New Comics for 02/25/09 are west bound

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, Josh,and Gordon the Intern. And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, and Sonia.

What’s that noise? Oh, it’s the beeping from the Marvel truck that’s coming to dump a ton of books on your doorstep. Captain America, The New Avengers, The Mighty Avengers, Fantastic Four, and Ultimate Spider-Man are all books that I’m really looking forward to from the House of Ideas. Not to be left out, DC hits us with a double shot of Geoff Johns with Green Lantern and Justice Society of America, as well as the next issue in the endlessly fascinating New Krypton with Superman.

This week Ron has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: Did you watch the Academy Awards last night? If so, what were your best and worst moments?



  1. Good Week


    BQ: Best was Hugh Jackman saying "I’m Wolverine!"; worst was the musical number with all the song and Beyonce etc.  Bad.

  2. Most looking forward to getting my Avengers fix from New and Mighty.

  3. I was convinced this was a small week for me.  Then I realized there’s the Black Adam JSA arc I want to keep reading.  And Captain America.  And two Avengers books.  So more stuff than I thought, but it’s all exciting, so yay for that.  Though at the risk of being really predictable, I’m most looking forward to Cyclops showing up for the first time in ‘Wolverine First Class.’

    BQ: I always wonder why I watch the whole thing, but I always do.  I loved all the acceptance speeches, particularly Sean Penn and the screenwriter from ‘Milk.’  I hated the setup for the acting awards, when they talked forever instead of showing clips.  Bad idea.

  4. Fear Agent. Fear Agent. FEAR – F@&%ING – AGENT!


    BQ: Errrrr…..Man, the whole thing kinda blew, didn’t it?

  5. Great week although I’m considering dropping both Thunderbolts and JSA. Really happy and sad to be getting the next issue of Fear Agent considering the series is drawing to a close.

    BQ:I thought the setup for the awards were fantastic, especially Steve Martin and Tina Fey presenting the screenwriting awards. The best moment of the night was in the begining when you could hear the guys behind set saying "Steve open it up", referring to the curtains, when the video had already started playing behind them.

  6. BQ: No.

  7. Most excited for the new arc of Conan, JSA, Green Lantern, and New Krypton.   

    BQ:  Best moments: Dustin Lance Black’s acceptance speech for Milk, Tina Fey and Steve Martin presenting, and every moment with Hugh Jackman.  I wished the in Memoriam had been shown full screen instead of a roaming shot of the stage.  

  8. Can only afford to buy a few books per week these days.  This week I see about 18 books I’m interested in reading.  But making the cut for cold hard cash are: Captain America, Green Lantern, X-Force and Umbrella Academy (which may be the book I’m most excited about).  Might splurge with New Avengers and/or Superman.

    I’m still waiting for the Superman books to settle down into an interesting, well-told story– rather than setup for a promised interesting, well-told story in the future. 

    As for the Oscars: Jackman’s opening number was great, especially his version of The Reader.  Worst part: a tie between the ridiculous running time (seriously, the show only needs to be about an hour and a half) and the obnoxious, incredibly annoying segments with actors delivering the awards.

  9. Umbrella Acadmey, double-shot of Avengers, and Unknown Soldier are my heavy hitters.

    BQ: Dustin Lance Black’s speech, "I’m Wolverine," Meryl Streep not winning, and the Pineapple Express reviewers were my highlights. Downsides include lack of Anne Hathaway winning and the Beyonce musical.

  10. Avengers Almighty this week with a nice shot of cap and jsa and green lantern oh and supes

    bq: hugh jackman was awesome

  11. Hmm, I don’t think there’s a single book I’m buying this week. Maybe Superman but all the other stuff I read in trades. Speaking of trades, I am getting the new Sword and DMZ trade from last week.

    BQ: Hugh Jackman was good 

  12. the mighty marvel truck will indeed be burying me this week…

     BQ – always a sucker for the Oscar.  Tina Fey and Steve Martin were fantastic.  Not sure how I feel about the acting presentations, some seemed written by the presenters and were great, others it seemed like they barely knew who they were talking about.

  13. Dropping New Avengers this week, unless someone says it’s fantastic. 

  14. Man, oh man – is this a great week for comics or what???  Some of my pulls include: Conan, Fear Agent (Heath vs. Heath!!!), Green Lantern, JSA, Superman, Astounding Wolf-Man, Dynamo 5, Captain America, Fantastic Four, Hulk (I actually like this book – not enough respect for it on iFanboy), Incredible Herc (I love this book – it’s hilarious), Mightly Avengers, New Avengers, Thunderbolts, and Ultimate S-M.  This is some goooood reading!

    My LCS is ordering me a copy of last week’s Amber Atoms #1.  Anyone here get a copy?  What did you think?

    BQ:  I liked it all, and I am not generally an Oscar show fan.  Hugh Jackman rocked.  Tina Fey and Steve Martin stole the show.  And I was moved that Heath Ledger won for Dark Knight.  It was a good night.

  15. Real excited for Umbrella Academy, Green Lantern and Starman Vol. 2, and excited isn’t the right word so i’m anticipating great reads from Dear Billy and Unknown Soldier.

    BQ: The opening number, and "How for so many years did Sean Penn get all those jobs playing straight men?"

  16. I am about 3 weeks behind in my books.. SO busy this month.  My recreational reading time can be determined by determining the inverse proportion of time being up late with the little one, working OT, and doing assigned readings for school.  I am really looking forward to sitting down with a month’s worth of Avengers and Spiderman and powering through it all in one go.  Please comic book gods, let it be this week.. please. 

    BQ: Worst moment was Cuba Gooding JR trying to be funny, but not really, because it was a poor joke and he didn’t sell it and RDJR ended up looking like Jim from the office during one of Michael’s more embarrasing moments.  Also, Beyonce lip-synching. 

    Best moment was the Baz Lurhman choreography and Hugh Jackman’s fantastic stage presence.  Too bad they didn’t give him more material.  Oh, and Tina Fey and Steve Martin – DON"T fall in love with me! 


  17. Solid week. I look forward to the new Starman Omnibus the most.

  18. Looking forward to new Gigantic, Umbrella Academy, GL, and Mouse Guard!


    Ok, I’m done pimping.

    BQ: I did not watch the Oscars because I didn’t care about any of the movies nominated.  I’ve felt very amibivalent about cinema lately.

  19. OH COME ON.  The new Starman Omnibus too!??  *cries a single tear*

    Maybe I’ll spend a sick day. 

  20. Stoked On: Fear Agent, Battlefields, Green Lantern

    Kinda Excited For: New Avengers, Superman, Sword

    Suspect: Mighty Avengers, Jack of Fables, Hulk

    B.Q. Hugh Jackman is an astounding entertainer. 

  21. Good week for Remender this week


    BQ  ‘I’m Wolveriiiiiiine’

  22. As much as Secret Invasion may have bombed, Dark Reign’s firing on all cylinders. That last issue of Mighty Avengers was easily the best of the entire series and the most recent New Avengers was ‘fantastic’ to say the least. Always stoked about GL.

    BQ: no way. Travis Pastrana and company were base-jumping off the Las Vegas Palms and driving trophy trucks down the strip last nite on Nitro Circus. No comparison. Even tuned into the last 50 laps of the California race. Kyle Busch didn’t win. Beautiful!  

  23. Fuucckkk. Too big a week.  Most excited for: the captain america trade, cause I’ve been buying the issues so that when this one comes out, I can hope right in.

  24. Hugh week for me….and you know what they say about people with big pulls…..big stacks

    Captain America (Could be my last issue on this series, it needs to wow me)

    Green Lantern

    Incredible Hercules (PICK THIS ISSUE UP!!! This is a great jumping on point for anyone who hasnt tried it yet!!!)



    Plus a surprise appearence of (hopefully maybe) The Warriors #1!!

    BQ; It was a very boring night but…..The worst was anytime Hugh Jackman was on screen; plus this new procedure for Best Actor/Actress presentation. But the best was (shockingly for me) Ben Still playing as Pheonix and Danny Boyle smiling threw out the show.

  25. Most excited for Mighty Avengers and Green Lantern.  FF gets me giddy too, just not so much. 

    Also I’m dropping Cap. America.  It just really hasn’t been doing much for me the past 4 months or so.  I feel bad for dropping it so close to the issue #50 mark though, so I might change my mind in the store and just buy it.

    Oh, and Templesmith’s one-shot Doctor Who issue from IDW!!!  I recommend everyone check it out.

    BQ:The wife turned it on, but I didn’t really pay attention.  I liked when the Japanese movie won best foreign film.  Awesome acceptance speech.

  26. green lantern and ultimate spider-man

    bq: Ledger winning the oscar was the best and the worst was either that terrible musical number of wally pfister not winning for best cinemotography.  he shot 6 action sequences using an imax camera, and its the most breathtaking stuff ive ever seen.  what bullshit.

  27. My goodness there are a lot of Marvel books this week. I went to their weekly releases page a few days ago and did a double take, because I thought I was seeing all of their books for the MONTH not the WEEK. Just Cap and FF for me, though. Someday I’m really going to have to get caught up on Green Lantern…

    BQ: Hell no. Don’t get me started on Hollywood. They can pretend to be do-gooders all they want, they’re still a bunch of ugly, selfish egomaniacs.

  28. Green Lantern, JSA, New Avengers, Nova, and Superman.

    I’ll give Captain America one more chance before I decide if I’ll stick to trades with it or not.

    Fantastic Four is on notice.  I may decide to drop it once I get to the store

    And I’m very excited for the Starman omnibus

    BQ: I wish I cared about the Academy Awards, but I was very happy for Ledger.

  29. Umbrella Academy!!! I can’t wait.

    Thunderbolts.- this is my first time reading it but herad so much thought i would pick it up.

    Runaways- Probably drop this if it doesn’t pick up this issue 


  30. Huge week – some high-quality stuff here. JSA, the Avengers books, Superman, Captain America, Sword, Proof, Eye of the Camera (really good mini), Green Lantern, Ultimate Spidey, Battlefields, Hulk, Fear Agent.

    Possibly my last issue of Runaways  – maybe the art will be more coherent now that Ramos is gone. Also on the fence with Mighty Avengers and the Initiative – now that the creative teams have changed, I’m just not that interested any more.

    BQ: Best moment – DeNiro. Worst – Angelina Jolie adopting the Slumdog kids.

  31. Green Lantern and Justice Society!!!

    Light week this week…only five books.  I also need to pick up the Ultimate Spiderman Trade that I apparently missed a couple weeks ago.  How’d that happen??

    BQ: Didn’t watch ’em….didn’t miss ’em 

  32. Wow, what a good week.

    Captain America #47 – solid

    Fantastic Four #564 – solid

    Fear Agent #26 – entertaining

    Garth Ennis Battlefields Dear Billy #2 – excellent

    Gigantic #3 (OF 5) – starting to lose me

    Green Lantern #38 – I might be dropping this. I can’t manage to be excited about spooky aliens talking mumbo jumbo

    Justice Society Of America #24 – nothing to say

    Mighty Avengers #22 – on the cutting board

    New Avengers #50 – cool. I’m not a fan of the artist jam though

    Umbrella Academy Dallas #4 (OF 6) – cool beans!

    BQ: the media in Australia made an enormous deal about Hugh Jackman hosting. I thought the first song was entertaining but when he lost me on the second one… 3 minutes of a musical is ok, anymore and I will want to kill myself.

  33. HUGE Week!  Cap, Gigantic, Usagi, Gi Joe Origins, Umbrella, Battlefields, Fear Agent, Proof & Sword

    BQ: More like Hugh Hackman.  I thought he was absolutely brutal… as was the enitre produciton.

  34. Whew, this is a big week for me.  Really looking forward to Battlefields, Proof, Gigantic and Nova.  New Avengers might be on the chopping block after this issue.  I am also interested in Mouse Guard…even if I can’t remember what happened in the last one…

    BQ: Didn’t watch it, not really interested in them. 

  35. Throw up your dukes this week is heavy!!!

    Green Lantern and Captain America for sure. Possibly FF for the cover and Superman because i’m loosely following that. Fear Agent if I had the money. 

  36. So much to look forward to:  Fear Agent, JSA, Starman, Umbrella, GL.

    BQ: I liked way they introduced the nominees for the acting categories but they should have showed some clips too.  Every other category had samples of the nominated work.

    oh and Queen Latifah rocked my world – she made me cry!

  37. Umbrella Academy: Dallas #04
    Blue Beetle #36
    Green Lantern #38
    JSA #24
    Teen Titans #68
    Astounding Wolf-Man #13
    Avengers Initiative #22
    Captain America #47
    Marvels: Eye of the Camera #04
    Mighty Avengers #22
    New Avengers #50
    Runaways #07
    Battlefields: Dear Billy #02

    Great week all around. We’ve got a light week as far as indies go, but the books we do have are sure to be greatness. DC has kind of a small pile, but I’m really looking forward to Green Lantern & JSA. Blue Beetle saddens me to read, as does Teen Titans, but for completely different reasons, heh. The real winner of the week is Marvel — almost all of the Avenger books, Captain America, the Marvels sequel, and the Runaways. Looks to be a very, very solid week.

    BQ: Didn’t watch it. =


  38. Hey Hey I just noticed something. Thunderbolts has an Obama cameo and Savage Dragon has an alternative cover with Obama on it….


    ….Like we havent gotten sick of this already.

  39. @TNC: You might be sick of it but the covers still sell a lot so they’ll keep pumping them out until they stop doing so.

  40. @conor: I know they sell just….I mean I voted for the man but even I’m getting tired of seeing his face on comics. lol

  41. I like when comics make money.  

  42. I just like it that even the president isnt immune to be whored out by the public.

  43. Looking forward to Green Lantern, Dear Billy & Unknown Soldier mostly.

    BQ – I saw parts of the show, & Ledger winning was the best part (& the only thing I cared about). As an Aussie comic book fan, it’s AWESOME & well deserved that he won.

  44. @TNC-No president is immune!  Bush’s face was all over the place.  Usually on gag gifts, but still.  Bring on the comic money!

  45. Nice week with some of my total favourites: Captain America; Nova; Ultimate Spidey; Green Lantern & Justice Society.

    BQ: my favourite part was when the camera cut to evil husband stealer Angelina Jolie during Jennifer Aniston’s unfunny bit with Jack Black. Worst moment was Kate Winslet’s speech. Maybe now she’ll finally shut up. 

  46. @wadewilson. as always Richard Wilkins is the best part of the night!

  47. THe worst moment of the Academy Awards was the Acaddmy Awards. That thing is aweful.

  48. LOL edward. At least he wasn’t the only overly cheesy Aussie this time, Jackman held his own.

  49.  Most excited for War Machine and New Avengers. Everything I’m getting is awesome, though.


    BQ: Didn’t watch it.

  50. Great Avenger’s week, Cap  and other good stuff. Im ashamed to say I am considering getting Hulk #10. Im a sucker for the Defenders, but I dont know if I can handle the shame.

    BQ: Didnt watch it, I knew the movies I liked were going to get jobbed for the overly dramatic sob/joy fests like Slumdog or the Reader. Bleh. Gran Torino getting shut out is unforgivable.

  51. I think I have to drop trinity, I’m 10 issues behind with no desire to catch up

  52. Everyone buy Savage Dragon.  You must.  Anyway, I am extremely excited this week because not only is there a new issue of Dragon, but also a new issue of Spawn which is written and inked by Todd McFarlane and an issue of Youngblood with a back up story by Rob Liefeld.

    I was eight when Image launched and I loved all of these people and their characters so this is a big deal for me.

    BQ: Didn’t watch.

  53. The books I’m most looking forward to are. Savage Dragon, Superman, Wolf-Man, Green Lantern(Please, let there be more evil space kittie), JSA, Usagi Yojimbo and Ult.Spider-man.

    this is probably my last issue of New Avengers, at least until Immonen takes over on art. 

    Forgot to order the Starman Omnibus, gonna have to put it on my next amazon order.

    BQ: Didn’t watch i had to work. But, my girlfriend said Jackman was good/funny and it was nice that Danny Boyle and Winslet (finally) won.

  54. Astounding Wolf-Man #13

    Blue Beetle #36

    Captain America #47

    Green Lantern #38

    Incredible Hercules #126

    Justice Society Of America #24

    Ms Marvel #36

    New Avengers #50

    Superman #685

    Teen Titans #68

    Thunderbolts #129

    Trinity #39

    Umbrella Academy Dallas #4 (OF 6)

    War Machine #3

    X-Force #12


    It’s always a good week when Cap and GL come out.


    BQ:  I personally thought Sean Penn’s speech was atrocius.  I don’t need to hear him "shame" the people protesting something they believe in.  We know he is an activist but the wrong stage for that message IMO.


  55. My wallet weeps.  Tomorrow after I get my comics, it’s back to Top Ramen and Ritz crackerPr

  56. A lot of great books this week.

    BQ: Best A lot of the acceptance speeches, Hughs first song,  Heath Ledger winning now maybe everyone will stop talking about it. Not that I thought he shouldn’t i am just sick of hearing talk about it.

  57. BQ: Heath’s family accepting for Best Supporting Actor. A real moment in a staged show.