MUPPET MANIA: Sam the Eagle Takes Up the Shield of CAPTAIN AMERICA

I've been waiting for this day. Ever since they mashed up with GL, I've been waiting on good ol' Sam Eagle. My favorite of all Muppets. 

Here now is a mashup for the ages.

Source: Comics Alliance


  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh how I love the Muppets! Can we get this as a comic book, cartoon, anything?!

  2. this is now my wallpaper

  3. you guys should see the muppet Wolverine and Cyclops picture. For the next Muppet movie they should do a Muppet version of all the Marvel Heroes & Villains. Muppet Secret Wars!

  4. just like a fat girl (or guy) sitting alone knitting a dr. who scraf this is too much nerdiness in one thing

  5. awesome