New Comics for 01.23.2013 can totally get behind this idea of a return to ‘Twin Peaks’

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check their pull lists out here: Conor, Ron, Josh, and Paul.

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This week, after 12 years, Ron Richards has his last Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: If you could bring back any canceled TV show and do a new show with a mix of new and old characters like 90210, Dallas, and Girl Meets World, what show would you pick and what would the premise be?


  1. 1. Uncanny Avengers #3
    2. Uncanny X-Force #1
    3. Wolverine and the X-Men #24 (picking that one up digitally)

    BQ: Firefly. Bring back some of the surviving characters, restart the original premise of Western In Space. Start with a sub-set of Mal, Zoe, Kaylee, and Jayne (maybe 2 or 3 of them), and a few new characters as new crew/passengers. Leave Simon, River, and Inara out of the show, but maybe have them guest star periodically.

  2. For the last couple of months, I thought the book I was looking most forward to was Brubaker’s last issue of WINTER SOLDIER. That’s only because I didn’t know the finale of MINUTEMEN was coming out the same week. Really looking foward to YOUNG AVENGERS #1 as well.


    BQ: The Man From UNCLE. Napoleon Solo, Ilya Kuryakin, and the other agents of UNCLE have kept the world safe for forty years. Recent attacks on former and current agents and their families however, have led the old duo to come out of retirement and put together a new field team to find who’s responsible for the attacks, investigate the rumours of THURSH’s return, and and save the world.

  3. Avengers, Prophet & The Massive!

    BQ- nothing, I hate the idea of a re-make. Some things are just good once & should be left alone or if they were shit first time round they’ll be shit the second!

  4. BQ: “Family Matters” as a prime time soap with Steve Urkle being a high powered super rich CEO from all the inventions he made. You could involve his kids, some trusted employees, maybe a little sci-fi, and of course whatever remains of the Winslow clan. I feel like this could be like a older Zuckerberg dealing with the family intrigues. Now that I think about it I think I just described “Caprica”. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea…

  5. Comics shipping 01/23/13

    FF #3
    MIND MGMT #7
    X-O MANOWAR #9

    BQ: I really want the Tick animated series back.

  6. Got a big list this week but I’d say I’m most excited for Cooke’s Before Watchmen and Wonder Woman.

    Sort of going to miss Blue Beetle but it really never recaptured the fun of the first Jaime series for me.

    As for cancellations? Might let New Guardians go once the Third Army thing is done. Legion of Super-Heroes feels like it’s dragging a bit too. Might need to let it go as well. Especially since I will be picking up Green Arrow by Lemire in the near future.

    My DC list is shrinking…

  7. Oops! Forgot the BQ!

    I like the idea of returning to Twin Peaks years later – maybe they can find their way out of that mess of a second season ender. Enjoyed the Firefly suggestion. Already getting Arrested Development back…

    But really? There’s only one clear winner as far as rebooting a series. That winner? Cop Rock.

  8. Comics? “Nowhere Men” #3 and “TMNT:Secret History of the Foot Clan ” #2. Plus MinuteMen #6 if it’s coming out this week.
    BQ-The Flash is my first answer, I think the whole cast is still alive and could be brought back with renewed interest and wider knowledge of the character. Runner up: “New Amsterdam”. Great sci-fi drama that was canceled too soon.

  9. Loaded week for me so no space for anything new.

    BQ: I would like a new Star Trek series set in the regular continuity and not the movie one. We could have the kid characters from DS9 and Voyager be on the same crew so we can familiar faces and obviously introduce new ones.

    • I’d probably prefer an all-new cast of characters at this point (though guest appearances are definitely fun), but otherwise I’m with you on the BQ.

  10. BQ: Boy Meets World

  11. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    The West Wing. Sam’s presidency.

  12. BQ: FREAKS AND GEEKS. The premise being a retelling of King Lear, but set in Feudal Japan.

  13. Avengers #3
    Justice League #16
    Uncanny Avengers #3

  14. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I also may have written a Cosby Show reunion special in my spare time.

  15. Lots of pulls, but I’m most looking forward to JUSTICE LEAGUE, THE MASSIVE, and SAUCER COUNTRY. Also giving YOUNG AVENGERS a whirl, since the only other Marvel NOW! book I’m reading is THOR and I feel like I should give another one a shot…

    BQ: Quantum Leap, with a new, younger Leaper (who can leap into events from the last thirty years), possibly searching for Sam Beckett.

  16. Finally, it’s DEADPOOL TIME!

  17. Hell Yeah, Harbinger and Avengers… can’t wait th read those three.
    That being said I feel that has come to go to David Lynch’s house and camp outside the compound until he agrees to finish what he fucking started. I mean seriously we have questions David now we want some god damn answers. Perhaps one amongst the ifanboy staff has some way of finding Lynch’s home address and we can get this…uh let’s call it a sit-in started.

  18. Bedlam #3, Batwoman #16, Green Lantern #16, Justice League #16, JSA:The Liberty Files . . . #2, LSH #16, Wonder Woman #16.

    BQ: ‘The Tomorrow People’ was going to be my obscure suggestion.

    An extremely low budget UK sci-fi series that proved an unlikely but massive hit. In the ’70’s. Certain teenagers would ‘break out’, displaying psionic, telekinetic & telepathic abilities. The Tomorrow People would seek them out to protect/recruit them. They were in fact part of a ‘galactic federation ‘, of equally gifted sentients across the galaxy. So, kind of a cross between ‘x-men’ & ‘green lantern corps’. They wore totally cool belts for teleporting, called ‘jaunting’.

    However, 2 minutes of research has revealed this concept was optioned last year by Greg Berlanti. So, now I’m just scared!

  19. Young Avengers!!!! So excited for this. Also – FF, Avengers, Uncanny Avengers, JL, Green Lantern, Wolverine & the X-Men. May give Uncanny X-Force a try, loved the previous series.

    Also I’m considering picking up Chew in issues after collecting the series in paperback because of the cliffhanger from #30. Tough choice.

    BQ: Am I the only one who still likes Lost? It kind of feels like it. Either way I love that series so much and it kind of feels like a series designed to have a “second generation” of new characters, with a few returning characters like Ben and Hurley.

    • I almost said Lost too. I loved the entire series and was pleased with the ending. I actually like that it ended, and I don’t think I want to go back the story was finished to me. But, no you aren’t the only one here that loved watching Lost and still fondly remembers the show.

  20. How about a remake of Airwolf?!? A rogue, terrorist nation gets it’s hands on some modern military hardware and Stringfellow Hawk has to come out of retirement to mentor a new, young hotshot pilot and they fire Airwolf back up to show that modern technology is no match for great piloting and a trusty, old jet/helicopter! I’d totally watch that!

  21. Getting:

    Batwoman (dropping after this arc)
    Justice League
    Wonder Woman
    Young Avengers

    outside chance i might give the new UXF a try.

    BQ: i would have loved to have seen another series of Black Adder. so many possibilities: 1890s WWII 1960s 1980s or even modern day would be great.

  22. AVENGERS #3
    FF #3
    BATWOMAN #16

    BQ: Friday The 13th: The T.V. Series. I loved this show and Robey when I was a kid. The formula for each episode worked back then, but it could be updated for today’s audience. What ever happened to Robey?

  23. HELLBLAZER #299

    BQ: this is a great question. I would like to see Battlestar Galatica continue beyond its series finale.

  24. Pulling Minutemen + Mind MGMT.
    Dropping The Massive.

    Thought I was dropping The Massive last issue, hung on due to the 99 cent Brian Wood sale on the DH app, felt reaffirmed in the decision to drop it, so I am.

    BQ: Freaks and Geeks. Pick up the story however many years down the road, treat the characters with the same empathy and I would watch every episode religiously.

  25. BQ: Star Trek, the Next Generation

  26. Very light stack this week:
    Justice League #16
    Nightwing #16

  27. WONDER WOMAN #16
    CHEW #31

    Most excited for Avengers #3!

    My answer would be to take whatever script they have for ghostbusters 3 and hand it over to Erik Burnham (who is writing Ghostbusters ongoing) and mash that up into a new animated Real Ghostbusters series bringing back the actual movie cast to do voices.

    The reason I would want Burnham show-running is because the comics have managed to take everything from the movies, the shows, and the video games and worked with it all in context. I would be done similar to the video game, with a new recruit being the main character. Maybe it could even get Rick Moranis out of retirement.

  28. Ba carnivale

  29. Good week. Looking forward to Avengers, Wonder Woman, and W&TXM.

    BQ: Firefly all the way. But I wouldn’t want the cast to change. I’m fine with new characters mixed in though. Ya gotta have someone replace Wash. *sniff*

    Or Star Trek: Next Gen. The answer to anything is always more Next Gen.

  30. Deadpool
    Deadpool Killustrated
    Justice League

    BQ- Batman: The Animated Series

  31. Avengers
    Before Watchmen: Minutemen
    Dark Horse Presents
    Mind MGMT
    The Massive
    Uncanny Avengers
    Uncanny X-Force
    Winter Soldier
    Wolverine & The X-Men
    Young Avengers

    BQ: Off the top of my head, the first show I thought of is Freaks and Geeks.

  32. Avengers
    Justice League

    BQ: Stark Raving Mad. No one remembers this show but it had Tony Shalhoub as a depressed writer and Neil Patrick Harris as his editor trying to keep him in line. It had a lot of dark humor involved and some weird premises for episodes that made it fresh for the time it aired. However, if the show didn’t get cancelled then Shalhoub would never have gotten the job at Monk nor would NPH be involved with his career turning role in How I Met Your Mother.


    BQ: Well i would bring back Wanted: Dead or Alive. I would bring back the same premise from the 60’s show. If you haven’t seen that show before go check it out. Steve McQueen stars in it, so you know it must have been excited to tune in every week.

  34. Avatar photo aurgail (@aurelgaillard) says:

    MIND MGMT #7
    REVIVAL #6

    BQ: Already been named several times, but Freaks and Geeks is the first thing that sprang to mind, probably because of that Vanity Fair photoshoot. It would be great to see where the characters are 13 years later.

  35. Too many comics to list…

    BQ: Same as this article’s header. I would kill to get Twin Peaks back on the air.

    • I’m a huge fan, but it wouldn’t work anymore. For various reasons, the show fell apart after the case was solved. It’s in my Top Five of all time, but it’s special the way it is. I would rather see it left alone.

    • I disagree, which I’m well aware is unpopular, but I find the entirety of the second season magnificent. It’s what really sold me as a fan. I love the cliffhanger and the books released while the series was running as well. I would love Lynch and Snow to revisit it.

  36. He’ll Yeah! #6 (bout time, love this series),
    JSA: Liberty Files The Whistling Skull #2
    Uncanny Avengers #3
    Uncanny X-Force #1
    Before Watchmen: Minutemen #6
    Revival #6
    Mars Attacks/Transformers one-shot
    DCU Presents Black Lightning & Blue Devil
    Deadpool : Killustrated
    Batwoman #16
    TMNT: Secret History of the Foot Clan #2
    Bedlam #3
    The Question #1
    Hellblazer #299

    The Spider : Terror of the Zombie Queen (HC)
    Wolverine & The X-Men Alpha & Omega tpb’s

    FF, WW & Avengers digitally, might throw The Question digital too.

    BQ: Quantum Leap. Premise: Sam Beckett is a widower with no kids and left a dystopian future while experimenting to see what went wrong but he not only gets stuck in the past forced to put right where once was wrong but further beyond his own future as well, and along the way he finds out he has to link certain events from the past,present & future or him and his timeline are erased if certain connections aren’t made to link all 3.

  37. Veronica Mars. I am almost through with the third season and I want more.

  38. It’s official, this week I have lapsed into total apathy for most of the new 52. I’m over the buzz, and only Batman is doing it for me. My hope is that the next time we see Wally West (THE Wally West from the post IC dcu) is when he appears on a cliff hanger page of the next big crossover to announce that he is here to save everything and bring it all back.

    The whole idea that I still don’t know what happened during certain huge events, who exists, why characters that do exist suck now and what’s different just blows.

    I look at my hard cover editions of COIE, ID Crisis, Infinite Crisis, 52, Blackest Night and I cringe wondering how anything fits. I know that sounds like a whiny angry fan complaining and spewing drivel…but I never turn on a TV show and have the entire history of previous episodes just flushed away to leave me baffled.


    BQ-The sopranos, just have them jump ahead like 5 years after the horrible black out ending.

  40. I have the shortest list I have ever had. I m getting one omicron, FF #3 and that is it. How is that possible?

    BQ: I would like to see a third series of Spaced, with Tim and Daisy together with a kid, seeing how they do as parents.

  41. Looking forward to JSA Liberty files. Tony Harris murdered it in the last issue. After 24 issues, I’m switching to trades on Wolverine & X-Men. This is likely my last issue of Sword and Sorcery as well. Trying to get the old comics budget down to around $30 per week from $50. Sure seems like Hellblazer is building to something quite wonderful.
    SPIKE #5
    PROPHET #33

    BQ: I’d have to go with Twin Peaks as well. I think they could pick it up with the old characters as adults with children of their own just like Dallas. I liked Caprica more than probably anybody else I know. Another Battlestar spin-off or a continuation of Caprica would be rad too. Too bad Six Feet Under ended the way it did : (

  42. Nightwing #16 DotF continues
    Dark Horse Presents #20
    Godzilla #9
    Masks #3
    Red Hood & the Outlaws #16 more DotF
    X-O Manowar #9

    BQ: uh, uh, uh….ya i got nothin