Nathan Fillion Finally Gets Cast As A Superhero?

So there I was, trolling the internet for more News You Can Use, when I saw this article on the site Marvelous News about Kevin Pennington. I have no idea who Kevin Pennington is (apparently he’s on 90210) and rather little idea who Marvelous News are (they seem to be a site that reports news, news about Marvel) but I started reading with idle curiosity about how Pennington has been saying that he’s been cast in an Avengers-affiliated movie role.

So the article was quoting his Twitter feed, and it was quoting an “Insider Source,” which I would immediately dismiss even on a site I was really familiar with, and the headline said only that Pennington wouldn’t be Ant Man. After a bit of skimming, I was just about to say, “Did this site I don’t know really make a story out of an actor I don’t know not having a part?” and close the browser when suddenly I heard the approaching whistle of this little bombshell dropping nonchalantly:

Nathan Fillion is pretty much locked to be Henry Pym, and should be announced before any other new additions to the cast (think around Comic Con)”

And my friends, my first and only thought was of you. Specifically, I thought, “You know who this will drive mad, like a Red Cross Bloodmobile crashing into a shark tank? The entire iFanbase.”

Normally, I don’t think we’d report a rumor like this until the “Insider Source” had a name. This ain’t Ain’t It Cool. The fact is, though, this topic has come up in iFanboy discussion threads many, many, many many times. Green Lantern movie announced? “Nathan Fillion should play Green Lantern!” Captain America casting speculation? “Nathan Fillion would be perfect as Captain America!” Fantastic Four reboot? “Nathan Fillion is Galactus, or I picket the studio!”

“What if,” I thought, “after all of those demands and expectations and dreams for an A-list character, the Fillion fans ended up with Ant Man? This is going to be hard on them. They should hear it from a loved one.” Thus, here we are.

Seriously, though, I would see the screaming hell out of a Nathan Fillion Ant Man movie. He would knock that out of the park after pointing at the specific fence of the park he was going to knock it over. Edgar Wright and Nathan Fillion? That movie would be better than frickin’ Spider-Man.

How is this hitting you? Glee? Shrug? Stages of grief?


  1. guys i think i’m hallucinating

  2. Nathan Fillion is also going to be "The Holy Avenger" in the "Super" movie. I see a "Super" career here!

  3. Honestly, I think he’s perfect for ant-man, especially if they pit him against Ed Norton’s Banner.

  4. You knew Joss Whedon had to have one of his pet actors in the Avengers movie! seriously though, if this happens I think it will be great!

    I’ve been loving Hank Pym lately.  And there is no doubt in mind that Fillion can pull of the smart-ass/insecure/brilliant Pym. 

  5. The odd thing is, I was just saying the other day to a friend that Fillion would make an awesome Hank Pym. I’m not one of those who thought he’d be a great Hal or Captain America though. Always kinda mystified by everyone dream casting him in everything. I mean, I like him as much as the next guy but, idk.

  6. Yes, yes, a million times YES!

  7. Hey, guys, i’ve never actually seen anything with Fillion in it. Is he good?

  8. Am I dreaming? Did I fall asleep at my laptop cuddled up with my Dr. Horrible DVD again? I think I need someone to pinch me.

  9. He was always a super hero in my eyes 8D

  10. @edward:  If you are a fan of Whedon, you’re a fan of Fillion

  11. Ummm…. Nathan Fillion gets to play a wife beater?


    Just sounds wrong. But he could sell a guy who thought to talk to ants. 

  12. i would love to see this. he would be perfect:)

  13. This should be good. Especially if it’s going to be a humorous action movie.

  14. Jim, were I of a different sexual persuasion I would go on a date with you.

  15. Awesome, I think he is perfect for the role of Ant Man

  16. Seems spot on.

  17. ohh 

    hells yeah bring on pym now who for the role of janet the wasp van dyne


  18. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Totally agree with Jim. That Ant Man movie would be incredible. Hope this is true, because this is a great match. 

  19. Is he playing Pym in the Avengers movie, or in an Ant-Man movie, or both? I thought the Edgar Wright Ant-Man movie got shut down.

  20. Wow didn’t see that coming. Can’t really say im a big Fillion fan, but in all honesty i’ve never really seen much of him outside of Dr Horrible, Serenity and the Firefly pilot. I don’t hate him, but i also don’t see what all the hubub is about. Although, if the Ant-Man movie is going to be in a similar vein as Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, then you could definitely do worse than the signing superhero from Dr. Horrible.

  21. Does this mean movie studies are finally listening to us fans? I… I’m not sure we should have this power…

  22. Nope, it means the Whedon is directing and Fillion finally has enough mainstream success (with Castle) to be considered for something like this.

  23. I keep forgetting about the Whedon connection, despite being a massive Firefly fan. Is it officially offical yet? Also, did you all read that in your heads as "Firefly fLan"?

  24. Minion – Alright, he hit a woman. That’s really bad. No excuses. I just wonder why, after twenty years, we can’t forgive him for that. We band over backwards to forgive Tony Stark for turning America into a fascist state. Wolverine needs to be forgiven for something every other issue. Emma "White Queen" Frost is a freaking good guy now. Magneto sunk a submarine full of Russian sailors. I think they were Russian. Just saying, Hank Pym needs a hug.

  25. Oh yeah, and I think Fillion would make a good Ant-Man.

  26. I think he would be better suited as the Erin O’Grady Ant-Man.  You know…the cooler one.

     *ducks and runs*

  27. For some reason i always envisioned Bill Hader as Pym but I’m for this

  28. Awesomeness, if it’s true. I thought Alan Tudyk would make a great Ant-Man, too.

  29. If this is for real and Edgar Wright is still directing I will be more excitid for this movie than I was the freakin Dark Knight(an overstatement I know but still…)

  30. I question this because a week or so ago another site did a, "you know what would be great casting?" and it went around twitter with Fillion as Ant Man.  I plan on waiting since it seems like whenever someone does a "you know what would be a good idea" type of thing with casting on the internet it always seems to end up on another site with "confirmed from a super secret source."

    On the other hand.  I’m for Fillion playing any role ever.  Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, sure! I’m all for it. 

  31. This is a real smack to the face.

  32. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    It is? Wait, to who? By whom? What?

  33. @Paul  I believe thedudevondoom was making a hilarious joke about domestic violence.

    (Okay, actually, that is kind of funny).

  34. So does this mean Ant Man (Nathan Fillion) will debut in Avengers and get his own film later? That’s pretty cool if that’s the case.

    I’m not an uber fan of Fillion like so many. Seriously you guys REALLY love him for some strange reason. But it might be good casting and if Whedon is directing the film then it will be entertaining. I’m all for it. 

  35. I have been silently, (and vocally when my friends start comic casting conversations with sentences like "i want depp for riddler" and i go on a casting rant in retaliation), calling for Fillion as pym for a while now.  Anyone who reads currently knows that Fillion could pull off the cocky "scientist supreme" perfectly, yet at the same time could likely pull of the lack of confidence and psychotic breakdown that was early pym.   I’d love to see Olivia Wilde as Janet, shes up and coming, has some chops, is beautiful, and in my opinion could play the tough yet girly wasp. I just hope that if they do this they dont make janet a girlfriend who decides to play sidekick.   

    I really hope this is true, i know that i would go see it Hollywood.

     Also, a question to you guys: I always thought antman would be a great central character for avengers, being kind of the everyman in a world of powerhouses, what would you guys think of that?

  36. I think I saw this on IGN or some other movie site last night as well.  So, it seems to be quite the rumor.  I’m happy for Fillion getting any sort of exposure.  He’s pretty much awesome in anything he does.

  37. Dammit!  I do NOT like this ONE BIT.

    Fillon is going to trick me into liking Pym.

  38. I really don’t care to be honest. NaFil is one of my Favorite actors, but really, I don’t see an Antman Movie being too good, nor do I care to see it if it is.

  39. Fillion’s so good, I’d be happy if he just was playing Willie Lumpkin!

  40. If Edgar Wright directed an Ant-Man movie starring Nathan Fillion, I would end my ban on going to the theater. That would be freaking AMAZING. 


    Also, just because Pym smacked Janet in the comics doesn’t make him a wife-beater in the movie. the movie has its own continuity.  

  41. I think Fillion is just one of those "Heroic" looking dudes, in addition to being down with sci-fi. He’d be great as Pym.


    And the Hammer is his penis.

  42. He would be an awesome Pym. I hope it’s true.

  43. At first I was like, "I don’t see it." But then, I was like, "Cool." I like Fillion’s work so far, and he’s extremely likeable. I think this will let him display the cockiness and humor (and possibly charm) we’ve seen so far with a chance to push himself in a role that requires with neurotic insecurity.

  44. what did the five fingers say to the face?

  45. S-L-A-P

  46. Little known fact about Nathan Fillion: he really can talk to ants.