New Comics for 01/07/09 missed Wednesday

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here: Conor, Ron, Josh, and Gordon the Intern. And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike,and Sonia.

Looks like a super light week this week, which is nice. And we have a surprise for me as the book that I just might be the most curious about is Secret Invasion: War of Kings, an Inhumans one shot written by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning. Never would have thought that before reading that Nova hardcover.

This week Josh has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: What’s the last thing that surprised you?



  1.  light week for me too


    um, the last page of the latest wolverine surprised the hell out of me

  2. I’m definitely most looking forward to Jane Espenson writing "Buffy."  And my favorite vampire Harmony is in it.  I’m also curious to see what happens next in "X-Men Noir" and if "Cable" keeps being as enjoyable as it’s been.

    BQ: I’m surprised that Jen van Meter is writing a Black Lightning mini.  Not good or bad surprised, just — huh.

  3. My store just got in last weeks books today and now I have to prepare for more books on Wednesday! Hurm.

    Looks like Buffy, Iron Man, Zombies, and X Noir this week.

    BQ: Waking up for work this morning on time.

  4. Secet Six and Iron Man I am most looking forward to.  Love Secret Six so much!

    BQ: Finding out my 16 yr old brother has already tried hooka.  I have not, and have no desire to try it…but I feel so uncool now.

  5. Very small week for me as well

    Detective Comics and the 2nd Hellboy: Wild Hunt issue. But there will be a cameo of Wolverine this week since my LCS didnt have it last week.

    BQ: Frank Miller really is a crazy SOB.

  6. Um, a light week for me with just five books: Spidey; Detective; Buffy; Sub-Mariner; and my current favourite comic – the super sexy Secret Six!


    BQ:  I’m far too old to be surprised by anything these days.  

  7. Only Amazing Spider-Man and Submariner for me. It will give me time to read the Gotham Central trade I picked up over the weekend. I hope it is as good as you guys advertised.

    BQ: Realizing Valkarie and Benjamin Button have been out for over a week, and I still haven’t seen them.

  8. How is there a Rasl trade coming out already?

    BQ: I was surprised there was an iFanboy episode last week, I thought that that was the break week.

  9. JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    Only Faces of Evil: Grundy for me this week, and it’s only running me 74 cents.

    BQ: See above. 

  10. Light week here, thank god maybe my culling of books is finally paying off.

    Anna Mercury wraps up this week, I’m excited about that.

    BQ: My bank statement. (and that RASL trade…how exactly?)

  11. Yay!  Only 2 books for me this week.  Now the trick is not to spend $100 on trades instead….

     …last thing to surprise me is I made good on my resolution not to plow through to the end of bad novels by bailing on Last Days Of Krypton after 50 or so pages.  I still finished Tales To Astonish because I love the subject matter so much, and forced myself to overlook marathon sentence structure.

  12. I have "pulled" 11 books, but deep down– actually, not deep down; pretty close to the surface– I am enthusiastic about maybe five of those. Time to make some changes!

    BQ: I was very surprised to receive a Belgian waffle maker for Christmas, since I last attempted to cook a meal in roughly August 2003.

  13. Really light week, only 2 books. Thank god! So just Buffy and Detective for me. It’s not much of a brain-twisting decision, given the lack of options, but probably most looking forward to Buffy.

    BQ: The casting of the new Doctor Who. But in a good way.

  14. Wow, lightest week in a while, that makes me happy, cause these last few have taken a hard whack at my wallet.  Just Secret Six, Detective, No hero and x men Noir

  15. I’m in at 7 books.  X-Men Noir and Iron Man are rounding out my faves.  Dark Avengers next week!

     BQ: I saw the trailer for the new Star Trek movie at the local ciniplex, never thought I’d be looking forward to seeing a Star Trek movie.  JJ Abrams, is there anything you can’t do?

  16. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Read Hellboy, you clods!  This arc is SO GOOD!

    BQ: I thought I was opening a regular can of "mixed nuts" and then SNAKES!  OH GOD NO!  SNAKES!   

  17. It must be Warren Ellis week because he’s got 4 books coming out! Whaaa-?!

  18. Light week for me, too. I pulled Hellboy – Wild Hunt #2, The Punisher #1 (?) by Remender and Opena, X-Men Noir #2.

    I’m most looking forward to the last one. I was really surprised at how much I liked the first issue and the twists on the characters they did. I really want to see what they do with the Brotherhood here.

    Also, Buffy keeps surprising me with every new issue, but I’ll agree with RoiVampire and say that last splash in Wolverine #70 was the most surprising for me this week.

  19. Just Iron Man and Walking Dead thankfully, last week was rough on my wallet.

    BQ: Realizing just how much I hate my job. 

  20. Oooh. I forgot. Cully Hamner on Black Lightning: Year One???? I’m all over that.

  21. Mostly looking forward to the Image stuff this week.  Not much DC, and a couple interesting Marvel

    BQ: Just finished watching Firefly, and the DVD extras nearly made me cry.  And that surprised me on account of me being so rugged.

  22. BQ: that the rice sucked so much. I blame it on the tomatoes.

  23. Absolutely loving Sandman: Dream Hunters

     BQ: A couple of surprises A) I’m looking forward to X-Men Manifest Destiny, 2) my flat tire on the way to work, III) Just watched LOST Season 4 on DVD all in the past 4 days….wouldn’t know where to start with those surprises.

  24. Looking forward to Detective Comics 852, all the bat family books since RIP have been pretty good and I hope to see more of the same. Interested in reading Iron Man 9 but not a fan of the art style.

    BQ: That the Chargers are still playing.

  25. @jimski: There were no survivors I would assume after that attempt?

  26. @Paul-Snakes…why did it have to be snakes?  I hate snakes

  27. Very light week for me. I most looking forward to Amazing Spiderman, The Sword, and the Walking Dead Trade.

    BQ: That I actually felt sympathy for Shane on the last season of The Shield. 

  28. Hellboy and Walking Dead makes me a happy man.

    BQ: A game I ordered from an Amazon seller on Saturday afternoon arrived today. 

  29. The bloodletting has started – dropping Terror Titans, Ellis’ Avatar stuff beside No Hero, and I’m not picking up the Inhumans book or Black Lightning. Chopped a good $25 – $30 this week, and so far, it doesn’t hurt. Hoping this will give me a smaller, more enjoyable stack while saving some scratch. Most looking forward to Walking Dead (always), the Grundy book by Johns and Kollins, The Boys (again, always), Spider-Man, The Sword. Mildly intrigued by Werewolf by Night and the Marvel Index – probably pick them up, but we’ll see.

    BQ: Friday night and Sunday night – you married fellas know of which I speak. 

  30. Thanks Gabe, almost missed No Hero.

  31. the 4 Walking Dead HCs & both Hellboy Library Eds


  32. Just New Avengers Vol. 9 HC, and Secret Invasion TPB for me. Maybe Spider Man Blue also.

  33. looking forward to the wild hunt!!!

    BQ: iron fist omnibus is available for pre-order on dcbs!!! agh, kung-fu goodness.

  34. Good stuff this week. Buffy’s up there… I’m really excited for that Grundy special and I’m curious to see what the War of Kings is. Abnett and Lanning ftw.

  35. BQ: How much I love Doctor Who. Seriously, this show has blown me away consistently and it surprises me every time.

  36. not the busiest week, but none the less a pretty good one.

     BQ: Spilling my ceral bowl on me before work…that was a bad surprise

  37. Tie between War of Kings and X-Men Noir. Punisher could be a sleeper for me as well (did i break the rules by picking 3?).

    Last time i was surprised was when they announced Matt Smith was gonna be the new Doctor Who.

  38. Excited for all my books this week, but by far the most for Kolins on Grundy

    BQ: X-mas, when the only person who got me comics as a present was me 

  39. 9 books….NINE!! thats weak for me i mean the only ones are hellboy, punisher, and SI War of Kings oh and x-men noir

    BQ: the ending of CSI Miami

  40. walking dead trade baby!



  41. @edward-wow…ok, you win

  42. I am soooo looking forward to the War of Kings one-shot as well as Remender and Opena on Punisher.  That should be wicked awesome.

    BQ: By how much I actually remembered for college as I gave a presentation to a group of teachers today.  I looked hella smart.

  43. it’s not a contest but thanks

  44. Wow, two really light weeks in the last three for me. It’s weird how most of the best books out right now all came out last week & this week & the week earlier there’s hardly anything …

    BQ — That two of my mates who both have girlfriends were carrying out a secret homo-sexual relationship with each other. It turned out to be false, so does that cancel out the surprise? 

  45. This week I have…wow…nothing. I feel…naked? Geez.

    BQ – Uhm, UT winning their Bowl. Yes, initially I wasn’t expecting a bowl win to be a surprise but that was a surprise too. I don’t really know which came first.

  46. Very light week only about five or six books for me.

    My comics of interest are: Detective Comics, Faces of Evil: Solomon Grundy, Secret Six, The conclusion of Superman/Supergirl: Maelstrom, Walking Dead and maybe the new Blue Monday mini.

    BQ: That i teared up a little bit during one particular scene in last weeks JSA. 

  47. super light for me. only 3 books. but THE SWORD COMES OUT!!!!

  48. All I am grabbing this week is Amazing Spiderman, Detective Comics (of course), Haunted Tank #2, and House of Mystery (got every issue so far, yay!!)!

    I had my LCS guy order me a copy of Batman: Private Casebook also.  I finally get to read that this week because I missed a couple of the issues in it.

    gotta have Batman!!

  49. Nice light week just Buffy and Sub-Mariner (which is brilliant by the way). It’s good job it’s lght week after catching three weeks worth at the weekend. My wallet can only stand so much pain.

  50. Really light week for me, too; only five books! Granted, three of them are $3.99, but they all look great. Glad that MZ #3 is finally over (it’s been good!) and really excited for War of Kings!

    Last thing that surprised me was a shopping cart too close to my car that knocked my passenger side mirror loose. Goddamnit.


  51. Extremely light week for me….only 10 books.  Looking forward to Remender and Opena’s Punisher.  For a character I can’t say I love, I really enjoyed Fraction’s run on it. 

     BQ:  That I only have 10 books this week.

  52. light week thankfully especially after last week.

    BQ: My brother got me those plastic bags you shove clothes in and then vacuum out the air flattening them into   plastic-clothes-patties to put in luggage.  I have never seen anything like it.  I am currently scrunching everything I can get my hands on in them.  

  53. light for me also, looking forward to sandman

  54. Still waiting on my DCBS books from last week– so much for my "weekly shipping."  Anybody else in that boat?

  55. Very light week for me. most looking forward to Buffy and iron man.


    BQ: How damn good old man logan is! 

  56. Only 4 books this week

    Marvel Zombies, Spider-man, Secret Invasion: War of Kings, and Det. Comics. 

    Last thing that surprised me:  Zombie attack while playing Left 4 Dead.  Creepy game.

  57. Surprisingly (to me), only 3 books this week, plus one hotly anticipated Walking Dead trade. On the plus side, I didn’t make it to the store last Friday, so I have another 12 books to pick up on top of that.


    BQ: My best friend and his wife just told my wife and I that they are moving to a tiny town of less than 3,000 people that is about 9 hours from us and 3 hours away from the closest city we might possibly ever be in. So that was a sad surprise. 

  58. Decent week. Not too much, not too little. Most looking forward to that Lindberg Baby trade Josh (or was it Ron?) was pimping as book of the month a few months past. Three Ellis books from Avatar as well.

    Bonus: That there’s yet another Wolverine one-shot this month and that people who should know better – i.e. members/users of this site – are pulling it left and right. Why, people? Why?

  59. Stoaked On: HELLBOY (Last issue was one of the best I’ve read since the early days), JONAH HEX (Hardly ever dissapoints), PUNISHER (Fear Agent team on Punisher? Ok!)

    Kinda Excited For: WALKING DEAD (been kinda stagnant recently but still good), DETECTIVE COMICS (Paul Dini is back!), SECRET INVASION: WAR OF KINGS (this could be alot of fun, but I hope there isn’t too much I need to know that I don’t)

    Suspect: THE BOYS (haven’t been enjoying it too much lately, sad to say), BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER (getting kinda bored, also sad to say)

    B.Q. How AMAZING Frank Langella was in Frost / Nixon. And to think, just a few years go he was Perry White in Superman Returns.

  60. 6 books this week, Really excited to see Punisher #1, Spider Man Fear Itself, and Hellboy! 

    B.Q. How great the Blackhawks are doing even without Patrick Kane, I mean 6-0 last night, maybe Gretzkey should lace em up next time.   


  61. added answer to the BQ:  that Shrugged is finally gonna be out….it’s been like a year

  62. So, uh. X-Men: Manifest Destiny #5. Stoked for that Dazzler story by Kieron Gillen. Saw the Dazzler on the cover. Picked it up. No Dazzler. In fact, no X-Men: Manifest Destiny #5. Is this how you try to get my $3.99 Marvel, huh?

    On another note, Black Lightning Year One is as awesome as I thought it would be though it’s just setup. Cully Hamner art = Yay! 

  63. @hawaiianpunch  There was a printing problem with the Manifest Destiny issue.  If your LCS is any good, you should be able to switch it back and/or trade it for the new one when it gets in. 

  64. @ohcaroline We  took the stack off the shelf at my local LCS and I found out on CBR that the problem was nationwide. I hear that I can just exchange it next week when the actual issue does come out. My shop is pretty cool about stuff like that so I don’t see any problem happening.

    But, should I keep it anyway??? Hmmmmm…..

  65. @hawaiianpunch  What was in the misprint, anyway?  I heard it was a full issue of X-Men/Spider-Man.  If they’ll let you keep it you may as well!

  66. Is anyone going to  read "Obama the comic" by Chris Allen? 

    It’s out in a couple of months. 

  67. BQ-The stooges guitarist, ron ashton, dieing.

  68. @ohcaroline Yes. It was the whole issue three of X-Men/Spider-Man that wasn’t supposed to be out til next week. I’ll keep the misprint and by the Dazzler story again. Hopefully they get it right this  time.

  69. @gwiz: It seemed that i was the only one that cared about Ron Asheton dieing. its nice to hear someone else care about one of the grandfathers of Punk passing.