New Comics for 02.15.2012 is thankful for The Beach Boys, because otherwise…

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

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This week Josh has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: Did you watch The Grammys last night? What did you think?


  1. ACTIVITY #3 – Actually 2
    BATMAN #6 – Actually 5
    WONDER WOMAN #6 And yes actually 5

    I am the one man who waits a month to save himself 50p a time.

    BQ – Nope. I will go and have a look to see who won in a minute.

  2. ACTIVITY #3
    BATMAN #6

    Man, this week always makes the other three look bad. Batman, Daredevil, and Wonder Woman are three of the best books going right now.

    BQ: I never watch these award shows. I have never even heard of half the acts that are discussed afterwards.

  3. Wow, heavy comics week! Ye gads, Winter Soldier really is double-shipping huh… well, I’m aboard for now 🙂 Most excited for Wonder Woman, Batman, DC Presents (Challengers!), Daredevil, and Flash Gordon: Zeitgeist. Where is Heart #4, isn’t that out this week?

    BQ: I enjoyed the Grammys. The performances make that show and there were lots of good ones, and they didn’t weigh it down with too many Whitney tributes like I feared they would. I’m not the biggest Adele fan but she is super talented and clearly humble/deserving. I loved the Beach Boys reunion, and it was fun seeing Adam Levine tossed in (tho Foster the People is kind of premature in their career to deserve to be included there?). Seeing Paul McCartney perform is always wonderful, esp. that jam at the end with Bruce, Joe Walsh et al. I thought Bruno Mars’ James Brown routine was cool. But I thought Deadmau5 almost stole it… pretty f–king amazing!!

    • BQ P.S. – And tho I love elaborate stage performances?… Nicki Minaj’s performance – and song – were flatout bad. She’s trying too hard to be Gaga & Madonna.

  4. Batman and Daredevil. Ghostbusters has been fun, and that Panzerfaust thing could be fun.

    BQ: NO Grammy’s for me…if there was a good performance i’ll check it on youtube later. Also I’ve found that i’ve reached that age where i hate most all contemporary music and wonder what the heck that crap is that all the kids are listening to…also, get off my lawn.

  5. Wow…lots of books for me this week. Looking forward to the Spider-man books.

    BQ: I watched some of them, made sure to watch the Foo Fighters, Beach Boys, and Paul McCartney. I feel like the Grammy’s would be better if the show was shorter.

  6. No Justice League again, huh? SSSSIIIIIGGGGGGGHHHHH…. oh well. Grammy’s were better than last year, that’s for sure.

    • Oh, yeah, this is the third week of the month, isn’t it? Hmm… I wonder if they’ll get the book out this month. They do have the advantage of a 5th week. And, I think Gene Ha starts his fill-in duties next month with issue #7.

    • JL was shifted to the 5th week for DC. The “problem” with books on a monthly schedule is that you really have nothing for the ocasional fifth wednesday, so DC not have JL and a couple of minis. Annoying but understandable

  7. Wallet pain. But fun wallet pain.

  8. Definitely:
    Wonder Woman#6
    Winter Soldier#2
    Amazing Spidey#679.1
    New Avengers#21
    Avenging Spidey#4
    Birds of Prey#6
    Army of Darkness#1

    Uncanny X-Men#7
    Red Hood#6

    BQ: Yes, I did. A lot of fun, some very good performances. I’m really liking the new new More Performances, Less Actual Awards format of the Grammys.

  9. Avenging Spider-Man 4, Batman #6, Catwoman #6, Nightwing #6, Red Hood and the Outlaws #6, The Amazing Spider-Man #679.1, Venom #13.2, Winter Soldier #2, Wolverine #301.

  10. Batman #6
    Daredevil #9
    Amazing Spider-Man 679.1
    Invincible Iron man #513
    Wonder Woman #6
    X-Factor #232

    Great looking week! Excited for every one of these books!

    BQ: Pretty much everyone I listen to is dead, so the Grammy’s don’t hold much interest for me

  11. Batman, Wonder Woman, and Uncanny X-men for me.

    BQ: I watched Bruce kick things off, got sad seeing the band without Clarence, and turned it off when that finished.

  12. Most excited about Uncanny X-men, Batman, Catwoman, Witchblade and DC Universe Presents.

    BQ: I thought the Grammys were good. Some good performances for the most part.

  13. BatmanBatmanBatman!
    BQ: Bruno Mars killed it! He channeled James Brown to a T! Moves, voice, charisma, stage presence just FUN

    • Agreed on the Bruno! He’s got enough of that Sixties Soul Singer vibe and feels relevent to today’s music audience.

      I’d really love to see him live. I bet he puts on a great show.

  14. Picking up 7 books this week, which is what I like to see. Really looking forward to Peter Panzerfaust and Glory. Plus, I’m making it a point to get back on Daredevil after falling off a couple months ago.

    BQ: No Grammys for me, thank you. I try to avoid watching the entertainment industry masturbate itself.

  15. With F4 and Justice League delayed it”s a light week for me:

    Wonder Woman
    will try Peter Panzerfaust
    may try DC Universe Presents
    may try Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi

    BQ: no. No i didn’t.

  16. Glory!

  17. All Bat books for me!!
    BQ: I make it a point not to watch stuff that has Chris Brown.

  18. Lookin’s forward to Batman, DD, and Hellblazer most.

    BQ: Nope. Pop music is dead.

  19. BQ: nah, there’s no awards shows for the cutting edge underground bands I listen. Which bands? Never mind you’ve never heard of them

  20. BQ: Although I work in the industry, I rarely watch awards shows.

    OK, actually BECAUSE I work in the industry, I NEVER watch awards shows.

    Too much like work.

    • You have my sympathies for working within the industry of entertainment that is full of ten 10 gallon hat sized egos w 1/4 brains of people saying stupid things about themselves or others & few kindhearted people.


  21. BQ: No, I was busy watching The Walking Dead, then a dry so-so comic book version of Pawn Stars w/ Kevin Smith & Talking Dead.


  22. AVENGER TIME!!!!!!!( +Winter Solider + Fear Itself the fearless)
    New Avengers
    Winter solider
    Fear Itself the fearless

    Love this avenger arc, think it’s really cool that it’s happening side by side with the New Avengers.

    I also got nothing but love for Bucky, Because of BruBaker I like him even more then Steve Rogers. (that’s really saying something for a huge Cap fan like me.)

    And I’m sticking with Fearless only because I’m so far in. (sigh)
    The art and story are both very okay.

  23. BQ: Bruno Mars started singing so I turned off the Tv and got some shut eye.

  24. Really good week for me.


    Any week that has Batman AND Daredevil in the same pile is a pretty damn good week.

  25. Wonder Woman, Birds of Prey and Daredevil.
    Grammys? I thought there’d be more rock n’ roll, not total Andrew Lloyd Weber. Most of it was awful, but Adele was seriously classy. Civil Wars were cool, too.

  26. It’s been too long for Daredevil to come out. I want it to come to every day and every minute!

    A: The Grammys were on last night. Yeah, I remember, but I forgot.

  27. Batman # 6
    Supergirl # 6
    Wonder Woman # 6
    Amazing Spider-man # 679.1
    Daredevil # 9
    Uncanny X-men # 7
    B.P.R.D. The long Death # 1 (If available)

    Haunt # 21 was apparently supposed to come out last week but my LCS owner told me it’s actually coming out this week, so I’ll also grab that if they have it. Quite a heavy week.

    BQ; Didn’t watch it…don’t really care either.

  28. Big week like a lot of everyone else. Looking forward to batman(obviously), daredevil, iron man, x-factor and ultimate x-men. Interested in checking out glory, birds of prey maybe and DC universe presents.

    BQ; Didn’t watch them, meant to though. I’m sure I would’ve disagreed with a lot of the winners.

  29. Light week, only Batman #6 and Daredevil #9.

  30. B.P.R.D. Hell On Earth: The Long Death #1, Amazing Spider-Man #679.1, Wonder Woman #6, Avenging Spider-Man #4, Peter Panzerfaust #1, Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi #1, Venom #13.2, Army of The Darkness #1

    BQ: I did. They were terrible. I enjoyed the Beach Boys (+Foster the People’s Beach Boys cover), Foo Fighters and Adele was amazing for her first performance after vocal chord surgery. I am disgusted they had Chris Brown “sing” at all, let alone TWICE.

  31. It’s an under $10 week for me, but what I’m lacking in quantity, I’m more than making up for in quality.

    Daredevil #6
    Wonder Woman #6
    Winter Soldier #2

    BQ: I could watch Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl and Bruce Springsteen duel guitars all night.

  32. In order of my excitement, my pull list is:
    Batman #6
    Daredevil #9
    Wonder Woman #6
    DC Universe Presents #6
    Road Rage #1

    BQ: I watched the first half. I loved Springsteen and Foo Fighters. That was my first time hearing Bruno Mars and I am now a fan. Mainly I like to see what the women are wearing or not wearing.

  33. A super DC-heavy week:

    Batman #6
    Birds of Prey #6
    Catwoman #6
    Daredevil #9
    DCU Presents #6
    Green Lantern Corps #6
    Super Dinosaur #8
    Wonder Woman #6

    I wish Dark Horse would publish their books through the Comixology app. I may check out the BPRD book in paper form or in the DH app.

    BQ: I sorta watched. The girlfriend had it on and I was reading comics. I gotta admit that I love me some Adele though, so that was kinda cool.

    @Maty. yeah… very light on the rock. Foo Fighters were about as heavy as it got. heh. Civil Wars were interesting.

  34. On my pull:

    BATMAN #6
    WOLVERINE #301

    The best solo series are coming out almost all at once. And for those who are wondering Flash Gordon is quite a good read, specially if you are a fan of the traditional yet updated story retelling take like me.

    Only Prophet is missing to make this the ultimate solo week, can’t believe I’m so excited about an Extreme book, which is why I will try if I can find a copy:

    GLORY #23

  35. Uncanny X men

    BQ: watched about 10 min. of it. what i saw was decent.

  36. Wow, three Marvel comics in the Top Five by Pulls this week.

    And one of those three a point-one issue.