New Comics for 02/03/10 have been trying to thumb a ride in Upstate New York for, like, a week

Get to pulling this Wednesday's books, and then let us know what you're looking forward to most, what you're dropping, what others should be buying and anything you're thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, and Josh.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, and Mike.

Whew! After the Week That Was Almost 30 Books I've never been happier to see such a small(er) pull list. At least ten fewer books! And that's not even taking into account the truck accident heard 'round the comic book world. I'm looking forward to Siege most of all, I think. Tim Dra–Wayne returning to Gotham City in Red Robin is a close second. The return of Scalped after a short break, the next volume of Demo, and Greg Rucka, Denys Cowan and Bill Sienkiewicz on The Question vie for third. And let us not forget G.I. Joe: Origins #12 with art by Ben Templesmith!

This week Ron has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: Have you ever hitchhiked and/or picked up a hitchhiker?


  1. Super light week for me, both in quantity and quality.

    Ugh – WoNK

    Meh- Nova, Cable, BN: Wonder Woman, Siege

    Whoo – Red Robin, Sweet Tooth 

    BQ: No, but I once saw someone hitchhiking with two large rolling suitcases.  To make it an even stranger sight, it was in the suburbs. 

  2. BQ: None that the authorites have found yet.

  3. I’ll be getting Red Robin for the first time since its debut, as I’ve been doing alot of reading of old DC books (Young Justice, Teen Titans) and figured "Why the hell am I not following Tim’s adventures?" So I aim to fix that this week.

    Besides that, I’ll obviously be getting Siege #2 and Question #37, as those are the two other books I’m looking the most forward to.

    BQ: To be honest, I’ve never even seen someone hitchhiking on the streets. I have, however, been in a situation where I could have hitchhiked, but just walked instead (It was never too far of a distance).

  4. BQ i gave a stranger a ride after he walked out of a bar and almost passed out. he only lived 5 minutes away but he was in no shape to drive out of the parking lot. not really a hitchhiker but thats as close as i got

  5. Couldn’t agree more – last week was a huge week, so fewer books is a blessing.

    Really looking forward to GI Joe Origins (didn’t know Templesmith was on it – whoot whoot!); Demo; The Boys; Scalped; Siege books; BN:WW and The Question issues; Invincible Iron Man and Indomitable Iron Man with B&W Chaykin art!!; Hex; Ghost Riders (nice, f’d up stuff from Aaron on this series); SWEET TOOTH 6!!!!; and Ultimate X with the Art Adams and the whatnot. Nice, manageable week worth of stuff with some really big books.

    BQ: No and No. I have horrible memories of my parents continually threatening to "pull this car over" to stop on the side of the road for any reason bar automobile troubles.

  6. Nice light week for me. Mass Effect: Redemption #2 should be fun, and as always I’m pretty excited for Iron Man to come out. I’m also switching to trades on Sweet Tooth.

    BQ: I’ve wanted to, but each time the wife would insist that she saw a bloody knife hidden in their jacket, so I wasn’t allowed to pull over.

  7. Only Mass Effect: Redemption for me. Which is fine, because I will take more Mass Effect anywhere I can get it…

    BQ: No, I haven’t picked up any hitchhikers or hitchhiked myself. I’ve thought about it, but I don’t know if I would ever pick one up or do it myself.

  8. @lantern4life – haha

  9. BQ HELL NO!!!



  10. BQ: Never hitchhiked, but I’ve picked up a few.

  11. Siege

     Iron man


     BQ: Nope. Not many hitchhikers in nowhereville michigan.  But If the hitchhiker was female and attaractive i’d totally give her a ride.. Which probably be some sort of setup and i’d be robbed & killed


  12. All Vertigo: Sweet Tooth, Scalped, House of Mystery, Demo, Cinderella

    BQ: Yup.  When I went to school in Atlanta my fraternity had a designated driver program.  Got a lot of random hitchies.  The drunk sorority girls were the most fun.

  13. I thought Mesmo Delivery was being re-released this week.

    Only 12 books this week thankfully. 

    Looking forward to Red Robin and BN: Wonder Woman.

    Can someone tell me what Demo is all about? 

  14. Nine books this week, but what I’m most excited for is Crogan’s March!  I think it’s about eight months late, but I can’t wait for the next chapter in this families story!

  15. Solid week, with some Chaykin Iron Man in Indomitable Iron Man, new Demo, Scalped, the last of Aaron’s Ghost Rider opus and Siege.  There’s some other decent stuff, so plenty to look forward to.

    BQ: No, never, I saw that movie..

  16. well barring NH being in range for Plattsburgh, I’m looking forward to Siege, Iron Man, Ghost Rider and Criminal. BQ: no but I laugh at them all the time.

  17. Smaller stack this week, probably looking forward to Seige and Blackest Night Wonder Woman because the cover is blacked out. Let’s see what happens.

  18. Jimski, you’re reading Ultimate X?!?!?!  I’m a big Marvel fan too, but Dear God man, NO!!  🙂

    I’m only pulling 3 books this week, just Marvel.

  19. To clarify, Ultimate X-Men was outstanding.  But the new Ultimate X, is indeed written by Loeb.

    The art will be amazing, I’m sure.

  20. light week for me. no DH, Image, or indy books at all, mostly marvel, some dc.


    I accidently splashed a hitchhiker in the rain one time. I was so sorry I drove around the block to apologize but accidently splashed him again.

  21. i was hitch hiking after a pretty rough party out in the bush in australia near scone, nsw

    eventually a mate and i got a lift off some random guy at around 4.30am. When i looked in the back of he’s beat up station wagon i noticed a whole bunch of animal furs and a rifle….

    it turn out the guy was a wildlife park ranger and had to shot ferrell animals for a living but for a second there i was about to jump out of the moving car.

    Point of the story: drinking is awesome

  22. Siege

    Iron Man

    Sweet Tooth

    BQ: no

  23. I’ve picked up a few hitchhikers. Haven’t dropped off too many, though.

  24. Super light week.

    Just Batman Confidental #41 and Sweet Tooth #6 for me. Might get the Question BN issue if the shop gets it. (Some reason they haven’t gotten the previous one-shots beforehand) So….yeah it’s a light week.

    BQ: No

  25. Blackest Night Wonder Woman #3 (OF 3)
    Cinderella From Fabletown With Love #4 (OF 6)
    Gi Joe Origins #12
    Question (Blackest Night) #37
    Red Robin #9
    Superman World Of New Krypton #12 (OF 12)
    Sweet Tooth #6
    BQ: No.
  26. Sweet Tooth, Superman WONK, Savage Dragon, Question #37, Criminal, Greek Street, Demo(Yay!!!) and Crogan’s March(double yay!!!)

    BQ: Yes I’ve hitchhiked a couple of times. I’ve never picked up a hitchhiker.

  27. I feel vaguely embarrassed that I’m picking up both of the Noir books. Didn’t I learn my lesson? Ultimate X is a curiosity buy, mainly to see how Art Adams holds up.

    BQ: Does it count if I was a kid and my parents were hippies? No? Well there was this one time when my girlfriend and I were backpacking in Indiana and we had a long walk from the campground to the train station and our campground neighbor offered to give us a ride (maybe not technically hitchhiking, but we didn’t know the guy). So then he starts talking about how the government is out to get him and his wife won’t let him see his kids, and we notice that the guy has an axe in the backseat, and then I point out our turnoff but he drives right by it. Five silent minutes later I realize I had pointed to the wrong turnoff and the guy dropped us off at the train and we survived to tell the tale. But it was five scary ass minutes.

  28. Berserk Tp Vol 33
    Cable #23
    Criminal Sinners #4
    Invincible Iron Man #23

    Jonah Hex #52
    Nova #34
    Realm Of Kings Son Of Hulk #1 (OF 4)
    Red Robin #9
    Siege #2 (OF 4)
    Wolverine Weapon X #10

    No that is how horror movies start.  Actually I picked up one hitchhiker but I knew him and just gave him a ride dow the road.

  29. Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #3
    Cinderella: From Fabletown With Love #4
    Criminal: The Sinners #4
    Demo Vol 2 #1
    The Invincible Iron Man #23
    The Question #37
    Scalped #34
    Sweet Tooth #6

    BQ: Never picked anyone up or been picked up. Just friends and family.

  30. Buffy the vampire slayer #32

    Blackest Night: Question 

     BQ: Yeah…but only cause it was right down the street, and I knew her.

  31. SCALPED #34!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sweet Tooth #6

    Criminal: The Sinners #4

    Siege #2

    Siege Embedded #2


    Savage Dragon #157

    Maybe Invincible Iron Man #23 and Ultimate X (so pretty)

    BQ: Twice, that I can recall. One time it was about 11:30pm and I was meeting some friends at a mexican fast food place (Taco Cabana for you Texans), only I was there early and waiting in my car. A sketchy looking guy of about 25 (I was probably 20 or 21) approached my car and pleaded with me to give him a ride to about five miles away. I chatted with him a few minutes and ultimate made the foolish decision to give him a ride.  As I pulled out of the parking lot, my friends pulled in and had these looks of "Where the fuck are you going and who the fuck is that character?" on their faces. I took him to his sketchy looking house and the ride was uneventful
    Last year, my wife and I picked up a couple of homeless college students holding up a sign asking for a 4 mile ride to sleep in the big town park." While we don’t exactly condone vagrancy, we were passing through the affluent part of town and knew no one else would help them out. They were kinda drunk, but were friendly enough that we took them to grab coffee and then chatted with them at the park for a while after we dropped them off.
    That was long, sorry. 
  32. BQ: yes. Did ALOT of hitch-hiking this summer thru hiking the Appalachian trail. Hitch hiking was the primary way of getting into towns from road crossings.

  33. BQ – Every time I have ever seen one or two girls hitchiking.  "Why yes, I AM going that way.  What a coincidence!"

  34. 16 book week, which is kinda light. 


    BQ: I have done both. Once I picked up a hitchhiker, got him home, and got into a car crash half a block from his house. I thought that was absurd. 


  35. I predict the pick this week will be…Savage Dragon!  Ahh, too easy.  Predictable Ron.

  36. Return of Demo! i can’t hold in my excitement.


    BQ: I don’t know if it counts, but once my friends and I were cutting class a few blocks from the school and we thumbed a ride back so we can make it in time for the bus.

  37. Red Robin is the only book I know I’m getting, with the extra money I’ll buy a TPB,

    BQ;  I was at a blockbuster and saw this guy going around asking people for money (I thought)

    and I was ready to tell him to GET A JOB when he got to me, but when he got to me he asked me if I could give him a ride to his job.

    I did not fell like it at all, I was doing some bbq at home and was just out to get a movie to watch after dinner, but the irony was too much for me.  I gave the man a ride to work and could care less how he got home.

  38. Definitely a lot to look forward to.  Unlike everyone else, I have an ass load of books this week, but it’s all quality.  Any week that has Scalped, Criminal, Invincible Iron Man, and the newest Crogan book is indeed a good week.

    BQ: No and no.

  39. Looks like Red Robin is the only issue that I’m getting if SIEGE got delayed.  I’m gonna pick up Green Lantern Secret Origin.

  40. What a strangely light week; I’ve got four books!


    BQ: I’ve picked up hitchhikers a couple times.

  41. Siege #2
    Criminal Sinners #4
    Justice Society Of America Annual #2
    Milestone Forever #1 (OF 2)

    BQ: Once, he was stoned. 

  42. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    I hope you wizards of the web drop knowledge regarding Ultimate X. That cover is sweet!