Neal Adams on Batman: Odyssey

I would like to start by pointing out that Neal Adams told me about this when I interviewed him 2 years ago. Just sayin'. He wasn't specific, but still… firsties!

Anyway, Neal Adams will write and pencil the entire 12 issue mini-series of Batman: Odyssey, launching in July.  He'll ink the first 2 issues as well.  It sounds like the plot goes: a bunch of things that are bad happen, and he fights a bunch of villains who all seem unrelated, but it turns out, they ain't.

Neal Adams Batman: Odyssey

Say Adams, “I have been collecting bits and pieces of Batman’s life and time over the years since I was doing Batman regularly,” Adams said. “With even this massive series, I haven’t been able to shove them all in. but the juiciest and richest morsels are there. Have comic books always been this much fun?”

The fact is, at the end of the day, Neal Adams is up there with Frank Miller, and of course Bob Kane, as a guy who made Batman what he was for a generation. Even 30 and 40 years later, his pages look as gorgeous and inventive as anything being done today, and this will be very cool to see what happens.


  1. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    This is the guy who did the Nasonex bee, yeah?  

    (This looks absolutely phenomenal!) 

  2. Holy crap, that stuff’s beautiful!


    That said…"firsties"? Really?




  3. Those panels are very interesting.  Bruce appears to be changing into his costume in front of a large number of people.  One of his bat ears isn’t standing up straight.  He is carrying a gun.  He also appears to be smiling in at least one of those panels.  Do we have a doppelganger on our hands?

    This looks promising. 

  4. I’m sold. Count me in.

  5. This is a great year for Batman

  6. I’m in.  That art looks great!

  7. If super heroes did exist, they would have to look like how Neal Adams draws them.

  8. They wouldn’t look that good.

  9. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    They would look like Alex Ross’ portrait of Barry Allen: Creeeeeeeeeepy. 

  10. I’m all over this!

  11. Sweet. Now we just need holy terror batman….

  12. This is the best Batman news I’ve heard in a long time. And Neal Adams comes from a different breed of comics professionals that weren’t late with pages, and didn’t need fill-in artists. He’s one of the best, and not just for that reason. His X-Men stuff back in the day really was what wond me over, and then I discovered his DC work, and I am psyched for this!

  13. Neal Adams is THE Batman artist.  There is nobody better.  It’s a shame about Dick Giordano passing away that we can’t have those two guys together again…

  14. Neal Adams IS Batman. really. he dresses up at night and beats ass and then goes home and draws comics about it.

  15. Looks like a great excuse to read a Batman book.

  16. neal adams’ batman was the first batman i ever read/saw. cool to see that he’ll be back and i can get batman issues that’ll look like back then – only better. yay.


  17. Sweet!  That art is awesome.  I’m so on board for this.

    Maybe the pistol in his hand indicates that this is with the First Wave Batman? I’m assuming that no matter what this will be its own thing.

  18. JULY!?

  19. Beautiful art. It’s going to be another good year for Bats.

  20. Neal Adams is my god.

  21. Ooo… pretty. Looks like I’m going to be reading more Batman this year than I thought I was

  22. Wasn’t Frank Miller supposed to do the dialogues on this?

  23. DUDE!

  24. How can I not read this?  Neal Adams drawing Batman again?  With any luck, he will draw Superman one more time.

  25. I never thought that I’d ever see a new comic series drawn by Adams–ever. He’s done pin-ups and such over the years, but never a full-fledged series. With Adams I don’t even need word balloons or text. I’d be happy to buy this one for just the art alone.

    Could this mean Todd McFarlane will do a Spider-Man series in about 20 years? 

  26. nice!! art looks fantastic and looking at the panels we’ll see a different batman ( altough in the very first batman he did carry a gun so I don’t care about that)

    also check ,at kriss’ world you’l sometimes see some new panels 

  27. This is fantastic news!!  Can’t wait to check this out.