Misery Loves Sherman Hits 500

A huge congratulations to comics legend Chris Eliopoulos (and friend of iFanboy) for his amazing accomplishment of 500 strips of his web comic Misery Loves Sherman.  Chris has been banging away for almost 2 years, every week day with a new strip of Misery Loves Sherman and recently released a collection of the strips in a book that he self published.

If there was ever a testament towards creator owned work and the "publish or perish" ethos, it's Chris and his dedication to creating comics.  We're excited for him as he publishes his 500th strip and are proud to recommend Misery Loves Sherman as a web comic that you've gotta be reading.

Here is the 500th strip for you to enjoy:


  1. That’s an insane accomplishment. Way to go, Chris! 

  2. I need to start reading this on a regular basis. Love following Eliopolous on twitter and proudly own a great sketch by him of cute little skrulls playing poker. He’s a great guy with an awesome creative mind. Congrats!

  3. I added this to my bookmarks before I noticed I subscribe to 20 webcomics. Me thinks I should make some cuts

  4. Hmmm, after seeing that Artist Edition of the collection, I think I should start reading this strip.  I don’t know what it is, but the second I see that an artist sells commissions online, I instantly want to support them.  So far I’ve only found Eliopoulos, Matt Kindt and Alex Robinson though…

  5. I am proud to say I have read all 500 strips of Misery loves Sherman. It’s my favorite comic strip and the way i start every week day! It eases the pain of the Calvin and Hobbes shaped hole in my heart and for that, I am very grateful. Big congrats to Chris Eliopoulos!

  6. CALVIN AND HOBBES! Thats what it reminded me of! God that has been nagging at me all day. And I love calvin and hobbes, I should have gotten that right off the bat, I am so disappointed with myself…and now I’m over it. To more comic strips!

  7. @Patman2 Yeah, the first couple times I read Sherman I knew it reminded me of SOMETHING, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Then the 3rd or 4th time I saw it, it smacked me in the ace.