New Comics for 07/14/10 really needed that new pair of shoes

Get to pulling this Wednesday's books, and then let us know what you're looking forward to most, what you're dropping, what others should be buying and anything you're thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check their pull lists out here: Conor, Ron, and Josh.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Check out their pull lists: Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, Chris, Tom, David, Molly, Ryan, Josh, Ben, and Matt.

This week Josh has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: What kind of shoes are you wearing right now? Is it your favorite pair? If not, what is?


  1. Batman #701
    Gi Joe Origins #17
    Richard Starks Parker Man With Getaway Face (Prelude)
    Superman #701
    Transformers Ongoing #9
    Unwritten #15
    BQ: Saucony Jazz Low Pro in gray, black, and lime (pic:  I got them cheap and they are extremely comfortable.  They are my favorite pair. 
  2. BQ: Some Air Jordans that are retro and sort of resemble black and white converse all stars. yes they are my favorite pair. so comfy

  3. Not currently wearing shoes.

    My favourite shoes are a pair of Red converse my girl-friend bought me for my first Birthday together. She drew Spider-webs on them to make them look like….no copyright character I can think of.

  4. Batman #701, Brave and the Bold #35, Chew #12, Superman #701, and (hopefully) this week I get Thunderbolts #144

    BQ: My shoes suck. I don’t even know what I’m wearing. 

  5. Quick amendment now I’ve done my pull list.

    Amazing Spider-man, Astonishing Spider-man and Wolverine, Avengers Academy, Hack/Slash and Bulletproof Coffin.

    Four of these books have my POTW in the past. Feirce competition.

  6. A pair of New Balance – absolutely great running shoes.

  7. The two Black Lantern Corps books, although I am also tempted by the Siege hardcover. I’ll see how stupid I feel on Thursday at my LCS.

    BQ: Currently wearing slippers, but my favourite shoes are my trusty brown Nikes which, I swear, are made out of some kind of rubber or something, ’cause these bad boys are indestructible.

  8. Iron Man Noir #4 is what I’m most looking forward to this week.. for some reason, this noir book captured my attention.


    BQ: Florsheim dress shoes cause I’m working.  They’re way comfy and I only own them cause my wife made me buy em. 

  9. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    BQ: Barefoot at the moment, but I love my Nike Frees. 

  10. Big week for me: Amazing Spider-Man #637, Invincible Iron Man #28, Thanos Imperitive #2, Birds of Prey #3, Justice League Generation Lost #5, Hack Slash #2.

    BQ:  Some kind of brown loafer-y type things that I’ve had for years and just now have to wear because my normal work shoes are too beat up

  11. Way too many books for me this week. I’ve been trying to cut down on my stack lately, but damn. Locke and Key, Unwritten, Echo, ASM, Thanos Imperative, Batman, Chew, Daytripper, Astonishing Spiderman Wolverine. Only book that I would consider dropping from that list would be Unwritten, but I am still enjoying that quite a bit.

    BQ: Rocket Dog flip flops.

  12. a nice light week! maybe i will buy an extra volume of the walking dead instead of one.

     BQ: Dress shoes because i am at work. they are nice, but the laces come undone easily, so not my favourite. that honour goes to my Oakly thong sandles i got in 2003. I’m affraid they are going to fall apart soon. but that’s okay, they invented black duct tape for this very reason!

  13. Locke & Key
    Mystery Society
    some other good shit

    BQ I’m wearing my bare feet and yes they’re my favourite pair. 

  14. amazing spiderman, avengers academy, batgirl, batman, daytripper, invicible iron man, man with the getaway face, sixth gun #1, second coming

     BQ: I’m wearing Vans authentics, the only shoes I buy. So I guess every pair I own is my favorite.

  15. Nice list this week – Batman, Ultimate Spider-Man, Locke & Key, Echo, Hack/Slash, Astonishing Spider-Man/Wolverine, the Parker preview, Iron Man, Chew, GI Joe Origins, and Daredevil, plus some promising new stuff –  X-Files/30 Days of Night, Strange Science Fantasy, new Stuff of Legend. These weeks leading up to San Diego are f’n killer.

    And am I the only one expecting the last Scott Pilgrim this week? Diamond has it on the ship list… 

    BQ: A pair of low-top Vans that have zombies on them. Not sure what they’re called, but I got them for the design and continue to wear them because they are the best damn shoes I’ve ever had. Had them about 2-2 1/2 years and they are still holding up very well.  (Anyone knows where I can get another pair – size 10 1/2 – let me know, damn it!!)

  16. REBELS 18: One of the best series going right now.

    Booster Gold 34: The most underrated hero in DC shows his true colors. And he’s awesome.

    Daredevil 508: My favorite hero may be turning into a villain. Also the return of the supporting cast. Its about time.

    Justice League Generation Lost: My favorite event book at the moment.

    Avengers Academy 2: I’m giving this another shot. 

    Superman 701: I have few hopes of picking this up after this month but I’m giving it a chance.

    Adventure Comics 516: I’m paying four bucks for an Atom story. Please give him his own book.

    Well, that’s my list for the week. 

    BQ: Barefoot. 

  17. And I thought I just trimmed my pull-list…

    I’ll be getting Amazing Spider-Man, Avengers Academy, Booster Gold, Chew, the shockingly expensive Doctor Who annual, Robocop, Sixth Gun, and The Unwritten. I am most looking forward to Sixth Gun, and this will likely be my last issue of Booster. Oh, plus an issue or two from last week that Diamond forgot to send. I might need to sell some blood to cover this.

    BQ: I’m at work, so I’m wearing my black Rockport shoes. I guess they’re my favorites.

  18. Fair list this week.

    Batgirl, Invincible Iron Man, Daytripper, Chew, Hack/Slash and Unwritten.

    BQ: Wearing red PUMA Romas. Not my favorite, my favorite are my red and black Nike hightops because they remind me of the Red Lantern color scheme. And I AM RAGE!

  19. Batman, Chew, Brave and The Bold, Richy Starks…, and Thanos


    BQ: currently wearing Vans Era’s,  My favorite shoe of all time are the Lakai Manchester Select’s

  20. 21! 21 comics this week! Ah-ha-ha! Most looking forward to ASM, Batman, 2nd Coming, and Daytripper.

    BQ: white flip-flops from Old Navy. Not my favorite shoes, but I didn’t feel like putting on socks.My favorite pair is my black hi-top Chucks.

  21. This is the second week in a row that I have a ton of comics I’m looking forward to reading. Particularly:

    The Unrwritten 15, Daytripper 8, and conclusions to Locke & Key: Crown of Shadows, X-Men: Second Coming, and The Grim Hunt in ASM. Plus, R.I.P. – The Missing Chapter in Batman 701?!?

    This is going to be a gooood week.

    BQ: Currently barefoot. And yes, I’d say that’s my favorite.

  22. Pretty light week for me, but some nice trades & hardbacks to look forward to.

    BQ: Generic sneakers. I tried some "name" brands & they didn’t last any longer (I do a lot of walking).

  23. Stupid DC comics. They actually start getting their trade program more immediate and make me buy a shitload of Blackest Night hardcovers.

    I don’t think I’ll ever complain about how slow DC usually is with getting trades out . . .

  24. Amazing Spider-Man, Chew, The Sixth Gun 1 and 2, and The Unwritten.

    BQ: My favorite shoes are a pair of fuzzy dinosaur slippers! 

  25. Amazing Spider-Man, Astonishing Spider-Man and Wolverine, Avengers Academy, and Chew.

     BQ:  My favorite pair of shoes are my gray and dirty New Balance 992s

  26. Is Scott Pilgrim vol. 6 coming out this week. It’s on the Diamond list, but not the iFanboy one.

  27. @AlanMooresBeard: Nope. Next week.

  28. Great week.

    Conclusion of Grim Hunt in Amazing Spider-Man.


    Locke and Key.


    Thanos Imperative.

    Parker prelude (if my store happens to have it). 

    BQ: These leather slip ons with purple bottoms. They’re really comfortable and I got them on sale for $30 in the Spring. My favorite shoes are my brown (espresso) vans.

  29. Two books for me this week! TWO! WTF?! Oh well. It’s Batman and Birds of Prey so at least they won’t be two mediocre books. Really looking forward to #701.

    BQ: My trusty Adidas Sambas. They’re new and therefore not broken in enough to be called my favorite. But so far they get a thumbs up. My favorite are a beat up pair of old New Balance. Most comfortable brand I’ve ever worn.  

  30. Another big, but good week this week.  Definitely looking forward to the Sixth Gun, Revolver, ASM, Thanos Imperative, Batgirl…the list just goes on.

    BQ:  My slippers, and yes, they are my favorite pair of shoes.

  31. Great week of titles for me.  Not to be completely anti-Marvel/DC, but its nice to have a week with nothing from the ‘big two’.  I’m slowly-but-surely making the move to trades/collections only with marvel/DC.

    Age Of Reptiles Journey #4 (OF 4), Bulletproof Coffin #2 (OF 6) , Chew #12 , Daytripper #8 (OF 10), Light #4 (OF 5) , Mystery Society #2, Officer Downe (One Shot), Orc Stain #4 , Savage Dragon #162, Sweets #1 (OF 5), Terry Moores Echo #23

  32. Light week which is good as I haven’t had  a chance to open last weeks yet:

    For Comics shipping on 07/14/10
    Astro City Silver Agent #1 (OF 2)
    Sweets #1 (OF 5) Thanos Imperative #2 (OF 6)
    Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #12
    Unwritten #15

    BQ: Black boring work shoes, and no they’re not my favourite. 

  33. Exciting week…Daytripper, Batman by Morrison, Killer, Spidey, Revolver and Absolute Planetary.  Daredevil is dropped already, just isn’t exciting me.  Not totally convinced by Generation Lost yet either, but sticking it out for now.  I think Booster Gold is closer in spirit to the old JLI days.  I pulled Sweets because the preview on the site was very intriguing, but have a feeling my store won’t have it on the shelf.  We’ll see.

    BQ:  Socks at present, but I love my Converse, usually having 4 or 5 pairs in rotation at a time.

  34. BatMan & Boostergold are the two I am looking foward to most, pretty good week, 6 or 7 books.


     bq:  I dont have shoes on when I am inseide, I wear New Balance to work and Nike running shoes to play.  I perfer sandals or flip flops when just chillen.

  35. there is too much information in the amazing spiderman description

  36. If Scott Pilgrim is on the Diamond list and not on the iFanboy list, then it usually ships to the West Coast, followed the next week by the East Coast. That’s how it’s gone down previously in the same situation. In either event, I’m excited about/dreading tomorrow.

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  38. My store in Texas had Scott Pilgrim. Woot!