New Comics for 07/28/10 Knows That Guy!

Get to pulling this Wednesday's books, and then let us know what you're looking forward to most, what you're dropping, what others should be buying and anything you're thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

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This week Josh has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question(s): What comic creator would you most like to hang out with? What comic creator would you most like to work with? And if you could enjoy the work of only one comic creator, who would it be?


  1. Flash and American Vampire for me

    BQ: The answer to all three is Robert Kirkman 😀 

  2. Secret Avengers!


    BQ: 1) Fraction or Bendis. 2)Copiel 3) Brian K. Vaughn 

  3. BQ 1) Fraction or Remender 2) John Romita Jr. 3) Bendis

  4. Alan Moore across the board. I’d be learning magic and learning how to talk shit.

    I only read Alan Moore comics for a good ten years. I could go back to that.

  5. Awesome week for DC. Especially excited for Return of Bruce Wayne, both GL titles, and Weapon X.

    BQ: 1) Morrison 2) Johns 3) Miller

  6. BQ: 1) Palmiotti 2) Kirkman 3) Super hard to choose, how about E**is.


  7. Bloody hell, DC is releasing the floodgates this week, aren’t they?  This is like that week in May where DC launched all of their new Brightest Day tie-in books.  Commence the weeping of our wallets…

    BQ: 1) Geoff Johns – just because I think he has such a creative mind and would have lots of interesting stories to tell

    2) Grant Morrison – because I know he brings something unique to the table every time (even if some of it doesn’t stick)

    3) Robert Kirkman – I have yet to be disappointed by anything in Invincible or Walking Dead.  He’s a guarantee when it comes to good, consistent storytelling.

  8. HUGE week.

    Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne #4, Flash #4, Green Lantern #56, Green Lantern Corps #50, Punisher MAX #9, Secret Avengers #3, Thor #612, and finally Deadpool #25 (from last week).

    BQ: All 3 would be Grant Morrison 

  9. Secret Avengers #3, Thor #612, Invincible #74, Return of Bruce Wayne #4, Flash #4, Green Lantern #56, Green Lantern Corps #50, Justice League Generation Lost #6.

    BQ: 1 & 2) Robert Kirkman 3)Ryan Ottley – I could suffer through any book if he was the artist.

  10. Bajesus, this is a huge week this week.

    Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne, Flash, Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, Secret Avengers, American Vampire, Incorruptible, Northlanders and the 4 Eyes trade. What is up with DC this week?!


    BQ: 1. Rick Remender (sounds like a great guy from the Talksplode episodes), 2. John Layman (looking forward to see what is next on Chew, the only series that I still enjoy as much right now as when it first came out) 3. Robert Kirkman (for consistency) or Jonathan Hickman (his sci-fi, out of this world ideas really appeal to me)

  11. BQ: Sorry to sound like a fanboy, but my answer is Neil Gaiman to all three.

  12. BQ: Steve Ditko

  13. Tis an important week for all of X-mankind, since this week’s Uncanny X-Men and X-Men Legacy is the beginning of the new post-Second Coming direction! I mean, I guess Enter The Heroic Age was technically the beginning, but the stories are starting with these two books. I’ve been loving Legacy for a long time now, as not only does Mike Carey write a terrific Rogue, but this seems to be the place to go to see the younger mutants, who are an awesome bunch. I’m also pretty stoked to see where Fraction and Portacio take Uncanny, as that will hopefully be fun. As for non X related stuff, Generation Lost is coming which has been a constant delight, and Cowboy Batman in Return Of Bruce Wayne should also be a blast.


    1)Hang out with Kieron Gillen, so we can geek out about music. 2)Work with Cameron Stewart, since his art posseses that great mix of good storytelling and beautiful & interesting aesthetics, and 3)Enjoy the works of only Peter David, because not only does he do nice healthy long runs of titles that he’s on, most of, if not all of them, are incredibly special to me. Especially X-Factor. 

  14. Rober Kirkman, hhhhmm… Robert Kirkman, and, I guess… Robert Kirkman. (I really like Robert Kirkman if you can’t tell)

    P.S. Why is Ron’s list from last week?

  15. bq:grant morrison.  he seems like he knows how to have a good time.

  16. BQ: Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, Ed Brubaker

  17. Kirkman across the board.

  18. 1) Stan Lee – ’nuff said!

    2) Ed McGuiness – I’d write the Masters of the Universe comic and he would illustrate it to perfection!

    3) Brian Michael Bendis

  19. Jonathan Hickman, Jonathan Hickman, and Grant Morrison

  20. Only a few months ago, I wasn’t reading any X-books and now I find myself looking forward to them more than aything, including Uncanny this week.

    BQ: 1 & 2) Fraction 3) Morrison

  21. Most of my comics this week are sort of on probation — Secret Avengers and Spider-Man Black Cat are getting another chance to wow me after I didn’t love their starts; Uncanny X-Men and X-Men Legacy get me back on after the crossover and hoping for good things and X-Factor Forever — well that’s just awesome.

    BQ: Hang out with Kelly Sue DeConnick, work with Jamie McKelvie, read books by Greg Rucka.  

  22. Big week for me, post Con, what did I expect

    Action 891, Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne 4, Batman Widening Grey #6, Flash #4, Gotham City Sirens # 14, Green Lantern 56, Secret Avengers 3, Thor 612, Wonder Woman 601. Surprised no trades for me this week

    BQ: 1) Mike Norton or Dan Slott, met them at this past con, amazingly cool guys. 2)  Jamie McKelvie or Skottie Young. 3) Bendis.

  23. 1. Warren Ellis, Joe Hill
    2. Jeff Lemire
    3. Jeff Lemire or Matt Kindt or Joe Hill

  24. BQ: 1) Robert Kirkman

    2) Geoff Johns

    3) Mike Mignola

  25. An awesome week this week.  Is that new FEAR Agent I smell?  Oh yes, yes it is.  Also looking forward to the Four Eyes TPB and the new issue of Buzzard and Abe Sapien.

    BQ:  I would hang with Jason Aaron.  He seems really mellow and cool.  I would totally want to work with Stuart Immomen because I love everything about his art.  If I could only read one, I would read…Darwyn Cooke.

  26. Definitely one of those big weeks with standouts being Return of Bruce Wayne, Flash, Unknown Soldier and Weapon X.  Very excited for Time Bomb too.

    BQ:  Tough question!!  1) Morrison or Fraction 2) JH Williams or Darwyn 3)  Morrison probably, although maybe Aaron because I never want to stop reading Scalped

  27. Secret Avengers #3

    Flash # 4

    Abe Sapien # 2

    X-men # 526 

    BQ Skottie Young, Skottie Young, and ummmm Skottie Young. 

  28. Boy, what a packed week! I am super duper excited about Fear Agent and Flash has been a delight each issue out so far.


    BQ: 1. Stan Lee!!! 2. Darwyn Cooke!! 3. Brian Bendis! (But more and more Jason Aaron, for odare77’s reason.) 

  29. Boy, what a packed week! I am super duper excited about Fear Agent and Flash has been a delight each issue out so far.


    BQ: 1. Stan Lee!!! 2. Darwyn Cooke!! 3. Brian Bendis! (But more and more Jason Aaron, for odare77’s reason.)

  30. Flash, Franken-Castle( I refuse to buy Dark Wolverine so I have no idea what happened in the crossover but I’m sure I’ll get it once I read it), Muppet Show, Northlanders, and Secret Avengers.

    BQ: Really great question: 1)Probably Matt Fraction, he seems like a guy I could have a solid conversation with even though I’m not really reading anything by him(awkwaaaaaaarrrrrrdddd) 2) Mike Allred 3) Bendis, because I could expect at least ten books a month 🙂 

  31. BQ: 1)Definitely Grant Morrison. 2) Morrison(either me drawing or co-writing), Frank Quitely, Mike Allred or Adrian Alphona(just so he’d do a comic again). 3) Alan Moore, Jason, Tezuka…. or Morrison

  32. 5 books this week, plus 4 from last week. Looking forward to Flash #4 the most. 


    BQ: I would most want to hang out with peter David. I would want Kevin Maguire to illustrate a script I’ve written. If I could only read the works of one creator, it would probably be Garth Ennis, because Preacher is my favorite comic ever, and he consistently does quality work in a lot of different genres.  

  33. Oh, my achin’ wallet! BIG week.

    BQ: In order – Robert Kirkman, Ivan Reis, Neil Gaiman.

    PS – welcome back lads.

  34. Massive week of stuff I’m pretty iffy on.



  35. Huge week for me, a new record sending me broke.  13 out of the top 14 pulled books! Where will I find the time?

  36. Lightest week I’ve had in months: Flash and Secret Avengers. Dropping Rasl because the collected editions are larger and nicer than the issues, and the schedule is a little long between installments. BQ: Hang out with Kirkman, work with Grant Morrison and enjoy Bendis.

  37. Grant Morrison for all three bonus questions.

  38. Just Secret Avengers, Tarot Witch of the Black Rose and Uncanny X-Men (simply for the Heinberg/Coipel Young Avengers backup strip!) for me.

    BQ: Hmmm… This is honestly a hard one for me to answer, since I’ve already had the opportunity to hang out with so many of my favorite creators thanks to the Isotope and various conventions over the years. Gosh, let me think about that and get back to you, okay?

  39. BQ: I don’t wanna draw for Alan Moore. I wanna hang out with Matt Fraction or Grant Morrison.

  40. BQ:

    Hang out with – Grant Morrison, he has some amazing ideas and I’d have an absolute blast chatting to him about it all

    Work with – Robert Kirkman and Only Allowed to Read – Brian Michael Bendis

  41. 1) Ben Templesmith

    2) Nate Bellegarde

    3) Erik Larsen

  42. Batman: The Return of BW


    American Vampire

  43. This is gonna be an awesome week for me.

    BQ: 1) Geoff Johns, 2) Greg Rucka, 3) Ed Brubaker

  44. Brightest Day (and about any comic related to Brightest Day)

    Missing issues of Valent Comics to complete my collection of Valent Comics (only 20-24 more to go)