Monty’s Mixtape – Slow Jams from the Montgomeryverse


Slide this mix into the Talkboy and set the lights down low. Sorry if it’s fuzzy. Sorry if there’s an extra beat. That’s just my heart as I recorded these jams for you, girl. Yeah. 



April 1st — no foolin’ — you’ll want to pick up Popgun, Vol. 3 from Image. For one, it’s a gorgeous anthology, packed to the gills with over 400 pages of great short comics. Ghosts, gangsters, robots, giant birds, slices of life, talking raccoons, underwear, time travel, grim reapers, burglars, vikings, it’s all in there. While some anthologies focus in on a single theme, Popgun celebrates diversity. Diversity of style. Diversity of tone. It’s a full, colorful book, and you’re going to find the kind of comics you like in here. And you’re going to discover new breeds of comics from all over the planet you never expected. Treat yourself to something new. Treat yourself to a lot of it.

Now, Popgun, Vol. 3 also happens to mark my very first credit in a comic bookPeter Bergting — the artist behind Frank Frazetta’s Creatures, a Teddy Roosevelt monster jam — was extremely gracious in listing me as a story editor on his contribution “Spirit Room.” A few months back Peter put out the call on Twitter for someone to proof a short comic he’d written and drawn. Peter is Swedish, so he wanted to make sure nothing was lost in translation. I offered a few minor notes on the comic, which is a really cool, really creepy take on a Chinese ghost story. Honestly, it was exciting enough to be in on the process. But Peter went a step further and gave me an editorial credit, for which I am very grateful. I’m proud to have my name on a great story and to have played even a small role in such an awesome collection. I want to thank Peter once again for the opportunity and for my first, and hopefully not last, comic credit.

Here is a preview page from “Spirit Room.” And check back at iFanboy for more preview pages from Popgun, Vol. 3 soon. You can find more info at the Popgun website.



I’ve been reading the first volume of Marvel Essentials: Tomb of Dracula. It contains what may well be my favorite page in any comic ever. This is from issue 7, the first by Marv Wolfman. Art by Gene Colan. When I picked up the book at the shop and flipped it open, this is the first page I saw. I laughed all the way to the register. 



Are you watching Castle? You should be



We’ve been suggesting that you follow C.B. Cebulski on Twitter if you’re a writer or artist looking to break in
to comics. Still true, especially lately. And if you missed it, check out this great teaching tool from Wally Wood that C.B. posted yesterday. It showcases 22 different comic panels to use when drawing conversation scenes. Print it out landscape style and pin it up over your desk. 


Ben Lovati (who you may know as Neb around these parts) is getting married in July. With some help from his friend Adam Carson (AMcCarson), he’s created a mini comic to describe the secret origin of his relationship with Rachel, the bride-to-be. And it’s part of the wedding!

“The creation of the comic basically came from the idea that we wanted to include something comic book related without being too over the top.  It was my way of injecting some sort of myself into the wedding.  One of my best friends from high school is a pretty amazing artist (he’s also in the wedding party) and he’s a big comic book fan like I am.  So, I called him up, and shot around a couple of ideas.  I then created a mock up from a few sheets of paper, roughly sketching layouts with stick figures on folded pieces of paper.  I then typed up a script to coincide with each panel and sent if off to my friend.  He then drew everything, but added his own artistic perspective and made some choices about the art that actually improved the overall book.  And what we got is the final product, which is actually going to be printed into our program for our wedding.  It’s going to be the backup material to the other, more formal stuff.



“In terms of the process, I just thought about how it was that I could tell our six year relationship on just four pages.  I also wanted to try and keep the paneling dynamic.  I mean, I knew I wasn’t writing this for comic fans, but I also wanted to do something that people would look at and think, “That’s really cool looking…I wonder how they did that.”  I decided, from a story perspective, to focus on how we first met.  I think for any couple, that’s always the cornerstone to what people always want to know about you.  After that, I wanted to move into our first kiss, and by that point, I was crunched for space, so using text boxes, I was able to sort of speed things up while also showing moments that people who know us might recognize.  It’s weird to type this, but those are the sort of easter eggs I wanted to put into the comic for people.”

I want to thank Ben for sharing this story and the final product. I love that you zeroed in on those small moments. It feels really personal, and I’m sure your friends and family are going to love it. I’ve been to so many weddings where I know either the bride or the groom, but not both. “Who’s this clown?” This comic fills in those blanks and really says something about who you are as a couple. Very cool. 

Mozel tov!

I never like to end on too classy a note, so I want to take this opportunity to recommend some trashy prose. If you’re as excited about that new
Lobster Johnson pulp as I am, or you’re missing Ed Brubaker’s Criminal as most of the iFanstaff is, you might like Hard Case Crime. Dime novels both new and vintage, printed monthly. 



And today they launched the website for a second line, adventure pulps centered on a character called Gabriel Hunt.  The first of which debuts in May.  I’m already on the mailing list.



Paul Montgomery has little or no shame, depending on the week. Contact him at You can also find him on Twitter.


  1. *slow clap* Congrads Neb. Great comic to show your love to your (soon to be) wife. If I had champange I’d raise a toast right now

    (Btw, I love it that Rachel threw the copy of ‘O Brother’ before she kissed you. Sweet and funny)

  2. CASTLE!  ‘Castle’ is an antidote for everything on television that is drab, unfun, overcrowded or boring or pointles or. . .well, anyway, it’s awesome.  Also, Nathan Fillion can rock an open collar, and I think his daughter is secretly a Phoenix host.

    Thanks for sharing all of this — Neb’s wedding comic is such an awesome idea.

    Also, Hard Case Crime rocks and Lawrence Block, particularly, is the man.

  3. Thanks for posting the comic Paul.  It’s so cool to see it up on the comics site I so love.  If I ever run into you at a con, I owe a hug and a beer…or two hugs if beer isn’t really your thing.

    Also, about Hard Case Crimes:  I love those books.  If I had the scratch and the space I would totally buy every one of them.  The covers are gorgeous and the stories are awesome pulp noir.  I highly recommend that series. 

  4. I can’t imagine a fate more horrible than being murdered by a group of Dracula-led latchkey kids.

  5. I can’t get enough Hard Case Crime books…and DCBS is offering the Lobster Johnson novel at 50% off for pre-order (!)… Having consumed two essentials volumes of Tomb of Dracula, it’s definitely all that.

  6. @Neb – Not cool.  You are setting the standard too high for the rest of us.  My wife’s very low expectations have now been raised to an unreachable level.  Nice work.

  7. Just watched Castle for the first time last night. Agreed. It’s rare show that offers eye candy fro all persuasions. Sidebar: Nathan Fillion reminds me of David James Elliot from JAG. Both, chariming, rakish rogues of the Tall Dark and Handsome variety.

    It’s a good fun, crime show. Monty, have you seenP PSYCH?

  8. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Dave – I have and enjoy it.  I prefer Monk and Burn Notice though.  

  9. @stulach~ I apologize fully, though, I should’ve pointed out that the comic was my blushing bride’s idea.  I’m merely the puppet in this case.

  10. Does Monty’s Mixtape play in a Teddy Ruxpin? 

  11. Congratulations on the pop gun mention! And Neb for the MARRIAGE and sweet comic! And Castle for not sucking! Well… I havent watched it yet… but I’ll still say it!

  12. Shameless self plug, I was the illustrator on Neb’s wedding comic.  It was a fun way to get me drawing again, and it got me a little more involved in the wedding beyond being a drunk groomsmen busting moves on the dance floor.  Congrats to Neb again, and thanks for the write up Paul!

  13. Nice mix of items defin.checking out the crime books, and well done on th Pop Gun mention.

  14. Castle is inded The Shit.

  15. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @AMcCarson – Adam, awesome work on the comic, man.  What a great project! 

  16. @AMcCarson: You did a wonderful job, what’s your next peice? Neb and his wife (to be) fighting the raptor men on mars?

    Oops….Did I ruin your surprise honeymoon Neb?

  17. @PaulMontgomery – Thanks!

    @ TheNextChampion – Man, Neb was supposed to be keeping the raptormen under wraps.  Back to the drawing board I guess. 

  18. @AMC and TNC~ No, no, no.  It was supposed to be the Rap Tour Men.  We were going to battle rap stars who were on tour, much like the plot of the newest 50 Cent game.  Only, it was going to have a lot less cursing.

  19. @all~ So I just read my last comment, and I have to apologize both for its inherent lameness and its mention of 50 Cent.  I fully blame it on the Reese’s eggs I just consumed, which have made me logey.

  20. Thank God for some Hard Case Crime love!

    Huzzah, Paul!

  21. so awesome. i love castle so much. its about time nathan fillion came back to TV!!

  22. @Neb: Somehow, you as a rapper is the funniest thing to me. I’d pay to see a youtube vid of that 🙂

    @paul: Just curious, I dont know why that Dracula page is funny….Why is it funny? lol

  23. I know that when I see the Dracula page, all I can think of is


  24. @Jimski: I love that article! One of the best things on the internet ever.

  25. @Jimski: The hell?……

  26. @Neb congrats and well done AMCarson. Thats an awesome peice. Makes me feel that having the Thermodynamic Miracle read at my wedding didnt take things far enough.

  27. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @TNC – The last visual and word balloon.  Dracula, a vampire, has an army of child assassins.  

    @Jimski – Haha, I was thinking of that too!

  28. @Jimski~ Nice!  I’ve never read that before.  Totally awesome.  That article makes me think of the trailer from that new Seth Rogan movie, where he’s a mall cop and he’s beating the crap out of a bunch of kids.

  29. THat’s really really sweet Neb.

    Almost sickly sweet.

    All that sugar, gonna give me a damn hangover.

  30. Congratulations on the marriage, Neb.

  31. Thanks for the congratulations all!  Of course, the big day hasn’t happened yet, so I’ll expect another round later in July. 😛

  32. @Neb: I just wanna know when the film adaptation is coming out.

    Your being played by Ben Stiller right?