New Comics for 02/11/09 have con fatigue

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here: Conor, Ron, Josh, and Gordon the Intern. And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, and Sonia.

The axis shifts this week as it’s Marvel’s turn for a relatively dead week with nary a Dark Reign-related book in sight. I’m most excited about the new Captain Britain arc with Dracula and (hopefully) Doom. Lots to love from DC this week, with the final issue of Nightwing, Scalped, Action Comics, and the fist part of Neil Gaiman’s Batman two-parter. Oooh! And the next DMZ trade! Exciting! And if you missed Image’s The Roberts the first time around (or if even you didn’t) the trade sounds excellent with as much back-up material as story, including serial killer correspondence! Looking forward to this one, big time.

This week I have the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question:
How are you feeling today? Are you tired?



  1. Woohoo for Thor #600! Although $5 is crazy. Also looking forward to Captain Britain.

    BQ: Very tired after 3 hours of Geology.

  2. Looking forward to Action Comics and the new Sword trade. Its a relatively light week which my wallet is happy about

     B.Q. Awful, i think i have the typical british winter cold.

  3. I am feeling well. Hope you’re feeling better Conor. 


    Light week for me, just three books. Excited to see how Gaiman does on Batman. And Fables is on the line this month. If this issue is lacking the way I’ve found the book to be of late, I’m switching to reading the trades for free from the library.  

  4. Whoa, this week looks to be packed fuil good stuff. I mean BPRD, Hellboy, Scalped, Fables, Walking Dead, and Neil Gaiman Batman? Shit.

    BQ: Not exactly tired. I am just worried about getting sick since everyone around me has come down with something. 

  5. Light week for me: Cap Britain and MI 13, Fables, X-infernus. I guess that means i need to go to instocktrades and get me some trades.

    BQ: Im doing alright Thank you for asking. i have a lot of studying to do so the prospect of that is tirering. 

  6. I’m looking forward to the last issue of Patsy Walker Hellcat.  It’s been a fun book to read and look at, and I hope that Hellcat gets some love now that the mini is ending.

  7. Excited for: The Neil Gaiman Batman, Amazing Spider-Man, Captain Britain, Hellboy

    I’m also really hoping that Thor 600 and Wolverine Manifest Destiny are good. This Wolverine mini hasn’t been too bad and this final story could make it quite good.

    Nothing is in danger of being dropped this week.

    BQ: My gf and I have started running in the mornings. I really do not like running so right now I feel tired and sore from the waist down.

  8. Thor.  Thor.  Thor.

  9. THOR INDEED!! and… Batman? yes, BATMAN INDEED! Moreso THOR, but BATMAN certainly. Green Lantern Corps.. not so much. Fortunately Blackest Night is on the brink, putting me one step closer to letting this one go.

    BQ: Estoy bien, gracias. Cansado.. ? Siempre.

  10. Cap Brit, Walking Dead and Batman have me excited.  Also want to see what Kieron Gillen does with the Sabretooth Origin.

    BQ: Sick.  It hit me Saturday morning and I had to skip work today.  Been having a Wire marathon and killing some Nazi zombies.  Life ain’t ba

  11. Whoo, big week: Amazin’ Spidey; Bats; Captain Britain; GL Corps; Incognito; Nightwing; Wolverine; Thor!! OMG OMG OMG I love me some Thor.

    I’m dropping Green Arrow as it just doesn’t seem to be heading anywhere. Also, Bats Confidential is dropped. It’s been fun but, Christ on a Stick, I’m being ruthless with my pull cuttin’. Last issue of Nightwing (boo!) and the Wolverine mini so I’m close to my ideal of 5 to 6 books a week, max.

    BQ: actually, I am tired today. I snuck into bed after getting home from work and had a nice little doze.

  12. This is a standard week for me looking at the quantity of books I’m getting (8), but all of the books I’m getting are potw material:

    Thor, ASM, Incognito, Batman, Scalped, Walking Dead, BPRD, Hellboy.

    Amazing week.

  13. A real light week for me. Only getting ASM, Angel, X-Infernus, and G.I.Joe (which I might not even get)

  14. I’m most looking forward to this week.  The All-Star Superman Part 2 HC is coming out, Incognito is coming out,and Gaiman’s Batman will be epic win.  It can be proven with math.

    Batman = win

    Neil Gaiman = win

    Batman + Neil Gaiman = epic win 

    And, yes, I am much tired.

  15. Thor and Spider-Man are at the top of my list this week, although Gravel is close.  This new arc started very well and it’s great to have Wolfer back on the art.

    BQ: Full.  I just ate dinner, I’m not drowsy yet, but it’s probably coming soon.

  16. i’m donig a little house keeping this week. Superman and Young Liars are getting dropped. Also, i just can’t manage to muster to interest in Amazing Spiderman to spend three times the money per month on the title so that’s headed out as well.

     This leaves me excited about Hellboy: the Wild Hunt, Batman, Incognito and the new DMZ trade.

     BQ: we’re having a heat wave in australia, over the lasted 4 or 5 days we had temperature around 47 degree Celsius or 116.6 degree Fahrenheit. i’m so tired of that shit it’s not funny

     BUT the real question is: How are you Conor? better, i hope

  17. Fairly large week for me, six books including two trades. I’m most looking forward to DMZ and Incognito.

    BQ: Tired now. 

  18. Batman #686

    Of course…

    Incognito #2

    The first was kinda neat.

    Amazing Spider-Man #586


    Action Comics #874

    Still reading as of this moment.

    Nightwing #153

    I thought the last issue of Robin was supposed to come out this week also?!  Fuckin DC

    Batman And The Outsiders Special #1

    40 pages? Ah, what the hell?


    Batman Confidential #26

    This looks really cool!!

    Star Wars Clone Wars #4 (OF 6)

    Only Dark Horse I ever buy.  Only 2 more after this, might as well.

    Terminator Salvation Movie Preq #2 (OF 4)

    Meh, but I’ll be glad I understand what’s going on when I watch the movie in May (my birth month!)!!

    Dmz Tp Vol 06 Blood In The Game

    Still not sure if it’s time to catch up with the issue or just stick with the trades.  Vertigo stuff always reads better in trades but I hate it when the story gets spoiled for me!!!


    All Star Superman Hc Vol 02

    I’m going to be so fucking broke this week!!  And I really wanted to buy the third volume of Preacher too.  SHIT


  19. I’m actually feeling better today than I have for two weeks.  I had a head cold that developed into severe bronchitis and almost became pneumonia.  Fortunately that was averted.  Now I am better.  Thanks for asking.

    This looks like a good week for books.  Among my picks: BPRD, Hellboy, Action Comics, Batman (looking forward to seeing what Gaiman will do), Fables, Green Arrow/Black Canary, REBELS (curious what this is about), Walking Dead (oh, yes!), ASM, Captain Britain, Incognito, and Thor (#600???).  Also, picking up a couple of issues I missed last week: Black Lightning, and Agents of Atlas.

  20. Really looking forward to ASM and Thor.  Interested to see how Drac is handled in Captain Britain.  Pretty light week here.  Unless one of the comics makes a big misstep, I don’t see anything being on the chopping block.

    BQ: Hungry and not looking forward to doing homework.  Also, wanting spring to come now rather than later.

  21. GLC. Captain Britain, Green Arrow/Black Canary AND Incognito? I may die of excitement this very second…

    BQ: I’m Jack Kerouac, baby, I’m beat. I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep since the semester started and the next few days don’t seem like they’ll be helping me along

  22. too many comics. im making this pull list comics i wish i can afford

     Bonus Question: Everything below my arms hurt as hell

  23. BQ: Never. You need to work hard for liver failure. It takes time.

  24. Small week again, but I got some good trades in to review this week as well.

    Batman (This better be good, cause O Neil’s issues were pretty craptacular)

    Green Lantern Corps (Mongul + Green Lantern Corps + Tomasi=Epic!)

    Hellboy: The Wild Hunt (After many years of build up, the Queen has finally returned!)

    BQ: Always tired….but even depressed now that my 360 is gone *sniffs*

  25. I can only afford to buy 3-4 books this week– but I am going to make sure Captain Britain is one of them… gotta support that book!

  26. Can’t wait for Hellboy, Batman, and Green Lantern Corps.  Tis a light week, especially after the long wedding budgetary talks.  

    BQ: Tired.  But I’m excited because we’re about to go get more ice cream…which will probably lead to more tiredness. 

  27. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    HELLBOY!  BPRD!  GAIMAN!  CAP BRITAIN!  Great lookin’ week all around. 

    BQ: SO tired.  We rocked that convention HARD.  

  28. Batman #686

    BQ: Always tired on Monday & legs are still sore from walking around the con all day Sat. 

  29. Gaiman on Batman is very exciting.  I’m sticking to my post-event diet and slimming down my pull list, so as much as I liked Incognito #1, I’m not picking up #2.  Trades = the low fat diet of comicdom. 

     BQ: A week of a sick puking baby means I am very tired. 

  30. Lotsa good stuff this week!


    BQ: I’m feeling a little tired, yeah. Slept too long.

  31. Wow, a small week. Walking Dead and Green Arrow Black Canary top the list. 


    BQ: Usually with my hand. I try to grab the wife every time I go by. Oh, that’s not what you meant. Sorry for the image.  

  32. Should I pick up Gaimans Batman even though I didnt read RIP or FC? I want to read it but if it is a direct follow up I will pass.

  33. Action Comics, Batman, Outsiders Special, Batman Confidential, Nightwing, Green Lantern Corps  and a bunch of trades, especially the Showcase Presents Aquaman.

    I dropped Thor.  I’m sick of paying more for "bonus material"

  34. @Optimus187Prime (Great name by the way, strikes fear in the hearts of Decepticons everywhere)- It should be a good jumping on point.  As someone pointed out on the thread for that comic, the iFanbase can help fill in the gap if need be.  I’m pretty sure it will be stand alone, tell you everything you need to know in the comic

  35. A bunch of good stuff this week, incluiding Fables, the end of Wolverine: Manifest Destiny, Thor 600, X-Infernus.  A fairly good, if light, batch.

    BQ: Tired, sore, and a little sick.  Con plague descends.

  36. Wow. Good looking week. My pulls be sexy.

    BQ: I feel minty fresh. 

  37. Lots of quality this week – Walking Dead, Batman & Gaiman, Incognito, Scalped, Fables, Jason Aaron’s kung-fu Wolverine, ASM, Young Liars. 

    The cutting continues – dropping Angel as of this week. I tried, tried for nearly a year and a half, and I never really got behind it.

    BQ: Not too bad, thanks for asking. That’s more than kind. No major ailments, just the general weekly malaise.

  38. Your not allowed to be tired, wonder con is the end of this month!!

  39. BQ: I’m always tired.


    Wow, almost everything I’m buying is a mini this week AND almost everything is $3.99. Weird. Also, it’s another pretty light week. I’m most excited for the next installment of Adam Legend of The Blue Marvel, with X-Infernus a close second. 

  40. I’m strangely looking forward to X-Men Oringins: Sabertooth. I ave no clue why, but it grabbed me for some reason. Also looking forward to Neil Gaiman’s 2 issue arc on Batman and Action Comics.

    BQ: I’ve had my first healthy weekend in a month, so pretty good. Hope you feel better Conor. 

  41. First day of new semester.  So bad.

  42. I am excited for the 

    The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

    The Roberts TPB


    The Darkness.

    BQ: Yes but being a mom makes that permanent condition 

  43. the gaiman batman issue and incogneto #2…..thats about it.

    BQ: i’ve got a bitch of a headache and yes, i’m tired.

  44. Looking at about 6 titles this week, which is nice, I need a break because…

    BQ: after my first comic con this weekend, I am completely drained, a little sick and having trouble adjusting to a world in which no one is dressed as a storm trooper, and the populace doesn’t get excited about shaking the hands of comic creators.

  45. Looks like a good week! Thor 600! Batman! Scalped!! Incognito!! Vaginas!!

    BQ – I have fanboy rage (almost blood-spewing Red Lantern level of rage) that DC are cancelling one of my favourite books — Nightwing.

  46. just 3: GLC, Berserker 0 (curious) and The Darkness 75 (top of list!)

    BQ: oh yes! up late for work but last shift for 8 days!! 

  47. lookn forward to ASM & Walking Dead

    BQ: ZzzZZzzZzzzzZZz

  48. @Wade – VAGINAS INDEED!!

  49. "VAGINAS INDEED!!"?? 

    Great idea for the next iFanboy t-shirt.

  50. TO many comics to name, which is good, I’ll be busy reading.

    BQ: I am well, to well perhaps.

  51. yeah I was exhausted yesterday, stoked for the new DMZ trade!

  52. The only thing I pull that’s coming out this week is ‘Incognito.’  I’ll probably pick up the Gaiman ‘Batman’ issue and Kieron Gillen’s Sabretooth book as well.

    BQ: Got back from New York late last night, so I feel like sitting on the couch catching up on TV, which is fortunately what I’m doing. . .

  53. Can’t wait for Incognito and Green Lantern Corps.


    I am dog tired. I can’t wait for spring break

  54. Swore that this was going to be the week I start saving money…but it’s Gaiman *and* Batman. I never stod a chance. 

    BQ: Have a bit of a headache.

  55. The comics I’m most looking forward to are. Batman(Neil FUCKING Gaiman!!!), DMZ, Action Comics, Walking Dead, Incognito, Young Liars, I’ll probably be getting the Batman & the Outsiders Special and the final issue of Nightwing.

    Even though i no nothing about the characters I’m gonna give Captain Britain and Mi 13 a try.

    BQ: OK i guess… I kinda miss my girlfriend(I’ll see her later today though) and I’m almost always, somewhat, tired.


  56. D’oh! I meant "even though i know nothing about the characters…"

  57. Action Comics #874

    Amazing Spider-Man #586

    Avengers Invaders #8 (OF 12)

    Batman #686

    Batman And The Outsiders Special #1

    Captain Britain And Mi 13 #10

    Gi Joe #2

    Green Arrow Black Canary #17

    Green Lantern Corps #33

    Incognito #2

    New Warriors #20

    Nightwing #153

    Roberts Tp

    Thor #600

    Trinity #37

    Wolverine Manifest Destiny #4 (OF 4)


    If you’re not looking forward to Gaiman on Batman, than you must understand Grant Morrison.   I kid I kid.


    Always looking forward to Spidey.  I think it may have been the most consistent book out there for awhile.


    Thought bout dropping Outsiders, but Tomasi being on it has me a bit excited.


    BQ: I’m tired, but thats because I stayed up too late watching 24 and Burn Notice.

  58. BQ:zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. wait, what was the queston again? 

  59. Good week for me! Gaiman on Batman! Final Nightwing! Young Liars, DMZ (trade and issue), GL Corps… Good stuff. Easily most excited for (and saddened by) Nightwing.

    BQ: I doubt I’m as tired as the iFanboys after NYCC (can’t wait for that show btw), but I will say that the weather in the UK lately has made my soul weary. Thank god I leave for sunnier climates on holiday next week.

    Bonus Question for Conor: Did Josh lose his voice again at the con? That’s, like, the ultimate iFanboy Drinking Game… Shot!

  60. I’m feeling like shit because I slept all day and now I am going to be up all night (for the next 12 hours) waiting for my local comic book store to open up at 11:00am!!

  61. I must shill and mention that The Darkness: Accursed Volume 1 TPB is in stores this week and collects the first six issues by Phil Hester and Michael Broussard for only $4.99. Six issues, five bucks, you will not regret it!