Marvel’s Next Big Thing: X-MEN: SCHISM with Jason Aaron

Today we're talking to Jason Aaron and the fine people at Marvel about the upcoming mutant madness that is X-Men: Schism. The fabric of Xavier's legacy is about to be ripped asunder as Cyclops and Wolverine find themselves at odds. It all culminates with the end of Uncanny X-Men with issue #544, but let's see if we can't find out where it all starts. 

Quentin Quire is not the sole problem, but as Aaron puts it, "he's a cog in a bigger scheme." The writer considers Morrison's New X-Men run one of his favorite stories, and Quire was one of his favorite characters involved. 

X-Men senior editor Nick Lowe spoke to the 20+ year buildup to this event. This particular story has been in the works for two to five years. The first major stepping stone towards Schism was the Kyle and Yost X-Force series, establishing Logan as a black ops mercenary doing Cyclops' dirty work. "Cyclops is the general and Wolverine is his most trusted sub-leader." 

Aaron describes the Wolverine/Cyclops relationship at the start of Schism as being rock solid. These two really respect each other. So whatever happens in this book, it's gotta be earthshaking. One is willing to cross a line that the other isn't. Lowe describes it as a brutal, vicious fight. 

Aaron stresses that the line here is a very gray area. Readers will likely choose sides. There's no clean-cut hero or villain here. Even those in the Marvel offices were torn in their allegiance. 

Asked about mutants other than Cyclops and Logans playing prominent roles, Aaron promised a large cast including Hope, Rogue, and Quire among others as it spirals out. Lowe teased a new iteration of the Hellfire Club and new villain he's very, very excited about. Axel Alonso also praised Aaron's take on the Sentinels, which he says can often be boring. This is anything but. 

As has been promised, this will have major ramifications on the rest of the Marvel U. Alonso says the X-Men will be major players in summer 2012. 

Turns out Aaron is a huge Iceman fan. 

Out of context soundbite of the hour: "I'm always up for killing babies. We'll try that for Schism II." 

We asked whether Quire is still enamored of Magneto (you'll recall the T-shirts) and if Magneto's presence in the new status quo had any weight for the young terrorist. Aaron explains that Quire's much more focused on Cyclops now. He's a major critic, and it seems his obsession may have shifted away from the Xavier/Magneto question and more towards what Aaron calls the new dynamic. For decades, the debate has been symbolized in the relationship of Charles Xavier and Magneto. The torch is being passed here. 

As great a role as Scott and Logan play, Aaron frequently references younger characters like Generation Hope's Idie Okonkwo.

Panelists were not eager to talk about the Phoenix force. 

Asked about the end of Uncanny X-Men, Lowe says the fallout from Schism does not allow for Uncanny to continue in its current form. To add, Alonso says they are not above killing anybody. 

Given the new prominence of Scott and Logan as the icons of the mutant debate, we asked whether Magneto and Charles would be put out to paster or if their roles would change in the new regime. Alonso refers to Magneto and Xavier as Cyclops' two fathers. He says it's crucial that Xavier is at Scott's mercy, essentially a ward. That character continues to play a major role in X-Men: Legacy. As for Magneto, the fact that he's no longer one of the extreme poles does not defuse his impact on the mutant world. 

Lowe takes issue with referring to this division as "Blue Team/Gold Team" referring to the early 90s status quo. "Those teams were on the same side. There's a chasm here." 

Aaron says "This isn't just choosing sides in a softball match." 

But you know that's how they're eventually gonna make up, right? 

Here's a peak at X-Men: Schism #1 with art from Carlos Pacheco. 




And more from X-Men: Schism #2




  1. Riot at Xavier’s was one of my favorite X-Men stories so this should be good. Glad to see they are incorporating more of Morrison’s run into this as it is my favorite. (sorry Ron).

  2. I’m glad Kid Omega is back. Loved him in the Morrison run

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  5. Magneto as a father figure for Cyclops? What books have they been reading…. sounds like a cool event though.

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    UNLESS Quentin has re-substantiated in the body of someone on Utopia and is wearing an Omega Gang shirt and styled himself a new purple ‘hawk.

  7. Maybe it’s just me, but I really like that Rogue design.

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  10. “Wolverine is the most trusted sub-leader.”  Really?  Don’t confuse most popular with most trusted.  I hate the fact that everyone has seem to forgotten the leadership role that Storm played in this book for the LONGEST time.  Just because she’s hanging out in comics limbo right doesn’t mean that we have to forget the integral part she has played in X-Men history.  Guh, makes me so mad.

  11. @zattaric  I think the context is that Logan is currently the most trusted sub-leader on the team. That’s certainly true of the current books. As you said, Storm is in limbo at the moment, and prior to that, she sort of flitted back and forth between the X-men and Wakanda — so I don’t think she currently has any kind of leadership role.

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    This looks good.

  16. @zattaric  Once upon a time she was, but that was a long time ago; she got married and totally bailed on them.  Plus, Wolverine does carry some of Scott’s darkest secrets (X-Force, killing…)

  17. @kickass It’s all fine and good to constantly disagree with the writers here, but to make up their opinion just so you can disagree with it? That’s just…weird.

    Gonna check out Schism because it’s Aaron, and in my eyes he has BASICALLY done no wrong. 

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