New Comics for 01/14/09 would never dip bacon in chocolate

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here — Conor, Ron, Josh, and Gordon the Intern. And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, and Sonia.

Two light weeks in a row! Awesome. That means next week I will have 35 books. It doesn’t really matter, though, since Final Crisis is out this week so everything else falls to the wayside. Well, except for G.I. Joe #1! I’m hopping back on that train to see where it takes me.

This week Ron has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: I almost missed a conference call this morning that I got up early for because I had the ringer on my phone turned off from when we recorded the Pick of the Week Podcast. What was the last innocuously stupid thing you did?



  1. I woke up late this morning because, even though i set the alarm on my phone last night before going to be, my phone was still on silent from the movie I saw last night.

  2. Very light week.  Looking forward to the "New Krypton" finale, and probably picking up the "Manifest Destiny" book that Marvel failed to print correctly last week. 

    BQ: The other day I became incensed and was ready to storm around the office shouting "J’accuse!" when I was convinced someone stole my Lean Cuisine out of the freezer at work.  Then I realized I put it in a side drawer "so it wouldn’t get lost."

  3. I’m looking forward to being even more confused by morrisons bad time at DC writing Final Crisis. I love DC and look forward to reading this all in one when the series has finished. who knows we may find out what happened to Bruce Wayne – doubt it. Also think wonderful wizard of Oz will be amazing. Seriously Skottie youngs art is fantastic!!!

     BQ: Erm driving into the bag of someone, dont think thats very clever is it 🙁

  4. Yay, G.I. Joe and Locke & Key!!!  Final Crisis should be a fun romp as well.  Not a light week for me.

    BQ: Talking on the phone with my mom while I was pouring a bowl of cereal.  Before I knew it, I had put the box in the fridge and the milk on top of the fridge.

  5. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    A new BPRD arc, Solomon Kane, Action Comics, Final Crisis, Wizard of Oz!  What a lovely week!

    And two different eras of House of Mystery in trades to boot!  

    BQ: Her name was Charlotte and I knew she was trouble as soon as I heard those heels on the wet pavement outside Jake’s…

  6. Only three books this week, my wallet is happy. Can’t wait to see Batman’s fate in Final Crisis #6!

    BQ: Leaving a stove burner on overnight, even though it was set to low. Needless to say, my wife wasn’t happy!

  7. BQ: Birth.

  8. Spidey (‘date’ issue!); Action; Batman Confidential; Captain Britain; Final Crisis; Green Arrow (but on notice after that last "meh" issue); Green Lantern Corps; Nightwing – though I’ll be flicking through Nightwing in the store and seeing if it’s really worth getting the last two issues as that last issue with Tim and Alfred had such a good ending and neatly tied up several story lines.

    BQ: Dropping some of my dinner down the front of my t-shirt. Then again, I do that every night. 

  9. Looks like only Captain Britian, Amazing Spider-Man, and Action Comics for me this week. I’m crossing my fingers for the end of the New Krypton storyline.

    BQ: I don’t do stupid things. I’m perfect.

  10. Bacon in chocolate?!

    Only Final Crisis (and Action Comics, as an afterthought) for me this week. Couldn’t be happier, though.

  11. Small weeks make me worry about the future. Mark my words shit will hit the fan in Fables this week.

    BQ: Bicyle riding home at 3 AM after a get together. Oh the journey was odd. 


  12. I Kill Giants conclusion!  New Krypton conclusion!  Final Crisis almost conclusion!  Great week and I’m only getting 8 books.  I’m not picking up the new BPRD series.  The Warning was kind of a letdown.

    BQ:  Saying yes to four hours of football in the snow when you didn’t know about it and wasn’t dressed for it.  I was cold and sore and wound up sitting in my boxers on my friend’s couch as my jeans tumbled dry.  Oh, and then a bunch of people showed up and I was sitting there in my boxers.  Innoucuous?  Mostly.

  13. Chocolate covered bacon is AMAZING!!!!!


    We make it it the restaurant I work in.  Mind you, it’s not on the menu, but we indulge quite often 😉


     the Tiki

  14. Cap Britain and Mi 13

    Green Lantern corps



    BQ: not thinking of stuff to have for dinner. 

  15. Final Crisis #6, New Krypton Finale, Nightwing. These are the books I’m most looking forward too.

    I’m picking up BPRD and I really can’t go passed a new GI Joe book. Keen to see how that’ll be.

     BQ:@PaulMontgonery: Charlotte was mine. She’d always be mine. I’d never let her go without a fight. And as soon as i saw you looking at her I knew it was gonna take one hell of a fight.

  16. I’ve got some books I really enjoy, but I’m looking forward to Solomon Kane the most.

    After this month, I will be down to only three DC books in monthly format.

    Teen Titans, Booster Gold and the best comic I read monthly:

    Jonah Hex.

  17. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @reg5000 – We were fools to think it’d be up to our fists, our minds, our hearts.  Some things can’t be tamed.  

  18. Final Crisis, Manhunter, Invincible, Action, Booster, GLC.  In roughly that order of interest.

  19. Pretty ok week for me: DMZ, Final Crisis, GL Corps, Green Lantern, Nightwing and Young Liars. It’s a toss-up between Lantern and Nightwing for most excited.

    BQ: Dressing up as Charlotte and hanging around outside Jake’s… I never meant to break any hearts…

  20. Eyun wins.

  21. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:


  22. FOUR books this week? Am I going to have 40 next week? Blargh.


    BQ: I read the last issue of Hulk. 

  23. Lots of great stuff.  Of course I’m most excited for FC # 6 and New Krypton finale.. BUT.. I have a sneaky suspicion I Kill Giants might be my PoTW.  That series has been touching and sad and beautiful.  I can’t wait to see how it finishes.  Add in GL Corps and ASM and we have a very promising week. 

    BQ: Getting my stupid innoculation!  Does that count as being innoculously stupid? 

    BBQ: Missing the end of the mullet-fiesta in the early 90s.  Sigh… I miss rockin the shorty shorty longback.

  24. I was wondering when Charlotte had found time to grow a beard

  25. I am looking forward to the Second installment of the Wizard of Oz. I finally have my kid as excited to go the comic shop as I am! Also even thought my wallet my run, i am very tempted to pick up the new BPRD.

    BQ:forgetting i had a face full of zit cream while walking my kid to school. 

  26. I’m most looking forward to the new Locke and Key mini series and the end of the New Krypton event in Action Comics. I’m on the fence about getting Prometheus #1 (I’m trying to cut down on books and save some money).

     BQ: Accidentally saying "love ya" at the end of a voicemail message to my girlfriend (we haven’t said it to each other yet). I made some weird "ummm" type noises after and hung up. She didn’t say anything about it, and came over with Chicken Soup when I was sick the following night, so I’m still okay. 

  27. @ScottB:Chicken soup = love

  28. I think Final Crisis might be at the top of the list. That, or Action Comics. W00t.

    BQ: Deciding that Spanish is a good idea. Still paying for that one. Stupid class.

  29. Action Comics #873

    Final Crisis #6 (OF 7)

    Punisher War Zone #5 (OF 6)

    Young Liars #11


    BQ: i dunno, nofing 

  30. Final Crisis definitely! Hope Morrison ties up some loose ends…please!@GungaDin: Spanish will always come in handy, on vacation trips, restaurants or meeting hot chicks.

    Try not. Do or do not, there is no try.
    — Yoda

    BQ: Leaving my house keys attached to my mailbox Doh!

  31. @reg5000 – That wasn’t a beard!

  32. @Eyun: Ewww

  33. If the shop has Fables 76-79 (you never know) I’m switching to issues.

    Invincible is dropped.

    The quietness of the week is the only thing that might get X-Infernus #2 in my door. We’ll see how the mood strikes.

    Captain Britain and I Kill Giants are this week’s winners!

    BQ: ever get all the way to the grocery store before realizing the list is still under a fridge magnet back at home?

  34. You’re dropping Invincible?  Did someone reletter your comics?

  35. He picked the wrong week to pull "To Be Continued In A Book You Can’t Stand." It’s a portent of things to come, and not good things. Mark me well!

  36. I can’t wait to get my mitts on the next chapter of Final Crisis.  Also, a new Action Comics makes me very happy.  It’s a light week though, which is fine.  My wallet thanks me.

    BQ: Giving my parents crap for years for not having a cell phone and then ignoring their phone calls when they finally did. (In my defense, I don’t answer numbers I don’t recognize.) 

  37. BQ: forgetting to pick up any of my books a couple weeks ago.

  38. @Jimski: I quite liked the Invicnible/Wolfman crossover. Didn’t fancy grabbing another book but what are you gonna do, it’s Kirkman.

  39. as a reader of both books, i’d like to say that it wouldn’t have been a problem to buy both, if it wasn’t for the fact that my shop sold out of wolf-man before i got there

  40. *sighs* This is a slow week……

    I’m sorry, did I say slow week? I ment: MOST FUCKING AMAZING WEEK EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






  41. green lantern is out?

  42. ….I ment



  43. oh.

  44. Gravel Dammit.


    And Parade With Fireworks TP Dammit. 

  45. Some give TheNextChampion a valium



  47. X-Infernus continues and a new BPRD arc begins…it almost makes up for such a light week.

  48. Great week!!! the comics I’m most looking forward to are: Final Crisis(BATMAN!!!), Action Comics(can’t wait to see how New Krypton ends and the new superman status quo  begins), Faces of Evil: Prometheus, Punisher War Zone and Young Liars.

    BQ: Locking my keys in my car and having my girlfriends dad get them out for me.

    And hows about a Bonus Answer: Standing on stage for 30 seconds when i was just supposed to walk off and then have the entire auditorium laugh at me. 

  49. Looks like a solid week! I’m most lookin’ forward to —

    Final Crisis — Will we finally get a conclusion to Batman RIP?

    Green Lantern Corps — 4th most pulls on iFanboy! Rock!

    Action Comics — I know I’m goin’ out on a limb sayin’ this, but I think the writer on this book is pretty decent.

    Deadpool — DP is back! & it’s FUNNY again for the first time in a while! Woo! 


    BQ — Didn’t lock the door & my mum walked in on me, maturbating. =(

    Just kidding … it was the other way around …


  50. *maturbating

    Oops, typo. I must be goin’ blind or something … 

  51. BQ: Not setting my alarm.

    Here’s my list for the week:

    The Cleaners #02
    Fables #80
    Final Crisis #06
    Nightwing #152
    I Kill Giants #07
    Invincible #58
    Amazing Spider-Man #583
    Wonderful Wizard of Oz #02
    Locke & Key: Head Games #01

    Pretty light, but full of awesomeness.

  52. The EXTREME BOOK DROPPING continues (sorry, had to get in on all the EXTREME because I’m on the INTERNETS!1!!!1!!!). 

    Dropping Captain Britain (I know, crucify me) – it just doesn’t do it for me. I tried, but just couldn’t care. And I was one of the few who bought Wisdom in issues and enjoyed it. Also dropping Booster Gold.  With two minis ending this week (House of M Civil War – which has been decent – and Army @ Love – I’ll never do that again), that’s four books dropped for next month. Also won’t be getting G.I. Joe, although my wife has two books – her only two – out this week, so maybe I can argue the finances that way. We’ll see. May or may not pick up GLC and Nightwing, although I’m more inclined to do those two than some others.

    Looking forward to Spidey & the President-elect, the end of Batman RIP, The Boys from last week (which my shop better have), Action, the new Locke & Key, the Vertigo bunch, Invincible, Wizard of Oz (Skottie Young is EXTREME drawing a children’s book, MUTHAFUCKAS), Ennis Punisher – a strong if not spectacular week.

    BQ: Agreeing to drop books as a New Year’s resolution – what the hell was I thinking?

  53. Big week for me.

    The end of ‘I Kill Giants’, it doesn’t get better than that, but a new ‘Locke & Key’ mini comes close.

    Then there’s an issue of ‘Young Liars’ & ‘Action Comics’ too.

    Great week for quality comics.   






  54. This has to be a first for me since I’ve been back on the comics wagon.

    No books this week.  Not one.  Not even a trade.  Nothing.  Not even a book I only half look forward to reading. (I apprehensively eye the stack of about 20 trades behind me on the shelf.)  Time to get to work.

    BQ: Working out on the Wii Fit while in heated battle with a stomach virus. 

  55. The week is slow in terms of quantity, but the quality seems to be there!

  56. Can’t wait for Deadpool #6..

  57. I can’t believe I’m only getting Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel and X-Infernus. It’s the second lightest week I’ve ever had.


    BQ: I overspent several weeks in a row and now can’t afford to re-register my vehicle. How’s that? 🙂



    Wow only 4 books this week. 

  59. Let’s see: Definitely gonna get Final Crisis #6 and see what the hell really happens to Bruce Wayne! The story that was supposed to end in Batman #681 might actually end this time! I’m gonna check out what happens in Action Comics with New Krypton.  I’ll grab another Nightwing, Nightwing hasn’t been too fantastic lately but I might as well grab the last remaining issues before it’s cancellation. I want to get the Barack Obama cover for this week’s Amazing Spiderman.  Hmmmmmm…? I guess that it just about it for me this week.  Wait, can’t forget about Batman Confidential!!

    Oh and I’ve done too many stupid fucking things to list them all on here.

  60. @Wade:……..Dude…….

  61. Action Comics #873

    Amazing Spider-Man #583

    Captain Britain And Mi 13 #9

    Civil War House Of M #5 (OF 5)

    Deadpool #6

    Faces Of Evil Prometheus #1

    Final Crisis #6 (OF 7)

    Gi Joe #1

    Green Arrow Black Canary #16

    Green Lantern Corps #32

    Manhunter #38

    Nightwing #152

    Trinity #33


    Hoping that Kriesberg finally gets a good start on GA/BC. 

    Sad to see Manhunter go )-:

    I think Trinity has 2 weeks to go to pull me back in.

    Excited to see what Dixon can do with GI JOE.


    BQ: Getting a couple weeks behind on my books, then decided that I would only get a certain number of books a week even if more came out that week that I had pulled, then never really dropping anything, so when I decided to finally get caught up, I was 3 months behind and had to start paying in the $60-75 range every week.

  62. light week this week VERY excited for Action Comics, booster gold, final crisis, invincible, young liars, and perhapanauts (FINALLY)

    bq: hmm sucked ass in my classes