Mini Sketch Up

Brainiac 5 by Yildiray Cinar

Captain America by Eric Canete



Superman by Chris Samnee



Thor by Rob Guillory



  2. That Cap sketch  is sick!!!!

  3. Brainiac 5 has always been my favorite member of the Legion.  He could be such an interesting character if anyone was interested in writing a solid story about him.

  4. I want Samnee on Superman as soon as possible!

  5. Samnee’s Superman looks real good

  6. Samnee always makes it look so easy with his flawless execution. The man can do no wrong!

  7. It’s one of those weeks where I am loving all sketches.

  8. That Samnee sketch is excellent, although I think Guillory’s Thor wins this week… Thor is, apparently, f’in metal

  9. RAWK! Haha that’s awesome. Love Samnee’s Superman too.

  10. Thor w/ facial hair > Thor sans facial hair. Always.

  11. Superman shouldn’t fly around with his eyes closed like that.  He could kill somebody.

  12. That Brainiac 5 is a sexy, sexy beast.

  13. I think we need a glam rock Marvel comic by Rob Guillory.

  14. “RAWK!” Awesome!

  15. Heavy metal thunder!  Now I’m not going to be able to get Slayer’s cover of Born To Be Wild out of my head all day.

  16. Awesome!  That Canete Cap is mad awesome.

  17. That Canete sketch makes me want a book like that

  18. Guillory is awesome, but I can’t stop looking at that Canate Cap. What books does he do? And why do I never hear about him? That looks f-in brilliant!

  19. @Suicidalkangarooz  The last two things that Canete did that I read were NEW AVENGERS: LUKE CAGE and IRON MAN: ENTER THE MANDARIN. He’s great.

  20. @conor  Thanks, I’m just in awe of that picture. Too bad I don’t read mainstream comics, so I’ll probably never read anything from him.

  21. @Suicidalkangarooz  Oh, nevermind. I was on his sight and apparently he’s got a creator-owned project coming up. I’ll be looking out for that. Man some of the things on that sight were sooooo good.

  22. SAMNEE!

    The Thor sketch is pretty rockin’ as well.

  23. Rob Guillory is awesome!  Had the opportuniy to meet him a couple of weeks ago in Austin.  He did a great sketch of Tony Chu in my Chew Omnivore HC. SWEET!

  24. These are awesome!

  25. I never liked Captain America before…. now I’m warming up to him.

  26. @stuclach  There have been many good Legion Stories starring Brainey.  Some of the Final Crisis tie in  stories featured Brainiac 5, Legion of the 3 worlds, Superman 3-D.