Marvel’s THE AVENGERS Production Stalled Following Theft of Sam Jackson’s Script

"And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and Nick Furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy My brothers. And you will know my name is The Lord when I lay my Avengers upon you. Using a helicarrier."  — The Bible



Some troubling news out of Tinsel Town this morning, as it appears the production of Marvel's The Avengers is stalled for some rewrites. Film Fan Review reports that Samuel L. Jackson's personal copy of the film's script was burgled while the actor was in California. Those responsible for the theft attempted to sell the script to a number of websites, and as proof of the script's existence, photographed a number of pages. Production has apparently halted, and in addition to other revisions, scenes featured in those leaked pages are being rewritten.

Also, Sam Jackson is going to hunt some dudes down.  


  1. lame. hope the guy gets arrested and fined a whole lotta money and then sam jackson lights his cigar with some of that money

  2. That sucks.

    Although for some reason I thought that Jackson personally wrote a script himself for the film. Which would’ve been badass if true. 

  3. Paul Montgomery is the greatest.

  4. There are some really lame people out there…How do they expect not to get caught

  5. its just a bit sad really isnt it? 

  6. Sam Jackson is about to go medieval on these guys. Because if there’s one thing Sam Jackson hates, it’s these monkey-loving thieves on his Monday-to-Friday Helicarrier.

  7. @ WonderAli & @Paul I agree.  You are the best Paul.  That Bible quote?  AMAZING.

  8. @Paul I need to go out and get your version of the bible, it sounds awesome. 

  9. @Warmachine Have this cookie. You earned it.

  10. Sounds like Paul and Thomas Jefferson should start a bowling team together.

  11. if you want to blame someone, blame the websites that will pay bounty money to leak the exclusive on this kinda stuff. They create the market.

  12. What is the translation?  My Revised Standard edition appears to mangle the verses from Ezekiel?

  13. I sorta wish someone stole his script for “Snakes On A Plane”.  That movie could have used a few rewrites!
  14. How much did iFanboy offer for it?

  15. I don’t get why they’re wasting time and money (every day this isn’t in production wastes money, right?) to re-write some pages just because people have read them..what’s the big deal?

  16. No doubt they knew it was Jackson’s copy because it’s the one that says “Badass Motherfucker” on it.

  17. So, some guy wakes up one morning and sets himself the goal of stealing an Avengers script. Dick move, but not unheard of in this day and age. I can understand — if not support — him. But WHY steal Samuel L. Jackson’s copy out of all the people with copies of it?

  18. I would hope the movie has more going for it than the element of surprise.   Do you really want to rewrite a great script because some pages are scene.  Was Hawk a better choice than Captain Atom?

  19. I hope this makes them reconsider Howard The Duck as the big bad.

  20. I’m more curious about the specifics of the robbery. Was it a break-in? Was he mugged? Did he misplace it or leave it somewhere public?

    The last option makes the most sense. Why would you bother with the burglary unless you were positive he had it with him? And if they’d robbed his house would’nt we be told that in the report? Maybe he was daydreaming about the trillions of dollars this franchise would bring him and he just walked away and left it on a park bench.

    Because seriously, how the fuck do you steal from Sam Jackson?!

  21. Production has not been halted.