Musings from Brian K. Vaughan

I fully acknowledge that this is almost a month old, but I just found it, so there. Wired has some snippets of video from everyone’s favorite writer, Brian K. Vaughan. Vaughan was one of Wired‘s 2007 Rave Award winners and as part of it, we get to hear his thoughts on various subjects related to comics and writing.

I have to give Vaughan credit, he must give a lot of interviews considering his success, and I’m sure he has prepared bits etc, but I’d like to think the one “Alcoholic in Reverse” was first told on our show.


  1. Cool little clips. I especially liked the one where he talked about Whedon and Runaways. Good stuff.

    Can I say though that these were a little weird? Why didn’t they just put together one five minute long interview with him? Were these snippets of a longer one or something? And the piano in the background was also kinda crazy.

    Oh well. BKV is amazing, even when in weird video clips.