Mike Norton + Bill Sienkiewicz = Awesome

One of the best aspects, in my opinion, of the production of comic books is the collaborative nature of the work.  You get a writer, who works with an artist, who works with an inker, who works with a colorist etc. and the end result is unique every time.

Recently Mike Norton, artist on DC Comics Green Arrow/Black Canary mentioned that he was working with legendary artist Bill Sienkiewicz and today over on his blog, he’s posted a preview of what that looks like.

With Norton providing a rough penciled layout, Sienkiewicz comes in and does the finishes, which is fascinating to see their styles merge to create something I didn’t expect.  With many artists, we tend to expect things based on their personal style, but this aspect of collaboration seems to bring out something new in two artists who both have their own distinctive styles. 

I can’t wait to see the finished product in the issue when it comes out!


  1. That’s pretty dope.

  2. Holy crap… the Norton/Sienkiewicz combo is an awesome one.  More please!!!


    the Tiki 

  3. Interesting; those are some good looking pages. I like that you can look at both of the artists alone, and this really feels like somewhere in between their independent pieces.  

  4. Very awesome.

  5. Fab combo. If you look at Mike’s blog and check out both the pencils and the inks, you can really see how Bill takes out some of Mike’s cute and replaces it with a little bit of his own crazy. Also, he gave the Black Canary bigger hips, and I like my superheroines with a little more oomph.

  6. Yeah, that’s a Black Canary I can jump on board with…do I see any innuendo in my statement? Oh well, I’ll shrug it off this time.

  7. Very clean for Sienkiewicz, at least from what I’ve seen from him. Very nice, hopefully the colors won’t go to that sketchy, dirty, dark route to mess this up.

  8. Where’s the stockings!? 🙂

  9. That’s fantastic!

  10. I absolutely love love love Nike’s work on Green Arrow and now with the Sienkiewicz finishes on top its look ultra tasty.  By the way there are no stockings because that isn’t Black Canary, it’s Cupid.  She’s the new Green Arrow psycho-stalker that has been added this last story line.  It’s been nice to have a lethario like Ollie have a woman chasing him that he isn’t interested in. 

  11. No fishnets cuz that’s not Black Canary. 😉 I believe that’s the girl that has been infatuated with him in recent issues. This is after BC and GA have split (thus the two co-features and the two different inkers in the book). 

    But as for the art: soooo good to see some  Sienkiewicz inks. I love his style. And over Norton’s pencils — wow!

    i may have to test out this series again…

  12. Really good stuff.

  13. oops – Cropcirkill beat me to it. 😉

  14. yep, that’s pretty cool

  15. No worries daccampo.  It just means I’m not the only one reading it and felt the need to go uber nerd for a second any support is well appreciated.

  16. i might start this…opinions??