MTV says Brian K. Vaughan is cool, so I guess we’re good

Every morning as I prepare for work, my routine consists of flipping through various music channels as I get get ready. As I hit MTV I saw someone being interviewed on the red carpet and I kept on flipping but in that split second delay as the channels changed I heard the person say “Y is great!” That made me pause and go back. It couldn’t be Y: The Last Man they were talking about…

Imagine my surprise! It was!

Warning: if you are outside the U.S., you won’t be able to watch the video because of copyright restrictions.

All joking about MTV aside, good for Brian. It was a pretty good piece and he came off really well — smart and funny.

MTV must have been sitting on this a while, though, because one of the interviews with BKV was from New York Comic-Con in February. Or maybe this has been airing a lot and I just didn’t notice because MTV is not a channel I normally peruse because I am old. Ish. Old-ish.


  1. I don’t think it’s (solely) because you’re old. I will go the “if you can’t say anything nice…” route and simply say that the MTV of 2007 is not the MTV I remember from even a few years ago. I’m having a hard time remembering what the “M” stands for; is it “My Super-Sweet 16”?

  2. I read online (can’t remember the site, CHUD or JoBlo I think) that DJ Caruso is looking at Shia Lebeouf to play Yoricks. I like this choice to be honest, the guy’s relatable, funny and has some chops. Plus he’s not a hollywood pretty-boy (no offence, Shia) and doesn’t seem like a prick.

    Of course, I could be wrong. He could murder kittens for all I know. Just sayin’.

  3. There was some interesting Shia and Yorick talk here:

  4. I would like Shia Lebeouf as Yorick. I just watched Disturbia, and while it’s not a great movie, I thought that Shia was very good in it and very likeable.

    Yet I wouldn’t mind seeing Yorick portrayed by Topher Grace, I’ve always thought that was a good choices as well.

  5. Good call, Nate, Topher’s really got the right kind of vibe and look to him as well! Anyone else remember Patrick Fugit from Almost Famous? He’s got a quirky “everyman” thing going on, and he’s about the right age now. But I’d be happy with Shia.

    Sorry, Conor, didn’t know you guys ran that piece, wasn’t trying to give credit elsewhere. Oops!

  6. Gaaah! The Internet is supposed to be global right?

  7. I am outside of the US and it worked for me. Cool to see BKV get the recognition he deserves…

  8. Couldn’t get it to work here in the UK, anyone know a youtube link? Had a gander but couldn’t see it there.

    I guess the whole Shia thing really depends on how much the studio want to fast-track the film due to the strike, and how soon Shia gets done filming that little Indiana Jones 4 movie.

  9. Topher Grace seems like a pretty good choice for me. he seems like he would have the humor yorick has. Topher Grace + him playing Yorick Brown = one very good movie and one happy wally.