Mike Wieringo (1963-2007)

It’s with great sadness that we report that fan favorite comic book artist Mike Wieringo passed away on Sunday of an apparent massive heart attack.

I first discovered Wieringo’s art on The Flash and he quickly became one of my favorite artists. I always gave a comic book a look when I saw he was the artist on it.

44 is way too young for anyone to go.

He will be missed.


  1. Awful news. I was looking forward to visiting him at the Baltimore con – always a friendly guy. He and his work will be missed.

  2. He was a guy who I wasn’t all that familiar with, other than I recognized, and liked his work a lot. He never seemed to work on books that I was buying, for whatever reason, but I can say with certainty that his style always made me smile, and I would hear his name spoken with such reverie and respect, for both the man and the artist. And even today, with this news, there are tons of stories about how great he was. I’ve been looking at the sketches people have posted as well, and man, I do love that style, and the flair he brought to even those small, quick drawings. Sad stuff.

  3. Sad stuff…

  4. EVERYONE loves Ringo… this guy had no detractors. It’s rare to hear of a talent like that.

  5. I liked his stuff when he did Fantastic Four. To echo the sentiment of what Josh wrote, I appreciated his style a lot. It wasn’t hyper real or heavily anime influenced. It was hyper-consistently good. I think too often guys like Wieringo get over looked when their books sit on the shelf with the Bryan Hitches and the Skottie Youngs. This is terrible news.

  6. I bought cards with his drawings on them a long time ago when I started getting into comics. For a while that’s the only way I knew who was who in the marvel universe

  7. He had a style that was perfect for comics, it was friendly, kinetic, and had a sense of a kind of child like wonder to it. I loved the Fantastic Four run as much as anyone, but his spider-man work really stands out to me.

  8. Sad news. I enjoyed his work.

  9. Wow, that is awful. He was sort of a stealth favorite of mine; I probably wouldn’t think to list him, but I bought FF and Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man based almost entirely on his involvement. His blog of daily sketches brightened many a day for me. Terrible, terrible news.

  10. A talented artist and great human being, what a terrible loss. He’ll be missed for sure.

  11. Very Sad. One of my favorite artists from the very beginning of his artistic career. He had a big influence for my love of comics. I am still in shock from the news.

    Condolences to all of his family and friends.

  12. His art alone made me read FF and Rogue. And I loved his Flash run. Very sad. Thoughts and such to his friends and family at this time. I will very much miss his BLOG and wonderful art.

  13. He had a great run on Robin too.

  14. Today is a very sad day for me, I practically grew up looking to Mike’s art for inspiration, it was because of his semi daily blog that inspired me to create my own. Mike was a wonderful artist, who was known as “the nicest guy in comic books”. He was always up for doing a free sketch for a fan, always willing to share what he knew about the biz to those looking to break in. I was fortunate enough to be able to talk to Mike through an email or two, he even gave me some feed back on my work once or twice, but sadly I never got a chance to meet my hero. I was planning on going to the Baltimore Comic Con next year specifiacally to meet Mike Wieringo, the front page of my sketch book has been reserved for Mike since I started my con sketch book in 2002. Though I never did get to meet Mike, there is an overwhelming sadness in my heart over the death of my artistic hero, and I am finding it hard to just put into words the inspiration that I received from his work. Today may be a sad day, but Mike’s work will continue to be an inspiration to me, and to many other people despite his untimely death.

    In the words of Mike Wieringo’s Tellos

    “By thy side”

  15. This is very sad news. His contribution will definitely be missed.

  16. many times when I hear about someone famous or talented passing, I just say “oh thats sad”. and it is. but i go on right after i read the news like any normal day. THIS however, is not one of those times. mike weiringo was a great talent. someone that i really look up. i’ve followed his work for a long time, and he has brought me alot of joy and entertainment in his work. his style is so recognizable and unique. his runs on Flash and FF were among my all time favorites. i am truly saddened by this news. he will definately be missed.

  17. His Flash is the one in my head when someone mentions Flash. He will be missed. Best to his family.

  18. Awwww! I still can’t believe it… it’s like someone I knew died… Well, at least he left a great legacy behind.

  19. I am sorry to hear of anyone going that young, especially from something preventable like a massive heart attack. I have noticed that there are too many people in comics who are way over weight. I don’t know anything about Mike or if he was. If he was, or if he was a smoker, I hope that will send a warning to others to change their lifestyle and prevent this from happening to them.

  20. I had heard that Mike was a Vegetarian, and considerably healthy. That is what makes this even more shocking.

    Any one of us, at any time. Have a nice day.

    RIP Ringo.

  21. http://www.marvel.com/blogs/Tom_Brevoort

    Something I didn’t know:

    “And now he’s gone, suddenly, irrevocably. And, in some grim irony, I’m reminded of Mark Gruenwald, another healthy, vibrant comic book creator who inexplicably passed away eleven years previously, to the day, at the age of 43. August 12th is not a good day to be working in this industry

  22. Erik Larson has a few nice things to say about him at CBR.