Michael Clarke Duncan to School All Those Who Dare to Pooz in GREEN LANTERN

Michael Clarke Duncan is not to be pooz’d with. That’s never been more true now that he’s in final negotiations to voice Kilowog in June’s (June’s!) Green Lantern film, according to MTV’s Splash Page. Duncan joins Geoffrey Rush (Tomar Re) as a down-to-the-wire addition to the voice cast. Suffice to say, Duncan did not have to wear and ping-pong covered bodysuits to stand in for the digital drill sergeant on set.

Not the most inspired casting decision to come down the pike. Sort of like when your buddy goes, “Vin Diesel should be Superman!”

For the past eight years.

But does it fit? Absolutely, it does. In fact, i’d find it more likely that that voice came out of a┬áBolovax Vikian than a Terran anyway.

This happens…in TWO MONTHS!


  1. Oooooo…They nailed it, me thinks.

  2. Nathan Fillion robbed again…

  3. i can’t believe they waited this long to cast a voice, this thing has disaster written all over it

  4. @wangman31888  It’s very easy to swap out a voice.

  5. I’m still personally hoping that Vin Diesel will play Martian Manhunter and that will be his role in the DC mythos.  Go ahead and hate me, but he could pull it off.    I personally would have chosen someone like …well, Ray Stevenson or R. Lee Ermey.

  6. Man, I can’t believe how much Kilowog looks like Anthony Hopkins in that picture. Creepy. I think it’s the eyes.

    “A poozer tried to test me once. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti.”

  7. This works. I guess. I read ‘Wog a little less gentle giant, a little more drill sergeant. But whatevs. I do hope they alter his voice to account for his snout jowls (?). It’d be a nice spin on his vocal performance. I think it’s a missed opportunity if they don’t. 

    @wangman31888: That’s a bit melodramatic. It could very well take Duncan less than a day to record his entire performance. Hardly spells disaster for an entire production.

  8. @WheelHands: maybe, but decent animated characters are usually animated based on the voice actor’s performance, not the other way around. They are cutting it just about as close as you can with this film. Doesn’t bode well IMO.

  9. I always close my eyes during AllState commercials and imagine Kilowog pitching me an insurance plan…But MCD is a fine choice as well.

  10. There are just too many excuses about this movie.

    If it works it will be some kind of miracle.

    Yeah it’s easy to swap out a voice- but that also kind of plays down voice acting.

    Getting to know a character- getting into the role.  We praise it when it’s done right
    when an actor takes the same time and care they would in a live action role.

    So yeah- someone could come in last min and an audio tech could slap it in.

    But these kind of things- along with some other scratch your head moments with GL movie news

    Doesn’t sound encouraging. 

  11. My first instinct was also wow, final negotiations NOW to play a character in a movie thats being released in …TWO MONTHS!  But the reality is, this isn’t a character who’s going to be speaking throughout the whole movie.  He’s probably got less than a minute’s worth of dialogue.  I think he could pull it off, its just surprising that its being discussed so late in the game.

  12. @kennyg – good lord your right!  Kilwog does look like Hopkin!

  13. This reminds me of the saying that the process of making laws and sausages are best left unseen, else you’ll lose your appetite/respect for either. (It goes something like that. The InterWebs indicates Otto von Bismarck said it originally.) In this case, I think we can apply this saying to the process of movie making.

    In short, Green Lantern might very well be a good movie.  We shouldn’t pay too much heed right now to the production effort hurtles. 

    And if the movie does end up being a stinker, then it will probably be a glorious one. Or to quote Pauline Kael, she once wrote, “The movies are so rarely great art that if we cannot appreciate great trash, we shouldn’t go at all.