New Comics for 01/13/10 need to lose 10 lbs.

Get to pulling this Wednesday's books, and then let us know what you're looking forward to most, what you're dropping, what others should be buying and anything you're thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, and Josh.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, and Mike.

It's a good week. It's an interesting week. Joss Whedon returns to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul close out their time on Adventure Comics, the second issue of Daytripper hits, Damien and Stephanie team up in Batgirl, we've got the end of the first arc in Die Hard: Year One, and I'm sure something fucked up will happen in Punisher MAX.

This week Ron has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: Did you make a New Year's Resolution? And if so, have you already broken it?


  1.  still not sure if i’ll pick up buffy, that sounds weird to say


    BQ: I made one, it was to cook more at home and learn to cook new things. so far so good, cooking a lot more for a start. new things begin this weekend

  2. Really small week for me.  Only six books, one of which was supposed to come out last week.  I might end up picking up that Shazam BN tie in or that new Alan Moore thing I’m almost certain my shop won’t have.

  3. My new years resolution was to become an iFanboy member.

  4. Only SWORD for me, and maybe I’ll pick up `Super Hero Squad for the kids.

  5. Did I even read Strange #2? I dont even remember…I mean I liked the first issue, but Im not going to be crying if I miss a few of these issues and get them at a later time. So im on the fence about getting Strange #3…

    Otherwise, pretty average week. A bunch of ancilary X books this week, including Psylocke, Dark X-Men (Nate Grey FTW!), and Nation X. Also highly looking forward to Punisher MAX and the Catwoman Blackest Night tie in to quench my Catwoman thirst.

    BQ: A few years ago, I made a New Years Resolution to never make another New Years Resolution again…and Ive been strictly adhearing to that one.

  6. I’m not sure even the return of Whedon is enough to bring me back to Buffy. I never would have believed I could lose interest this dramatically.

    BQ: I must write more, for in particular.

  7. Strong week, but can anyone tell me what’s delaying Scalped. This arc started the same week as BN, yet BN has put out 6 books and Scalped only 4. I hopped on Scalped with issue 18, and have never really noticed the delays before now. Plus it’s the book I’m most excited for.

  8. Also, everyone go pull Batgirl.  Could easily be the best superhero comic being made right now. It’s like Power Girl, but better.  The last issue was the beginning of the arc and the best issue yet.

  9. @jimski i felt the same way. if not for the last page of last issue i wouldn’t even be on the fence. it would be dropped regardless of joss writing this issue or not. as it stands i’m slightly intrigued, only slightly

  10. Nice, small week – none of my personal "blockbuster" books, but there is some solid quality out there. Most looking forward to Adventure and Action comics; Widening Gyre (hey – I like it); Batman; the Blackest Night last issue books, particularly Catwoman, which I thought ended too soon; Iron Man; Punisher; Die Hard; Daytripper (after that first issue, how could you not pick up the second?); Spider-Man; Ghoul from IDW (any Wrightson is good Wrightson)

    Dropping Doctor Who ongoing – just not that interested in it, despite the Tennent era just wrapping up. 

    BQ: Buy less comics – did this last year, but the list just grew larger through the year. Need to chop it down. Once Blackest Night and Siege are over, that should help, but it’s still nuts.

  11. Only Eleven books this week (I sware its fewer than normal).  Im still sticking to my resolution of fewer books per week.  It had gotten to the point where I couldnt remember what I was reading from week to week.  I want to stick to what I’m really Interested in (sorry Punisher).

  12. A perfect 8 book week for me.  Looking forward to new Adventure Comics, Daytripper, Unwritten, Amazing Spider-Man, Iron Man, etc.

    BQ: I’m doing a "Biggest Loser" competition with my wife and few of her friends and co-workers.  So, I guess that’s my New Year’s resolution.  It has yet to be broken! 

  13. I have a 9 book week.  I’m curious to see what Robertson does with Conan.

    BQ: I never make one. Usually because I always break them. 

  14. Joss Whedon is back on Buffy? Dare I hold out hope for redemption for this series? 

    Only four books this week, but it doesn’t really matter anyway since I won’t be getting my DCBS order until the end of the month anyway.

    BQ: No resolutions this year. But I have a To Do list.

  15. Really looking forward to Amazing Spider-Man.  Also, Unwritten is always good. 

    BQ: I made a resolution to write and read more.  Maybe even write my first novel.  So far so good.

  16. Are we obliquely being called fat here?

  17. BQ: I really don’t believe in New Years resolutions.

  18. Pretty small week. nothing much. Most excited for daytripper

    BQ: I said was was going to save more and drink less. It’s the 12th of January, so far i have only had two really big nights… which is much less than the usual 12 day peroid, so far so good

  19. Muppet Show, Unwritten, Action Comics, Adventure Comics, DMZ, Power of Shazam!, Daytripper and Alan Moore’s Neonomicom Horn Book(if they have any left at my LCS)

    BQ: I guess I’ve made some.. Haven’t really broken any yet.

  20. There’s some nice stuff this week (any week with the Rhino has the scent of quality), but nothing that knocks my socks off in the way that some of the pre Christmas weeks did.  Still, that said, Invincible Iron Man is always a treat and Daytripper 1 was fantastic.  I am really looking forward to Jordi Bernet’s Torpedo in sooper dooper IDW hardcover format.

    BQ: A loose resolution to lose a little weight – I haven’t stopped eating since.

  21. Amazing Spider-Man, Batman, Invincible Iron Man, Marvels Project, PunisherMAX, and that Alan Moore one, becasue why not?

    BQ – one started in November (Hello 36W, long time no see) and the other, to write or draw everyday has already been broken

  22. Invincible Iron Man and Marvels Project. Maybe I’ll catch up Daytripper.


    BQ: I didn’t make an official resolution, but during the holidays I decided to eat better. It’s going mostly well. 

  23. I might go to trade with Daytripper and will therefore have a grand total of zero comics this week. Except the No Hero tpb… or hc… not sure yet.

  24. BQ: I gave up bags and boards (I actually started this one the Wednesday before Christmas).  I have held to it thus far.

  25. Only one book this week. Punisher MAX #3 for me.

    Any suggestions on comics or trades I could pick up?

    BQ: Yes and yes.

  26. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:


  27. @Paul: I would love to try it, but I know my LCS does not have the first issue. So…..would it matter if I skipped it? The first issue I mean.

  28. Action Comics, Amazing Spider-Man, Unwritten, and Doctor Who.

  29. @TNC – Ho Hero trade?

  30. With only two books on my pull list this week (Unwritten and R.E.B.E.L.S.), looks like I won’t be going to the shop until next week.

    BQ: Try to keep my monthly comics budget around $100.

  31. a good solid week for me: Amazing Spider Man, Conan one-shot, Daytripper, Invincible Ironman, Muppet Show, Strange, and the Unwritten. I gotta say I’m most excited for the muppet show since I had so much fun reading the last one.

    BQ: I’m going to try and write more, so i may just visit one of these days. But in the meantime I think I’ll stick with my goofy short stories. Also I’m going to read some actual "book" books since comic books took up the most of my time this last year(not a complaint, simply an observation)

  32. @deadspace: That actually looked pretty interesting to me. It’s Warren Ellis so of course it must be good. Although I do see this ‘Human Target’ trade which I might try as well. Show looks interesting on FOX.

  33. Just Invincible Iron Man and Daytripper.

    And the Unwritten TP from last week.

    BQ: I’m still straight edge. I still don’t censor myself. I stil buy more action figures.

  34. Wasn’t Phantom Stanger #42 supposed to come out this week?

  35. um, Stranger.

  36. Action Comics #885

    Adventure Comics #6

    Amazing Spider-Man #617

    Batgirl #6

    Batman #695

    Batman Widening Gyre #4 (OF 6)

    Booster Gold #28

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer Jo Chen Cvr #31

    Catwoman (Blackest Night) #83

    Cyberforce Hunter Killer Rocafort Cvr A #4 (OF 5)

    Dark X-Men #3 (OF 5)

    Daytripper #2 (OF 10)

    Die Hard Year One #4

    Green Arrow Black Canary #28

    Invincible Iron Man #22

    Marvels Project #5 (OF 8)

    Nation X #2 (OF 4)

    Power Of Shazam (Blackest Night) #48

    Psylocke #3 (OF 4)

    Punisher Max #3

    S.W.O.R.D. #3

    Secret Six #17

    Transformers Ongoing #3

    Unwritten #9


    24 books….welcome to 2010 huge stack of books.


    This will be a tough week for POTW as Daytripper, Unwritten, Adventure Comics and Amazing Spidey all come out.


    BQ: I don’t do NY resolutions b/c I know I’m prob not gonna remember them anyways.

  37. 6 books for me…




    Power of Shazam,

    S.Six  and

    Adventure comics.

     Good week for me I’m looking foward to all six books on my list.


    BQ: No resolution but I do want to watch less TV!

  38. I make the same resolution every year, and I never keep it. It’s to stop eating things that I find on my shirt.