New Comics for 01/28/09 were overheard saying…

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here: Conor, Ron, Josh, and Gordon the Intern. And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, and Sonia.

Rather meaty week this week with a lot of releases from Ed Brubaker, the Final Crisis finale, The New Avengers, Proof, and the next Battlefields mini from Garth Ennis. 

This week Josh has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: What was the most recent thing you overheard someone saying?



  1. I am excited for New Avengers, Proof, and Final Crisis, and Captain America

    bq: my classmate talking a bout Watchmen

  2. Light week; guess I’m looking forward to X-Force pretty much by default.

  3. Umbrella Academy yay!!! And the conclusion to X men worlds apart.

  4. For sure, I’ll be grabbing Nova, Umbrella Academy, and Daredevil. I’m in that awkward phase where I’m not sure exactly what to drop, so I’m waiting to hear what everyone on this site thinks before I pick up Captain America, New Avengers, or the new Battlefields.

    BQ: Nothing interesting. It’s like everybody in this office only talks about work…

  5. I knew a big week was coming.  Wooo for Umbrella Academy!

    BQ: In class today people behind me talking about toothpaste. It was odd to hear.

  6. So stoked for new avengers


    BQ: "Well how exactly did it fit on the web last year and not this year. Last year’s was smaller, yes?"

  7. Edit: or crap, didn’t notice a new Echo!! I rescind my earlier statement, yay Terry Moore!

  8. Final Crisis, Superman, and Echo. No Marvel for me this week, interesting…

    BQ: Do you know anything about this scanner?

  9. Cap, Daredevil (I might go to trade after this issue), New Avengers, Echo, Wolverine First Class, and Xmen Worlds Apart for sure.  I was going to get Ms. Marvel but I’m kind of annoyed at that title right now, and I see JSA finally has a new arc.  A new arc about Black Adam.  That’s pretty tempting.

    BQ: I’ve been sitting in the office by myself for about an hour, so I can’t really remember.  Probably co-workers talking excitedly about the snow that we’re not actually going to get tonight. 

  10. Might drop Cap.  Thinking about picking up this Battlefields mini though.  And as always, Final Crisis will prove interesting.

    BQ:  Is it supposed to get that big?

  11. Cap, Jack of Fables, Echo, Nova, Runaways, and New Avengers, although, if I were Billy Tan I would have words with his colorists because somehow his pencils turn to shit when colored. IMHO he is a much better artist without color.


  12. oh and BQ: A pending Foosball Match

  13. This is my last issue of Batman/Detective until Dini writes another one.

    He isn’t writing Batman or Detective anymore, right?

  14. Most looking forward to Daredevil and Northlanders.

    BQ: YOU’RE A FUCKING LESBIAN!!!—Drunk Bum yelling at a girl on the 6 train last Friday

  15. My pull list = flooded.  Too much good stuff to handle.  Final Crisis, DD, Captain America, a double dose of Ennis (Punisher and Battlefields), Echo…it’s just…more than I can handle.

    BQ:  "See!  I knew complaining about it would get it to me." – My fiance proving that complaining could get her whatever she wanted, and in this case, it meant an e-mail she had been waiting on. 

  16. So much goodness in one week.

    Batman, Captain America, Final Crisis, Incredible Hercules, JSA, and Nova.

    BQ: If it’s not about me I dont pay attention. (Yes I’m that vain)

  17. BQ: "too bad, he’s a nice guy"

  18. My prediction is that Proof or Dear Billy will get the POW.

     I had two books last week, this week I have eight, all of which I’m really looking forward to.

  19. Fifteen books for me this week, with POW, plus I have dinner with the in laws.  Might be a late one folks.

    Still…excellent Mexican food awaits along with the comics.

  20. Umbrella Academy: Dallas #03
    Batman #685
    Blue Beetle #35
    Final Crisis #07
    JSA #23
    Teen Titans #67
    Astounding Wolf-Man #21
    Avengers: The Initiative #21
    Marvels: Eye of the Camera #03
    Runaways #06
    The Stand: Captain Trips #05
    Crossed #03


    BQ: ‘Straight retarded.’

  21. Oh, and also New Avengers…dunno how I missed that.

  22. I’m excited for Savage Dragon and Spider-Man Extra.  I have a total of six books this week, which thanks to my recent pruning of the old pull list, is kind of a big week.  I love that.

     BQ: Probably not the last thing I overheard, but the last thing I remember overhearing, because it was hilarious.  At the bar on Saturday night, with a Southern accent, I heard someone shout "fucking Honda Accord!"  I don’t know why it was so funny, but it was.

  23. Incredibly huge week this week, and I’m still dropping books. Gonna have to come up with some more cash this week.

    Most looking forward to the Internet reaction to Final Crisis; Captain America and the return of Steve Epting – that cover is f’n awesome; the end of the first chapter of The Stand; JSA and Black Adam; Ultimate Spidey (these Ultimatium books are actually better than the mini); new Battlefields; Eye of the Camera – yes, I like it; Wolf-Man; FF; Daredevil; and the second part of Dini’s Batman storyline.

    BQ: Nothing interesting, probably razzing of the Steelers fan in our Baltimore office. 

  24. Most exciting to me: Captain America (with the return of my favorite artist Steve Epting) and JSA (which just keeps rockin’ on). Also going with Avengers: Initiative, New Avengers, FF, and Nova.


    BQ: I was getting my car inspected, and the guys in the shop had this really funny, inane conversation about American cars. The funniest thing that any of them said was (paraphrased), "I gotta get me a Chevy. Or one of them GM cars. I don’t trust them Fords with all those commercials on TV".

  25. Most exciting to me: Captain America (with the return of my favorite artist Steve Epting) and JSA (which just keeps rockin’ on). Also going with Avengers: Initiative, New Avengers, FF, and Nova.


    BQ: I was getting my car inspected, and the guys in the shop had this really funny, inane conversation about American cars. The funniest thing that any of them said was (paraphrased), "I gotta get me a Chevy. Or one of them GM cars. I don’t trust them Fords with all tho

  26. Final Crisis #7

    Well I got to admit, if everybody else decided to jump off a bridge, I probably would too.  Plus I wanna know what’s really gonna happen to Bruce Wayne.  Hopefully they actually shine some light on that instead of all that other hogwash…


    Batman #685

    This will probably become my pick of the week.  I loved Heart of Hush!!

    Superman #684

    This looks promising.  Superman books have been the shit lately.

    Ultimate Spider-Man #130

    I’m definitely going to have to read last month’s issue once more before I read this but I’m still pulling it in case it sells out.  My LCS is known for only ordering like 11 copies of good books.

    Amazing Spider-Man Extra #2

    The more Amazing Spider-Man, the merrier!!  I think you guys got the cover price wrong on this though.

    Unknown Soldier #4

    I expect that this is going to start getting good soon?  Everybody always raves about the old Unknown Soldier books, why do I feel as if Haunted Tank is so much more fun?!

    Batman Gotham After Midnight #9

    What the hell, it’s Batman.

    Justice Society Of America #23

    Time to jump on this bandwagon? Apparently.  The only question now is how am I gonna dig up all the back issues?  They wanted like $59.95 for the whole stack on Ebay!!  OUCH!!

    I could’ve sworn there was something else I wanted to try out this week but I don’t see it, nor do I remember.  Maybe it got postponed?  Oh well, eight books is plenty for a guy who’s on unemployment benefits!!

  27. New Avengers, Ultimate Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Captain America, Nova.  The dearth of DC books on my pull list becomes more and more obvious…

    BQ: I honestly do not remember. 

  28. FC#7!!!!  Is it really all going to make sense???????

  29. Wow, huge week! Most lookin’ forward to Batman (part 1 of this story was awesome), new Battlefields (is out already? Cool.), JSA starring Black Adam (a NEW storyline in JSA!! WOW), Ennis’ Punisher & Unknown Soldier.

    BQ – "Midgets ARE human."

  30. @WadeWilson

    You win on the BQ. What was the context?

  31. I’m looking forward to the end of Final Crisis, I have no clue what to expect and I just hope there’s a satisfying conclusion to Morrison’s epic.  Hard to believe we are almost done with both big events, I never thought we’d see the day.

  32. Daredevil. Just caught up with last 4 issues and this is the best Brubaker arc yet. 

    Overheard at the coffee shop last week from a punk-ass teenage boy to his soon-to-be-ex girlfriend: "It’s not you; it’s me." I wanted to smack him around. Not only because he went the coward’s route with a public breakup but to teach him a lesson about using cliches like that for real life situations. 

  33. Damnit Wade! Why are you suddenly the best with one-liners on this site? 🙂

  34. Stoked On: Final Crisis, Battlefields, New Avengers

    Kinda Excited For: Justice Society of America, Astounding Wolf-man, Daredevil

    Suspect: Crossed, Jack of Fables, Punisher War Zone

    Dropped: Avengers Initiative, Unknown Soldier, Teen Titans (they lost every character I cared about)

    I’ve been REALLY enjoying Guardians of the Galaxy and I’m wanting to pick up Nova but haven’t read anything before. Anyone know if this issue would be a good place to pick up?

    B.Q. My grandma yelling at the TV telling some political analysist to shut up, haha she’s crazy!


  35. Excited: Final Crisis, New Avengers, Superman, X-Force

    Nothing really runs the risk of being dropped this issue. I wanna see the whole arc before i make a decision on Wonder Woman.

    I’ll be picking up Garth Ennis’ Battlefields: Dear Billy #1.

    Also keen to see how Morrison finishes of Final Crisis. Will the debate rage yet again?

  36. @coltrane68 — It was an arguement about if chimpanzees share 98.6% of our genetic make-up, would they become Vampires if bitten by one. Then someone asked how much of human genetic make-up midgets share.

    @Champ — I’ve been working out.

  37. The last few weeks have stayed pretty slight for me and no change this time. Can’t say it’s not welcome though, saving those pennies. Just Batman, Final Crisis and Echo for me; pretty equally stoked about all of them.

    BQ: "Stop drinking so much wine, and try shutting the window!"

  38. Oy, what a big week!!! 12 to 13 books for me and the ones I’m most looking forward to are. JSA(Black Adams back!!!), Ult.Spider-man, Final Crisis(IMO the best event book in years), Superman, Batman(or is it Catwoman?), Punisher: War Zone, Wolf-Man, Usagi Yojimbo and I might give Batman The Brave and The Bold a try.

    BQ: "But Mmmom it has Cheeerrries. CHERRIES!!!" A 12 to 13 year old boy, who was wearing a nit cap with the Anarchy symbol on it, whining to his mom to buy him a cheese cake.

  39. Oh my God!!!  Is it Wednesday yet?!  Don’t you wish everyday was Wednesday??

  40. final crisis, and JSA. i think i am going to jump on nova aswell.                                                                                                                                                                                                              BQ "new york ….what. dont stop give it all you got"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

  41. I think New Avengers is it this week. It’ll be an easy week. last week i forgot like 2 things i planned on grabbing.  We need an Iphone pull list app.  i’d pay .99 to keep track

  42. Final Crisis, is what I’m really looking forward too

     BQ: Has anybody seen Milk?

  43. BQ: "Meow" – it was a cat and I think it was hungry…

  44. Excited about Cap 46, New Avengers, Ultimate Spider-man

    I think Ill buy the last issue of final crisis just for the cover, jumping on the last issue of daredevil arc, gonna try Millar’s FF, seeing as a new arc is starting

     BQ: (Drunk girl after dropping a margarita, watching it shatter) "I didn’t know it would do that!"

  45. Amazing Spider-Man Extra #2

    Aspen Showcase Ember Gunnell Cvr

    Astounding Wolf-Man #12

    Avengers Initiative #21

    Batman #685

    Blue Beetle #35

    Captain America #46

    Daredevil #115

    Final Crisis #7 (OF 7)

    Final Crisis Revelations #5 (OF 5)

    Incredible Hercules #125

    Justice Society Of America #23

    Ms Marvel #35

    New Avengers #49

    Skaar Son Of Hulk #7

    Superman #684

    Teen Titans #67

    Trinity #35

    Umbrella Academy Dallas #3 (OF 6)

    X-Force #11


    Most excited about New Avengers and Superman.


    BQ: We got more salt for the sidewalks.

  46. final crisis, cap, new avengers, 1985 HC(can’t wait) proof.


    BQ:I hate you and your fucking cat!– my classy neibor.he he

  47. "Where is the rice? that son of a dog!"