Marvel’s Next Big Thing: Spider-Girl

Let's talk a bit about Marvel's Next Big Thing, Spider-Girl #1 by writer Paul Tobin and artist Clayton Henry. On a call with members of the press as well as Tobin and series editor (and former Drexel University Screenwriting and Playwriting grad. Go Dragons!) Tom Brennan, I got to hear a few details about the all-new series and its young protagonist's crazy new life. 

Readers of the "Grim Hunt" storyline from Amazing Spider-Man will recall that Anya Corazon, the web-slinger formerly known as Araña, took up the mantle of Spider-Girl in the epic struggle with the Kraven clan. With a new costume and a significantly different power-set, Anya is set to take on New York and every Spider-hating rogue it can throw at her.

Tobin was tight-lipped about Anya's domestic life, though it will play a major role in the first storyline and her ongoing vigilante career. We do know that Anya will be moving with her journalist father to a new apartment and that by Tobin's estemation, she's around 16 years old. She'll be tangling with a new arch nemesis any a number of notorious Spider villains. The writer says it's not so much a trickle-down from Peter Parker's conflicts in the Big Time status quo, but an avalanche.

Among the first rogues she'll tangle with: Screwball and Red Hulk! That's okay though because she's got her friends like Nomad and the Young Allies as well as Sue Richards of the Fantastic Four to catch her if she falls. When asked about her relationship with Spider-Man himself, Brennan confirmed that it was something of a brother/sister relationship, with Spidey taking an interest in what Anya's up to, but giving her room to grow as well. He'll always feel responsible for her well-being, but he's seen how capable she is during the Grim Hunt, so he's not too worried. Speaking of that story line, Brennan did tease that other villains may come "hunting" for her, so expect more appearances from Kraven and company.  

Tobin placed great emphasis on the light, adventurous tone of the book, expressing that his love for grim stories and characters is tinged with frustration that the market was saturated by such things since the 90s. Expect Spider-Girl to deal with street-level issues and family drama, but never at the expense of hope and entertaining superhero action. 




Spider-Girl #1 swings onto shelves November 10th. 


  1. All right!  This is even going to motivate me to get the ‘Grim Hunt’ hardcover, I think.  Also excited to see Invisible Woman and Nomad showing up. 

  2. Thank god someone finally punches that character in the face!

  3. I really like the character design!

  4. yawn-wake me when it’s canceled

  5. Crap, like I need another book.  This does seem awesome though, I just hope Marvel supports it past issue 3.  Seems kinda like Stephanie Brown’s Batgirl series.

  6. Looks pretty. It’ll be $2.99 since it’s new, right?

  7. Yeah, Marvel Previews list issue #2 at 2.99.  Anyone know what day issue #1 is out. I can’t find the date anywhere.

  8. Already got this pre-ordered.  Glad to see its nice looking.  I’d looked the artist up on deviant art, but that can’t always tell you if the book will turn out well.  My first book with Paul Tobin, so i’m giving him a shot.

  9. Oh, sorry I’m retarded, it’s November 10th.

  10. Like the costume. May try this one.

  11. “Why won’t you die!?”

  12. Considering reading this as long as Tom DeFalco is not attached to it in any way . . . 

  13. The costume reminds me of Madame Web. I approve.

  14. From what I understand, this has no relationship to the DeFalco comic.  It’s related to Amazing Spider-Man and the soon-to-be-late-and-lamented Young Allies.  Arana had her own all ages series for a while and also showed up as a supporting character in Ms Marvel during Civil War.

  15. This is destined to be my favourite title.

  16. Seems like a pretty good time for female characters in comics.  Wonder Woman’s new direction, Batgirl, Supergirl, Spider-girl.  Whoever else there is.