MRVLCATS Takes Over the Web

If you weren't all over Twitter this weekend, you might have missed the phenomenon that was MRVLCATS.  Started in a fit of whimsy by our favorite cartoonist/letterer Chris Eliopoulos over Twitter last week with the hashtag #mrvlcats, it hairballed snowballed to include a whole bunch of pro artists and a hell of lot of little kitties as Marvel's most powerful heroes and villains, laden deeply with pet puns.

The ever intrepid @Agent_M catalogued most of them on his blog. Make sure to go check out the entire collection.  But here are some of my favorites.

Cat-Man America by Chris Eliopoulos

Cyclopticat by David Petersen

The Meowty Thor by Lar deSouza

ShadowCAT and kitty Lockheed by Katie Cook

Catpocalypse by Skottie Young

Catlactus by Doug Hills

Gwen Catsy by Mark Brooks


  1. I have to have the Gwen Catsy!  HA!

  2. Skottie Young is a magician.

  3. @stuclach concured!

    The Gwen Catsy by Brooks is full on sick, but amazing at the same time!

  4. Lol. That last one fucking rules!

  5. I didn’t know what the fuss was about but Bendis went off his rocker about this whole thing

  6. Skotie Young’s Catpocalypse should have his own book. I mean they did do a marvel apes book right.

  7. I saw these on Tumblr. Gwen Catsy was so great.

  8. The Shadow Cat one is great.  Words fail me when it comes to Gwen Stacey

  9. Katie’s SpiderKitty vs the Sandkitty is by far my favorite of these so far, too bad it didn’t make the dut here.

    @roivampire – Bendis was upset by this?

  10. Gwen Catsy made me laugh like a maniac

  11. wow, these are great!

  12. @DarthDuck I think it was all tongue and cheek

  13. The Gwen cat is morbid brilliance.

  14. Gwen Catsy is out of continuity. Peter Parker catches her. This is BULL!!



  15. I would read a MRVLCATS book…..Just sayin’….

  16. Catpocalypse FTW!






  18. I would totally buy this book if Chris Eliopoulos did it. 

  19. Gwen Catsy is awesome but I would sell my half my soul for Skottie’s Catpocalypse.  It is full of all the things that are good and true in the world.