New Comics for 05/14/08 are really quite jet-lagged!

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, Josh, and Gordon the Intern.

This week I have the Pick of the Week!

This week it’s all about Batman and for me, DC in general, as last week they were pretty non-existent overall. I’m dropping Tiny Titans this week and jumping on Captain Britain and the MI-13 and back on Superman. I’m curious about The Huntress: Year One, even though I know nothing about the creative team.

Bonus Question: Did you go to see Speed Racer this past weekend? If so, what did you think? If not, why?

I did not. We thought about going in Seattle but ended up just getting dinner and going to a bar instead.


  1. Another week of tons of comics. Most looking forward to Batman, Wolverine (Jason Aaron’s story raps up), Walking Dead, GA+BC and Serenity. I’ll check out the Secret Invasion Fantastic Four thing, just out of curiousity. And everyone should be reading Booster Gold, its great.

    BQ: Speed Racer was AMAZING! I loved it. And I don’t think you have to be a fan to enjoy, because the whole audience was enjoying it, and this was on a Sunday in the middle of the day. The movie is pure fun, I really think everyone should see it.

  2. Turned out to be a light week and I just got my tax returns, so I figured I’d pick a book or two on a whim.

    Amazing Spider-Man #559
    Batman #676
    Genext #1 (of 5)
    Guardians of the Galaxy #1
    Secret Invasion Fantastic Four #1 (of 3)
    X-Men Legacy #211

    I’ll also be picking up last week’s issue of Nova.

    Bonus: I have not seen Speed Racer yet, but I’ll probably have to go with my dad. That was like the Dragon Ball Z of his generation.

  3. This week i’m getting Batman and the Final Crisis Sketch book.

    BQ: I saw the Speed Racer movie, but after five minutes i wanted out. Too much CG and bad dialogue. However, when i got home i saw King of Kong. Great documentary.

  4. Very light week, just three books. I’m looking forward to the Twelve and Serenity the most.

    BQ: Saw Speed Racer and thought it was like 30 minutes too long.  There were some cool parts but mostly it was meh.

  5. Really psyched about ‘X-men Legacy’ — which looks like it’s written to push all my story buttons — and oddly enough, Batman.  I’ve never bought a Batman issue or been a big Morrison fan, but I loved the preview in DC #0 so I’m giving it a shot.  I also am curious to see where Jason Aaron is going with ‘Wolverine.’  This will probably be a make-or-break week for ‘Green Arrow/Black Canary.’  

    BQ: No; partly because I was busy having a lousy weekend, but also b/c I somehow missed out on ‘Speed Racer’ being a thing.  If I did see it, it would be because the effects look cool and because Scott Porter from ‘Friday Night Lights’ plays Rex Racer.  But, honestly, when I have movie time and movie money, I’ll probably see ‘Iron Man’ again. 

  6. @Conor: Did you know this month’s Superman is a fill-in issues?  Next month is when James Robinson’s run starts.

  7. It is a non-Marvel week for me… Interesting.. Its all about DC this week with Wonder Woman, Green Arrow/Black Canary and Titans. Also looking forward to Screamland and Transhuman.

    I saw Speed Racer… I wouldn’t exactly tell you to go out and see it in the movie theater though. Wait for it on TV or when the DVD comes out. 

  8. Light week for me, only 4 books! Most looking forward to Batman: RIP, and I’m also jumping back onto Amazing Spider-Man (probably only temporarily) to see what Slott has in store.

     BQ: No. I have a fondness for the old television show, but am just not interested in the movie.

  9. I thought speed racer was great. It was like a two hour long manic live action saturday morning cartoon. It was ridiculously fun, and also a little just ridiculous. The acting was wonderful – a good mix of campy and heartfelt. If the trailer looked good to you you’ll probably like it.

  10. Big week for me. Batman, Wonder Woman, Booster Gold, Young Liars, Guardians of the Galaxy…Huntress Year One (yes!)- this is an awful lot of comics. Morrison’s Batman tops them all though.

    Pull List:

    Batman #676
    Booster Gold #9
    Casanova #14
    Final Crisis Sketchbook
    Gotham Underground #8
    Green Arrow Black Canary #8
    Green Lantern Corps #24
    Guardians Of Galaxy #1
    Huntress Year One #1
    Serenity Better Days #3
    Superman #676
    Titans #2
    Transhuman #2
    Walking Dead #49
    Wonder Woman #20
    Young Liars #3
    Zorro #3

    Bonus: No. Speed Racer looked like the sort of movie that should not be seen by adults.

  11. @jla728 – Yes, I did know that.  Mostly because my friend Vito is the fill-in writer.

  12. Big ol’ week for me.  Most excited for Batman and Transhuman.

    There’s a lot of #1’s this week, and in really interested in Captian Britain and MI 13, GeNext, Guardians of the Galaxy, Huntress Year One, Secret Invasion FF, and Sky Doll.

    Might drop Last Defenders if I don’t start getting interested.

    Might get a couple TPBs: Joker’s Last Laugh and Green Lantern No Fear.

    BQ: I did not.

  13. Batman


    Green Arrow/Black Canary


    New Universal 

    BQ: No, because I didn’t know it was out yet, and secondly I really don’t care. I did see Iron Man for the second time though. 

  14. A very nice week of seven books for me…I was thinking of maybe grabbing Batman or Guardians of the Galaxy, but we’ll see on both of those.  From my list, I’m most looking foward to Serenity and Green Lantern Corps.  The Mongul storyline in Corps is rocking my world right now.

    BQ:  I have not and probably will not due to the bad press it’s received.  I wasn’t really interested in it to begin with, so this makes it an easy decision.  I will probably catch it when it comes out on DVD.  Besides, seeing Iron Man again is a much better use of my movie dollar.

  15. JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    Most looking forward to the Booster Gold HC and the Colossus one-shot. I’ll be checking out newuniversal: Shockfront #1. Hopefully the new writer will have Justice continue slicing people up.

    BQ: Nope! 

  16. Probably New Universal for me, it’s the perfect blend of Nostalgia and Warren Ellis.

     BQ: I did not, it looks like a rental to me.

  17. Its a 2nd huge week for me, and i had done so well cutting down these last 2 months. I’m picking batman back up after a few months off from it. I thought the club of heroes was good but after that i dropped it. Im hoping this will be good. 

    Batman #676

    Booster Gold #9

    Gotham Underground #8

    Green Arrow Black Canary #8

    Green Lantern Corps #24

    Serenity Better Days #3

    Simon Dark #8

    Titans #2

    There’s a few other books I may pick up, Final Crisis sketch book, Captain Britain, Fantastic Four: secret invasion mini and the vertigo issue 1 collection. Im not sure though

    BQ: I haven’t seen this film and Im not sure I want to. I don’t remember it form my childhood and it doesn’t look great from the trailers. I may see it but im not in a rush.

  18. Amazing Spider-Man #559 Batman #676 Final Crisis Sketchbook Green Lantern Corps #24 Secret Invasion Fantastic Four #1 (OF 3) Superman #676 Thunderbolts #120 Tiny Titans #4 Titans #2 X-Men Origin Colossus 


    BQ: No. I might see it this weekend. Ropert and fill in of the week said it was just a fun thrill ride and eye candy.  

  19. this is a big week for me

    Pull List

    Spidy #559, Captain Britain & MI 13 #1, GeneXt #1, Guardians of the Galaxy #1, New Exiles #6, Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four #1, Batman #676, Booster Gold #9, Simon Dark #8, Superman #676, Titans #2, Young Liars #3, Project Superpowers #4, 

     Bonus: Speed Racer was AMAZING. such an awesome movie!!

  20. Batman and Final Crisis scetchbook (desktop wallpaper for months!) are pretty high up, but I’m really most excited to see Kevin M’s pencils on Batman Confidential

  21. Batman, GL Corps, Zorro, the Iron Man Annual, Legacy of Doom, and Thunderbolts.

  22. and newuniversal


    BQ: I saw Speed Racer and wasn’t impressed.   The dialogue seemed cheesy and forced to me (i nearly lost it during the "listen to the car" moment at the end, I hated the seques with the moving heads, the CGI felt too video game-ish to me and just felt like it wasn’t made for anyone but for little kids who like to see other kids pull shenanigans with a chimp in tow.

    On the other hand, I’m quite joyous Iron Man beat the crap of Speed Racer in the box office this weekend. 

  23. GLC, Booster Gold, Gotham Underground, Final Crisis Sketchbook, Green Arrow/Black Canary and maybe Captain Britain and MI:13 for me.

     BQ: I did not see it, not do I ever plan on seeing it. I saw an ad for it and it just didn’t look like something worth spending money on (much like Knocked Up or Forgetting Sarah Marshall… yeesh) 

  24. Batman, Checkmate Vol. 3, Green Arrow/Black Canary, Serenity, Transhuman, Wolverine.

    Most excited for Checkmate v3. Checkmate is one of those titles I have grown to regret reading in trades, because the months between trades are far too long (see also Y the Last Man, DMZ, and Fables).

    BQ: Didn’t see it – I’m not a big fan of the theater-going experience – I haven’t even seen Iron Man yet! I’ll probably netflix it at some point.

  25. Two very sloooowwww weeks in a row for me – most looking forward to Batman RIP.

  26. This is a DC week for me unless I missed anything on the list.  None are real standouts but this is my first issue of Wonder Woman since the Heinberg debacle so I’m hoping it’s a good time to jump on.  Also dropped New Exiles.

    BQ: Nope, haven’t seen it, but probably will when it hits DVD or cable.  Never really was into the cartoon only knew about it so there isn’t any real urge for me to go and watch it right away. 

  27. It’s Wolverine Wednesday!!

    I don’t suppose we still have time to circulate a petition to keep this team on the book indefinitely.

    I really liked Paul Cornell’s Pete Wisdom book; I’m looking forward to seeing what this Cap. Britain series is all about.

    In other English writer news, Warren Ellis has a newuniversal book out again, so I look forward to setting myself up for a long wait for the rest of those.

    BQ: I’m not going anywhere near this one. The trailer suggests that they took everything I remember about the look and feel of Speed Racer and ran in the opposite direction twirling some raver glowsticks. I sort of fear this movie; like, I see the commercials and think it’s the future of filmmaking, and that my grandchildren will have the eyes and demeanor of squirrels if this keeps up. 

  28. I read too much…

     All New Iron Manual, Batman, Booster Gold, BPRD 1946, Captain Britian and MI 13, Green Arrow Black Canary, Green Lantern Corps, Guardians of Galaxy, Iron Man legacy of Doom, Last Defenders, Project Superpowers, Punisher, SI Fantastic Four, Secret Invasion Fantastic Four #1 (OF 3), Serenity Better Days, Thunderbolts,Titans, Twelve, Wolverine, Wolverine Amazing Immortal Man Bloody Tales, X-Men Legacy, X-Men Origin Colossus, Young Liars.

    23 issues in all.  


    BQ:  I saw Speed Racer, I expected garbage. I was pleasantly surprised.  If I was 10 I would of loved it.  But I’ll buy it on Blu Ray when it comes out for sure.  It had bad dialogue, an a bit too long but the visuals were amazing.   


  29. This week is just monster huge for me – I’m gonna have to leave some stuff at the shop. Books that aren’t getting left behind for sure:

    – Walking Dead (you iFanboys have got to jump on this in single issues)
    – Batman (Almost pooped myself when I saw the ad in DC books last week with the RIP Checklist – thought this was strictly Morrison’s story in Morrison’s book…)
    – GA/BC
    – Transhuman
    – Young Liars (favorite new ongoing of the year)

    Those are probably my top five, but there’s just so much promising stuff out this week.

    BQ: Hate to be one of those fanboys who jumps all over something without seeing it, but I’ve been burned bad by the Wachoskis (sp?) with the last two Matrix movies, and given what I’ve seen of the trailer and TV ads, ummm, I think I’ll just go see Iron Man again, or wait two weeks for Indy to come out. Maybe when it hits pay cable in a year or so, but I’m not dropping my $20 on it. Sorry.

  30. For me this is a bigger week (I normally average about 3 books a week). This week it’s Batman #676, DMZ #31, Everybody’s Dead #3 (which more people should be reading), Gotham Underground#8, Serenity #3, Young Liars #3 and the Checkmate TP #3.

    Most excited about Batman and Gotham, but Everybody’s Dead is wonderfully insane and Young Liars has had an awesome start.

    BQ: I did not. I probably will not. It looks cool, but even the 3 minute trailers give me a headache, don’t think I could handle that much technicolour for over 2 hours. Plus I don’t have a lot of interest in the character. Unless I’m mistaken it wasn’t that big here in the UK. 

  31. Amazing Spider-Man #559

    Batman #676

    Bprd 1946 #5 (OF 5)

    Captain Britain And Mi 13 #1

    Guardians Of Galaxy #1

    Project Superpowers #3 (OF 7)

    Twelve #5 (OF 12)

    Walking Dead #49

    Wolverine #65


    Most excited about GotG and Walking Dead


    BQ: Didn’t see it. Call me crazy, but the special FX really put me off from seeing it. I don’t think they look all that great, at least not good enough for the price of gas, ticket, popcorn, soda, etc. I liked the cartoon, but will wait to rent the DVD on this one, if I even see it then… 

  32. Batman #676

    Booster Gold #9

    Bprd 1946 #5 (OF 5)

    Transhuman #2 (OF 4) 

    Walking Dead #49

    Zorro #3

    Is it just me or is Booster Gold getting to confusing?  It gives me vertigo for an hour after i read it.  Two books Im looking forward to see where they are going next come out this week: Batman and Walking Dead. 

    BQ: Practically everything the Wachoski’s touch is horrible, including the first Matrix.

  33. WALKING DEAD!!!!!


    That is all I have to say.

  34. omg this is a lot of comics I’m pulling this week. I should start trimming stuff out just because it’s really getting insane.

  35. Wow, for such a good movie, I’m seeing a lot of Speed Racer hate. Just give it a shot. And if you didn’t like it, you were probably expecting something else.

  36. Comics I’m most lookin’ forward to:

    -Batman RIP — Fingers crossed it lives up to the hype.

    -The Punisher  — Last Ennis issue 🙁

    -Wolverine — Jimski, I’ll sign your petition!!

    BQ — I didn’t see it, because it isn’t released in Australia yet … but I have no interest in seeing it when it is released here. I never watched the cartoon, I don’t like kids movies, I’m not into movies where the special effects are the star of the show, and I have very little faith left in the Wachowski brothers  … is that enough reasons?

  37. 8 Books for me this week. I am most looking forward to Green Lantern Corps, X-Men Legacy, and Wolverine.

    BQ: I have not see it, and I don’t plan on seeing it until it comes out on DVD.

  38. Captain Britain & MI:13 is the big one for me, this month – let alone week. The preview pages doing the rounds online look outstanding. Leonard Kirk’s artwork is sound and Cornell is giving the Invasion a real sense of relevency on the British side of the Atlantic.

    Strong cast, too.

  39. Big week for me, but nothing that just really excites me. The Final Crisis Sketch Book looks interesting and i love Green Arrow/Black Canary/ The Huntress book looks promising as well…

    Booster Gold #9 Captain Britain And Mi 13 #1 Dead Of Night Featuring Man Thing #4 (OF 4) Doctor Who Classics #6 Final Crisis Sketchbook Genext #1 (OF 5) Green Arrow Black Canary #8 Green Lantern Corps #24 Huntress Year One #1 (OF 6) Last Defenders #3 (OF 6) Locke & Key #4 Newuniversal Shockfront #1 (OF 6) Project Superpowers #3 (OF 7) Screamland #3 (OF 5) Simon Dark #8 Soleil Sky Doll #1 (OF 3) Superman #676 Tiny Titans #4 Titans #2 Transhuman #2 (OF 4) Twelve #5 (OF 12) Un-Men #10 Wonder Woman #20

    BQ: Loved Speed Racer. I agree it was a tad bit too long. My 5 year old was riveted to the screen…the first movie he has sat the whole way through! It scared my 7 year-old daughter though, go figure (the gangster bit and the pirhana bit). I hate it didn’t do so well at the box office, but i hope it prospers in the end and the DVD is a sure buy. The toys are going a long way as well. My son has the Mach 5 Bicycle helmet. I would have killed for one of those when I was a kid….ah to relieve your childhood through your own children: highly recommended!

  40. We’ll see about this week… I’m excited for the end of the "Better Days" miniseries and Batman RIP came out of nowhere (that’s this month? Jesus how the time flies) and there’s a new Booster Gold… So we’ll see! =)

    BQ: No, but I really, really want to. I know it got bad ratings or whatever, but I’m just JAZZED for the racing scenes and everything… 

  41. No part of me wants to see any part of Speed Racer.

    That is all.

  42. It’s awesome seeing Batman lose control like this, considering the control-freak he is most of the time. Can’t wait to get started with RIP. Hope it’s a little easier to read than it has been.

    BQ: Can’t wait to see Speed Racer. Didn’t go to see it yet because I didn’t want to deal with the crowd. Loved the show when I was a kid – my favorite next to The Muppet Show and Transformers.

  43. Pretty small week for me. Mostly looking forward to Zorro #3 (which means I better read #2 ASAP lol). Other than that, I’m just getting things I normally get; Amazing Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, Wolverine a few others. Not a very exciting week for me.


    BQ: No, i didn’t see Speed Racer. because I have no desire to see it at all. Which is fine. let me go see iron man for a second time. 

  44. @josh Not even for the splashing colory orgasm of acid tripping goodness?

  45. @josh, Or Car-Fu? You can’t beat Car-Fu.

  46. Decent week, I hope these books are better than last week


    For me…


    Amazing Spider-Man #559

    Batman #676

    Guardians Of Galaxy #1

    Tiny Titans #4

    Zorro #3


    For my brother…


    All New Iron Manual

    Genext #1 (OF 5)

    Giant-size Incredible Hulk #1

    Project Superpowers #3 (OF 7)

    Secret Invasion Fantastic Four #1 (OF 3)

    Wolverine #65

    X-Men Legacy #211


    For my girlfriend…


    Red Sonja #33

    Wonder Woman #20


    Trades to buy:

    Buffy Season 8 – Vol 2 No Future For You

    BQ: I saw speed racer on saturday and enjoyed it, it had a lot of cheesy moments but overall it was good.

  47. I’m going to try that Guardians of the Galaxy despite not reading Annihilation.  Those character designs are awesome.

  48. All New Iron Manual
    Phantom #23
    Secret Invasion Fantastic Four #1 (OF 3)
    Serenity Better Days #3 (OF 3)
    Thunderbolts #120
    Twelve #5 (OF 12)
    X-Men Legacy #211 


    I see that I’m still the only one reading The Phantom. I should start writing reviews…


    BQ: I’ve never had any interest in Speed Racer and I’m not about to start now.


  49. I may have to try Guardians of the Galaxy #1, given how light this week is and how much I’m loving Nova. I haven’t read Annihilation: Conquest, but am slowly progressing through the Annihilation trades and pretty much love everything Abnett and Lanning have written.

  50. Not really excited about anything this week.  I had to put a bunch of my comics and stuff into storage and I may have to start cutting back on my pull list.

     I also had a busy wkend that sucked the life out of me for than one reason.  Seeing Speed Racer was not on the agenda.