New Comics for 06/16/10 Can Hear the Vuvuzelas in Their Sleep

Get to pulling this Wednesday's books, and then let us know what you're looking forward to most, what you're dropping, what others should be buying and anything you're thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

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This week Ron has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: Is there any event or social gathering that would be enhanced by the mass playing of the vuvuzela?


  1. Brightest Day #4
    Dark Tower Gunslinger Journey Begins #2 (OF 5)
    Dc Universe Legacies #2 (OF 10)
    Fables #96
    Gi Joe #19
    BQ: My funeral. 
  2. 13 books.. and three are ASM books? WTH?


    BQ: any bird watching event would be greatly enhanced by vuvuzela’s playing constantly.  Birds are more easily found when catatonic on the ground in the forest. 

  3. Walking Dead



    I’m digging on these tiny weeks. Less is definitely more.

  4. BQ: A Nickelback concert

  5. Joker’s Asylum: Harley Quinn and Mad Hatter. Loved this series idea the first time around.

    BQ: I have not heard a vuvuzela in action, so sadly I cannot answer.

  6. I bet the Sentry invented the vuvuzela. We hates it.

  7. Walking Dead 

    Ultimate X

    Where is Flash #3 I miss it 🙁

  8. Just Fables #96 this week.

    BQ: The vuvuzela is the only interesting thing about televised soccer, so they should stay there in the soccer stadiums.

  9. Just Amazing Spider-Man, Amazing Spider-Man, and Age of Heroes.

  10. Wait two spier-man issues in the same week? :confused:

  11. BQ: A plague of locusts just to confuse them

  12. Decent week. Lookin forward to Walking Dead and DC Legacies the most.

    BQ: "A Nickelback concert" HA! I can’t possibly come up with a better answer than this, so I’m forced to second wulfstone’s.

  13. Azrael

    Brightest Day

    Joker’s Asylum: Harley Quinn + Mad Hatter (maybe, I forgot to ask my LCS to order it. Oops)


    BQ: I don’t get it. 

  14. 22! 22 new comics in my belfry! Ah-ha-haa!

    BQ: Nothing, ever, anywhere.

  15. This is a light week for me. I guess I’m looking forward to the Thing joining the Avengers.

    Birds Of Prey #2
    Brightest Day #4
    Criminal Tp Vol 05 Sinners
    Deadpool #24
    Deadpool Merc With A Mouth #12 (OF 13)
    New Avengers #1

    BQ: Any political speech. Also I heard if there where enough of the horns gathered in one place the sonic blacklash would end the oil spill.

  16. only 6 comics this week, unless Four Eyes is a mirage.


    BQ: Right before sexual intercourse.

  17. Most looking forward to Fables 96 and Walking Dead 73.

    BQ: The Sentry’s funeral. Can we retcon that?

  18.  Mad Hatter, Harley Quinn, New Mutants, and Brightest Day.  Small, relatively unexciting week for me. 

    BQ: Church

  19. Huh, just 2 comic books this week! Brightest Day #4 and Fables 96. Maybe I’ll pick up New Avengers #1 (which I thought was supposed to be canceled) and Amazing Spider-Man Presents Black Cat #1 (depends on if I like the art).


    BQ: An orgy 

  20. Nie light week for a change:

    Age Of Heroes #2 (OF 4)
    Brightest Day #4
    New Avengers #1

    BQ: Every time I walk in a room. Just to compete with  the choir of angels I normally hear. 

  21. Man, I’m either not trying hard enough or there’s not much to grab these last few weeks.  Only Brightest Day, X-Men, Birds of Prey, DC Legacies, and New Avengers on the list.  Good time for me to buy some new trades…

  22. ASM, ASM, New Avengers, Ultimate X, and Brightest Day

  23. Is Four Eyes REALLY coming out?  I miss this title so much.


    BQ: You know whats funny?  I had one of these horns 24 years ago.  I would blow it inside the gymnasium while the 8th grade basketball team played opponents.  It’s a real great way to make people pay attention to you.  😉


    the Tiki 

  24. As someone who lives in South Africa, let me just say that the answer to this week’s question is NO!

  25. Seriously, fuck those horns. 

  26. Looking forward to Four Eyes and The Walking Dead

    BQ: In the background of Tony Hayward speeches / apologies.

  27. A nice small week for me.  I’m looking forward to all the titles, especially the new New Avengers.  I’m jumping back on the title after a long hiatus.  I’m ready for some Immomen art!

    BQ: In my living room while I watch World Cup Soccer.

  28. How are you people having small weeks? This one of the 2-3 weeks each month where my wallet actually cries. Real tears, in front of the LCS guy. It’s embarassing.

  29. Whoah, slow week (although next week is huge).  Looking forward to extra Spidey and New New Avengers.  DC is all about Vertigo for me this week.  Might pick up Black Cat off the shelf if only for the Pulido awesomeness.

    BQ:  Honestly I’m struggling to think of anything…prime minister’s questions?!?!

  30. Just Walking Dead. Maybe Birds of Prey. Maybe.


  31. Just Birds of Prey, Hellblazer and Heralds for me.

    BQ: I don’t know what that is.

  32. Walking dead and Black widow are my 2 i am most excited for…. some might argue that widow’s is kind of a rip from JLA tower of babel, but either way it’s good…. I would honestly rather this have been an arc within an avengers book so it had more impact on the actual 616.

  33. All I bought was a grading guide.