The last group of I Am Captain America variants were sort of stunning, so Marvel is doing some more. Look for these on books in July.

Incredible Hulks #632 by Bobby Rubio

X-Men #14 by Greg Horn

New Mutants #27 by Austin Madison

Iron Man 2.0 #7 by Rodin Esquejo

X-Factor #222 by Larry Stroman

Wolverine # 12 by Joe Quesada

A figure skater? Who do they think their audience is?


  1. The nurse one is still my favorite but the baseball and figure skater one are pretty dope too

  2. These are incredible. Personal favourites are Incredible Hulks #632 and X-Factor #222

  3. Woah, I love the one with the kindergarted class.  I want that as a poster.

  4. I love that Joe Quesada cover.

  5. I want ALL of these as posters, or even 12×18 prints. Very emotionally stirring and full of Americana.

  6. Love the Avengers/Hydra baseball game.

  7. I love that the kid dressed as the Hulk in the kindergarten picture is holding a little tank. Great touch.

  8. There is so much detail to each and every one of these I just love it.

  9. That x-factor one is amazing. These make me so patriotic is ridiculous.

  10. Quesada is a good artist

    But the scale and composition of the shield on that fireman’s hat makes no sense.

    My favorite is the Greg Horn piece.


  11. The first one is adorable.

  12.  All of them are really nice, but Damn, marvel needs to sign Esquejo an exclusive  That cover is amazing!

  13. they are ok, not the best covers. The Greg Horn i believe is the best, while the worst two are the figure skater and the fireman. I know what Quesada was trying to do, but that shield on the helmet throws everything off. It makes what could be a good tribute cover and makes it look silly. In my opinion he should have gone with the “A” and some painted wings on the sides, like ultimate cap or WW2 cap from Reborn.

  14. i must not be american…nope…as a variant series=fail.

  15. I think I’ve loved all of these so far