More Secret Avengers Have Been Revealed – Moon Knight + Valkyrie!

First there was Beast. Then there was War Machine. And now… crazy Moon Knight and Valkyrie!


Well, I certainly did not predict this one. I guess every good team has at least one certifiably insane member. And if Moon Knight is Marvel's version of Batman, it makes sense that he should be an Avenger.


Secret Avenger Moon Knight


Also someone I would have never predicted, but that's a good thing. Once I saw Valkyrie I immediately liked the selection. Number one, I have always liked the character, going back to her days in The Defenders. Number two, you always need a few charactes on a team that no one sees coming. It's no fun when the complete roster can be guessed beforehand.


Secret Avengers Valkyrie


There are only two reveals left! Who's next? You can see the other silhouettes here!


  1. Couldn’t care less about Valkyrie, but the rest of this lineup has hooked me. I’ll be picking up the first issue.

  2. awesome

  3. Steve Rogers has gotta be the "Lead through example," right? Not sure about the other. Wonder Man?

  4. Hmm. I am very excited about Beast, but not really anyone else…this will be a game time decision.

  5. Well, it was going to be either Moon Knight or, less likely, Taskmaster. I guess that’s fine then.

  6. Predicting Steve Rogers and the new Captain Marvel

  7. Awesome. Can’t wait for this series.

  8. I can only hope one of them is Penance. One silhouette looks really close and considering we know Marvel’s been leaving little details out I could see that. Was Speedball a leader? I never read New Warriors.

  9. I now really have to pick this series up. Love Moon Knight so much.

  10. Totally didn’t expect that to be Valkyrie, what a twist! That being said, I don’t care much for the character, but very interested with what Brubaker has planned.

  11. I was really hoping that Valkyrie was going to be Scarlet Witch.  The caption fit, and it would have gotten me to pick up the book to find out how she went from barely existing to being on a team.

  12. I actually had guessed Sentry because my thoughts were that they just couldn’t let that character go.  I didn’t expect Seige to take the route it did.  I think this team is going to be interesting and lead to some good stories.

  13. Well, I hope it’s Nova. Steve Rogers also seems like a nice fit.

  14. I thought that was going to be Taskmaster and it’s Moon Knight. Hmm I was really hoping of Taskmaster. Hopefully he will be around in the Academy book.

  15. Hmm this a quite a cast of characters they have assembled. This is a far cry from the avengers I’m used to, but I will alway try a Brubaker book.

  16. This series just screams cool to me. None of the character are big names that could support a regular ongoing by themselves but none of these characters are nobodies either. With Brubaker as the writer and potentially Steve Rogers as the leader, I can’t wait for the first issue.  

  17. Nova and Steve Rogers would be AWESOME!

  18. Damn.  Couldn’t care less about either of these characters.  So far Beast is the only draw (well, that and Brubaker).

  19. Thus far, this has kind of a weird mash-up vibe of The New Defenders and The West Coast Avengers from the 80’s. In that regard, it fills me with a little glee. I love off-beat teams that *shouldn’t* work.

  20. As That Person who loved the New Defenders and Moonknight, this is an excellent move.  I’ll have to pick this up despite the fact I generally don’t care for Brubaker as a writer.

  21. Moon Knight is one of my favorite characters and I’m real excited to see him get integrated into the Marvel Universe more.

  22. I’m guessing Steve Rodgers and Wonder Man? Because why have Beast on an Avengers team without Wonder Man?

  23. I’m so excited to finally have Moon Knight taking on a larger role in the Marvel U.  I agree with daccampo, and am digging the West Coast/New Defenders mash-up.  Should be a fun team to follow.  I’m really looking forward to this book.

  24. Thank god it’s Moon Knight. I saw that billowy cape and thought for sure it was Sentry. I’m much more interested in this team now.


     go here:

    to see the whole lineup

  26. Moon Knight has always been one of my favorite C listers, so I am thrilled to finally see him in a high profile book, written by Brubaker to boot!  Always loved the Defenders too, so Val works too.

  27. @TonyStark4prez  thanks im looking forward to this book now

  28. This good be a very good series in trade. I know I’ve said I didn’t care for this series and I still kinda don’t.

    But when you have Beast, War Machine, and Moon Knight in one team well….you gotta give it a shot sometime. Don’t care for Valkyrie though. Plus I wish this was Taskmaster too! If It was Taskmaster and not Moon Knight I’d love the decision even more. 

  29. Spoiler

    I found this on line a Heroic Age Promo with the whole team.

  30. hehe beat you by a couple posts Weezywill

    but good find anyway

  31. Moon Knight is striving for redemption and might have a solid personality?  Looks like he might be acting like he has some cents (Get it?  He has a cents symbol in the pic!) ….. <cricket cricket>

  32. @TonyStark4prez, damn dude you did totally beat me, nice job

  33. meh. it’s not what I was hoping for. Nova’s great but still… Warmachine? I guess he’s kinda cool. I liked him better in the Avengers Initiative series when he was his own man. But lately… he’s been such a background guy. I say they shoulda put Prodigy in his place. He does the job if not better.

    Also don’t think anyone mentioned this but I thought that was Scarlett Witch or Lorna with arms folded. Didn’t think that was a boob there.