New Comics for 03/10/2010 Liked THE HURT LOCKER Just Fine

Get to pulling this Wednesday's books, and then let us know what you're looking forward to most, what you're dropping, what others should be buying and anything you're thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, and Josh.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, and Chris.

This week I'm most excited for the Batgirl and Red Robin crossover — both issues are out this week! More people need to be reading these books. They're great!

This week Josh has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: If you had had a vote who would you have voted for Best Picture of 2009?

Here are the nominees:

Avatar, The Blind Side, District 9, An Education, The Hurt Locker, Inglourious Basterds, Precious, A Serious Man, Up, Up in the Air


  1. Batman And Robin #10
    Batman Widening Gyre #5 (OF 6)
    Bprd King Of Fear #3 (OF 5)
    Gi Joe Origins #13
    Red Robin #10
    Unwritten #11
    BQ: District 9 
  2. I just noticed Batgirl.  I’m going to grab that, too.

  3. I’m kinda glad Last Stand of New Krypton is on 3 issues.  Sad Dark Xmen is over & Paul Cornell hasn’t been announce to do any other X titles. Curious about Mystic Hands of Dr Stange & JL Rise Fall.

    BQ: Iron Man 2 Trailer

  4. I love that Unwritten and Daytripper have been coming out the same week each month.  Feeds my Vertigo hunger very nicely 🙂

    BQ: I can only go off what I saw – District 9.  Avatar was nice, but too overhyped for me

  5. I think I’m off Batman & Robin again.  I loved the last arc with Cameron Stewart art & the Batwoman guest appearance, but I don’t think I care to get sucked into the whole return of Bruce Wayne plot.  I am anticipating ‘Batgirl.’  Also happy to see ‘Ex Machina,’ as always.

    BQ: Up.

  6. Is green lantern corp still coming out this week? Its not on this weeks list here, but its still on DC’s page…

  7. BQ: Inglorious

  8. BQ: Glad that The Hurt Locker won, but I think the two that have stuck with me the most are Inglorious Basterds and A Serious Man. I don’t think many will go for A Serious Man, but I was riveted by the Coens’ craftmanship, and then the movie and ended, and I said "wha?" then had to think on it for about half and hour, and then I just loved it. It appeals to me on a level that none of the others do. So… A Serious Man by a nose.

  9. Just Savage Dragon, Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer and X-Men: Pixie Strikes Back for me.

    Maybe Secret Six, but I would have to go back and pick up all the issues I missed. The last one I bought was #15.

    BQ: I never saw any of those movies. (I don’t really watch movies.)

  10. BQ.  District 9.

  11. Amazing Spider-Man #624

    Batman And Robin #10

    Bprd King Of Fear #3 (OF 5)

    Criminal Sinners #5

    Powers #3

    Punisher Max #5

    Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #8

    Wolverine Weapon X Prem Hc Vol 02 Insane In The Brain


    BQ: Hurt Locker with D9 a close 2nd (War Vets need their stories told like the Deer Hunter, Platoon & Full Metal Jacket)

  12. Secret Six, Unwritten, House of Mystery, Ex Machina

    BQ: Up 

    BQ2: Whatever happened to my Image friends Fell, Bad Dog and Four Eyes?  I miss them all.

  13. Batman And Robin #10

    Criminal Sinners #5

    The Mystic Hands Of Dr Strange #1

    Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #8

    Unwritten #11

    BQ A Serious Man. A cracking film, District Nine was close behind though 


  14. You know honestly, none of those movies really struck me as anything I feel is the best.  I liked several of them, but none of them really stuck with me.  I did buy Inglourious Basterds, but I don’t think it’s a Best Picture kind of movie.  Same with Avatar and the Hurt Locker.  I dunno. 

    Some critic I am!

  15. BQ: Hurt Locker or Basterds.

    Still haven’t seen Precious or An Education (and I won’t watch Blind Side)

  16. Ex Machina and Criminal, what a week!

    BQ: I don’t know. Up I guess. I honestly don’t care for award shows.

  17. BQ: I would have gone with Inglorious Basterds. Tarantino really grew as a filmmaker and yet retained his own, as the french say, i don’t know what.

  18. Batgirl #8
    Justice League Rise And Fall Special #1
    Powers #3
    Red Robin #10
    Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #8


    BQ: inglorious basterds, I thnk as a movie experience it excelled without needing to be flashy

  19. Batman And Robin #10
    Cable #24
    Criminal Sinners #5
    Gantz Tp Vol 09
    Punisher Max #5
    Red Robin #10

    Short stack for me this week.

    BQ: I’d have to say Inglorious Basterds. However, I haven’t watched allof the above movies.

  20. batgirl, red robin, batman and robin, criminal, amazing spiderman, and daytripper.

    bq: basterds

  21. batman and robin 10


    criminal sinners 5

     BQ: District 9 easily. Up was really good too. 

  22. Batgirl (WHOO!) Red Robin, Cable, B&R, JL: Rise and Fall.  Another small week, since GLC is late and three books that were supposed to come out last week are late yet again.  All X-Books, too.

    BQ: District 9, but of the nominees I only saw it and Avatar.  Want to see Up and Inglorious Basterds.  And that Woody Harrelson movie that wasn’t nominated.  I don’t want to see Precious, but I probably will because I feel like I should.

  23. I know I’m very far behind on my reading, but I’d swear 40% of these books came out last week.

  24. Secret Six, Batman and Robin, Batgirl and RedRobin.


    BQ: Like most people I have not seen most of those movies, I saw and liked both Basterds and District 9 but would not call either one must see.  I want to watch Hurt Locker but have not found the time, I have like 4 movies in a stack to watch and have not.

    @daccampo because of you I will now have yo watch  A Serious Man.

  25. Amazing Spider-Man and Unwritten for me this week.

    BQ: I would probably vote for either Up or District 9. Though I haven’t seen Inglorious or Hurt Locker yet.

  26. Batman and Robin #10,

    BPRD King of Fear #3

    Criminal Sinners #5

    Daytripper #4

    DMZ #51

    Doom Patrol #8

    Ex Machina #48

    REBELS #14

    Unwritten #11


    BQ: Haven’t seen Hurt Locker, A serious Man, An Education, or Precious so I’ll go with Basterds.

  27. BQ  Definitly Hurt Locker.  I would agree that none of the movies that I saw (half of them) made me automatically think best picture.  I only came to that conclusion because I looked at the rest of the field and saw that Hurt Locker was much better that a relatively weak field.

  28. Wow 2009 was a slow movie year for me. Haven’t seen half of those movies.

  29. BQ:  Inglorious Basterds was probably my favorite but Hurt Locker deserved it.

  30. @Josh – So what was your best of ’09?

    Wow, I finally have some comics coming down the pipe. I was getting a little ancey there. Cannot wait for Daytripper, and Criminal is finishing up? Too awesome. I’m also picking up Moonknight’s first 3 collected issues and "How To Break Into Comics The Marvel Way" which should be great.

    BQ – Up, hands down. I don’t think a movie’s gotten me to choke up 15 minutes into it before that.

  31. Not totally happy with any of them, so I will write in INCEPTION…coming this July.

  32. Just Amazing Spider-Man, Last Stand of New Krypton, and Unwritten for me. I’m sure I’ll find some fun stuff to buy at Emerald City, though. I’d hate to not spend enough money this week…

  33. Not a week that’s got anything out of the ordinary, but it’s nice to see Daytripper and Ex Machina.  Not at all on board for another Superman crossover or the Justice League One shot.  Pick of the week could be quite tough.

    BQ: Absolutely without doubt Up In The Air.  A grown up comedy drama, incredibly well acted and written, with something to say not just about the recession but the lives we live today.  It’s what oscars should be awarded to.  If not, Hurt Locker or Up.

  34. Going to give Last Stand of Krypton a try along with PunisherMAX and Spider-Man both Ultimate and Amazing.

    BQ – District 9 followed closely by UP

  35. BQ:  I think they made the right choice, I would have voted for the Hurt Locker.  That being said, I probably enjoyed watching Basterds the most, and found A Serious Man to be the most thought-provoking.

  36. good solid week for me:

    Amazing Spider-Man

    BPRD: King of Fear

    Batman and Robin

    Criminal: The Sinners

    Jersey God’s (This is ending soon, too bad)

    Justice League: Rise and Fall Special

    The Muppet Show (This isn’t on the IFanboy list(yet) but according to Boom it will be out this week)

    The Unwritten

    BQ: as much as I liked "Up in the Air", I would have gone with "The Hurt Locker" or "Inglourius Basterds".

  37. BQ: Hurt Locker

  38. Diggin how DC’s making up for lost time with Batman & Robin. Batgirl’s been so much unexpected fun and so has Red Robin, so the cross-over should be double delicious.

    B.Q. I loved "The Hurt Locker" and am glad it won. Personally, my favorite film this year was "Inglorious Basterds" with "A Serious Man" was a close second tied with "The Hurt Locker" and "Up in the Air." I loved "Up" too, but it won best animated feature, so, y’know…

  39. batman and robin, batgirl, red robin, and spider-man

    bq: haven’t seen most of them, but would go for an education

  40. Up in the Air

  41. I saw all of the BP nominees except The Blind Side & A Serious Man. My pick would have definitely gone to Inglorious Basterds but The Hurt Locker was fantastic also.

  42. Lightest week in a long time, but always excied for Criminal and Batman & Robin.

    BQ: Of the 4 nominees I’ve seen, Inglorious Basterds was my favorite but Hurt Locker was next and I was pleased to see it recognized.

  43. B.Q. Inglourious Basterds.

  44. Perfect week…

    Action Comics, Batgirl, Batman & Robin, Daytripper, Justice League Rise & Fall, Red Robin, & Last Stand of New Krypton.

    BQ: Inglourious Basterds, although I enjoyed Avatar, D9, Blindside, and An Education. IB gets my vote.

  45. Batman and Robin, Daytripper, Ultimate Spiderman and Unwritten for me this week. A small week, but very high in quality. Although Batman and Robin is very close to getting the axe


    BQ: I’ve only seen a few of these, but I’m going to have to put my vote in for Inglorious Basterds, I’m seeing The Hurt Locker tomorrow, though, so that could easily change once I see that. AS for the ones still left, Basterds was the best, if only for Cristoph Waltz’ performance 

  46. BQ: The Hurt Locker

    Batman And Robin #10

    Ultimate Comics Spider-man #8

  47. I only seen Basterds so…

    Anyway, I’m exitec for Batgirl/red Robin, and Day Tripper

  48. BQ: Hurt Locker

    Avatar is NOT the Best Pitcure.




  49. Very slow week for me, which is fantastic. Cause I am having HUGE money problems right now and the option of not reading comics……is a real thing right now. *bites finger* But these next three weeks should be fine, if I can spend wisely.

    As for this week I just have ‘Batman and Robin’ and Punisher MAX.

    BQ: Inglorious Basterds, no question.

  50. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    BQ: I haven’t seen 40% of the nominees (Hurt Locker, Precious, A Serious Man, or The Blind Side.) Of the ones I’ve seen, I enjoyed all of them. An Education was quite good, but not really a Best Picture. Avatar was visually impressive, but didn’t have a script worth awarding. I’d be happy with any of the remaining film in the top spot, but my vote would’ve gone to UP because it delivered on every front. 

  51. relatively big week for me.

    Amazing Spider-man

    Batman Widening gyre


    Conan Frazetta Cover (eventhough I dropped the ongoing series last ish.  Im a sucker for Frazetta)



    Elephantmen (this is one of those books I look forward to so much.  Its so good.  Seems like forever between issues)

    Jersey Gods (same comment as Elephantmen)

    Savage Dragon 

    Soloman Kane

    -I love the variety this week for me.

    BQ:  Inglorious Basterds

  52. Just spiderman and criminal for me.

     BQ: The hurt locker by a long shot, best representation of iraq that ive seen so far

  53. BQ: Moon. But of the actual choices its a toss-up between Hurt Locker and District 9

    Red Robin/Batgirl 



    Punisher MAX 


  54. Batman and Robin #10
    BPRD: King of Fear #3
    Criminal: The Sinners #5
    Daytripper #4
    DMZ #51
    Ex Machina #48
    Secret Six #19
    The Unwritten #11

    BQ: Inglourious Basterds.

  55. Holy crap!  It’s a huge week for me.  Looking forward to Daytripper, Unwritten, Criminal, ASM, Batman and Robin, Red Robin, and Batgirl!  Also, I’m interested in the JLA: Rise and Fall because Krul killed that Blackest Night: Green Arrow issue.  Hopefully this will be just as good.

    BQ: Like many, I didn’t see all of the nominees, but I did see The Hurt Locker.  I don’t see what the big furry deal is.  It was a good movie, but certainly not the best I saw.  Of those that I saw, I choose UP.  Definitely the most well rounded and emotionally rewarding on the list.

  56. Amazing Spider-man#624

    Ultimate Spider-man#8

    BQ: The Hurt Locker

  57. What would Conor and Ron picked for best pic?

    I only saw 3 of the nominees: IB, Up, & Avatar.

    I’d pick IB.  The others were good too.  Want to watch the rest as well…except Precious.  Bleh.

  58. Up in the Air

  59. There’s so little coming out for me that I’m not even sure I should bother going to the store. I’d only be picking up X-Men Forever and possibly The Twelve Spearhead. Maybe I should figure out where I left off with Exterminators trades or just pick up the second volume of Northlanders. *shrug*

    BQ: I saw Up In The Air and Inglourious Basterds. Might go with Basterds as best picture, but aside from not particularly wanting Avatar to win, I wasn’t very invested in that particular award.


  60. action, batman and robin, batgirl, red robin, jla special, rebels, amazing spider-man, daytripper, superman/krypton, doom patrol and secret 6 (whew!)

    bonus: Hurt Locker had my vote when i first saw it last year–Colin Firth and Helen Mirren were robbed,tho 🙁



  61. Let the Right One In – awesome movie


    and Martyrs was the most disturbing film i have seen in years 

  62. @cornflakes

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure Green Lantern Corps is supposed to come out this week.  IGN put up a preview and said the release date is 3/10.

  63. BQ: The Hurt Locker – I knew it would be the best movie I saw when I watched it in June and the best film won for once.

  64. Diamond doesn’t have GLC on its shipping list, so I expect it to be delayed, which is welcomed since everything on my list this week is stuff I regularly read. I don’t want to have to make a decision on which of the others I WON’T be picking up.

  65. BQ: A close call between Up in the air and IB. Only seen half of them though.

  66. Batman and Robin


    BQ: District 9

  67. Amazing Spider-Man, Batmana nd Robin, Doom Patrol for me. Possibly Justice League: Rise and Fall. ANd I somehow missed Flash: Rebirth last time i was in the store. Have to see if i can still get that.


    BQ: Up.  

  68. @Edward

    When i saw the solicitation for that in previews a few months back, I had to make sure i wasn’t dreaming. Then I called my wife over to verify I wasn’t seeing things. We both had the same reaction as you lol.  

  69. Nothing for me this week except the boys trade eventually.

    BQ: I’ve not seen all of them but Hurt Locker was just ok and District 9 was pretty awful.  

  70. Pretty light week for me.

    Batman and Robin #10

    Red Robin #10 (And I guess I’ll pick up Batgirl for crossover reasons, but I’m not happy about it. I hear it’s good, but man do I hate Stephanie Brown.)

    Secret Six

    Ex Machina

    JL Rise and Fall (Hangs head in shame)

    BQ: I liked Hurt Locker, but I don’t see the big deal. I’m told its a very accurate portrayal of military life in Iraq. So it has that going for it. It just didn’t leave much of an impression on me. I would’ve voted for Basterds, with District 9 as my second.

  71. Batgirl #8
    Batman And Robin #10
    Human Target #2 (OF 6)
    Justice League Rise And Fall Special #1
    Red Robin #10

    BQ: Hands Down "The Hurt Locker" The Academy finally got it right.  There were a few unreal moments but the movie was pretty damn good.

  72. Batman & Robin, Batgirl, Red Robin, Punisher MAX, Amazing Spidey, and maybe Unwritten but I’m getting sick of it.  I think there were one or two more issues but I can’t remember now.

    BQ: Inglourious Basterds for me.  I didn’t like The Hurt Locker all that much and I didn’t even like the preview for Avatar enough to go see it.

  73. BQ: I cant be the only person who didn’t like The Hurt Locker as much as everyone else right? My pic would be An Education or Up In the Air

  74. My God, I loved basterds