New Comics for 04/22/09 never trusts back alley mystics

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, Josh and Gordon the Intern.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike and Sonia.

We’ve got an interesting week on our hands this week.  Lots of high profile books to look forward to… as well as some returning favorites.  Hey, look, it’s Kick-Ass!

I think I’m going to give Mighty Avengers a bit more rope.  I want to see where Slott is taking this whole thing.  At least for a few more issues.  Justice League of America is getting dropped again after that experimental return last month.

I’m really looking forward to Spider-Man 2099 Volume 1!  One of my favorite books of the early 1990s.

This week Josh has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question:
You’ve found a monkeypaw. What’s your wish and how does it ironically and horribly backfire? (courtesy of Woomer via Twitter)


  1. Looking forward to Viking #1 the most. Also giving Astonishing X-Men one last try before I drop it.

  2. Wow, I seem to be buying lots of comics.  Looking forward to the conclusion of the Gaiman/Kubert story in ‘Detective,’ happy about the next trade of ‘Scalped.’  X-Force might get dropped; I like the Messiah War crossover in theory, but I thought we’d be getting Mike Choi interiors instead of Clayton Crain.  And I’m not sure I can deal with Stryfe.

    BQ: I wish for Jean Grey to be resurrected.  It is scripted by Claremont and drawn by Land.  I can’t figure out what’s going on (despite it being explained 3 times in captions) and everybody has pornface.

  3. Invincible and No Hero.

    I wish for more wishes and my hands turn into monkey paws!

  4. Another big week for me.  I think my pull list is in dire need of some trimming.  Still, excited for Ex Machina and Iron Fist

    BQ: I would wish for a new fancy wrist watch, only to realize that it didn’t come with batteries and that the batteries it uses can only be bought in Cuba

  5. Detective Comics, Daredevil and the Battle for the Cowl Arkham Asylum one shot.

    I’m stepping out and trying new things this week–I’m going to give Hellblazer a shot.

  6. BQ: I wish for Lindsay Lohan but instead of Mean Girls Lindsay I get coek head lindsay and she steals my car to pawn it for a hit of china white

  7. I’m really looking forward to Spider-Man and Thor.  New Avengers might be on the chopping block for me.  I need to make some cuts to make room for some new books, and that one might be one to go.

    BQ: I would wish for a brand new awesome computer, but then it comes and it can only ever be plugged in in Europe. 

  8. I’m looking forward to the new issue of Dark Reign Elektra and seeing how they handle her after an interesting first issue. Checking out Viking after watching that ECCC interview, hope it pulls me in.

  9. Looking forward to Detective, Spider-Man, Ex Machina, Hulk (just fun comics), New Avengers, Scalped, Invincible, and a ton more – too many this week. Mighty Avengers and Initiative are on the fence – probably won’t be picking up at least one this week.

    BQ: I’d wish for all monkeys in the world to have all their paws, but then get mauled by a chimp.

  10. I’m pretty excited for all of my books this week, which include: Spider-man, Azrael, Arkham, Detective, Savage Dragon, Thor, and Viking. If several websites are to be believed, I will be getting Ignition City #2 as well, although it shouldn’t be out until May. I was going to get X-Force, but I’m not really wowed by the story so far. I’d hate to not complete the set, but it’s a large week for me alread. I might give Buck Rogers a chance. It’s really hard to turn down a 25 cent comic.

  11. Daredevil, Detective Comics, Incred Hercules, Hellblazer, Savage Dragon, Supergirl….dang its gonna be a good week. Also, prolly going to be the last time I pick up JLA or Astonishing X-Men, unless they suddenly get an upswing in quality. 


    BQ: I’d wish for enough money to buy all the omnibi, trades, OGNs, absolutes, etc on my Amazon wishlist, only to tragically die in an avalanche after my bookcases collapses under their weight.  

  12. BQ; The obvious. I ask for world peace and all humans die.  I feel awful afterwards.

  13. Wow, huge week:

    Azrael: Death’s Dark Knight #02
    BFTC – Arkham Asylum #01
    Detective Comics #853
    Jack of Fables #33
    Outsiders #17
    Scalped #28
    Invincible #61
    Savage Dragon #147
    Viking #01
    ASM #592
    Avengers: The Initiative #23
    Daredevil #118
    Kick-Ass #06
    Marvels: Eye of the Camera #05
    Mighty Avengers #24
    New Avengers #52
    Freakangels Vol. 2


  14. @Rustyautoparts – read enough sucky 25 cent issues with weird adverts (spongebob in the middle of a Daredevil issue) and you’ll resist.

  15. Just Kick-Ass and No Hero for me.

    BQ: I ask to be more outgoing and end up a Jehovah’s witness. 

  16. because of my budget, I only gonna get new avengers, guardians of the galaxy, and mighty avengers. i’mnot sure if i wanted to get astonishing anymore.

  17. bq: wish i’m the last man on earth, but i realized that i ate monkey poop.

  18. I’m buying a lot of comics this week.

    Damn, I thought the Invincible hardcover was coming out this week too . . . but I guess it ain’t.

    I’m looking forward to the Avengers books this week. I might drop Mighty (love Slott, but just not feeling this series) if it doesn’t interest me within the next two issues.

  19. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Light week for me, but all good stuff. Detective Comics, Viking, Thor, Daredevil.

    BQ: This all seems more than a little implausible.   

  20. Back to the light week

    Azreal: Deaths Dark Knight #2 (Very surprising mini right here; first issue was fantastic)

    Detective Comics (My last issue before Rucka comes in and bores me to death)

    Incredible Herc (Bah humbug on Dark Reign)

    BQ: I’ll make a wish that can’t backfire. I wish for a turkey sandwich, on rye bread, with lettuce and mustard, and, AND I don’t want any zombie turkeys, I don’t want to turn into a turkey myself, and I don’t want any other weird surprises. You got it?

    *gets sandwhich and eats*

    Hey! Not bad. Nice, hot mustard. Good bread. The turkey’s a little dry…… The turkey’s a little dry!?

    O, foul accursed thing! What demon from the depths of Hell created thee?!

  21. Having all those scenarios in a cluster makes me realize that monkey paws enjoy pimp-slapping people. Now you know…

  22. 2 books last week…2. This week I have a probable 9 books. Bollocks to you comic companies.

    Thor, Scalped, New Avengers, Detective Comics, Kick Ass, Daredevil, GotG( On thin ice).

    Thinking about getting: ASM, Viking

  23. captamerica101 (@Autobot_Hunter) says:

    BQ: i wish for a million bucks and i get it… in pennies. 

  24. JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    Not a bad week.  Three mainstays in Astonishing X-Men, Mighty Avengers, and New Avengers.

    Three great collections in Scalped vol. 4, Tick: Big Blue Destiny, and X-Men Omnibus vol. 1.

    Viking #1 is the newcomer, so we’ll see how that goes.

  25. Oh I forgot Viking #1 and Buck Rogers #0 is coming out too.

    If my shop gets both or either one I’ll try them too. How can you not pick up Buck Rogers #0 though? It’s 25 cents!! Cha-ching!

  26. Should be a strong week. Amazing Spider-Man, Scalped, Daredevil, Kick Ass, giving Viking a shot and checking out Gambit: Classics and Tick: BBD. Can anyone recomend or tell me not to get said trades?

     BQ: The Flyers win the cup and then are sold to be a second Pittsburg franchise.

  27. I am eagerly awaiting Jack of Fables (part 2 of an unexpected crossover) and the end of "Whatever Happened.."

    BQ: I wish Ron would actually post and interact on a daily basis with the website he helped create (we love you Ron and understand that your "real" job is keeping you busy), but he only posts stories about Darkhawk and Dazzler.

  28. i was looking forward to Detective comics about a month ago but it has been such a long wait that I have lost interest so it is Daredevil for me. I think this will be a epic storyline!!!

  29. Decent week.

    Detective Comics


    Buck Rogers

    Savage Dragon

    BQ: I get a job writing comics. My artist is Rob Liefeld.

  30. it’s a pretty heavy week for me, i’ve got two trades coming my way, so, you know, yay! 

    Azrael Deaths Dark Knight #2 (OF 3)  – i don’t know

    Bprd Tp Vol 10 The Warning – i love reading BPRD in trade, really enjoyable and Guy Davis is my hero

    Detective Comics #853 – Gaiman, he really does write some gay stuff

    Invincible #61 – fun

    Kick Ass #6 – fun

    New Avengers #52 – god, this arc is sucking balls

    Scalped Tp Vol 04 The Gravel In Your Guts – right on

    Viking #1- i have to see what everyone is talking about


    BQ: my enormous penis crushed me to death

  31. Hooray! I’m (however peripherally) an iFanboy contributor!

    Light week for me. probably just Detective, New Avengers, and maybe Spiderman. Anything else I’ll wait to see what the guys say or just wait for the trade.

     BQ: I write a joke that gets accepted, only it turns out to be for Carlos Mencia.

  32. While I’m very excited for this huge week of books, I’m also a bit annoyed that there’s so much in one week for a month with 5 shipping weeks.  Spread out the love!  That said, I’m definitely looking forward to Detective, Daredevil, Dynamo 5, Elephantment, and Scalped.

    BQ: I make wishes only to find out too late that the monkey paw only responds to Bizarro speak.  Even in my fantasies, it ruins everything. 

  33. This is the biggest week for me that i can remember. Avengers: the Intiative, Invincible, Thor, Ex Machina, Viking, and that Buck rogers 25 cent issue(i like the old show. I’m starting to think that New Avengers is expendable or me. I’m not loving the magic stuff and the 4 dollar price tag for something i don’t love is not attractive. But I’m siked for this week and josh has pick of the week!

  34. I’m giving Astonishing X-Men one last try, hopefully we’ll see the plot progress on this issue

    I’m also giving JLA a last chance

    I’m excited for the conclusion to Gaiman’s arc on Detective Comics

    Thor is by far one of the best series out there, so I’m definitely excited for that

    Ex Machina is also great, DD has been really good of late, Guardians always delivers, New Avengers is one of he better Marvel series, and Kick Ass is a lot of fun

    Mighty Avengers will hopefully get better, I have faith in Dan Slott; Avengers:Initiative and Iron Fist are always solid; Azrael should be good; Messiah War continues in X-Force

    Will someone please write a good Supergirl comic?


  35. Lookin’ forward to the Batman books, Daredevil, Kick Ass & Scalped!! Good week!

    BQ – I wish for a pet monkey, but he is missing a paw. He blames me for this & pours lighter fluid on me when I’m sleeping & sets me ablaze & laughs wildly as I burn up.

  36. Biiiigggg week, and I’m hoping to get the new Nova trade off the shelf.  Desperately need to trim some stuff but what to cut, what to cut???  Honestly, there is a lot of good stuff still getting put out there, not to mention some of the great things I’ve just seen in DC’s July solicits…

  37. Fairly big week for me; Angel, Battle for the Cowl: Arkham, Detective, Dynamo 5, Kick-Ass, and I’m gonna treat myself to the Hack Slash omnibus.

  38. Most looking forward to Detective Comics and Viking (because of the The Emerald City show). I’m on the fence with Avengers the Initiative and I’m probably dropping Mighty Avengers.

    Too have time to read all of the books (comics, graphic novels, and prose) only to have my glasses break. NNOOOOOOOO!!!! It isn’t fair.
  39. Big week here.  Maybe I’ll drop Mighty Avengers.  I’m only buying Detective for this story, so that’s a contributing factor.  I just started on Incredible Hercules, but I don’t see that getting dropped soon. 

    BQ: I get an infinite supply of money for life, but the IRS comes up with a special tax bracket for "infinite supply of money."

  40. I don’t even know what constitutes a light week anymore. 16 books seems lethal to me.

    I can’t wait to see where Invincible can possibly go from here. Robert Kirkman seems to delight in breaking his books just to see if he can write his way back out.

    New Avengers, Mighty Avengers, and Avengers: Initiative all on the same day, huh? That’s the way we’re gonna play it?

    BQ: The way I figure it, I’d say, "I wish I never had to work again a day in my life," and then I’d go over to the vending machine for a soda, and it would eat my dollar, and I’d start shaking the machine in anger, and it would fall on me, crushing everything below the waist and setting me up for a lucrative lawsuit.

  41. @Jimski  Wow, you’re scary good at this. 

  42. My comics of interest are:

    Detective Comics(Yay! about time, its been almost four months)

    Batman: BFTC Arkham

    Savage Dragon

    Ex Machina (Yay! about time, its been almost six months)



    and i might give Spider-man(mark waid!) and Buck Rogers($0.25!) a shot.

    BQ: That Marc Bolin didn’t die. Only for him to reveal that he was not "Born to Boogie" 🙁


  43. REALLY looking forward to the second half of Gaiman’s Bat story and.. perhaps New Avengers.

    BQ: I wish to be the best artist in the world, but I live in a world where nobody appreciates anything but Manga.

  44. Amazing Spider-Man #592

    Astonishing X-Men #29

    Azrael Deaths Dark Knight #2 (OF 3)

    Batman Battle For The Cowl Arkham #1

    Daredevil #118

    Detective Comics #853

    Immortal Iron Fist #25

    Incredible Hercules #128

    New Avengers #52

    Outsiders #17

    Supergirl #40

    Thor #601

    Trinity #47

    Wolverine Origins #35

    X-Force #14


    Loving the Outsiders right now….hoping Detective lives up the 1st part of the storyline….looking forward to Azrael of all books, I really enjoyed the story and the art was absolutly gorgeous in #1


    BQ:  "I wish I was little bit taller, wish I was a balla. I wish I had a rabbit in a hat and a six-foot Impala."

  45. Big week for me coming off a light week.

     I am very excited about Thor and Detective Comics. I’m not picking up Azreal or Battle for the Cowl:Arkham Asylum due already pulling 9 books. I really didn’t care for the first Azreal book and I think I can pass on Arkham Asylum.

  46. Strangely light week since I dropped X-Force and Astonishing X-Men a while back. Leaves me with Angel After The Fall #20, Avengers Initiative #23, Mighty Avengers #24, and New Avengers #52…which is obviously the one I’m most excited about and pretty much guaranteed to be my POW since it’s the only Bendis book in the stack.

    I’ll probably pick up the new Scalped trade while I’m at it.

    BQ: I’d wish to win the lottery and I’d end up having to split it with thousands of other people because I’m a dumbass who still plays the Lost numbers. 🙂


  47. Azrael: Death’s Dark Knight #02
    BFTC – Arkham Asylum #01
    Detective Comics #853
    Kick-Ass #06


    This is gonna be a great week! The best in, well … weeks. 

  48. BQ: I wish to get all the issues and cross overs for "Battle For The Cowl". I read them and at the end realize that batman is not dead and the whole collection is a waste of time .. along with whatever Morrison has devised for batman…

  49. @ohcaroline It was already made as Phoenix Endsong no?

    BQ : I wish roadcrew1 would use smaller a smaller font

  50. Detective

    Savage Dragon 

    kick ass

    BQ: My wish: a really cute girl challenges me to play a game of Ms. Pacman, I will let her win to make her feel good. Then her boyfriend comes over after the game and she makes fun of me for losing to a girl.

  51. Let’s see: I have about 5 titles this week, 3 of them Batman related!!  Arkham Asylum, Detective, Azrael, etc.  I got Supergirl and The Amazing Spiderman on my pull list as well! 

     Let’s see, other then wishing to be God’s gift to women and financially comfortable, I would with that Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles would return for a third and fourth season!

  52. BQ: I really like Rick Remender so I wish he gets more work. He gets more work… then proceeds to stop writing Fear Agent for at least the next 2 years. Bollocks.