New Comics for 01/20/10 are just glad the weekend’s over

Get to pulling this Wednesday's books, and then let us know what you're looking forward to most, what you're dropping, what others should be buying and anything you're thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, and Josh.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, and Mike.

This week Captain America rolls on with a return to its original numbering… with no final issue of Captain America: Rebirth in sight. WHAT DID STEVE SEE IN HIS GLIMPSE OF THE FUTURE?!? ARGH! This week I'm most excited about Power Girl and most intrigued by Joe The Barbarian from Grant Morrison, which is the latest $1.00 debut issue from DC's Vertigo line.

This week I have the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: How was your weekend?


  1. This is my first week at my new college (Rowan University). So hopefully my comic life can stay the same even with a more complex school life ahead.

    Azrael #4

    Brave and the Bold #31

    Green Lantern Corps #44

    Incredible Hercules #140

    Joe the Barbarian #1

    BQ: Pretty damn boring. Work all day on Saturday and had nothing to do on Sunday till the Globes came one.

  2. 11 Titles this week.  I can’t believe both GI Joe and GI Joe origins are both coming out this Wednesday.  Any more good titles start coming out and my pull list is going to start competing with the iFanboys. :p

    BQ: Awesome.  I got a pretty nice couch for my new apartment.  $120 off of CL delivered.  You can’t beat that.

  3. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Anybody looking to try something new and different this week should grab Solomon Kane: Death’s Black Riders #1. Good jumping on point for an awesome character in the vein of Jonah Hex and Conan.  

  4. Definitely looking foward to Joe The Barbarian…dont know what to expect, but I’m looking forward to being suprised like I was w/ Sweet Tooth. Oh, and of course Starman #81…Ive just recently started reading this series from the beginning, and Im quite intrigued so far. Shame Tony Harris isnt drawing this, but hell, we have Bill Sienkiewicz drawing this, so who’s to complain? Amazing Spider-Man has had me hooked for life because of the last issue, so Ill be getting #618 as well. This will also be the first month Ill be getting Power Girl, as I got a few of the back issues and was instantly hooked, especially because of the Amanda Conner art. Im getting some other books also, but I forgot which…


    BQ: I MET AND HUNG OUT WITH GRANT HART OF HUSKER DU ON FRIDAY!!!!! I saw him perform at the new Knitting Factory, and talked with him outside for quite awhile. Our conversation consisted of LSD experiments and probed monkey brains. Naturally, the rest of my weekend couldnt top that.

  5. Looking forward to Joe the Barbarian and Phantom Stranger #42 (DEADMAN!). Might check out Thunderbolts one last time before I drop it… not sure yet, I’ve been buying it for so long I almost don’t want to, but it might be time.

    BQ: It was alright. Watched some football, had a 4-way, saw Up In the Air.

  6. 19 titles this week. Most looking forward to Avengers vs. Agents of Atlas, Batman: Streets of Gotham, and Incorruptible.

    BQ: Paid holiday today means my weekend continues!

  7. BQ: Long and delightful

  8. That’s what she said.

  9. This week I’ll be getting Amazing Spider-Man and Power Girl, I’ll be giving Joe the Barbarian a chance for $1, and even though I wasn’t very impressed last month I’ll pick up Incorruptible and Battlefields.

    BQ: Not bad. I got all my drinking out of the way Friday so I could just relax the rest of the time.

  10. Good week this week! I have lots of pulls and excited about Joe The Barb, Cowboy/Ninja/Viking, Starman, BN Flash!


    BQ: Good weekend. Rested, got over cold, and read tons of comics while doing so. 

  11. @ComicBOOKChris


    Very jealous. Love Husker Du. 


    6 Books. Wowza!


    BQ: Got drunk, high, worked. Typical weekend.

  12. Just Uncanny and Weapon X for me. And maybe the Grant Morrison comic if my tiny LCS gets a copy. (Next week is what I’m really looking forward to, though: new Batman & Robin (FINALLY) and new Detective Comics. Woooooooo. Hooooooooo!)

    BQ: The weekend was good. Lots of money-makin’ via freelance editing. But then things ended on a sour note when iFanboy failed to spotlight one of my reviews, even though I tried really hard to be pithy. I really hope y’all would like my positive X-Men Forever review. I’m trying hard not to accuse you guys of anti-mutant bias again…

  13. A good solid week for me:

    Amazing Spider-Man #618

    Blackest Night: The Flash #2

    Captain America #602

    Hellblazer #263

    Incorrubtable #2

    Jersey Gods #10(Love this book, feels like its been gone for awhile)

    Joe the Barbarian #1(Grant Morrison + Creator owned series = cool, weird storytelling)

    Power Girl #7-8(My sister and LCS owner have been telling me to try this out so I figure I’ll give them a shot.)

    BQ: Just hung out with my roommate and played some video games. Oddly enough both these games had links to the comic book world. Darksiders, which story was written by the one and only Joe Kelly. And Army of Two: The 40th day, which has animated interludes by Chris Bachalo and Jock.

  14. @Conor said, "with no final issue of Captain America: Rebirth in sight."

    It’s out next week.  How is that "not in sight?"   

  15. Amazing Spider-Man: I hope will contiue to be well, Amazing.

    Dark Avengers: I’m not going outside my normal titles for Siege tie-ins and I hope this isn’t just more Sentry.

    Green Lantern Corps: Guy Gardner Smash!!!

     BQ – Me and a friend played video games and watched NFL playoffs all weekend while the wives went to a scrapbooking event.  Good times and too much junk food.

  16. Starman #81

    R.E.B.E.L.S., Vol. 1 – People should pick this up.  It’s a great book and needs all the support it can get so it doesn’t go the way of S.W.O.R.D. or other acronymed comic titles. 😉

    BQ – Quiet, cleaned, had dinner with my folks and watched Moon, Hurt Locker and Paper Heart. 

  17. @SirCox – haha, hillarious. "BQ: Got drunk, high, worked. Typical weekend. "

  18. New comics had me at Starman # 81.  Also really hyped for the high concept and gorgeous art of Joe the Barbarian, and looking forward to ASM and Hercules.  Big week!

    BQ: Low key, with a few chores, a bit of house painting and, of course, good food.

  19. Looking forward to Joe the Barbarian

    BQ: Watched my beloved Vikings DESTROY the Cowboys. PURPLE REIGN!!! 

  20. This is shaping up to be a good week this week.  Looking forward to Amazing Spider-Man, Cowboy/Viking/Ninja, Hellblazer, Power Girl, and a Joe Casey penned Superman/Batman (just to name a few).

    It’s weird but I’m contemplating dropping Captain America.  I don’t really know why.  I think this whole mess up with the return of Steve Rogers has really taken the wind out of my sails of love for the book.  Right now, it just feels like there’s no energy.  Oh well, it’s probably just empty talk as I am a weak, weak man.

    BQ: Pretty sweet.  I picked up New Super Mario Bros. and my wife and I are playing the crap out of it. Also, had my pajamas on 80% of the weekend. 

  21. Batman: Streets of Gotham, Brave and the Bold, Spider-Woman, Superman/Batman, Muppet Peter Pan, Starman#81(yay!) and the book I’m most looking forward to…. JOE THE BARBARIAN!!!

    BQ: I had an absolutely fantastic weekend!

  22. So are these actually coming out on Wed, or is this a holiday that makes them push it back a day

  23. Not a huge week. Most excited for Joe the Barbarian.

    BQ: My weekend was actually pretty cool. I went to see David Sedaris give a reading in Sydney. He was funny and i got to see a lot of Australian celebrities at the theatre

    i win the bonus question game this week

  24. Amazing Spidey, Spiderwoman, Captain America, Blackest Night Flash, GL Corps & Tiny Titans, aw yeah!


    BQ: simply fabulous, thanks for asking.

  25. BQ: need comics to get through the day cause I have mono.

  26. Pretty good as I started reading the first Crebus phonebook over the long holiday weekend.



  27. I’m really looking forward to Amazing Spider-Man, I love Mysterio and Marcos Martin. Also looking forward to Cowboy Ninja Viking. 

    BQ: Good because some friends moved into town. Bad because me and my wife helped them unload, and I am very sore today. 

  28. Amazing Spider-Man #618
    Captain America #602
    Cowboy Ninja Viking #3
    Dark Avengers #13
    Fables #92
    Green Lantern Corps #44
    Incorruptible #2
    Joe the Barbarian #1
    Nova #33
    Rasl #6
    Realm of Kings: Inhumans #3
    Spider-Woman #5
    Uncanny X-Men #520
    Wolverine: Weapon X #9

    Dropping Doctor Voodoo and Batman: Streets of Gotham. They’re just not doing it for me. But I am beside myself with anticipation for Joe the Barbarian, Cowboy Ninja Viking, Weapon X, and the return of Cap’s main title.

    BQ: Rainy weekend, but I got to watch Inglorious Basterds and Lovely Bones (both were fantastic!) and I was able to burn through a nice chunk of my stack. Finished Astro City: Confessions, Scalped vol. 2, and read some more of Warren Ellis’ novel Crooked Little Vein.

  29. Insanely light week! Really excited for all of them, though.

    Captain America #602
    Dark Avengers Siege #13
    Doctor Voodoo Avenger Of Supernatural #4
    Green Lantern Corps #44
    Mighty Avengers #33
    Uncanny X-Men #520

    BQ: I’m having my weekend right now. Just got back from drinkin’ at the bar, grabbing a meal at Norm’s and cruising for ass. Tomorrow, something more low-key, possibly.


  30. Batman: Streets of Gotham #8

    Blackest Night: Flash #2

    Green Lantern Corps #44

    Superman/Batman #68

    The Brave and the Bold #31

    Justice League of America Special

    The Phantom Stranger #42

    Starman #81

    BQ:  I went to Delaware with some friends to visit the Dogfish Head Brewery and Restaurant.  Decent food, great beer.

  31. In attempt to participate in the community more I actually went and made my pull list. My most anticipated book is Starman #81. Even if it’s mostly about the Shade (as learned in this week’s Don’t Miss) that’s still something to look forward to.

    BQ: Found out she cheated on me, lots. *Shrug* Good riddance, right? 

  32. Brave and the Bold, Fables, Realm of Kings: Inhumans.  I am always most excited for Fables but all of this week’s offerings have me fired up.

    I decided to give Gillen’s Thor a chance and added the title to my list.  I was pissed about how JMS left and pretty much dropped the book out of spite.  But Gillen’s gotten good reviews.  I don’t think I’ll stay on for Fraction though.

  33. Oh yeah forgot Joe the Barbarian…also psyched for that.

  34. BQ – took a Knife Skills class – for cooking not stabbing.

    @Haupt – Sorry buddy. Don’t talk to her again.  Ever.  Advice from one who has gone from nice guy to player and found a happy medium.

    I’ll stop posting now.