New Comics for 02/10/10 have put football behind them and are ready for baseball



Get to pulling this Wednesday's books, and then let us know what you're looking forward to most, what you're dropping, what others should be buying and anything you're thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, and Josh.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, and Mike.

It's been two pretty strong quality weeks in a row and I hope that continues this week. Some of the books that I'm looking forward to are he debut of Ben Templesmith and Ben McCool's Choker, the final issue of Phonogram: The Singles Club, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #7 with fill-in art by the fantastic Takeshi Miyazawa, Batman and Robin #8, Batgirl #7 and Daytripper #3.  Woof, and that's just a taste of what I'm looking forward to!

This week I have the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: If you watched the Super Bowl last, did you have a favorite commercial?


  1. Nice week for me. I think the mature titles are still missing from the final list. If so, I’ll also be picking up Phonogram 2 #7 and Daytripper #3 (assuming they are still being released this week)

    BQ: My friend and I are big fans of the Denny’s commercials. Those crazy chickens.

  2. Something’s up. No Vertigo on that list?

    Daytripper 3

    DMZ 50

    Unwritten 10

    Hellblazer: Pandemonium HC

    Preacher Book 2 HC

    Madame Xanadu vol.2 tpb

    BQ: The Steeler/groundhog commercial for the NFL and the Doritos one with the kid smacking the date guy.

  3. Wow, only 5 books for me.  Batgirl, Batman and Robin, Titans, Adventure Comics (not sure why) and New Mutants.  I’ve been hearing rumors that there’s no Choker this week.

    BQ: The Snickers/Betty White commercial was my favorite, but by default.  There was a pretty sorry set of commercials this year. 

  4. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    I look forward to reading Choker, Daytripper, and Invincible: Atom Eve & Rex Splode. Guess I’m amped for art this week.

    BQ: When people celebrate T.V. ads, I feel like throwing myself out the window. 


  6. ATTENTION: We are going to be manually adding a lot of books to the comics page over the next few hours so you’re going to have to keep checking back to update your pull lists.

  7. Small week for me, just Vengance of Moon Knight #5 and I’m also gonna pick up the All Star Superman Vol. 2 trade.

    BQ: The Brett Favre 2020 MVP commercial was my fav, had me laughing out loud. Also loved the Betty White one and the Eco-Police one.

  8. Thanks conor!

    I need my Jock fix! (oh, that doesn’t sound good.)

  9. Good boks this week, I’m looking foward to Ult. Arm/WARS, B/M & Robin, Batgirl and Sec.6.


    BQ:  I liked the Will I Am / the WHO my Generation tv ad.

  10. I predict Conor’s pick will be…Batman And Robin #8.  Got to go with the sure thing.

  11. BPRD KING OF FEAR #2 (OF 5)
    BQ: I try very hard not to watch commercials.  
  12. Glad to see Choker on the list now. Definitly gonna pick that one up, I’ve been looking forward to it for a while now.

  13. Secret Six, ROK: Imperial Guard, Unwritten (if it’s still coming out).

    I’m dropping Dark Tower.  I realized I haven’t really enjoyed it since The Long Road Home and have just been burning $3.99 every month for some pretty Jae Lee art.

    Even though it’s not coming out this week Cinderella is also gone.  I didn’t think it was possible to make any story with Cindy predictable and dull as toast but Roberson and Co. proved me dead wrong.

    BQ: Anything with Betty White brings happiness to millions.

  14. BQ: KISS & Dr. Pepper.



  15. Hmmm well it’s a small week for me. Which is good because there is a snowstorm today/tomorrow so I won’t fret too much on missing it. But the list so far is:

    Batman and Robin #8

    Punisher MAX #4 (is it coming out? I know you guys are updating but I don’t see it on the list yet)

    2 maybes in the pile: Human Target #1 (love the show, wanna try the comic out) or Hitman Monkey (….pretty self explanatory)


    BQ: Betty White and Abe Vigoda. I don’t even remember the product but that was the best commercial of the night.

  16. Spider-Man both Amazing and Ultimate


    hurm, that appears to be all.   Maybe I’ll toss in the first trade of Anchor.  Issue #5 was my first, it was amazing, and it will not be my last.

    BQ – Snickers w/ Betty White and Abe Vigoda and I also liked the Doritos commercial with the little kid: "Keep your hands off my momma, keep your hands your hands off my Doritos."

  17. I’m incredibly sad that the snow will stop me from getting the last Phonogram.

    bq: the Google ad

  18. 14 books…so far.  Most excited about Choker #1, SWORD #4, and Strange #4. 

    bq:  I didnt really see a lot of the commercials but the Betty White Snickers ad was funny.

  19. Pitchers and Catchers Report, Baby!

    BQ: The Clydesda… nah, nothing. 


    AND I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER…this way I can save money without wishing I bought more.


    But that Delano OGN looks pretty darn cool.

  21. Ennis and Aaron were my favorites on Hellblazer, (although Aaron only wrote a few issues),but Delano is a close third.

    need me some hellblazer!

  22. @iFanboy:

    Thanks again fellas, for striving to be accurate….

    It will actually save me some gas and a trip to the store.  I can reserve and pick up Punisher Max and Delano Hellblazer next week.

    (needing to make serious cuts to my pull list).

  23. Just Haunt, Atom Eve & Rex Splode and Batman & Robin for me. Solid week.

    Maybes for Mesmo Delivery and Pixie Strikes Back, which will require flip throughs first.

    BQ: I didn’t watch no Super Bowls. And I mute commercials just as a general rule.

  24. Another small week for me. I actually didn’t add Choker #1 to my DCBS list, but I have #2 and #3 queued up, so I should probably head down to the store and pick it up. I’ll pick up Colt Noble and the Megalords while I’m at it. Besides that, The Anchor #5 (you gotta check it out), and SWORD #4 (you shoulda checked it out before it got canceled). Hoo boy.

    BQ: The commercials this year bombed pretty bad. My favorite was actually the Kia ad with the sock monkey. That’s not saying a whole lot for the other spots.

  25. Whew.  I saw that Phonogram is out and thought Ron might have the pick.  Looking forward to Choker the most.

  26. only two books and what a relief it is.  I’ll be able to really work on my stack this weekend.

  27. Sweet sassy malassy, I am so ready for baseball to start! 

  28. @everyone are comics still coming out on wed??

  29. Cool only three books.

    Batman and Robin 8.

    Ultimate Comics Spider-man 7

    Choker #1

    Didn’t get to watch superbowl this time.

  30. @rayclark: I think it will depend on the shop.

     Anywhoo on to my comics this week:

    Amazing Spider Man

    BPRD: King of Fear

    Batman and Robin(Coming back with vengence!)



    The Muppet Show

    Strange(4 of 4)

    The Unwritten

    and I’m probably gonna pick up some back issues of Power Girl. So a really good week overall.

    BQ: For general commercials Doritos’s never fails to tickle my funny bone(which is your tailbone oddly enough). But I also really dug The Last Airbender teaser trailer.

  31. Unwritten #10 is missing

  32. @skeets: You have to have patience, we are working on this all manually at the moment.

  33. @conor – Thanks for doing this.  I’m sure it is a pain to do this manually.

  34. BQ: I don’t really care for pro football, so I didn’t get to watch any of the commercials.

  35. Three books: New Mutants, Moon Knight, and X-Men Forever. I’m tempted to not even bother going into the shop this week.


    I didn’t wake up to watch the game until the 4th quarter. Basically missed all the commercials 🙁

  36. Amazing Spider-man, Batman and Robin, and probably the last time I pick up Haunt unless it is really, really good.

     BQ:  Thought the commercials were pretty ho hum (I care way more about the game) but I did like a couple of the Doritos commercials.

  37. Amazin Spider-Man and Batman and Robin for me, plus the books i didn’t get last week.


    BQ: I don’t watch football, Superbowl included. HOCKEY!!! 

  38. Ron didn’t pull the X-Men: Pixie Mini?

  39. Uhm…. it’s hockey season?

  40. Thank you ifanboy for going above and beyond the call of duty to bring us our weekly fixx…

    Less single issues than recent weeks, but man those trades/HCs…Hellblazer by Jock, Mesmo Delivery and Kaluta on Madame Xanadu.  Woohoo!  Also loving Cam Stewart on Batman and Robin and the old school Maggia storyline in Spidey.   Cool beans…

  41. Action Comics #886

    Adventure Comics With Black Lantern Superboy #7

    Amazing Spider-Man #620

    Batgirl #7

    Batman And Robin #8

    Booster Gold #29

    Choker #1

    Dark X-Men #4 (OF 5)

    Daytripper #3 (OF 10)

    Green Arrow Black Canary #29

    Haunt #5

    Mesmo Delivery Gn Vol 01

    Punisher Max #4

    S.W.O.R.D. #4

    Secret Six #18

    Tails Of Pet Avengers #1

    Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #7

    Unwritten #10


    Last issue of Booster Gold I will be getting, but glad Pet Avengers is back.  Early Favs for PotW are Daytripper and PunisherMax on my end.


    BQ: Doritos kid, Betty White, and E-trade’s "Milkacholic" commerical were top 3

  42. Small week for me with Daytripper, ASM, Punisher Max, Batman and Robin, Batgirl, and Unwritten leading the way.


    BQ: Dorito’s commercial, Troy Polamulu commercial, and Alice in Wonderland

  43. I was highly disappointed by this year’s Super Bowl commercials.  The only ones that got a real laugh out of me were the Denny’s screaming chickens, the Doritos electric dog collar, and the Doritos shogun warrior at the gym.

  44. OMG. I can’t believe I have nothing on my pull list this week. =(

    BQ: I like the betty white one.

  45. batman and robin 8

    jsa all stars 3

     BQ: nope