Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Four New Characters Announced at Tokyo Game Show

This last weekend at the Tokyo Game Show, Capcom stripped off a little bit more in it's slow tease of character reveals for Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Four fighters were announced in total, bringing a pair of classic warriors alongside two new brawlers for the 2011 fighter. Luckily there's gameplay videos for all of them!

First up: X-23 and Tron Bonne

Tron (from the Mega Man: Legends franchise) looks like she's retaining a lot of her moves from MvC2, including all the ServBot madness she's famous for. Hopefully this means a Mega Man confirmation isn't too far off, although what version of the Blue Bomber will appear remains to be seen.

X-23 appears to be a mix of her old man and Strider. In an interview with gaming blog Destructoid, Capcom's Seth Killian says that she's not simply a Wolverine clone (in terms of gameplay, Mr. Nitpicker) and is "one of the fastest characters in the game."

Next: Albert Wesker

Retaining his look and powers from Resident Evil 5, Wesker is going to be a new heavy hitter in the MvC3 arena. Watch as he drops a damn missile on Dr. Doom and just totally shuts down a Captain America hyper combo in the video.

Last, but never least: Spider-Man

Alright, so the wallcrawler appearing in MvC3 isn't much of a surprise. No way would there be a huge battle spanning multiple worlds without Peter Parker getting an invite. But oh man, would you look at the upgrades he's gotten! Looks like along with his familiar move set, Spidey's gotten a new webzip maneuver to quickly traverse the screen, and the animation for the Maximum Spider hyper combo is totally new. Now, instead of simply hitting your opponent five times, Spider-Man will straight up weave a web of pain!

And if those three gameplay videos haven't left your fighting urges satiated, check out this new pre-rendered trailer created for TGS. And ask yourself who would win in a fight: Captain America or a crashing helicopter?

'Nuff Said!


  1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. "Cap look out for that helicopter; it’s going to crash on you!"


  3. Viewtiful Joe riding Okami to battle Super Skrull… We live in strange times.

  4. @Simon Strange and awesome

  5. The new maximum spider animation looks like a nightmare come to life. awesome

  6. This looks fantastic, the cinematic clip was EPIC. I just hope they’ve already signed a deal to make Marvel Vs. Capcom 4, so we don’t have to wait another 10 or so years for a new addition to the franchise.

  7. Despite utterly hating Mega Man Legends, I thought the bad guy characters were kinda cool in a quirky way, especially Tron Bonne and her ServBots. Seeing her in action here was fun, and I’m glad something good came out of that mess of a game (MML, that is…not MvC2)

  8. We need to tell Marvel to put that Cap/Helicopter sequence in the film!!

    @comicbookchris: You will love Legends, because it loves you! 🙁 

  9. why was i under the impression that it was going to be bucky cap in the game instead of steve? will there be both?

  10. This looks really cool and I really want to like it because of all the characters but a fighting game hasn’t managed to grab me in a long time.

  11. My hatred for those three videos is ineffably profound.

  12. What the fuck happened to Capcom? Their design sense used to be awesome. Their 2-D animation was kick-ass. this 3-D stuff looks horrible