New Comics for 01/12/2011 are hoping not to get delayed by snow… again

Get to pulling this Wednesday's books, and then let us know what you're looking forward to most, what you're dropping, what others should be buying and anything you're thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check their pull lists out here: Conor, Ron, and Josh.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Check out their pull lists: Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, Chris, Tom, Molly, Ryan, Josh, Ben, Ali, and Matt.

This week Conor has the Pick!

Bonus Question: What was the worst thing you were ever late for? Tell us the story.


  1. Blah week. Only three books; 1 is now a sub-par book, 1 is a title I only read in trade, and 1 is Deadpool.

    Batman and Robin #19, Secret Six #29, and Deadpool #31

    BQ: Call me ‘Mr. Punctual’ baby. 

  2. i was at a party at this girls  house, during the party we started talking and 5 hours later we were mere moments from consumating our new “relationship”. As the sober one i was then forced to drive drunk people home, my friend ashley (whom i was driving home) got locked out of her house so she made me drive her to her BF’s. By the time i got back to the house where the party was the girl had gone to sleep because i took to long to come back..i never let Ashley forget it.

  3. Really light week for me. Justice League: Generation Lost and Superman (just for the cover). 

    Any suggestions? I’m really far behind on a lot of things. Is anything at a good spot to pick up?  

  4. Man no books last week and only Amazing Spider-man this week.

    I was late for my first day of work at my job (my first “real” job after college) because of an ice storm, took me over half an hour to get into my car and get the windows cleared off, and then over half an hour to make a 10 minute drive….ended up being about 45 minutes late!!  Fortunately my boss was super cool about it (most of the office didn’t even show up that day) so it wasn’t really a big deal but I was freaking out at the time.

  5. Generation Lost and Amazing Spiderman….and Brightest Day from last week.

  6. @SteenAR  pick up thunder agents its been fun

  7. I am late for everything. Superspeed does not fix this problem.

  8. @SteenAR  Heroes for Hire just started and there should be a recap page in case your shop doesn’t have the first issue. The first issue was a lot of fun

  9. It’s looking like an all DC week for me:

    Batman And Robin #19
    Birds Of Prey #8
    Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #6
    Justice League Generation Lost #17
    Knight & Squire #4
    Secret Six #29
    T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents #3

    I keep thinking I’ll drop Birds of Prey, but I can’t cut the cord. I may have missed a Marvel or Indie, so I’ll check again. Dropping “Man Without Fear” – I just don’t care.

  10. All you light week people must not read good Bat Books. This almost a bigger week for me than the last two combined.

    Batgirl, Knight & Squire, Batman & Robin, plus ASM. I will buy Booster Gold as long as it limps on (which is how it feels creatively). And of course, I will be drinking a bottle of meade and crying while reading the last issue of Thor: Mighty Avenger (until FCBD!).

  11. I overslept one afternoon after school, and barely made it to dress rehearsal later that night for a play that was opening the following night. I had a big enough side part that caused me to get bitched at from the director at intermission.

  12. @Thursday  I’m not usually late, but I really feel like I am missing out on JL:Gl. Damn tradewait is killing me.

  13. Just 11 books. Sigh.

  14. Light week again. Come on.

  15. @glwarm76  I was actually excited for my light week. It’s full of my favorite books right now for me at least and it’s really making my wallet happy

  16. The Sixth Gun V1
    Last Stand of New Krypton V2
    Joker’s Asylum V2
    Doom Patrol: Brotherhood

    BQ: I’m never late, but a friend of mine was once late to a job interview… with MI5.

  17. Weak week which is great for my wallet. Batgirl #17, Batman and Robin #19, Emerald Warriors #6 and Unwritten #21. Really looking forward to Batgirl and Unwritten. It might be time to drop Batman and Robin (sadly). 

  18. Heavy week for me.  Amazing Spider-Man, Batman & Robin, Black Panther, Infinite Vacation, Knight & Squire and Secret Six.

    I’m glad I get paid tomorrow. 

  19. @Evangelion11 @RoiVampire Thanks! I’ll check those out! 

  20. small week, but that’s okay i haven’t picked up last weeks books due to being out of the country.

    BQ. I hate being late, i causes me a bit of anxiety, but my girlfriend tends to make us late for a number of things. I’ve had to learn to be flexible with giving timetables. the last time i was really late for something was for my grandmother’s 80th birthday. i blamed it on the bruise on my forehead which i got from pressing a suction cup to it. i just said i hit my head playing with the dog. it worked. 

  21. Light week for me, again! Just Thor:The Mighty Avenger and Batman and Robin

    BQ: I can’t really think of what it would be… usually I just get made fun of for being late, but nothing bad ever happens (I’ve been lucky that way) 

  22. 12 books this week!: Amazing Spider-Man, Avengers Academy (Must Haves), Batgirl, Batman And Robin, Booster Gold, Green Lantern Emerald Warriors, Infinite Vacation, Justice League Generation Lost, Red Robin, Secret Six, Thor Mighty Avenger, and Wonder Girl.

    BQ: I was late to a funeral once.  Not my own. 

  23. Seems like everyone has a light week except me; I have 15 books, and when I look at the list I’m excited about all of the. Admittedly, I’m picking up two books blind; Secret Six b/c of the Luthor crossover, and Infnite Vacation b/c of Nick Spencer.

    Not to mention I’m going to make a game time decision on Wonder Girl, and I may pick up the Avengers Children Crusade “must have” that includes issue 1-3, and pick up issue 4 from last week.

    BIG BIG WEEK!! Highlights are Thunder Agents, B&R, Batgirl, and ASM.

  24. Heroes for hire 2!!!! First issue was a great setup–great second issue will shoot this up toward the top of my must buy pile.

  25. Just Wonder Girl for me this week.

    BQ: I was two hours late for my first job once, because I didn’t have any clean pants and needed to do laundry. That was also my last day at that job. hahaha

  26. six out of the seven on my pull list happen to be my favorite books!
    BQ:I was an hour late to work once. It sucked because I was the opener and it sucked more because I was made manager the week before.

  27. BQ: I was once 8 hours late for a fairly important job interview.

  28. Oooh, I’m looking forward to I Am an Avenger #5! ALAN DAVIS IN THE HIZ-OUSE!

    After that, probably Black Panther.

  29. Just Savage Dragon and Infinite Vacation.

    BQ:  Work.  @boomergirl – literally, the same thing happened to me a little over a year ago.  Manager promotion and all.

  30. Only 3 books for me, most excited for Heroes For Hire!

    BQ: I’ve never really been late to anything important, except for my father’s surprise 50th birthday party, but that wasn’t my fault, as my sister was being a bitch at the time and DIDN’T TELL ME ABOUT IT! 

  31. BQ: Worst thing I was late on in recent memory was Thor The Mighty Avenger. If only I’d picked it up in issues…. 🙁

  32. BLEEEZEE!!!!! – (excitied for emerald warriors, one of my favorite new series)
    and if my guy happens to order any Infinite vacation im gonna give it a shot

    BQ:Job interview, i was only 5 minutes late because of weather/traffic and the first thing the Manager asked me was “mind if i ask why your late?” my already failing confidence level was quickly flatlined.

  33. A bigger week for me this week.  As I was doing my pull list, it was a lot of “instead of this, I’m going to get that.” 10 books plus the Sixth Gun TPB and I think my ordered Franken-Castle HC is coming in this week.  Woof.

    BQ:  I was once an hour late for the romantic date I promised my girlfriend for her birthday.  Long story short, we were so late, the restaurant had a two hour wait, and while waiting on a bench outside of the restaurant, I farted so hard that my girlfriend turned to me and asked, “Did your cell phone just vibrate?” True story.  Truer story: that girlfriend became my wife.

    I know, I’m pretty damn lucky.

  34. A nearly entirely Marvel week for me. Amazing Spider-man, Black Panther, Captain America: Man out of time, Daredevil Reborn, Knight and Squire (my only DC book this week!) and Thor the Mighty Avenger.

  35. Anybody know what happened to Northlanders??

  36. @MegaPhilip It’s on next week’s ship list at Diamond

    Reasonably big week, but glad I dropped Emerald Warriors given that there’s another earth shattering crossover starting in March.  Very intrigued by Infinite Vacation and looking forward to Thunder Agents.  Black Panther and Heroes for Hire I’m really not sure about, but won’t get til next week anyway due to UK shipping delays.  Still, some stuff to definitely hold my interest.

    BQ:  When my wife had to induced to labour when she was pregnant things weren’t really happening quickly and the hospital sent me home to get a couple of hours sleep.  Only for labour to suddenly set in an hour or so later and me to sleep through the first couple of attempts by the hospital to phone me and get me back.  Luckily they got me on the 4th try and I didn’t miss the event, since that’s the kind of things wives remind you of until the day you die…

  37. Nothing this week. That hasn’t happened in a long time.

    BQ: My friend’s mother’s funeral had passed away about a week after her father passed. A friend of mine (let’s call him J) used to live down the street from me and he was getting a ride from one of our other friends (let’s call him C). C was worried about morning traffic so he told me to meet at J’s house. I woke up, put on my suit and headed over to J’s house on a hot summer day. We proceeded to wait for C for nearly 2 hours. We ended up getting there just as the prayers were finishing. I found out later that C is notoriously late for everything, and will probably be late to his own funeral.