Superman, but this is your last chance JMS!

  26. Only Emerald Warriors. Haven’t read Scott Pilgrim.

  27. Only Superman, Adventure, and Wheel of Time for me.  Plus Generation Lost on the iPad.  Hardly worth going in tomorrow, except I have 13 titles next week, plus I need some bags.  Decisions, decisions. 

  28. Steve Rogers, Zatanna and Birds of Prey for me.

    BQ: I have no idea. I never saw that movie before.

  29. BQ: Todd Ingram.

  30. Most looking forward to Morning Glories. and i might check out GL: Emerald Warriors(my guess for conor’s pow)

    BQ: I’m shockingly like Scott.

  31. Morning Glories, Unwritten, and Witchblade for me.