New Comics for 04/29/09 is down a finger

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, Josh and Gordon the Intern.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike and Sonia.

If you’re me it’s a quiet week for Marvel, with another World War II Captain America one-shot the book to look froward to the most.

On the DC side of things, it’s a big Geoff Johns week with Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds, Green Lantern, and –  after just about ten years writing these characters – his final issue of Justice Society of America!

Lots of interesting goings on on the indie side of things with the long awaited second issue of Phonogram: The Singles Club, the next Proof and G.I. Joe: Origins, and the first issues of Battlefields: Tankies, and Sherlock Holmes.

This week I have the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question:
When was the last time you unnecessarily and accidentally spilled your own blood?


  1. Warning: I will not be reviewing books this wednesday….because of FCBD and a huge sale at my LCS on saturday; I will not be judging books till this weekend….so a big sigh of relief for you all 🙂

    Green Lantern #40

    JSA #26 (this has been a very poor title; but since Eaglesham is back and Ordway is no where to be seen….I need to get the last issue of John’s run)

    Nova #24 (last issue disappointed me as well; let’s hope the space madness gets things going again)

    Thunderbolts #131 (Last issue of the Deadpool crossover! Woooot!)

    Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk #5

    BQ: When I sliced my thumb with a razor

  2. Muppet Show #2 and Phonogram 2 #2!!  Quite a fun week indeed.

    BQ:  Sometimes, spilling blood is necessary in order to protect the freedoms that you and I take for granted.  That includes paper cuts at work that really really hurt!  Ouchie!!

  3.  this is a small week for me so i might check out the connor, ron and josh’s pulls and see if anything grabs my attention that i’m not currently getting


    BQ: making Guacamole for the first time on saturday night, stupid knives

  4. Finally a small week…  Tankies, GI Joe Origins, Madman, Proof, RASL, Unknown Soldier and hopefully the Resurrection TPB.

    Gotta find time to hit FCBD on Saturday… must find time.

    BQ: That sweet, sharp pain of a cardboard cut opening a package.

  5. Nova, Tankies, and Madman for me. I need to start saving for that fourth Invincible hardcover.

    BQ: Every single time I shave.

  6. Light week! Legion of 3 Worlds is my most anticipated title, followed by Battlefields: Tankies, JSA, Literals, Madman, and Proof. Exciting!

     BQ: Last week, trying to unpackage & clean a hand held food processor I just bought. First I dropped the blade ontop of my bare foot, and nicked the top (right on a vein), then when rinsing off the blade I sliced my thumb. Thankfully, I’m usually pretty careful when it comes to the posibility of loosing blood.

  7. Small week for me Avengers (the not so light ones), BFTC: Underground, Ultimate Wolverine and Hulk and Ender’s Game.  Might be a good week to pick up trades.

    I know fear of jumping in has been a hot topic around here or late, but what can you fellow iFanboys tell me about picking up: Sinestro Corps War in trade?  Good place to start?

    Getting my finger shut in the safe and work.  Large heavy metal doors hurt!

  8. Big week, very exciting! Uncanny, Thunderbolts, Tankies, Literals, Phonogram, GI JOE: Origins, Muppet Show and FCBD this weekend!!

     Looking forward to the conclusion of Deadpool/TBs crossover, the continuation of the Fables Crossover (Btw, I jumped onto fables at the crossover and I’m completely fine, not lost…I agree with just jump right in argument). Plus more Muppets and Phonogram is back. Great week!

  9. I’m looking forward to Justice Society of America and seeing how Geoff Johns finishes his stay there.

  10. or perhaps ‘the safe at work’

  11. Battle For The Cowl: The Underground #01
    Green Lantern #40
    JSA #26
    Literals #01
    Teen Titans #70
    Astounding Wolf-Man #15
    Proof #19
    Dark Avengers #04
    Runaways #09
    Battlefields: Tankies #01
    Dark Reign Cabal #01
    Captain America: Theater of War: Brothers in Arms #01

    Looks to be a pretty decent week. Good to see GL #40 early.

    BQ: Last night, as I was running to the mailbox, I stubbed my (ingrown) toe on a root, it was not pretty.

  12. BQ: Just this Saturday I got a paper cut from an All-Star Superman Trade

  13. Slow week for me, I’m thinking only Thunderbolts and Ms. Marvel, but I’m also looking at some trades as my store’s having 25% off everything for FCBD.  I’m hoping the Green Lantern issue might give me background, as I’ve been wanting to start reading that, but am sure I would get lost without an intro. 


    BQ: Grabbing a drink out of a 12 pack and getting a papercut from the box.  Sad.

  14. Dark Avengers, Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk, and Resurrection. Also, FCBD!

    I’m dropping Uncanny X-Men.

  15. Definitely gonna pick up all 3 Johns books, Dark Avengers, and maybe Battlefields.

    And also, doesn’t Blackest Night #0 come out this week?

    BQ: I prefer to wear all my blood on the inside.

  16. Slow week for me also. Green Lantern is the most anticipated. I’ll grab that Underground One-Shot for me weekly batfix. I’m checking out Dark Avengers this week after hearing such great things about it. Also picking up Dark Reign: Cabal for the sole reason that I love reading about super villains. I also can’t wait for FCBD.

    BQ: I’m sure I’ve spilt blood much more recently than this, but I wore braces in high school. For those unfamiliar with this experience, there are wires that poke out at the back of the mouth. I was probing this foreign object with my finger, when suddenly I realized that this pointy rod had penetrated my skin up to the bone. It didn’t hurt at all, but there was blood everywhere.

  17. Dropping Dark Avengers, just not doing it for me…very excited for Sherlock Holmes, the previews look great.

    BQ: It’s been a while, but I managed to jab the flesh where my thumb meets the hand on one of the sharpened tongs of a bbq tool. Yes, it hurt.

  18. I’m jonesin’ for FC:LO3W #4!

    And the last major bloodletting I can remember was 2 months ago when I accidentally punctured my thumb tip by breaking a glass ornament in my hand. I though it was a metal star and I was absentmindedly trying to bend it. And I had company over, so I tried to play it off, but that thing was spurtin’ something fierce!

  19. So much stuff this week… plus all my tuff from next week

    BQ: I stabbed myself with a screwdriver during work last week, it sucked so much 

  20. Dark Avengers #4
    Batman Battle For The Cowl The Underground #1


    BQ: That time of the month.

  21. Invincipal HC

    Queen and Country definitive edition

    Resurection trade

    small but expensive week.



    Scratched a scab at work that would not stop bleeding. 

  22. The only one I can do without for now is Astonishing X-men, the only way I can see it getting any worse is if Claremont writes it in the same fashion he did in "New Exiles" =

    Possible Drops: Exiles, Walking Dead (unless it takes a better turn)

  23. There have been more recent ones, but… Trying to be fancy and open a beer bottle with my hand. I was bleeding so much someone insisted on giving me a bandaid, despite me saying that the toilet paper is enough.

  24. @Mangaman

    Drop Walking Dead?


  25. Wonder Woman is gone. I tried really hard to get into this series but it just wasn’t doing it for me.

    Picking up Sherlock but it had better be damn good from the get go.

    Obviously the new Battlefields is on my list.

    Uncanny, Dark Avengers, G.I. Joe: Origins, Green Lantern are all on my list.

    @Mangaman: Astonishing has gotten so bad. I’m dropping it.

    BQ: Got my pinkie finger stuck in the automatic stapler at work. Not pleasant.

  26. The Literals better be decent or else this, and possilby Fables will be off the pull list.

    Agent Orange is looking pretty nice.

    Unknown Soldier is also on the edge of getting dropped.

     Loved the last two Battlefields series have been great so I am expecting more of the same.

    JSA will hopefully return to the quality of the pre-Black Adam storyline.

  27. What happened to the new League of Extraordinary Gentlemen?

    Regardless, I’m looking forward to Phonogram.

  28. BQ: Shaving this morning, I was in a hurry. :/

  29. League must be almost ready to go.  I’ve read it.  But it doesn’t look like it will hit the April 2009 mark set for it.

    Tankies? TANKIES?  Oh, hell yes.

  30. I accidently crushed my thumb shutting a door (don’t ask how) and the blood under the nail went completely blue and the thumb swelled up to almost triple size. After a couple days the pressure became too much and I started chewing on the skin around the nail to try and open it up and let some of the blood out. I was on the bed doing this, thinking nothing would happen but then all of a sudden, thick dark red blood projected out and gushed all over the bed. It was messy but my thumb shrunk down to normal size and then my nail fell off.

  31. That’s what she said. I was too horny to mind.

  32. 10 books for me this week. Most loking forward to Muppet Show #2 and Sherlock Holmes #1.


    BQ: I do it at work all the damn time……. 

  33. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    What a great looking week! Sherlock Holmes? Muppets? A landmark JSA? Legion? Green Lantern (and the Sinestro Corps trade finally in paperback!)?  AND Conan?!  

    P-Money is flipping OUT!

  34. Looking forward to Reading Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds. I have been wanting to read this for awhile. So far out of all the Final Crisis issuses including Rouges Revenge, Superman Beyond 3d, and Revelations, this is by far the best. Also Green Lantern #40. This building up to The Blackest Night has been grabbing my attention like no other.

  35. @josh~ You’re read the new League book!  You lucky bastard!  

    A small week, but it looks like some quality stuff.  Tankies is definitely high on my list as well as the next Queen and Country.

    BQ: Because I’m cheap, I buy and use disposable razors for my daily shave.  This means I cut some part of my face on a daily basis.  I’d rather spill my blood than spill the cash for those damn ravor refills. 

  36. I’ve read it too.

  37. War Machine, Dark Avengers, and Uncanny X-Men top my anticipation list. Glad that Avengers/Invaders is on it’s way towards wrapping up and I’m curious what Ms. Marvel is going to bring me; it, Thunderbolts and Runaways are on the razor’s edge right now. One bad issue from any of them is going to get them excised from my pull list.

    BQ: I believe the last time was when I sliced open my finger while cutting bread and cheese in front of a bunch of grad students. Very slick. 🙂


  38. New Rasl This book can take as long as it wants.  I will buy 1 issue per year if I have to.

  39. @Conor way to rub it in!

  40. My comics of interest are:

    Legion of 3 Worlds

    JSA(wish Johns would stay)


    Phonogram(last issue was ace!)



    BFTC: The Underground(Bat-villains!!!)

    The Muppet Show

    Green Lantern

    and I might pick up Mr.Universe

    BQ: probably doing something stupid at work.  


  41. i might just skip the comics this week

  42. no, wait. Battlefields: Tankies 1, should be good and i’ll find a reason to bitch about Green Lantern 40

  43. Green Lantern


    BQ: I was told the first rule is we arent suppossed to talk about it.

  44. Waiiiit.  First of all, Josh and Conor.  How much of the league book have you read?  Just the first (big) issue or the whole series?  When it comes out will it be eligible for POW?  Have you guys exchanged emails with alan moore?  Also, how does the podcast work with FCBD?  do you guys review FCBD books on the audio podcast?

  45. Thought it was a quiet week, but 11 titles plus previews should keep me going.  Really close to dropping Dark Avengers though.  I know you’re not meant to like the characters, but I just don’t know how much I need to read a monthly, ongoing book about a bunch of sociopaths.

    I had read that LOEG:1910 was aimed for a 29th April release a couple of weeks ago, but clearly it missed that boat, now making it late which is a real shame.

    BQ:  Does the tongue count?? In which case, all the time.  Must learn to eat more slowly……

  46. Battle for the Cowl: The Underground, Garth Ennis Battlefields Tankies #1, Green Lantern #40, Sherlock Holmes #1.  JSA #26 is probably my last issue with the series, I think I’m going to switch to trades.   And this week I’m going to give Conan the Cimmerian a shot.

    Superman has this issue to really impress me, or it’s going to be dropped.  I love Superman, but I don’t need three Superman books.

    Uncanny X-men is dropped (again).  I got no tolerance for this Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-men crossover bullshit.

    BQ: I was shaving my head , and I nicked my ear while shaving the back of my head.

  47. I’m really looking forward to Tankies, Proof and Nova.  I really loved the last issue of Proof and I think it was probably one of the best issues so far.  This is a perfect arc for people to jump on, so I urge everyone, go out and pick it up.

    BQ: I tend to get random nosebleeds, so it was probably one of those.  I don’t even remember the last time I was bleeding from something I did.

  48. I’ll be queuing to get my copy of League signed by Alan Moore and Kev O’Neill in London this w/e at Gosh! Comics.

  49. @Gabe: To answer your questions,

    The first issue.



    Not usually, no.

  50. Do indy creators use the FCBD to pimp their warez? It would be interesting to hear about those. In Israel they usually offer it as an addition to the 1 or 2 issues.

  51. Oh man this is looking like a big week for me. Looking forward to Sherlock Holmes, Phonogram and Green Lantern.

  52. This is too big of a week.  It seems that McKelvie books never come out on Ron’s POW day.  Other than the first phonogram actually.  Well that theory just fell apart… 

  53. Lookin’ forward to Green Lantern, JSA, Gotham Underground, Battlefields, Unknown Soldier … & that’s my entire pull list this week, a quiet one for me. I think my wallet just popped a boner.

    BQ —  Last week I had my first man-period. It was very truamatic.

  54. @Conor Are the new comics this week running "The Mangler?"

  55. captamerica101 (@Autobot_Hunter) says:

    BQ: let’s see, most recent, bit a lip sore. most memorable, sliced open my thumb with a knife. (ouch) 

  56. Jeez, um, JSA because it’s the POW, GL #40, Ult. Wolverine vs. Hulk because I’m a glutton for punishment, and Astounding Wolf-Man #15.

    BQ: I cut my finger doing some modeling work a few years back and cut the tip of my finger off with an Ex-Acto knife. I managed to make it to the bathroom and put a band-aid on, gushing blood the whole way, before I passed out.